Emperor’s Domination Chapter 7108: Tianzai Shi Dragon Clan


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Li Qiye‘s words immediately made Holy Spirit Shixian and several adult Chongming birds look at each other, and for a moment, they all looked solemn.

Because they also don’t know what happened. Since their Chongming Immortal Master was banned, they have not been able to get any useful information from Tianzai Immortal Palace. As the chief servant of Chongming Dragon Clan and several adult Chongming birds, they also have a very high status in the Holy Heaven, but they still failed to get any useful information. The whole thing seemed to be Shen

It’s like entering a black box, and few people can touch the truth of this matter. So whether it is Holy Spirit Shi Xian, or the adult Chongming Bird, they all understand that this matter has reached its peak. high level It’s a different level. The whole God decides this matter. Holy Spirit There are only three or five people

Yes, that is the nine major Divine Beast in the sacred world. Now Li Qiye came with strict orders, Holy Spirit Shixian and several adult Chongming birds all thought that Li Qiye could know some inside information and bring them some useful news. Unexpectedly, Li Qiye was very interested in this matter

I don’t know anything about it.

“I wonder what the Lord wants to get when he comes to Chongming Palace?” Finally, Holy Spirit Shixian couldn’t help but take a deep breath and said to Li Qiye bowing the body.

Li Qiye glanced at them, smiled faintly, and said leisurely: “I’m here to get what thing, do I need to report to you?” Li Qiye‘s casual words immediately made Holy Spirit Shixian couldn’t help but complexion big change, He immediately asked Li Qiye bowing the body and said hurriedly: “Don’t dare, don’t dare. Saint Lord wants to take any thing. It’s okay. There is no need to ask anyone.

People report. “Although Li Qiye is an unrelated person and even looks like a mortal, for anyone in Chongming Bird Clan, even if Chongming Bird Clan must obey his orders because of his hand

With the Chong Ming Order, tomorrow they will see the order as if they were meeting the fairy master.

“That’s good.” Li Qiye said softly nod, “Let’s go to Chongming Palace.”

“No problem.” At this time, Holy Spirit Shixian and Chongmingniao had no reason to stop Li Qiye, and they could only follow Li Qiye’s‘s orders.

Such a thing is very dangerous for Chongming, whether it is for the servant Dragon Clan or the Chongming Bird family.

Because their Chongming Immortal Master was banned, and at this juncture, Li Qiye a stranger came with a Chongming order. At this time, the most sensible thing to do is of course to refuse Li Qiye’s‘s request. However, according to their Chongming rules, seeing an order is like seeing an immortal master. Not to mention serving Dragon Clan, even the Chongming Bird family cannot refuse. As a slave, serving Dragon Clan is even less qualified to refuse Li Qiye’s orders and

Requested. Just when Holy Spirit Shixian and the Chongming Bird Clan were about to take Li Qiye to Chongming Palace, suddenly, there was a “boom” loud sound, and Chongming’s portal received a very heavy impact, and then, there was a “dang,” “Dang, Dang”

The sound of alarm bells resounded throughout Chongming.

“Something happened ” ​​When they heard the alarm bell, all the creatures in Chongming knew big incident occured. Suddenly, the entire Chongming entered the most urgent state.

“What happened ” In the new tomorrow, no matter it is the common people or the strong cultivator, or even Great Emperor Ancient Ancestor, they can’t help but complexion big change. Prior to this, the entire Chongming Tomorrow entered a closed state, and anyone who entered or exited was interrogated. This had already made people realize that something was going to happen. Now the alarm bell suddenly sounded, and the entire Chongming Tomorrow entered the most urgent state

, this is of course to let everyone complexion big change know that something big is about to happen. No matter what big thing happens, when the alarm bells resonate sound like this, when the whole world enters the most emergency state, all living beings one after another hide in a safe place, while all other cultivator strong men, especially the servant Dragon Clan

All the disciples have entered an emergency combat state and must stick to their posts of own. In the God’s Domain, needless to say, under the “boom” of loud sound, all the Dragon Clan‘s Great Emperor Ancient Ancestor and Supreme Giant in the God’s Domain were complexion big change. They knew that it was the sound of bombarding the portal of tomorrow.

Under such a powerful impact, the entire divine realm shook.

“Report, Tianzai Immortal Palace Attendant Dragon Clan arrives at ” At this time, the powerful Attendant Dragon Clan who guarded portal immediately sent back the news to Old Ancestor in the God’s Domain.

When “The Attendant of Tianzai Immortal Palace Dragon Clan ” heard such to give informing, it not only made the Attendant Dragon Clan various ancestors complexion big change, but also everyone in the Chongming Bird family change their expressions.

The same is Dragon Clan, but the Dragon Clan of Tianzai Immortal Palace is different. Because the servant Dragon Clan of Tianzai Immortal Palace belongs to the servant Dragon Clan of the entire Holy Heaven, and its responsibilities can govern the entire Holy Heaven.

This is like the master of the Holy Heaven. It can govern the entire Holy Heaven. Divine Beast in the entire Holy Heaven must be under its jurisdiction.

