Emperor’s Domination Chapter 7109: Never leave


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With a sound of “Boom loud sound, Chongming’s extremely heavy portal opened, allowing Tianzai Shi’s Dragon Clan cavalry to come in.

Besides portal, I have already felt the terror of Tianzai Shi’s Dragon Clan cavalry and terrifying, but there is still portal to block it, and Tianzai Shi’s strength of Dragon Clan has been greatly weakened.

After the cavalry of Tianzai Shi Dragon Clan entered Chongming, the momentum of the entire cavalry and strength really came towards them. When they were crushed in an instant, the entire Chongming seemed to be crushed. . Not to mention ordinary beings, cultivator strong men, exist(ence) like even if Supreme Giant, in front of this Tianzai Dragon Serving Cavalry, they are like lambs before iron hooves, they will be trampled at any time until blood spatters, blood

The flesh is fuzzy. When this iron cavalry of Heavenly Zai Dragon Clan descended on the God’s Domain, Chongming’s Shi Dragon Clan also felt as if they were facing a formidable enemy. The entire Immortal Shishi Dragon Clan stood up. For a moment, Immortal Might was so majestic that it even shook time.

Long river.

At this time, even if Holy Spirit Shixian, he was also facing a formidable enemy, carrying a heavy sword on his back. He remained in own‘s peak state and was already preparing for war. At this moment, Chongming Tomorrow’s servants Dragon Clan are also fighting intent. If Tianzai’s servants Dragon Clan’s cavalry launch the battlefield at this moment, then Chongming tomorrow’s servants Dragon Clan will not show any weakness and immediately counterattack. With their help

Tomorrow’s general trend is to kill Tianzai Shi Dragon Clan‘s cavalry here.

“I wonder if the Chief Immortal Guard has arrived, what are you doing?” At this time, Holy Spirit Shi Xian greeted the attendant dragon’s head Xi Xianwei. At this time, Tianzai Shi Dragon Clan The cavalry have all moved from own of mount Come down from the top, line up in front of the Chongming Bird family, and bow to the Chongming Bird family. bowing the body , whether it is for a young Chongming bird or an adult Chongming bird, Tianzai Shilong

The clan’s cavalry all behave like slaves.

Seeing that Tianzai Shi Dragon Clan’s cavalry is still serving as a slave, this also makes everyone in Chongming secretly breathe a sigh of relief. At least for now, Tianzai Shi Dragon Clan still abides by the sacred heaven’s most important regulations. Basic contract.

No matter how powerful Tianzai Shi Dragon Clan is, no matter how high and powerful Tianzai Shi Dragon Clan is, even if Tianzai Shi Dragon Clan holds the power of the entire Holy Heaven, they must be among the Divine Beast family. Down.

So, no matter what Tianzai Shi Dragon Clan is, they must be the slaves of the Divine Beast family, and the Chongming Bird family is the pure and original Divine Beast family, and it is also one of the nine Divine Beast.

Then, at any time, Tianzai Shi Dragon Clan must serve the Chongming Bird Clan and must not offend the Chongming Bird Clan.

Clan Head, I was ordered to **** the Chongming Clan to a safe place.” At this time, Tianzai’s Chief Immortal Guard bowing the bodyed to the Chongming Bird Clan, and then to the Chongming Clan headed by Holy Spirit Shixian Dragon Clan Explain the situation. As soon as the Chief Immortal Guard finished speaking, the atmosphere in the entire God’s Domain was extremely tense. He even heard the sound of “dang, dang, dang” swords being unsheathed. At this moment, someone from Chongming Tomorrow’s Attendant Dragon Clan had already pulled out own knife

The swords were raised, and the Supreme Giant and immortals who were restrained by even if immediately held the weapons of own. There were even Chongming Tomorrow’s Attendant Dragon Clan who glared at the Chief Immortal Guard of Tianzai Attendant Dragon Clan. Suddenly, the atmosphere in the entire God’s Domain was extremely tense. As soon as Chongming’s servants Dragon Clan heard that Tianzai’s Dragon Clan‘s cavalry was going to pick up the Chongming Bird Clan, they immediately became fighting intent and were at war with Tianzai Dragon Clan

Fate. And how can the cavalry of Tianzai Shi Dragon Clan not feel the fighting intent and threat of Chongqing Shishi Dragon Clan? Therefore, between electrical spark light, Tianzai Shi Dragon Clan also grasped own‘s weapons in an instant, one after another.

The generals are exuding immortal light all over their bodies, swallowing monstrous fairy flames.

In the blink of an eye, “Boom, boom, boom” loud sound was heard endlessly. Tianzai Shi Dragon Clan and Chongming Shi Dragon Clan were at war with each other. Before each other took action, they already had the momentum of death or mine. . “Don’t get excited.” When the two sides were at war with each other, Tianzai’s chief immortal guard suddenly gave a deep drink. He held up an immortal order and said loudly: “I came here under orders. This is the order of Tianzai.” Order, please

Don’t get excited, everyone. ”

The Immortal Token in the hands of the Chief Immortal Guard of Tianzai is indeed a token belonging to Tianzai Immortal Palace, and it is indeed a token that can mobilize all the servants Dragon Clan of the Holy Heaven.

When they saw this command talisman, the immortals and Supreme Giant who were Chongtianshi Dragon Clan couldn’t help but look at each other. In terms of obeying the command talisman, they must also be under the jurisdiction of Tianzai’s command talisman. .

“The order is here, please let Chongmingshi Dragon Clan go and allow us to **** Divine Beast away.” At this time, Tianzai Chief Immortal Guard said in a deep voice to everyone in Chongmingshi Dragon Clan.

