First Immortal of the Sword Chapter 2522: Spiritual invitation


The latest website: deep in the star gate. Zuwu Xuanming’s huge face was full of pain, distorted and hideous. Countless figures exactly like him are gnawing at his face, but he can’t get rid of it.

Undoubtedly, those are the karma of the ancestor Wu Xuanming, like thousands of incarnations outside the body! Seeing this, Su Yi no longer hesitated, and suddenly stood up out of thin air, and a pair of sleeves fluttered accordingly.

Boom! Countless sword qi gathered at the cuffs. With Su Yi waving his sleeves, countless sword qi roared out, rushing into that star gate like overwhelming mountains, and slashing towards the huge face of Zuwu Xuanming.

Bang! boom! boom! As far as the sword qi reaches, the power of reincarnation bursts out, and one after another the figures transformed by karma explode, collapse and disappear.

Just like the wind and clouds, those karmic figures were killed in an instant. Some figures with karma seem to sense something is wrong and are about to run away.

Ancestor Wu Xuanming shouted loudly, his tongue burst into spring thunder, and countless strange and mysterious witchcraft bloodstains evaporated from his huge face, blocking the escape route of those karma-obstructed figures like a net of order.

Taking this opportunity, Su Yi flicked his big sleeve, and the dense sword energy roared and shot out, piercing through the star gate, killing all those karma-obstructed figures in one breath.

Easy and effortless. But God Lord Anji was shocked and felt a chill down his spine.

“As powerful as Master Zu Wu, he is trapped by the calamity of karma, so he has to do his best to show his sincerity and ask Su Yi for help. One can imagine how terrible the calamity of karma on the eternal road is.” /

“What should I do if I encounter such calamities when I set foot on the eternal road in the future?” Thinking of this, God Lord Anji subconsciously looked at Su Yi.

“Since Master Zu Wu can seek Su Yi’s help at all costs, why can’t I?” A thought arose in the heart of God Lord Anji.

“Thank you, fellow daoist, for helping me break the catastrophe of karma! Xuanming will remember this kind of re-creation in his heart, and he will never forget it for life!” All thanks.

The calamity of karma has been broken, which made him very happy, the voice was still ringing, as if he had broken the shackles that bound him, that huge face suddenly shrunk countless times.

In the end, it turned into an old man with a height of Zhang Xu, a bronze color all over his body, and a simple animal robe. Eyes like the scorching sun, shoulders carrying stars, the strange and mysterious witchcraft blood marks all over the body of the journeyer evolved into bright and strange blood-colored stars.

This is the true face of Zuwu Xuanming! His figure seemed to have shrunk countless times, but between his breaths and breaths, the vast starry sky was still trembling, and the terrifying power that belonged to the eternal level was particularly frightening.

“You don’t have to be polite, although the hatred disappears, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I am willing to turn your enemy into a friend.” Su Yi said indifferently.

“Understood.” Zuwu Xuanming nodded,

“From the point of view of fellow Taoists, I had no choice but to pay the price and sincerity this time in exchange for the life-saving grace that turned the crisis into safety, but…” He clasped his fists, bowed his head, and walked towards Su Yi A great gift,

“True gold is not afraid of fire. Fellow Daoists will understand in the future what kind of person I am, Xuanming.” The sound was like thunder, resounding through the starry sky, making the star gate tremble wildly.

Su Yi rubbed his ears, and teased helplessly: “Are all of you people from the witchcraft lineage have loud voices like you?” Zuwu Xuanming was dumbfounded.

Su Yi suddenly remembered something, and said: “How is your Taoism compared to a Heavenly Emperor-level ruler?” Ancestor Wu Xuanming was silent for a while, and said: “In terms of strength, although it is not comparable to some Heavenly Emperor-level existences , but it’s pretty much the same.” After a pause, he sighed: “However, even if the Taoism is comparable to those heavenly emperors, I am not their opponent.”

“Because of the Eternal Throne?”


“In the past years of Eternal Heaven, is it true that no one can defeat the Heavenly Emperor who owns the Eternal Throne?”

“Should… no! In my memory, I have never even heard of similar rumors.” Zuwu Xuanming said,

“Mastering the Eternal Emperor Throne means mastering the supreme rules of the Eternal Heaven Territory, just like the incarnation of the Dao of Heaven, the Eternal Ruler, the only one who can defeat the Emperor of Heaven is the Emperor of Heaven. No one can shake this iron law so far.” After a pause, he said : “Including fellow daoists in their previous lives, they have violated this iron law many times. They were regarded as the most promising person to defeat the Emperor of Heaven a long time ago, but unfortunately… they still couldn’t do it after all, and that’s why they are called the number one under the Emperor’s Throne.” People.” Su Yi said: “So, if you are given the Eternal Emperor Throne, you can also be promoted to Emperor of Heaven?” Zuwu Xuanming gave a wry smile,

“That’s what I said, but the number of Eternal Thrones is limited. I have paid a lot of effort and price in my life to obtain an Eternal Throne, but I failed in the end. Now… I don’t expect to have it.” After all, he sighed.

Lonely and helpless. Suddenly, the star gate shook violently, and many fine space-time cracks appeared.

