Ending the Treacherous Chapter 69: End


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When the dust on the main hall finally settled, everyone could only see the little princess slumped down on the ground holding the consort with a dagger stuck in her chest.

“Aning.” Yin Ying walked over quickly, looking sadly at her sister who was crying and didn’t know what to say to comfort her.

Bafen was trembling all over, and when no one noticed him, he ran away in a panic.

“Pass on this palace’s decree…” Yin Ning looked at the sobbing young prince with tearful eyes, “The two royal brothers were assassinated, and the mausoleum cannot be left without an owner for a day. Now, the prince Yin Han ascends the throne as the emperor to ensure peace and stability.” The world! ”

Before the young prince Yin Han realized what was happening, several eunuchs gathered around him excitedly, carried him to the shattered dragon chair in the hall, arranged his clothes, and knelt down on the ground. The mountain shouted: “Long live, long live, long live!”

The imperial guards and palace guards looked at each other in astonishment. Now that things have happened, besides this young prince, who else is qualified to succeed to the throne?

“Long live, long live, long live!”

Yin Ning watched with tears as people knelt down one by one and looked down at the motionless consort in her arms. She gritted her teeth and said: “The consort Gu Qingtang has committed regicide and has been punished on the spot by this palace. Starting today, , tell the world that I am no longer consort Gu Qingtang, and those who seek rebellion are not allowed to enter the ancestral temple to enjoy the incense.”

“Xiao Xi.”

“My slave is here.”

“Gu Qingtang caused trouble in the palace and committed regicide and rebellion. You can’t let her die like this. You should carry her body to Tinglan Palace. I will whip the corpse with my own hands later!” Everyone on board was shocked.

People in the royal family, even the most innocent little princess, have become so vicious now.

Xiao Xi had never seen such a little princess before. She didn’t dare to hesitate. She quickly called several maids over and carried Gu Qingtang down.


A palace guard suddenly ran in, and what he saw was Yin Changan’s body. He suddenly stood there in silence and at a loss.

Yin Ning looked at him coldly, “You won’t kneel down when you see me? Are you planning to rebel?”

The palace guard knelt down in panic, “I don’t dare! Princess Qi, the army commanded by the Third Prince of Dache broke through the three border cities and came straight towards the capital!”


Another palace guard ran in, but he was smarter than the one just now. When he saw the two princesses standing, he quickly knelt down towards them and said, “I learned that Lieutenant Nian was poisoned by curare.” After his death, Nian Wanniang sent troops to attack the city, and now they are outside the palace gate!”

Yin Ning said tiredly: “Open the palace door and let Wanniang in.”


“Your Majesty, trust Auntie, Auntie will not let Wan Niang hurt you.” Yin Ning looked at the little emperor Yin Han.

Yin Han nodded without a trace, “Yi… Aunt Yi!”

Yin Ning nodded and said: “The new emperor has made a decree to let Nian Wanniang enter the palace to meet the saint!”


The palace guard quickly turned around and ran out of the hall. A moment later, the sound of soldiers’ armor became loud.

Wearing armor, Nian Wanniang led her troops into the hall with her sword in hand. Her eyes were bloodshot, and her expression was filled with murderous intent. The moment she saw Yin Ning, she was scattered to pieces. She quickly walked to Yin Ning’s side. He held her cold hand and said, “Aning, are you okay?”

Yin Ning stepped back and retracted his hand, “General Nian, please don’t be too abrupt.”

“Abrupt?” Nian Wanniang gave a bitter smile and her cold eyes fell on the body of Queen Mother Nian on the ground. Her heart ached and she walked over quickly and ordered someone to carefully carry the body of Queen Mother Nian down, “Auntie I want a grand burial!”

“Bury the Queen Mother generously.” Yin Ning also asked, “Everything should be done according to regulations, and 30% more burial objects will be added.”


