First Immortal of the Sword Chapter 2523: Speak the law and follow the way to conceal nature


Latest URL: Su Yi doesn’t care about the attitude of the divine bird, it’s just a role of messenger. He asked: “The Lingran you are talking about, could it be the master of this Taisu ruins?”

“Exactly.” God Lord Anji said in a low voice,

“She is the most dazzling and unrivaled legend in the Taisu era. She stands on the top of the heavens and is the only ruler in charge of the Taisu rules. She has survived the tribulation and eternity three times, which is extremely remarkable.” After a pause, she said via voice transmission: ” Emperor Lingran’s status is very special, he knew Lu Shi, and he also had an inseparable relationship with some big figures in the long river of fate, so his status is very detached.” There was undisguised fear in his words.

Su Yi showed a thoughtful look. In the ruins of Taishi, Tianzun Zhouye was once one of the three emperors in the Taishi era of God Realm.

But Tianzun Zhouye can only borrow the power of Taishi Divine Flame, but cannot truly perceive and control it.

The Emperor Lingran of the Taisu Era of the Divine Realm is known as the sole master, in charge of the Taisu rules, and survives the eternal catastrophe three times!

This is too strong! In addition, this Lingran also had acquaintances with the ancestor Wu Xuanming and Lu Shi Daozun respectively, and also had an inseparable relationship with some big figures who set foot on the long river of fate. This shows how strong her identity and background are.

However, aside from all this, what really interests Su Yi is that this Lingran Emperor actually survived three times of eternal calamity!

It is true that it seems that she failed to cross the tribulation three times, but it is the most incredible that she can survive the eternal calamity again and again.

Thinking of this, Su Yi looked at the divine bird in the distance, and said, “I would like to meet your Patriarch, please lead the way.” Then break your wrist?

But now, she is no longer allowed to dissuade, because Su Yi has already made a decision.

“Please!” The divine bird led the way and swept towards the depths of the Taisu ruins. After half a quarter of an hour. In the far distance between the heaven and the earth, a strange scene emerged—on the sky, the blue-gray clouds were churning and stirring, and countless blood-colored lightning currents rushed through it.

There is a mysterious and ethereal rule power, and then it diffuses in that piece of heaven and earth. That’s the Tai Su rule.

However, it was extremely violent, full of destructive aura, disturbing that piece of heaven and earth, and shattering the endless void. And on the land, there stands an ancient Taoist temple, which is completely unaffected.

From a distance, when he saw this scene, Su Yi immediately judged that the Taisu rule, one of the five congenital princes, had indeed been controlled by others.

Otherwise, it is absolutely impossible for that Taoist temple to be safe and sound and not be destroyed by the power of rules!

“My lord, Lord Anji and Fellow Daoist Su have arrived.” The divine bird flew towards the ancient Taoist temple and spoke respectfully.

“Qing Chi, step back.” From the ancient Taoist temple, came a faint and peaceful female voice. Accompanied by the sound, the blood-colored thunder surging in the sky and the Taisu rule that turned into blue-gray clouds all fell silent.

All the aura of destruction disappeared, and the world returned to a peaceful and peaceful atmosphere. Words follow the law, the world follows the heart!

Su Yi raised his eyebrows, the Taoist deeds of the Lingran Emperor are indeed remarkable!

“During the long years in the past, I have been repairing my state of mind, and I can’t go far away. The two fellow Taoists also invite Haihan.” In the ancient Taoist temple, there was the ethereal and tranquil voice of Emperor Lingran,

“If you don’t mind, please come to the Taoist temple to have a talk.” The Lord Anji reminded: “Lingran, do you know that Master Zuwu and Fellow Daoist Su have settled their differences and laughed away their grievances?”

“I know.” Emperor Lingran’s voice was calm,

“The things that happened on the top of Tianwu Mountain have already been reflected in my state of mind. It is a pity that in order to repair my state of mind, I am here as a prison, and I cannot leave to go, otherwise I will congratulate Xuanming ancestor witch in person. “Su Yi raised his eyebrows.

This Lingran emperor has already seen everything that happened in Tianwu Mountain? Moreover, her title of Patriarch Wu Xuanting is also intriguing.

Didn’t call fellow daoists, didn’t call seniors, but directly called his dao number! Ordinary people, who has the confidence to be so rude?

It is true that the identity and background of this Lingran emperor are very special, but don’t forget that the ancestor Wu Xuanming is an existence whose strength can be regarded as an enemy by a heavenly emperor level existence!

All these are enough to show how extraordinary Lingran Emperor is. God Lord Anji said: “So, fellow Taoists have also heard what Master Zuwu said before he left?”