Ancestor Wu Xuanming’s heart trembled, and he said, “Fellow Daoist, this space-time star gate is about to collapse. I have resolved the calamity of karma and will soon return to the Eternal Heaven Realm. Do you need my help? “Su Yi suddenly remembered a lot.

For example, Lord Evil Sword. For example, the Immeasurable Imperial Palace. But in the end, he shook his head,

“No.” Zuwu Xuanming said: “Anji is the descendant of my witchcraft lineage. She used to be hostile to fellow Taoists, but they were all instigated by me. From then on, she will never do it again.” Fight against friends.”

“If fellow Taoist has a mission, you can send a message to Anji, and she will report it to me. After I get the news, I will not hesitate to say anything!” As he said, he looked at God Lord Anji,

“Anji, do you understand?” The Lord Anji’s tender body shook, bowed her head and saluted and said, “I would like to follow the orders of Master Zuwu!” Su Yi didn’t say anything.

Although this is a statement that he wants to help himself wholeheartedly, it is actually helping God Lord Anji! In this way, how can I settle accounts with God Lord Anji?

Ancestor Wu Xuanming said: “By the way, tell Fellow Daoist Lingran that today’s matter has been resolved, so don’t provoke Fellow Daoist Su again.” The Lord Anji hesitated immediately, and said, “My lord, behind Lingran, also stand If she insists on doing something for some big people in the long river of fate, I’m afraid she won’t listen to the adults’ advice.” Su Yi couldn’t help being surprised, Lingran?

Who is this person? Could it be said that he is the master of this Taisu ruins? In my mind, I couldn’t help but think of the blue-gray divine bird that brought me to Tianwu Mountain before.

No doubt,

“Lingran” must be in the same camp as the blue-gray divine bird, and today’s turmoil was arranged by this Lingran in cooperation with God Lord Anji.

“If she doesn’t listen to our persuasion, she will be regarded as an enemy by us. She will understand the pros and cons of the good and bad.” Zuwu Xuanming said in a deep voice.

As soon as he finished speaking, the star gate could no longer hold on and collapsed. The ancestral witch Xuanming and the starry sky where he was located disappeared, only the power of time and space in the sky was collapsing like a tide.

At this moment, God Lord Anji turned around, bowed to Su Yi and said: “The past grievances have been completely dispelled in my heart. From then on, I will obey the orders of Master Zuwu and fully cooperate with fellow Taoists.” Suddenly, a trace of complexity appeared in her bright and beautiful face,

“However, I don’t know if the grievances in my heart have been eliminated. I just want to make up for it with the greatest sincerity…” Before I could finish speaking, I was interrupted by Su Yi,

“Let me just say it straight, the previous matter can’t be resolved with just a few words.” God Lord Anji was stunned, lowered his head, and said: “If you have any requests, you can say it, if I can do it I will definitely not refuse.” Su Yi stepped up to the altar of divine bones, and took down the jade box that contained the secret key of eternity.

As he looked at the secret key, he casually said: “All the responsibilities of the ancestor witch Xuanming have been borne by you, so how can I argue with you, a person who obeys orders.”

“But, don’t expect to take this opportunity to improve your relationship with me, it’s not necessary.” As he said, he put away the Eternal Secret Key, turned around and went down towards Tianwu Mountain.

The pretty face of God Lord Dark Silence changed. She really wanted to turn misfortune into blessing, and took this opportunity to do everything she could to improve her relationship with Su Yi.

Unfortunately, Su Yi saw it right away and didn’t give her a chance at all. Taking a deep breath, God Lord Anji chased after him, and presented a black talisman to Su Yi with both hands: “Lord Zuwu once told me to cooperate with fellow daoists, and if you have anything to do with fellow daoists, with this secret talisman, you can Give me your will, and I will truthfully report back to Lord Zuwu.” At this moment, God Lord Anji lowered his posture a lot, and his words were full of reverence for Su Yi, as if he was asking his master for instructions.

However, she did not feel aggrieved and helpless. Even Mr. Zu Wu asked Su Yi for help at all could she be arrogant again.

Su Yi glanced at God Lord Anji, then put away the black talisman. Did not say anything. But this move lifted the spirit of God Lord Anji, and felt a burst of joy for no reason.

She quickly thought about how to further let Su Yi dispel her rejection of herself. Suddenly, a voice sounded in the distance: “Lord Anji, my lord, please go and meet fellow Daoist Su.” In the void in the distance, a blue-gray divine bird stood out of thin air, looking at Su Yi and Anji who had just walked out of Tianwu Mountain. God Lord.

“Qing Chi, what does your lord want to do?” The Lord Anji frowned.

“I don’t know.” Shen Qin shook his head. After a little thought, God Lord Anji turned to Su Yi and said,

“Fellow Daoist, why don’t you leave first, and I’ll go see Emperor Lingran?” Before Su Yi could respond, the divine bird said: “My lord, I invite you two to go together. Fellow Daoist Su has left, and I can’t report to the Lord.” The words seemed polite, but in reality they were a threat that could not be refused!

The eyes of God Lord Anji froze.


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