“Yin! Chang! An!” Nian Wanniang pulled out her sword and suddenly pierced Yin Changan’s vest with the sword again. She gritted her teeth and said, “You hurt my father, it’s really easy for you!” After a brief pause, Nian Wanniang turned to look at Yin Ning, “A Ning, where is Gu Qingtang?”

“She assassinated the emperor and committed the crime of deceiving the emperor. She has been executed on the spot by this palace.” Yin Ning said lightly.

Nian Wanniang glanced at the blood on Yin Ning’s hand suspiciously, then looked at Yin Ying, “Sister-in-law, tell me, is this true?”

Yin Ying nodded tiredly.

“Oh, I am a woman, but I disguise myself as your consort and enter the palace. I deserve to be deceived!” Nian Wanniang smiled coldly and suddenly raised her voice, “Come here, bury daddy well! Reorganize the imperial city. Internally and externally, I want the new emperor to ascend the throne!” She looked at Yin Ning with burning eyes, “The new queen of Daling!”

“Slow down!” Yin Ning interrupted her, “Today, I have enthroned the crown prince Yin Han as the new emperor. I also ask General Nian not to trap me in an unjust place!”

“New emperor?” Nian Wanniang looked back at the trembling little emperor, and then looked at Yin Ning, “Since it is the path you chose, I will naturally obey your orders, but the little emperor is still young. , Aning, is it reasonable for you to become a prison princess?”


“Don’t worry, Aning. I have hundreds of thousands of soldiers and horses under my command. From now on, if anyone doesn’t listen to you, I will destroy his mansion immediately!” Nian Wanniang finished speaking coldly, choosing Eyebrow looked at the little emperor, “Your Majesty, the same goes for you.”

Why does Nian Wanniang today have the shadow of Nian Taiwei’s powerful official?

Yin Ning felt a chill in her heart, as if she had seen the tragedy that happened again ten years later. She couldn’t help but feel a cold war and held Yin Ying’s hand, “Sister Huang, I’m tired. Let’s leave here, okay?”

“Okay.” How could Yin Ying not understand Yin Ning’s feelings?

“Slow down!” Nian Wanniang suddenly stopped Yin Ning and Yin Ying, “Now a large carload of enemy soldiers has entered my Daling. An Ning, aren’t you going to order me to do something?”

Yin Ning looked at her tiredly, “As a general, when your family and country are in trouble, you should step forward. Do you still need me to give orders?”

“Aning, if I fight against the cart for you, what are you going to reward me when I come back from the victory?” Nian Wanniang asked Yin Ning, her eyes a little wild.

Yin Ning took a breath, “General Nian, what do you want from me to reward you?”

Nian Wanniang said seriously: “Aning, you know what I want most.”

Yin Ning felt a chill in her heart, “Aren’t you afraid of being laughed at by everyone in the world?”

“I have hundreds of thousands of soldiers and horses under my command. Who in the world dares to laugh at me?” Nian Wanniang finished speaking with her sword and looked at the little emperor coldly, “Your Majesty, do you think so?”

“Yes…yes…” The little emperor shrank behind the **** in fear.

Yin Ning took a breath and said: “Wan Niang, since this is what you want, I will promise you the day you come back from the victory!”

Nian Wanniang nodded excitedly and smiled, “Your Majesty heard it! What Princess Jianguo said should be regarded as an imperial edict, you have no joke!”

“You are not joking.” Yin Ning responded to her and waved to the little emperor, “Your Majesty, let others clean up and repair this place. You go with your aunt first, and we will go back to the palace to rest first.”

“Yes.” The little emperor ran towards Yin Ning in fear, holding Yin Ning in one hand and Yin Ying in the other, “Auntie, take Han’er away. Han’er will be obedient. He will definitely be obedient.”

“Okay.” Yin Ying responded distressedly, and led the little emperor Yin Han out of the hall.

This day was a catastrophic day for the Daling royal family, and it was also a dark day when the Daling Dynasty was shaken. Fortunately, with the help of Nian Wanniang’s troops, this change of imperial power finally ended peacefully.

