Ending the Treacherous Chapter 68: End


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“General Qin, I’ll help you do something for a while.” On the palace steps, Gu Qingtang suddenly whispered to Qin Zhongyu.

“Consort, please give me your instructions…”

“Sneak away to the palace treasury to get some…”

After Gu Qingtang finished explaining, Qin Zhongyu nodded, cautiously checked that the Queen Mother Nian had not noticed him, quietly slowed down his footsteps, and slipped away without a trace.

When the Queen Mother Nian stepped into the hall, King Guang vomited a mouthful of black blood and finally fell to the ground and died.

“Beast!” Empress Dowager Nian shouted angrily, straightened her back, and glared at Yin Chang’an, “Yin Chang’an, how many more people are you going to kill?!”

“Mother, you are here.” Yin Changan smiled slightly and stood with his hands behind his hands, “I have been waiting for this day for too long.”

The Queen Mother Nian took a breath and said, “Where is the Royal Forest Army? Let the Ai family capture this traitor who mutilated his brothers and feet!”

“I am the king of a country, who dares to take me?!” Yin Changan shouted sternly and watched with cold eyes as dozens of imperial guards ran into the hall with knives. He bent down and picked up the young prince who had become hoarse from crying, and clamped his throat fiercely, “Mother, you must understand this. If the imperial guards dare to take a step forward, my little nephew will not survive. ! ”

The Queen Mother Nian smiled coldly, “Are you too naive to want to use him to threaten the Ai family?”

Yin Changan laughed loudly and said, “Queen Mother, you are the one who is truly innocent!”

“Brother Emperor, what are you doing? Let Han’er go quickly!” Yin Ning stepped into the hall and looked at Yin Changan in disbelief.

Yin Ying lowered his head and saw the body of King Guang on the ground, and couldn’t help shouting in horror: “Emperor’s younger brother!”

Gu Qingtang frowned and looked at Yin Changan quietly. He took Yin Ning behind him and whispered: “It’s dangerous here. Why don’t you wait for me at Tinglan Palace?”

Yin Ning looked at Gu Qingtang in astonishment, and then at the imperial brother. The imperial brother today was really too unfamiliar. The cold look on his eyebrows made her feel cold at the first glance, “Qing Qing Tang, what on earth is going on? ”

“Everyone is here, good!” Yin Changan smiled coldly, cracking his knuckles, and the young prince’s face turned purple, “Mother, I will give you one last chance, as long as you are willing to withdraw. If you join the Royal Forest Army, I will save your life and let you move to the cold palace and live in peace.”

The Empress Dowager Nian said angrily: “What a joke! You killed the Ai family’s own son, how could the Ai family let you go today?!”

“You must think carefully. Once Han’er dies, and if I die again, there will be no successor in Daling!” Yin Changan said threateningly, glanced at Yin Ying and Yin Ning coolly, and let out a cry Cold scoff.

“The death of the prince’s brother…is related to the emperor’s brother?” Yin Ning couldn’t believe everything she heard. She looked at Gu Qingtang, “Qingtang, did you know about it a long time ago?”

Gu Qingtang remained silent and just nodded.

The Empress Dowager Nian smiled sadly: “The Ai family only regrets that they did not know about this earlier, so that the children of the Ai family will always hate Jiuquan!” As she said this, she glanced behind Gu Qingtang, and sure enough she did not see Qin Zhongyu. , “Where are the Yu people in Qin Zhong?”

Gu Qingtang pretended to be shocked and glanced back, “Ah! Maybe he ran away while he was in trouble!”

“Then the emperor’s brother died here today, could it be that…” Yin Ying’s eyes turned red and she looked at Yin Chang’an, “Did you do it?”

“I did it!” Yin Changan smiled calmly, “He shouldn’t have been alive!”

“He is your biological brother!” Yin Ying hissed, “Chang’an, you actually killed two of your biological brothers?!”

Yin Changan looked at Yin Ying coldly, “I am the emperor of Daling. If anyone threatens my throne, I will get rid of him!”

