Emperor’s Domination Chapter 7107: Waiter Dragon Clan


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Under the respectful **** of Great Emperor Ancient Ancestor and Supreme Giant who were serving Dragon Clan, Li Qiye sat on Divine Carriage, boarded the Chongming World Tree, and arrived at the divine realm. At this time, in the God’s Domain, in front of the main hall, there was already a huge team lined up. All the Great Emperor Ancient Ancestor and Supreme Giant of the Servants Dragon Clan were present, and even the extremely powerful Old Ancestor, the Immortal, among the Servants Dragon Clan.

exist(ence) like this was also present in person. Because, for the entire Chongming Order, the Chongming Order is extremely important. Seeing the order is like meeting the Immortal Master. And when their Chongming Immortal Master was banned, the Chongming Order appeared in their Chongming Order. Of course, its importance is not To put it simply


When Li Qiye came down from Divine Carriage, all the Great Emperor Ancient Ancestor and Supreme Giant who served Dragon Clan bowed down and said respectfully: “Welcome the Lord, welcome the return of the Immortal Order.” At this time, the momentum of the entire divine domain Very heaven frightening, when all the Great Emperor Ancient Ancestor, Supreme Giant and all the immortals arrived, the superb aura of terrifying enveloped the entire divine domain. It seemed that this terrifying superb strength could

Hold up all the world the same. Especially the endless billowing Divine Beast aura. When it pours in, it can not only flood the entire Chongming Heaven, but can even attack the entire Holy Heaven. It can destroy twenty of the Holy Heaven. /

4-layer Heaven are all submerged.

At this time, all members of the Chongmingniao family of Divine Beast arrived, and they all gathered in front of the main hall to welcome the arrival of Li Qiye’s. In this divine realm, the Chongming birds stand there one after another, just like Supreme’s exist(ence). Their aura permeates the entire world. It seems that each Chongming bird can carry a world and sweep away ten


Among these Chongming birds, some are underage and some are adults. Of course, whether they are adults or minors, they have not yet reached the stage of being Divine Beast big accomplishment.

The Chongming Birds in front of me are all the Chongming Birds in the entire Chongming Tomorrow. None of them are missing. They are all gathered here. No other Chongming Birds can be seen in other places in the Holy Sky.

Even if all the Chongming birds gather here, the number of Chongming birds is pitifully small, only a few dozen. The Chongming Bird is the Nine Sacred Heavens Divine Beast One of the races, as one of the nine major Divine Beast One of them, the Chongming Bird Clan, is powerful and large enough. They own the entire world like Chongming, and they have reproduced for countless years, with hundreds of millions of people. hundred quintillion years For a long time, there were only a few dozen. It can be imagined how few the number of Chongming birds is. As one of the nine major Divine Beast First, how difficult it is for Chongming birds to reproduce and keep them pure

Pure, original Bloodline. When so many Chongming Birds gather together, the Divine Beast aura they exude is very terrifying. Once the Divine Beast aura on them breaks out, it can completely crush the entire world and crush them

Suppressing the immortals one after another.

This is it Divine Beast A clan of terrible people strength . Just like the Shilong clan in front of us, there are so many people. They are far more than the Chongmingniao clan. However, no matter how many and powerful the Shilong clan is, Dragon Clan , they are also slaves of the Chongming Bird Clan, and they are all loyal to the Chongming Bird Clan

. The one held only for Li Qiye is the Chongming Order. He has the status of Supreme in Chongming. Seeing the order is like meeting the fairy master. Therefore, in the divine domain, the Divine Beast family like even if Chongmingniao has the extremely noble Bloodline

Yes, they possess unparalleled strength.

However, seeing the order is like seeing the fairy master, one after another, the Chongming birds also have to respectfully bow to Li Qiye to welcome the arrival of Li Qiye’s. Of course, when all the Great Emperor Ancient Ancestor and Supreme Giant of Dragon Clan saw Li Qiye, they were startled. When all the members of even if Chongmingniao saw Li Qiye, they couldn’t help but be startled, because Li Qiye saw

He looks like an ordinary mortal, so why does he hold the Supreme Immortal Order of their Chongming Immortal Master? This left them puzzled. When all the members of the Chongming Bird arrived, the little Chongming Bird who was originally in the sleeves of Li Qiye couldn’t help but cheered. He flew out from the sleeves of Li Qiye’s and fell into their Chongming Bird. Group of

There was endless cheering. Seeing the return of the little Chongming Bird, all the members of the Chongming Bird family were overjoyed, and they all breathed a sigh of relief. After the little Chongming Bird disappeared, it was a huge event for the entire Chongming Bird. I don’t know

How many people can be suppressed unable to breathe.

After all, for the Chongming Bird family, it is very difficult to give birth to a new life, a young Chongming Bird, and it also takes a very long time and years.

For Chongming Bird, whether it is the Chongming Bird Clan or the Shilong Clan, a young Chongming Bird is so precious that there is no room for any mistakes.