On the second day, the new emperor Daling ascended the throne and changed the Yuan Dynasty to Taihe.

In order to appease Nian Wanniang, the young emperor gave Lieutenant Nian and Queen Mother Nian a lavish burial. He endured hatred and buried Chang Yin in the imperial mausoleum according to regulations. He also named his late father, King Guang, Emperor, and buried them lavishly.

The only person who did not receive a rich burial was Gu Qingtang, the female consort who had committed regicide in the palace. After being whipped to death by the prison princess, her body was hung on the top of the imperial city as a warning to others.

For Ye Na, who lives in the capital’s hotel, she never expected that if she stood still, what was waiting for her was an imperial edict from the new emperor of Daling – ordering Ye Na, the imperial master of Dache, to enter the palace and see the prison. Princess of the country.

Ye Na is now in the capital of Daling, and Dacha and Daling are fighting again. It will definitely not do anything good to announce her entry into the palace at this time.

She stepped into the majestic imperial city, followed the young **** all the way into the harem, and all the way to the imperial garden.

“Xiao Xi, please step aside.”

Wearing plain clothes, Yin Ning suddenly raised her hand to reject everyone, poured a glass of wine with her own hands, and saluted Ye Na, “Master Imperial Master, you are well.”

Yena took the wine glass and looked at the wine in the glass hesitantly, “Princess, what is this?”

“Dacha and I, Daling, are at war. If you stay in the capital, your situation will only get worse.” Yin Ning finished speaking lightly, and his eyes suddenly softened, “Gu Qingtang once made you a promise. You’re safe, she can’t do it now, so let me help her.”

“Gu Shaofu…” Ye Na has also heard a lot of rumors about Gu Shaofu being a woman in the past few days, but she did not expect that the little princess would still miss this female consort who had committed the crime of bullying the emperor.

“Sister Huang is also tired of this imperial city.” Yin Ning’s eyes returned to Ye Na, “The autumn scenery at Yuezhou Palace is just right, so you can go there with Sister Huang to live peacefully.”

“Can I…?”

“Today I leave the fate of Dache Imperial Master. From now on, there will no longer be Dache Imperial Master in this world.”


“Drink it!”

Ye Na lowered her head and took another look at the wine in her hand, suddenly smiled bitterly, raised her head and drank the glass of wine. Before the strength of the wine engulfed her consciousness, Ye Na finally couldn’t help but speak, ” No matter whether Gu Shaofu is a boy or a girl, it will be your blessing if you meet her, but it may be her disaster if she meets you.”

“Do you think my treatment was too harsh?” Yin Ning asked lightly.

Ye Na felt dizzy in front of her eyes, and she only had time to say, “If…everything can be done again…the little princess…my master…will fight with you…to fight for her…”

She finally fainted and fell to the ground.

Yin Ning raised his eyebrows and glared at Ye Na, “I will not give you a chance!”

In the autumn of the first year of Taihe, Yin Ning, the princess of the prison, killed the imperial master in the imperial garden. The whole world was shocked. They thought that the little princess Yin Ning was also a ruthless character. I am afraid that the newly enthroned little emperor will do the same sooner or later. At her murderous hands.

In the same year, the eldest princess Yin Ying left the imperial city of the capital and moved to Yuezhou Palace with three hundred people. She never returned to the capital in her life.

The war between Daling and Dache lasted for more than a year. In the spring of the second year of Taihe, the old Khan of Dache died suddenly. The third prince stopped the war with Daling in order to compete for the throne.

Nian Wanniang took advantage of the situation to pursue her and drove the enemy soldiers out of the country. When the good news came, Yin Ning happened to be writing the imperial edict to get married.

“General Nian Wanniang’s outstanding military exploits saved the country from fire and water…”

“Princess Qi, General Nian has sent good news!”

“No need to read it. When I finish writing this imperial edict, you can take it and stamp it with His Majesty, and then send it to General Nian personally.” Yin Ning said lightly, finally finished the last sentence, and rolled up the edict. He handed the imperial paper to Xiao Bing, “Let your majesty not be surprised, just stamp it as usual, let him believe that his aunt will not really do such a ridiculous thing.”