“What about me?” Yin Ning took a step forward and looked at Yin Changan with tears, “If I also threaten your throne, will you get rid of me?!”

A sinister smile appeared on the corner of Yin Changan’s mouth, “Aning, you think too highly of yourself. Your value is not as good as the prince consort beside you.”

“What do you mean?” Yin Ning’s heart tightened.

The Queen Mother Nian couldn’t bear it anymore, “Take down this beast!”

“Mother, the eldest sister will no longer be able to give birth to an heir, and Aning will not be able to have a child of her own. I ask you again, do you really want a lose-lose outcome?!” Yin Changan held the young prince and sat on the dragon On the chair, he asked again coldly.

“What?!” Queen Mother Nian looked at Yin Changan in shock.

Both Yin Ying and Yin Ning were shocked. Yin Ying asked in a trembling voice: “Chang’an, what do you mean?”

Yin Changan smiled and said: “Sister Huang, do you still remember the farewell wine I gave you back then?”

Yin Ying felt a biting chill rising all over her body. She always thought that she could not get pregnant because she was too seriously injured on the day of her wedding, which led to a loss of energy and blood. However, she never expected that from the day of her wedding, She is a victim of this conspiracy.

“Sister Huang!” Yin Ning held onto Yin Ying’s body as she was about to collapse. She felt that Yin Ying in her arms couldn’t help but tremble. The chill in her heart stabbed her heart, making her tremble too. got up.

She has always wanted her consort not to be a sycophant, but now that she thinks about it, it is really the biggest joke in the world!

“Aning, return to Tinglan Palace quickly and obey me.” Gu Qingtang whispered, “It’s really dangerous here!”

“Qingtang, none of us can run away.” Yin Ning said sadly, looking at Yin Chang’an coldly, “I want to see how many relatives the emperor is going to kill today?!”

If she stays here, she might be able to protect Gu Qingtang for a while. If she leaves, who knows what that crazy brother will do to her consort?

Ten thousand steps back, even if she dies, her majestic little princess Daling will die together with her consort! She would never let Gu Qingtang stand in front of danger alone!

“Yu Linjun, listen to the Ai family’s order and stop it!” Empress Dowager Nian ordered tremblingly and took a step forward, “You also attacked Ying’er and Ning’er?!”

Yin Changan finally relaxed his fingers on the young prince’s throat. He smiled lightly and said: “I only admit that I drugged the eldest sister and disabled her ability to have children. As for the imperial sister…” Yin Changan He gave Gu Qingtang a thoughtful look and said, “I’m just going with the flow and rewarded her with a… female consort!”

“Female Consort?!” Queen Mother Nian’s face changed drastically. She turned back and looked at Gu Qingtang, unable to believe that the Gu Qingtang standing in front of her was a woman.

Yin Ying’s body trembled violently again. She looked at Gu Qingtang and then at Yin Ning, “Gu Shaofu… is a woman?”

Yin Ning shook her head violently, “Mother, don’t listen to his nonsense! How can my consort be a woman? My consort and I are already married, and the Zongzheng Mansion has a white scarf to prove it!”

“I didn’t expect that my imperial sister would also become infatuated.” Yin Changan sighed in surprise and looked at Gu Qingtang with a smile, “Gu Shaofu, if you are going to be a turtle today, , then your appointment with my Mrs. Haitang… ends here.”

Gu Qingtang smiled tenderly at Yin Ning, “A Ning, you don’t have to be embarrassed to say this. You are the majestic little princess of Daling. There is really no need to compromise your reputation for me.”

“Gu Qingtang!” Yin Ning held her hand tightly, shaking her head again and again, “If I don’t divorce you, you will be my consort! The consort must listen to the princess, if I don’t You are allowed to do whatever you want! Just stand still and don’t go anywhere! You are not allowed to listen to anyone except me!”