And in the God’s Domain, not only all the members of Chongming Bird arrived, but even the attendant Dragon Clan Clan Head, who was never to show one’s face on weekdays, came in person. Clan Head, who serves Dragon Clan, has a very high status in the entire Chongming Tomorrow, because he has served the master of Chongming Tomorrow for a long time, and not only has he served the master of Chongming Tomorrow, but also the master of Chongming Tomorrow

In addition to the current Immortal Master Chongming, he also served the previous generation of Immortal Master Chongming tomorrow.

Holy Spirit Shixian, this is an immortal, Clan Head who serves Dragon Clan, and one of the people with the highest status and status in Chongming.

When Li Qiye arrives, so does the Holy Spirit Stone Immortal.

When Holy Spirit Shixianyi appeared, the majestic and endless blood energy seemed to have penetrated the entire Chongming Tomorrow, allowing the entire Chongming Tomorrow’s creature to see the vision of blood energy permeating the entire world.

Holy Spirit Shixian, he is not only an immortal, but also an immortal born in Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit, who was born by heaven and earth, has an extremely long lifespan and incredible vitality.

So, when Holy Spirit Stone Immortal appeared, in the world of Chongming, when I heard the sound of “buzz, buzz, buzz” resonate sound, one after another fairy rings enveloped the world. With the appearance of such a Dao Immortal Ring, the vitality of Holy Spirit Shixian suddenly permeated the entire world, allowing all creature to be bathed in such vitality tomorrow. In this moment, no matter it is Yunyun

All living beings, including cultivator masters, feel how abundant and infinite the vitality of own is. Even old people feel that own is back to their youth in an instant. “Welcome the Lord, welcome the return of the Immortal Order.” When he saw the Chongming Order in the hands of Li Qiye, the burly and tall body of the Holy Spirit Stone Immortal, like pushing down a mountain of gold and a jade pillar, knelt down in front of Li Qiye.

Kowtow respectfully.

After Holy Spirit Shi Xiandu acknowledged the Chongming Order in Li Qiye‘s hands, he asked everyone present to serve Dragon Clan and the Chongming Bird Clan. They all confirmed that the Chongming Order in Li Qiye‘s hands was the genuine Chongming Order.

“Your Majesty, I’m sorry to ask, but I wonder how you got your Chongming Order?” Even though Holy Spirit Shixian knew he shouldn’t ask, he still asked.

After all, this is an extraordinary moment. After their Chongming Immortal Master Chongming was banned, their entire Chongming world was in turmoil, and they were often afraid that something like heaven frightening would happen. Even if they are worried in their hearts, whether it is Holy Spirit Shixian or Divine Beast who is an adult of the Chongming Bird Clan, they all know that something big is going to happen, and even the entire sacred sky is going to change. As for what the specific thing is,

They still couldn’t find out.

Because there has been no news since their Chongming Immortal Master was banned.

Li Qiye glanced at the Holy Spirit stone immortal and said lightly: “Your immortal master asked a Vermilion Bird to bring the order to me.” “Vermilion Bird Immortal Guard ” Upon hearing such words as Li Qiye, Holy Spirit stone immortal heart couldn’t help but feel big change , he looked at each other with several adult Chongming birds, and they all felt a sense of ominousness and uneasiness in their hearts

Get up.

Because they all know that Vermilion Bird Immortal Guard is the most trusted aide most trustworthy dragon guard of their Chongming Immortal Master. Unless there is an order from their Chongming Immortal Master, it is impossible for the Vermilion Bird Immortal Guard to leave their Immortal Master’s side.

“Where is the Immortal Guard now?” Holy Spirit Shi Xian couldn’t help but ask.

“He’s not dead yet, he’s recovering from his injuries.” Li Qiye said lightly.

However, Li Qiye‘s understatement made the people present, Shilongbi and Chongmingniao, feel nervous in their hearts. They all knew that something bad was going on, and what they had imagined had indeed happened. Their Chongming Immortal Master was banned because the heaven frightening war broke out. Even the Vermilion Bird Immortal Guards could not afford to be seriously injured. So, one can imagine how tragic this battle was. After all, their Chongming Immortal Master was enough.

terrifying became so powerful that it was banned in the end. It is conceivable that take action’s enemies are as powerful as terrifying.

“I wonder where our Immortal Lord is right now?” Finally, Holy Spirit Shi Xian added another question.

For a moment, all eyes were focused on Li Qiye. Whether it was Great Emperor Ancient Ancestor of the Dragon-Serving Clan or all the adult and minor Chongming Birds, they were all looks at Li Qiye.

This is the most concerning issue for the entire Chongming clan, and it is also something that Holy Spirit Shixian and the Chongming clan these days have always been frightened by. Although they already know that their Chongming Immortal Master has been banned, no one among them knows the whereabouts of Chongming Immortal Master. Even Holy Spirit Shixian went to inquire about them in person, but they did not find out anything about their Chongming Immortal

The main message is where it is banned. “I don’t know about this. I have to ask you, the Immortal Lord.” Li Qiye spread his hands, smiled faintly, and said, “I brought the order today to go to Chongming Palace and pick up something.”


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