One day later, the imperial list was announced to the world. The general Nian Wanniang had outstanding achievements. Emperor Daling issued a decree to grant the marriage supervising princess to marry the general to become his wife.

Indeed, due to Nian Wanniang’s power, as soon as the imperial list came out, the people only dared to discuss the absurdity of this imperial edict in private, but no one dared to stand up and make a joke in public.

Nian Wanniang received the imperial edict on her way back and happily ordered the soldiers to celebrate together.

Finally, the winner is her!

Her An Ning was finally willing to commit to her forever despite the ridicule of everyone in the world!

In late spring of the second year of Taihe, the capital was decorated with lanterns and colorful decorations, preparing to welcome Nian Wanniang’s triumphant return tomorrow. The common people were all staring at tomorrow’s wedding between the prison princess and the female general with a kind of joke, preparing to watch the biggest joke since the founding of Daling.

The night breeze was blowing gently. Yin Ning stood at the top of the imperial city wearing a red dress. Looking at the lights of thousands of houses outside the city, he murmured: “I have finally waited for this day.”

“Little aunt, do you really want to marry Nian Wanniang?” The little emperor tugged at her red dress worriedly, “This will make the world laugh at you forever.”

“It’s time for Auntie to leave.” Yin Ning touched his head lovingly, “Daling, I leave it to you, Your Majesty.”

“No! I’m afraid! My eldest aunt is gone, and you, my little aunt, are leaving too. General Nian is powerful. I’m afraid… I’m afraid that she will harm me!” The little emperor hugged Yin Ning’s hand in shock. “Please, little aunt, please stay, okay?”

“Wan Niang will not harm you, don’t worry.” Yin Ning said firmly, “Take a message to her. People’s words are terrible, love is very painful, and for the sake of Quan Qing’s name, I can only die. My heart goes to you, and I will meet you again in Huangquan a hundred years later.”

“Little aunt…”

“Do you remember?”

The night wind ruffled Yin Ning’s hair. Under the clear light, the little emperor felt that the little aunt tonight was really beautiful. He nodded blankly.

Yin Ning supported himself on the top of the city and looked down at the murmuring river. “Qin Zhongyu is a useful person. Han’er, you must make good use of this person.”

“Han’er will follow my aunt’s teachings.”

Yin Ning smiled with satisfaction. The moment she stepped onto the city, she couldn’t help but smile a little deeper. “Here is where the body of my aunt’s female consort was hung. Now that the consort is gone, the princess is left alone. What’s the point?”

The little emperor was startled and suddenly realized something, “Little aunt, I don’t want it!”

“Take care, Han’er.” With his toes in the air, Yin Ning jumped down towards the Yuhe River under the city——


The river splashed and swallowed up the girl in red. From then on, there was no more little princess Yin Ning in the world.

Nian Wanniang returned to Beijing in triumph, and she was filled with joy when she heard the news that the little princess jumped into the city in red last night. When the little emperor told Nian Wanniang what Yin Ning had said, he thought Nian Wanniang would go crazy. She wanted to take it out on him, but Nian Wanniang burst into tears in the hall.

“I shouldn’t have been so anxious, I shouldn’t have forced you…”

“Nian… Nian General?”

“A hundred-year promise to hell… Aning, why are you so cruel… Do you have to make me wait for a hundred years?” Nian Wanniang murmured to herself, and suddenly raised her teary eyes to look at the little emperor, “You still can’t feel relieved Your nephew?”

“General Nian, what are you going to do?!” The little emperor backed away in fear.

Nian Wanniang suddenly knelt down in front of the little emperor, “I will be loyal to your majesty for the rest of my life and assist your majesty in creating a peaceful and prosperous age!”

Aning, this is what you want me to do, then I will do it.

On the road to hell, you have to wait for me. This time, I won’t force you to do anything.


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