Emperor’s Domination Chapter 7110: Immortal Monarch


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When several Chongming birds rejected such a talisman, it was up to Tianzai Chief Immortal Guard make things difficult for. He said seriously: “Your Highness, we are here under orders and entrusted by the Nine Divine Beasts. Escort Your Highness to a safe place, please give me permission

Accommodating. ”

“No, we will not leave Chongming tomorrow.” The adult Chongming bird also had a firm attitude and said in a deep voice: “In our opinion, there is no safer place than Chongming.”

“Even if Your Highness doesn’t believe in us, you should still believe in the Divine Beast family. These are Your Highness‘s own family.” Tianzai Chief Immortal Guard wanted to convince the adult Chongming Bird. There is no problem with what Tianzai Chief Immortal Guard said. Compared to Dragon Clan, the Divine Beast family is indeed their own family. Whether you are Chongmingniao, True Dragon, or Phoenix, no matter what kind of Divine Beast they are,

They all belong to the Divine Beast family. And the servants Dragon Clan are just their slaves. Therefore, from a rational point of view, the orders of the servants Dragon Clan are issued by the Divine Beast family. They are for the sake of the Chongming Bird, while the Tianzai servants Dragon Clan are just executing them.

This is just an order from the Divine Beast family.

“It’s not impossible.” The adult Chongming Bird said seriously: “If we believe it, then ask our Chongming Immortal Master to come and tell us, or come with the order of our Chongming Immortal Master, We will definitely abide by it.” This Chongming Bird’s request is not excessive. After all, their Chongming Bird Clan has always been led by the Chongming Immortal Master. Since the command talisman is determined by their Divine Beast Clan, then it must be It’s because of them

With the consent or resolution of Immortal Master Ming, it is not too much for them to declare it from Immortal Master Chongming. Of course, both Chongming Bird and Attendant Dragon Clan know in their hearts that Immortal Master Chongming has been banned, and it is impossible to stand up and make a statement. Moreover, Immortal Chongming’s command talisman and Immortal Master Chongming’s command talisman are also

In the hands of Li Qiye, Tianzai Shi Dragon Clan, of course it is impossible to get such a command talisman. “Your Highness, please forgive me for being powerless.” Tianzai Chief Immortal Guard gently shook his head and said: “We are just following orders. We are serving the Divine Beast clan and we must not decide any of the Divine Beast clan.

No matter what happens, if Your Highness wants to see the Immortal Master, he can only ask the Divine Beast clan, and we cannot overstep our bounds. “There is nothing wrong with what Tianzai Chief Immortal Guard said. If the Chongming Bird wants to see their Immortal Master, of course they will not make such a request to their attendant Dragon Clan, because who the Divine Beast family wants to see is not decided by their attendant Dragon Clan

, but it is decided by their Divine Beast family.

So, if the Chongming Birds want to see their Chongming Immortal Master, they still have to make a request to the Divine Beast clan.

“So, where is our Immortal Master now?” The adult Chongming Bird asked in a deep voice.

The Chief Immortal Guard of Tianzai could not help but gently shook his head and said: “Such things are not something we can know. Your Highness wants to know. We can **** Your Highness to Tianzai Immortal Palace. Your Highness can go on our own. Go and find out.”

The words of Tianzai Chief Immortal Guard suddenly made Chongmingniao speechless. If this method was useful, they would have known the whereabouts of Chongming Immortal Lord.

However, Tianzai Shi Dragon Clan is indeed right. No matter how powerful Tianzai Shi Dragon Clan is, they are just slaves of the Divine Beast family. Everything they do is to obey the orders of the Divine Beast family.

So, everything that happened was just Divine Beast A family of them own It’s just an internal matter, basically just with the waiter Dragon Clan No responsibility to have what to relate , they just execute orders.

“If that’s the case, then we have nothing to talk about.” The adult Chongming Bird said in a deep voice: “We will not leave Chongming unless we see the Immortal Lord. If we can’t see him, Immortal Guard, please come back. “It’s normal for Chongming Bird to have their worries, because suddenly, their Chongming Immortal Master was banned, because no one knew what was banned or where. , I also don’t know.

To any message. Therefore, under such circumstances, it is impossible for the Chongming Bird Clan to trust Tianzai Immortal Palace. Since Tianzai Immortal Palace can ban Chongming Immortal Master who holds the entire sacred Heavenly Supremacy handle, then it can also re-impose them

All the Mingniao clan were banned. Now Tianzai Shi Dragon Clan said that he would **** them to a safe place, but the greater possibility is to **** them to a certain place and lock them all up. At this point, I am afraid that they will fall

To the same fate as their fairy master. For Chongming Bird, the safest place at the moment is Chongming Bird, because Chongming Bird is the world of their Chongming Bird. All the backgrounds of their Chongming Bird family are in this world, and all their power

Quantity, all trump card, are in this world.

More importantly, in Chongming tomorrow, the order of their Chongmingniao family is Supreme, and Chongmingshi Dragon Clan will share life and death with their Chongmingniao family at any time.

