Ghost King’s Medical Consort Chapter 537: Shocked


“Name.” The instructor asked blankly.

“Mu Qianyue, sixteen years old.”

“Well, put your hand on the True Essence Crystal.”

Simple White’s slender wrist lightly lifted and placed on the True Essence Crystal, and a dazzling white light lit up from the True Essence Crystal.

“First-order sect warrior…” The instructor muttered to himself while taking notes, suddenly his eyes widened in surprise, and he stood up with a bang, “What? First-order sect warrior?!”


The audience was in an uproar, their eyes widened in disbelief, what? Is she a first-order martial artist? But she is only sixteen years old!

My God!

Sixteen-year-old Zongwu practitioner, what does this mean? Peerless genius!

Since she planned to use her reputation to attract Xue Ying and Xiao Ling to White Tiger City, Mu Qianyue had no intention of concealing her strength.

“What is your relationship with the Qingzhou Mu family?” the tutor asked.

“It doesn’t matter, it just happens to be the surname Mu.” Mu Qianyue replied in a non-salty voice, without any emotion.

The instructor thought for a moment and said, “You attack Xuan Heishi to test your strength.” This girl’s strength level has fully met the requirements for admissions, but he still wants to test her strength and see her How is the strength of her, in order to judge whether she completely relies on medicinal pills to have her current strength.

Mu Qianyue walked in front of the Xuanheishi and started the nine transformations of Tai Chi, and her strength increased twice!


A punch came out and smashed **** the black stone.

“The third-order sect warrior, the power is extremely strong!”

A row of fonts is displayed on the black stone.

“What? A third-order sect warrior? Isn’t she a first-order sect warrior?”

“Yeah! Is the black stone that tests the power broken?”

“I also suspect that the black stone is broken…”

“You idiots, Xuan Heishi means that although she is in the realm of a first-order sect warrior, her strength is comparable to a third-order sect warrior! Do you understand? That means she can fight across orders!”

“What? She can fight across tiers, equivalent to a Tier 3 martial artist?”

The crowd roars again! They looked at her in horror, if they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, they almost thought she was cheating!

Even the instructor had a dumbfounded look. After a while, he came to his senses, with an expression of excitement and ecstasy on his face, “Okay, okay! I finally met a rare genius! Hahaha…tomorrow You don’t have to take part in the subsequent assessments, you can directly advance to the rank! No, it’s a default decision! It’s a default decision! Haha…”

The movement here caused a commotion in the team next to her. The instructors who had been tested couldn’t help but ran over and watched Mu Qianyue as if they were watching monkeys.

A sixteen-year-old first-order sect warrior, but his strength is comparable to that of a third-order sect warrior! Not what are rare animals?

The instructor who gave Mu Qianyue the test was full of excitement. He was very happy that he could test for Mu Qianyue. Later, he handed Mu Qianyue’s qualifications to the elders. I believe it was definitely a great achievement. Piece! hehe…

When everyone heard that Mu Qianyue didn’t need to take part in the competition, they made a decision, and their eyes were red with envy.

A cold light flashed in Mo Yang’s eyes in the crowd in the distance. It turned out that she was a martial artist and had the ability to fight across the ranks. No wonder she was able to easily defuse her own attack with one punch last night. So outstanding!

Humph! What if she’s talented? As long as she is in this Baizhou city, he can’t kill her if he doesn’t believe it! No, such a beauty, he is reluctant to play dead, he must keep it in the room, and the woman in red next to her that day, the same stunning.

It would be great to be able to hug each other and enjoy the blessings of everyone!

Hmph, what if she was imprisoned by the White Tiger Academy? With her own strength, it is impossible for her to be the opponent of her entire Mo family, so she cannot escape from her own palm!

“Huh? It’s her. I didn’t expect her to come to the White Tiger Academy. She’s so strong. She’s a year younger than me, and she’s already a martial artist.” Qin Mufeng didn’t leave after the test, but stayed. When he saw Mu Qianyue, he recognized it at a glance, the woman who gave him Wang Yuandan and Gu Sheng Zhuyandan, otherwise he would still be stuck on the ninth-order honorable martial artist, and he would not even have a chance to sign up.

“I don’t need to make an appointment, I will still participate in the next assessment.” Mu Qianyue said lightly, she only opened the second level of Tai Chi Nine Transformations, and her strength increased by two times. If it is opened to the fifth level, it can definitely reach Five times the effect, if coupled with the bloodline talent, the power is comparable to the sixth or seventh rank sect martial artist.

It’s just that she kept a little bit. If she showed all her trump cards, she would be completely exposed in front of the enemy.

She doesn’t like this feeling.

Retaining a little strength is also to better protect yourself.

The next person’s turn is Tong Ling. With the strength of the second-order emperor warrior, he has exerted the power of the fourth-order emperor warrior. This time, he can make the teacher happy, and there is another potential stock! A fifteen-year-old second-order emperor warrior, his strength is comparable to that of a fourth-order emperor warrior!

So Tong Ling quickly passed the assessment and got the identity plate for the assessment.

“Master, this is also thanks to your Bloodline Pill. After taking the Bloodline Pill, I feel that not only my blood has become younger and more energetic, but also there is a hint of Yinglong’s breath in my blood, so in the power The increase has also become stronger, and the body defense and tendons are several times stronger than before.” Tong Ling stood beside Mu Qianyue and said cheerfully.

I remembered the first time I saw Master, and it was also to enter the academy and take the assessment, but it was Qingfeng Academy. At that time, after seeing Master’s unique poisonous surgery, I stick to her face to face, and now I think about it, He thought he was so smart back then! It’s a very wise decision!

Hey, where else can I find this good master?

After today’s assessment, the three of Mu Qianyue returned to the inn.

One ~ Ye Wuhuan, the second day’s assessment soon arrived. After the first day of personnel screening, the 10,000 people were actually shrunk by half, and now there are only 2,000 people gathered at the gate of the White Tiger Academy.

Those who can stay are the elites and geniuses of the younger generation.

“Okay, everyone who has a nameplate will line up, form fifty teams, and then enter the White Tiger Academy’s martial arts field with me.

I heard that they were going to enter the martial arts field of the White Tiger Academy. They were all excited, with excited expressions on their faces. This may be the place where they will live and practice in the future!

Everyone quickly lined up in an orderly manner, quieted down, and followed several mentors into the White Tiger Academy.

As soon as I entered it, a strong vitality rushed to my face, and a faint fragrance floated in the air, and it seemed that all the troubles disappeared in an instant.


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