With the sound of “Boom loud sound, at this moment, outside the portal of Chongming, there was already a dazzling light, and a huge iron cavalry appeared. When this iron cavalry appears, immortal light hesitations, visions rise and fall. The strength emitted by this iron cavalry alone can sweep anywhere in the world. The entire iron cavalry is composed of one person after another. Immortal

Built and built.

Yes, the entire cavalry was built by immortals. The entire cavalry would be an extremely powerful force anywhere in the heaven.

This is Shengtian’s background, and this is what makes the Divine Beast family so powerful. Even the Dragon Clan, even their slaves, are already so powerful.

When such an iron cavalry composed of immortals appeared outside Chongming, the power of the immortals that suppressed Heavens and swept away all ages had already swept across the entire Chongming. “The Attendant of Tianzai Immortal Palace Dragon Clan raise one’s head When seeing such an immortal iron cavalry, countless powerful people in Chongming were shocked and trembled. The Attendant of Tianzai Immortal Palace Dragon Clan has not yet arrived. tomorrow

, terrifying’s superb strength has already suppressed the entire Chongming. “Shixian, please open the door.” Just when the news to give informing arrived in front of Holy Spirit Shixian and the others, a Supreme immortal general wearing a suit of immortal armor and carrying 36 Chongqingtian outside Chongming had already spoken, His voice

When it sounded, it echoed throughout the whole world.

Moreover, as his voice fell, it had turned into the law of Supreme and was nailed into Chongming. With his words and deeds, he could suppress Heavens and intimidate any immortal.

“Servant dragon’s head Xixianwei ” When he saw this Supreme immortal general carrying 36 and the blue sky on his back, the Holy Spirit stone immortal as an immortal could not help but complexion big change. Attendant dragon’s head Xi Xianwei is the chief guard of Tianzai Immortal Palace. In the past long years, he has guarded Tianzai Immortal Palace. He is not only an extremely powerful immortal, but also, to a large extent, he can control Condemn the whole

A servant of the Holy Heaven Dragon Clan , of course, must be authorized by the Immortal Lord. Just like in the past, Immortal Master Chongming holds the entire Holy Heaven in his hands. supreme Authority, if one day, a foreign enemy suddenly invades and a war breaks out, once the Immortal Master Chongming authorizes all the servants of Shengtian, Dragon Clan Against foreigners

When there is an enemy, then whether it is Chongming’s servant Dragon Clan or the other twenty 3-layer Heaven servants Dragon Clan, they will be placed under the command of servant dragon’s head Xixianwei and be under his unified command.

“Chief Immortal Guard, why are you here?” Seeing the servant dragon’s head Xi Xianwei personally commanding the knight Dragon Clan‘s iron cavalry, several adult Chongming birds couldn’t help but feel complexion big change.

For a moment, Holy Spirit Shixian and several adult Chongming birds looked at each other, and they all had an ominous premonition. Because dragon’s head Xi Xianwei, under normal circumstances, will never leave Heaven Splitting Zaixian Palace. His mission is to guard the safety of Tianzai Immortal Palace. He also directly obeys the orders of the immortal master, such as the Chongming Immortal Master who currently dominates the Holy Heaven

. However, Immortal Master Chongming has been banned now. No one knows why he was banned. But at this time, dragon’s head Xixianwei, the servant, appeared outside Chongming with the dragon cavalry and wanted to enter Chongming

This is definitely not a good thing for the entire Chongqing Tomorrow.

Today, Immortal Master Chongming has been banned, so whose order does Attendant dragon’s head Xi Xianwei obey?

“Open or not?” For a moment, as the Dragon Clan leader of Chongtianshi Shixian, Holy Spirit Shixian was also undecided.

As for the several adult Chongming birds, they were also undecided for a moment. They didn’t know what happened specifically, and they all felt like they were being under siege.

“What do you think, Lord?” When he couldn’t make up his mind, the Holy Spirit Shixian couldn’t help but ask Li Qiye, who held the Chongming Order, for advice.

“Well, this is none of my business. I’m afraid it’s an internal matter within the Divine Beast clan.” Li Qiye smiled and said lightly: “Even if you don’t want to open the door, I’m afraid they won’t let it go. ” Li Qiye Such words made Holy Spirit Shixian and several adult Chongming birds look at each other, and they all felt that it made sense. Now that the servant dragon’s head Xi Xianwei has brought the dragon knight to the door, people will because of not Open

Do you want to leave the door? result / to bear fruit is probably negative.

“Open ” In the end, several adult Chongming birds made a unanimous decision and said solemnly: “Dragon Clan, the servants of Tianzai Immortal Palace, are not allowed to run wild in Chongming.”

Several adult Chongming birds have the confidence to say such things. No matter how powerful the servants of Tianzai Immortal Palace are Dragon Clan, and no matter how powerful the servant dragon’s head Xi Xianwei is, they are still the slaves of the Divine Beast clan. They must be under the Divine Beast clan and the Chongmingniao clan. .


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