Whether it is Tianzai Shi Dragon Clan or Chongming Shi Dragon Clan, they all belong to Shi Dragon Clan, and they are all loyal to the Divine Beast clan. Therefore, Tianzai Chief Immortal Guard is not willing to conflict head-on with Chongming Shi Dragon Clan. “This is impossible.” Regarding Tianzai’s chief immortal guard’s request, Holy Spirit Shixian also refused. He said solemnly: “Guarding the Chongming Bird Clan is the responsibility of our Chongming Attendant Dragon Clan, not

Tianzai ShiDragon Clan. ”

Clan Head, Tianzai’s order is here. I hope you can abide by it.” At this time, Tianzai’s chief immortal guard said in a deep voice: “We don’t want any conflict between our servants Dragon Clan. We should all obey the order.” Holy Spirit Shixian’s attitude was also very firm, and he said in a deep voice: “The Heavenly Zai Shi Dragon Clan serves the Tianzai Immortal Palace. And our Chongmingshi Dragon Clan serves the Chongming Bird Clan. Our first responsibility is to guard us. of

Divine Beast, when any order conflicts with our primary responsibility, the primary responsibility shall prevail. ”

Speaking of this, Holy Spirit Shixian said in a deep voice: “Therefore, guarding the Chongming Bird is the primary responsibility of our Chongming Server Dragon Clan. Therefore, we refuse the order from Tianzai Immortal Palace.”

“Yes, guarding the Chongming Bird is the primary responsibility of our Chongming Shi Dragon Clan.” Holy Spirit Shi Xian’s firm attitude won the firm support of the Chongming Shi Dragon Clan.

“We are also guarding the Chongming Bird.” Tianzai Chief Immortal Guard said solemnly: “So, we have the same responsibility as Chongmingshi Dragon Clan.”

“That must be tomorrow, not somewhere else.” Holy Spirit Shixian said firmly. At this time, Tianzai’s Chief Immortal Guard looked at each other and own‘s Iron Cavalry Immortal General. Tianzai’s Chief Immortal Guard said solemnly: “I can understand Chongming Shi Dragon Clan‘s request and mood, but at this very moment, We must

The Chongming Bird Clan must be escorted to a safe place. ” Also as the servant Dragon Clan, Tianzai’s chief immortal guard can certainly understand the persistence of the Chongming servant Dragon Clan. After all, for the Chongming servant Dragon Clan, if they cannot guard the Chongming bird, then their servant Dragon Clan will not have exist(ence)

, if there is no meaning of exist(ence), then there is no Dragon Clan.

“For the Chongming Bird clan, Chongming Bird is safer than anywhere else.” Before Holy Spirit Shi Xian could speak, an adult Chongming Bird expressed his stance. After all, the Chongming Bird belongs to the Divine Beast clan. Therefore, when the Chongming Bird expressed its stance, the Chief Immortal Guard of Tianzai also pondered for a moment and said to the adult Chongming Bird bowing the body: “Your Highness, things are different now, for the safety of the Divine Beast clan

For the sake of thinking, it is better to move elsewhere. This move was not decided by me personally, but by the Divine Beast family. The nine major Divine Beasts all agreed to move elsewhere. ”

“We Chongmingniao didn’t agree, but where to come and Divine Beast unanimously agreed?” the adult Chongmingniao said in a deep voice. “Your Highness, we, Dragon Clan, don’t know what the specific agreement is. However, Your Highness should also know that the Tianzai Talisman of our Tianzai Shi Dragon Clan was awarded by Tianzai Immortal Palace. This must be a famous teacher. We never dare

Transgression, therefore, the this Token talisman was awarded by the Divine Beast family. “Tianzai Chief Immortal Guard said bowing the body.

Hearing the words of Tianzai’s Chief Immortal Guard, several adult Chongming Birds of the Chongming Bird Clan couldn’t help but blankly look at each other Take a look. The Chongming Bird Clan is also one of the Nine Great Birds Divine Beast However, when faced with major decisions, only adult Chongming birds have the power to make decisions. Now, in the entire Chongming bird family, there are only a few adult Chongming birds

Just a bird. As adult Chongming birds, they all know the rules and procedures of Shengtian. Although the Divine Beast clan has a very small number, everything is decided by the Divine Beast clan, and any major strategy comes from Divine Beast

The clan itself, and other what kind clans, have no power to overstep their power. even if is so powerful that it cannot be bigger than Tianzai Shi Dragon Clan, and it is also under the Divine Beast clan.

Everything Tianzai Shi Dragon Clan did was to execute the orders of the Divine Beast family. In the Holy Heaven, all orders have always been issued from Tianzai Immortal Palace, and although every era in Tianzai Immortal Palace has a person in power, for example, the past Glutton and the current Chongming Immortal Lord are all Tianzai Immortal Palace. Zaixiangong

The person in power.

However, major decisions cannot be decided by one person. Just like the current command talisman of Tianzai Shi Dragon Clan, it is not a command talisman that can be issued by one person.

Under normal circumstances, this command talisman must be unanimously agreed by the Divine Beast clan before it can be issued. At least the minority must obey the majority before this command talisman can be issued.

Just like the nine major Divine Beasts, if you want to issue this command talisman, then at least the five major Divine Beast must agree before you can issue this command talisman.

Now, the chief immortal guard of Tianzai is coming with the command talisman, which means that they have been authorized by the Divine Beast clan.

At this time, several Chongming birds could not help but discuss in low voices. “We will not leave Chongming tomorrow. In our opinion, there is no place safer than Chongming bird.” After discussion, several adult Chongming birds made a decision and rejected the request of Tianzai Chief Immortal Guard.


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