The pear vortex on Gu Qingtang’s face swirled, and there was a trace of tears in his smiling eyes, “Little princess, I am a real woman. I have committed the crime of deceiving the king. You should divorce me.”


“The crime of deceiving the emperor is a serious crime that will punish the whole family. For your own sake, you should divorce me.”


Yin Ning’s eyes turned red and tears welled up in her eyes, “I don’t! Why do you order me to divorce you?!”

“I suddenly feel that being His Majesty’s Mrs. Haitang seems more legitimate. Your Majesty will definitely bypass my crime of deceiving the emperor and grant me glory and wealth for the rest of my life.” The smile on Gu Qingtang’s face suddenly turned cold. She turned her back and looked at Yin Changan steadily, “Your Majesty, are you satisfied with these words?”

“You…are you from this beast’s side?!” Queen Mother Nian was even more shocked, “It’s in vain that my brother loves you so much, you actually eat everything in and keep doing things for this beast?”

Yin Changan smiled and nodded, “I think it’s not enough.”

“What if another life is involved?” Gu Qingtang suddenly took action, hooked Queen Mother Nian into his arms, pulled out Queen Mother Nian’s phoenix hairpin, raised his hand and poked the hairpin into Queen Mother Nian’s shoulder, high He said, “The Queen Mother is in my hands. The imperial guards must retreat quickly. Otherwise, the Queen Mother will die in my hands!”


“Ah! Gu Qingtang, the Ai family really misjudged you!”

“Qingtang…you…you are…”

“Gu Shaofu…”

Gu Qingtang smiled coldly, “My identity as a woman has been exposed. If I can’t choose a good tree to live in, then I will be really stupid!”

“Let go of the Queen Mother!”

“I have a message for you, commander. If you prevent the palace guards from killing Lieutenant Nian, the Queen Mother will die!” Gu Qingtang said coolly, watching a soldier of the Royal Forest Army run out in a panic.

“Gu Qingtang, what did you promise me?” Yin Ning looked at Gu Qingtang with tears, “You said you wouldn’t be a sycophant, what does that mean now?”

Gu Qingtang smiled bitterly and said: “I am helping the emperor. I am a loyal minister, how can I be a sycophant?!”

“You…you are…Gu Qingtang…you are not you…this is definitely not the Gu Qingtang I know…” Yin Ning’s heart suddenly tugged and she cried out, “Let go of the queen!” After saying that, she rushed forward, ready to save the Queen Mother Nian.

Gu Qingtang frowned and quickly turned around to avoid it, watching helplessly as Yin Ning fell to the ground.

“Tsk, tsk.” Yin Changan looked at this good show with cold eyes.

Yin Ning was trembling all over. The pain in her palms made her feel like all this was a nightmare that she would never wake up from. The prince-in-law who was so gentle and caring to her actually made her fall to the ground like this. And remain indifferent.


A palace guard ran in quickly and knelt down in front of Yin Chang’an happily, “Your Majesty, the archers ambushing on the eaves of Gu Shaofu took advantage of the Imperial Forest Army’s retreat and successfully shot the middle-aged Taiwei. The arrow is quenched with poison, and Taiwei Nian won’t survive long!”

“Brother——!” Empress Dowager Nian screamed in Gu Qingtang’s arms, “The Ai family is useless, useless, wuwu——”




Yin Changan gave three loud applause and looked at Gu Qingtang approvingly, “Gu Qingtang, you are such a smart man. I didn’t believe you wrong, hahahaha.”

“Since Lieutenant Nian has been executed, there is no need for the Queen Mother to live.” Gu Qingtang suddenly pulled out the phoenix hairpin, and quickly slashed the hairpin across Queen Mother Nian’s throat, leaving a trail of blood.

I heard Empress Dowager Nian groan and suddenly fell to the ground motionless.


The blood-stained phoenix hairpin fell to the ground, and the hall suddenly became dead silent.

Gu Qingtang straightened his clothes and curved his mouth in a charming arc, “Your Majesty, please don’t forget Mrs. Haitang’s appointment.” After saying that, he extended his hand to Yin Changan.