So, once they leave Chongming, even if Chongming’s servant Dragon Clan wants to protect them, he will be unable to do anything.

Under such circumstances, no matter what the reason is, the Chongming Bird Clan should not leave Chongming Bird, otherwise, they may fall into a trap themselves.

Your Highness, let us make things difficult for.” Tianzai Chief Immortal Guard couldn’t help but said in a deep voice: “We are here under orders. Please also Your Highness please to forgive.”

“Why, if we don’t leave, are you going to hold us captive?” After hearing the words of Tianzai’s Chief Immortal Guard, the adult Chongming Bird’s face suddenly darkened.

“We have no intention of escorting Your Highness, we are guarding Your Highness.” The chief immortal guard of Tianjian said.

“No need, we have Chongming Shi Dragon Clan, we don’t need Tianzai Shi Dragon Clan.” The adult Chongming bird refused.

Holy Spirit Shixian could not help but said in a deep voice: “Xianwei, please go back. You will not be welcome again tomorrow.”

At this time, Chongming issued an order to expel guests, which immediately made Tianzai Shi Dragon Clan’s face change. They came under the order of Tianzai Immortal Palace. No matter what, they had to **** the Chongming Bird Clan away. . Now the Chongming Bird Clan is unwilling to leave, and the Chongming Server Dragon Clan will definitely protect their master to the death. In this case, a war will definitely break out between the two sides. At this time, it will mean that their Heavenly Server Dragon Clan will have to fight with the entire Chongming

Heaven is our enemy. “Everyone, we all shoulder the responsibility to protect the safety of the Divine Beast family. We are not enemies.” Tianzai Chief Immortal Guard also said to Chongmingniao: “Your Highness, we can guarantee that we are here to protect you.

Security. ”

“No need.” The adult Chongming Bird rejected Tianzai’s chief immortal guard’s request and said: “The safety of our Chongming Bird clan is left to Chongmingshi Dragon Clan, and Tianzai Shi Dragon Clan is not needed.”

“This makes me wait for make things difficult for.” Tianzai Chief Immortal Guard couldn’t help but said slowly.

“What, do you want to force yourself?” Holy Spirit Shixian couldn’t help but his face darkened.

The adult Chongming Bird also had a cold face and said in a deep voice: “If you want to **** us Chongming Bird away, then you must first get through our Chongming Bird.”

“Everyone should take a rest with the Chongming clan.” At this time, Chongming servants Dragon Clan also shouted loudly, and all the servants Dragon Clan were at war with each other, trying to fight against Tianzai servant Dragon Clan.

For a moment, the atmosphere was tense to the extreme, and each other was on the verge of breaking out. At this moment, if Tianzai Shi Dragon Clan made any rash move, the entire Chongqing Tomorrow would have to fight them desperately.

“There is no need to fight.” At this moment, an old and steady voice sounded.

When I heard the sound of “buzz”, wisps of immortal light bloomed. At this moment, on the top of the sky, where Chongming Palace is, wisps of light like the sun bloomed.

As the sun-like immortal light enveloped the entire Chongming, under the sound of “buzz”, the space trembled, and the entire Chongming came under pressure. In this moment, everyone realized that a supreme Immortal appeared. That’s right, in the sun-like immortal light, a Chongming bird appeared. This Chongming bird’s whole body was swallowing the same light as Essence Fire. When he appeared, he suddenly became the center of the entire Chongming.

Everything in tomorrow’s world revolves around him.

Even the Chongming World Tree, which supports the whole world, is relaxing the branches and leaves of own at this time. It seems that the entire branches and leaves of World Tree are surrounding and supporting this Chongming bird.

This Chongming bird looks very old. It seems that he is older than any other Chongming bird, or even anyone in Chongming. He is like a Chongming bird that came out of a living fossil.

When “Immortal Monarch ” saw this Chongming bird, Holy Spirit Shixian immediately kneels, respectfully.

“Chongming Immortal Monarch ” ​​Seeing this extremely old Chongming bird, everyone in even if Tianzai ShiDragon Clan bowed to him bowing the body.

Old Ancestor ” Even the Chongming Bird family, whether they are adult Chongming Birds or young Chongming Birds, all one after another kneels to this old Chongming Bird.

This Chongming Bird is Chongming Immortal Monarch. He is the oldest Chongming Bird in the entire Chongming Bird family.

Among the Chongming birds, the oldest one is the Chongming Immortal Monarch in front of me. even if Chongming Immortal Master are all his juniors.

Before Chongming Immortal Master, Chongming Immortal Monarch was in charge of the Chongming Bird Clan, and he was also the master of Chongming Bird Clan.

However, although Immortal Master Chongming is a junior, she is more powerful, and the latecomers have surpassed her. She has become one of the nine Divine Beasts, comparable to any other big accomplishment Divine Beast. Therefore, Immortal Master Chongming later took over the power of the Chongming Bird Clan. In the end, Immortal Master Chongming relied on the power of own to become the leader of Tianzai Immortal Palace and the master of the Holy Heaven.


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