“I am naturally aware of the proportions, and I am also aware of your worries.” In the ancient Taoist temple, Emperor Lingran’s tone was calm,

“If you want to be an enemy with Fellow Daoist Su, I will say it clearly, and I will not hide anything.” After a pause, she invited again: “Please, both of you.” Stepped over.

Her heart tightened, and she followed immediately. The Taoist temple is old and simple, with only a small courtyard inside.

There are some common and visible flowers and plants planted in the courtyard, with luxuriant branches and leaves. On a jujube tree in the center of the courtyard, there are some jujubes the size of a baby’s fist hanging between the green and green leaves.

Behind the courtyard is an ancient palace. When you arrive here, you can’t feel a trace of spiritual practice. Instead, it’s like walking into a Taoist temple that can be seen everywhere in the secular countryside, full of simple and ordinary charm.

But all this inexplicably makes people feel a kind of peace from the heart. It’s like washing away the dust all over the body, unloading all the burdens and troubles in the heart, and relaxing the mind and body.

“Elephants have no form, and the Tao returns to nature!” Su Yi put his hands behind his back, looking at the simple and ordinary ancient courtyard in front of him, he couldn’t help being surprised.

I haven’t seen the mysterious Emperor Lingran yet, but the opponent’s methods have exceeded Su Yi’s expectations twice in a row.

For the first time, the words follow the law, and the world follows the heart. With one word, the world is changed, and the thunder and the power of the rules are all contained in the invisible.

The second time, it was brought by this simple and ordinary courtyard.

Being here, the Taoist body and state of mind will be quietly affected, and you will feel relaxed and peaceful unconsciously.

Moisturize things in silence, and those who can recognize goods can see the essence of them from the silence! At this moment, Su Yi restrained his mind and became much more serious.

No need to act, no need to speak, just from some silent details, let Su Yi realize that Lingran Emperor Zun is an extremely extraordinary existence.

Must be taken seriously.

“Please sit down, both of you.” Under the jujube tree, there were bluestone tables and stools. When Su Yi and God Lord Anji sat down, a plate quietly appeared on the stone table, but there were only two fire dates on it.

Fiery jujube red, as clear as jade, with traces of flame-like natural texture on the skin.

“Don’t laugh, you two. It’s not that I’m stingy in hospitality, but that I can only eat one jujube at a time. In this way, it can quench the mood, refine the soul, and see the nature clearly. It’s wonderful.” /

“If you eat too much, it will cause fire in your heart and hurt your heart and soul, even if it is a divine master who has set foot on the summit of immortality.” In the old palace behind the courtyard, the voice of the spiritual emperor came out.

Su Yi looked up. The gate of the old hall was wide open, but it was shrouded in darkness, and one could only vaguely see a figure of a woman sitting cross-legged in the center of the hall, holding a needle and thread in her hands, mending a piece of clothing in front of her knees.

But he couldn’t see the woman’s face clearly, nor could he see the clothes she was mending. It was as if there was an invisible force that separated everything in that hall from the outside world.

Obviously the distance is not far, but it gives people a feeling of untouchable distance. There is no doubt that the other party is Emperor Lingran!

“This fire date is really as miraculous as you said?” Su Yi’s eyes fell on the fire date on the plate on the stone table.

There is something strange in his heart, he came to the Taisu ruins, maybe he didn’t have the intention of looking for an opportunity to break through.

And his next state is related to the breakthrough of his state of mind. The fire jujube in front of him made Su Yi suddenly feel a strange coincidence.

“This jujube tree was born in the ‘source of karmic fire’ in the long river of fate. It is a natural chaotic wonder, and its fruit contains strange secret power related to spirit and state of mind. It is called ‘karmic fire heart jujube’. “In the palace, Emperor Lingran was mending clothes on his own, while her ethereal and peaceful voice sounded in the courtyard.

“A long time was fortunate to get this jujube tree from a great elder who stepped on the river of fate. Since then, it has been planted in the garden.”

“In the past long years, I have survived the eternal calamity three times, and all three times I fell short.

“You two may wish to try it, you can feel the mystery of jujube, its taste is also very good, sweet and delicious, with a strange natural fragrance, which is completely different from those rare treasures in the world.” Those words moved God Lord Anji’s face and moved his heart.

She never expected that this seemingly ordinary jujube tree was actually a chaotic creature from the long river of fate!

Similarly, she never expected that Emperor Lingran would show such treasures to treat guests! Su Yi was not polite, he picked up a jujube and took a bite.

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