Yin Changan smiled coldly, and pulled the young prince, who had lost his voice from crying, down from the throne and came to Gu Qingtang, “I want to test you again.” With that, Yin Changan stepped out of his arms. He took out a dagger and handed it to Gu Qingtang’s hand, “I just want to be the only prince of Daling. You should know how to do it, right?”

Gu Qingtang smiled faintly, took the dagger, looked at the frightened young prince, and touched his head gently, “Don’t be afraid, it’s just for a moment, it won’t hurt much, close your eyes first. ”

Yin Changan let go of the young prince with satisfaction and took three steps back warily.

“Don’t kill me…Gu Shaofu, don’t kill me…” The young prince cried and begged.

Gu Qingtang squatted down and held the young prince in his arms, “Don’t be afraid, close your eyes, listen to me, close your eyes, it won’t hurt.”

“Ugh…” The young prince sobbed desperately and closed his eyes, “Gu Shaofu… I’m afraid of pain…”

“Gu Qingtang, how long will you continue to make mistakes?!” Yin Ning suddenly pulled the young prince from Gu Qingtang’s arms, held him tightly in her arms, and shouted sternly, “You are helping the evildoers! You are so heartbroken that even Don’t you let the children go?”


“Don’t call me Aning!”

Yin Changan squinted at the confrontation between Gu Qingtang and Yin Ning, and said coldly: “Young Master Gu, if you want me to make you Mrs. Haitang, you have to kill one more person.”

“Yes.” Gu Qingtang said calmly and took a step closer to Yin Ning.

Yin Ning angrily pulled out the dagger that Gu Qingtang gave her, pointed it at Gu Qingtang, and said in tears, “If you take one more step forward, I will kill you soon!”

“It’s not certain who will die?” Gu Qingtang glanced behind the dragon chair out of the corner of her eye. A black shadow appeared there, and she could finally let out a long sigh of relief.


Suddenly, there was a loud noise from behind the dragon chair, and instantly a thick smell of gunpowder and smoke filled the hall.

Yin Changan was closest to the dragon chair, and the power of the gunpowder was enough to make him unsteady on his feet and stagger to the ground.

Gu Qingtang saw the opportunity, suddenly turned the dagger, pounced on Yin Changan, and stabbed him hard in the back of the neck.


A shrill scream sounded in the main hall. The Imperial Guards and Palace Guards stood in the hall at a loss. They didn’t know when the thick smoke and dust would dissipate. What would happen to this forced palace? end?

Vaguely, Yin Ning was surprised to feel a warm hand holding her dagger hand, leading her to penetrate into a soft place.

Familiar breath, familiar figure, and familiar voice…

“The prince-in-law… Gu Qingtang… used… a woman… to cause trouble… to Chao Gang… to be in the palace… to kill the king… to kill the Queen Mother… and the crime should be punished!”

“Gu…Gu…” Yin Ning suddenly understood and couldn’t help but choked up. Her fingers left the dagger in shock, but Gu Qingtang supported her shoulders. She said in a trembling voice, “Why are you so stupid? Why… …to do something stupid like this?”

“A Ning… from now on… no one can… bully you…” When Gu Qingtang’s head rested weakly on Yin Ning’s shoulder, she said hoarsely, “You are punishing me… With merit… I should… be the new emperor… even if… even if I can’t… be the emperor… I can still assist… the young prince… regent and supervise the country… I said… I will… will Protect you…for the rest of my life…for the rest of my life…”

“Qingtang——!” With thousands of words stuck in his throat, Yin Ning could only shout this sentence.

Both Lieutenant Nian and Queen Mother Nian are dead, Yin Changan and King Guang are both dead. Nian Wanniang, who is leading the troops outside, has Yin Ning in her heart, and will definitely rely on her military power to assist Yin Ning in the future.

This is the life of Chang’an that Gu Qingtang plans for Yin Ning.


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