Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 702: Conversion (2)


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The fourth is the addition of natural energy. The addition of natural energy changes the characteristics of the undead clan to a certain extent. In the past, the skeleton defense of the undead clan was very strong. Because of many upgrades, Coupled with the Blood Killing Sect’s melting of the power of blood, improvements in techniques and other reasons, their bones have become very strong, comparable to steel, and the addition of natural energy has given their bones another dimension. One kind of ability is the ability to regenerate, and it can regenerate quickly. As long as the ghost fire in their bodies does not disappear, then even if they lose their limbs, they will grow new ones in a short time. Later, it was this ability to live that gave them almost real immortality. The undead clan in the past was very difficult to kill, and the current undead clan is even more difficult to kill, because these abilities add to the Together, they have almost no natural enemies, and of course they are even more difficult to kill.

And after the undead clan transformed the ghost fire, they also have another ability, which is to warm their own bodies. Their bodies are actually skeletons, and they are all bones. The flesh and blood that grows on their bodies, To a certain extent, just like clothes, their real body is their bones, and now this ghostly ghost fire can always warm their bones and make their bones stronger. This is also their transformation into the ghosts. Another benefit after the will-o’-the-wisp.

When the undead clan told Wen Wenhai and the others the news, Wen Wenhai and the others all became excited. They really didn’t expect that the undead clan could actually use ghost fire to create so many ghosts. It’s a trick, but this is normal. The ghost fire and the undead clan are very compatible, so they can use the ghost fire to this extent, which is already very remarkable.

On the other side, Mao Xuanying came to the study of the Shadow Emperor. After asking for an audience, the Shadow Emperor directly called Mao Xuanying into the room. Mao Xuanying entered the room and immediately rushed to the Shadow Emperor. After saluting, the Shadow Emperor waved his hand and said, “Forget it. Mao Aiqing came to see me, but something happened?” After saying this, the Shadow Emperor looked at Mao Xuanying. He had just asked the **** to deliver Zhang Wutong’s letter to Mao. It didn’t take long for Xuanying to be there. Mao Xuanying came so quickly. Could it be that something happened? That’s why the Shadow King asked like this. He didn’t think that Mao Xuanying had already solved the matter. After all, it hadn’t been long since he had just explained it, so it couldn’t be solved.

Mao Xuanying saluted the Shadow Emperor, and then said: “To answer your Majesty’s question, I have completed the experiment on the method proposed by General Zhang and others, and I want to allow those tribesmen who have transformed into magic weapons to To use the idol again, you need to use iron worms. I have already tried it. I transformed the front line of iron worms into the appearance of the idol, and then merged it with the tribesmen, so that the tribesmen had the idol on their bodies. If they have divine power in their bodies, then they can slowly increase the divine power, and at the same time, the amount of divine power stored in their bodies will also slowly increase. In other words, the idea put forward by General Ma Yichuan is It is completely feasible. You can tell General Zhang Wutong and General Shangguanfeng this method now, and ask them to integrate all the clansmen who have been transformed into magic weapons into an iron thread worm statue at the front line, so that their divine power will be If there are more, they can better deal with the Blood Killing Sect.” Mao Xuanying said the last, with a smile on his face. He did not expect that the matter could be resolved so quickly.

After hearing what he said, the Shadow Emperor couldn’t help but be stunned. He didn’t expect that the matter could be solved so quickly and so perfectly. This made him stunned. He immediately looked at Mao Xuan and said: “Is what Mao Aiqing said true? Have you really solved this matter?” He still can’t believe it, because this matter was solved so smoothly, completely beyond his imagination.

Mao Xuanying said quickly: “Yes, Your Majesty, everything I said is true. The matter has indeed been resolved. Please rest assured, Your Majesty.”

When the Shadow Emperor heard what Mao Xuanying said, he couldn’t help but be overjoyed, and then he immediately said: “Okay, great, hahahaha, I will write to them immediately and tell them this method, so As soon as this comes, our combat effectiveness on the front line will be improved at once, which is definitely good news for us, hahahaha, good, very good.” The Shadow Emperor looked indeed very happy, so he He directly took out two jade slips and entered some contents into them without anyone else doing it. Then he handed them to the **** beside him and said to the eunuch: “Go, give them to Shangguan Feng and Zhang Wutong.” Send it.” The **** responded, turned around and left. At this moment, the Shadow Emperor turned to Mao Xuan and said, “How did you discover this method so quickly? This really surprised me. Ah.” What he said was true, and he was really surprised that Mao Xuanying would resolve this matter so quickly.

Mao Xuanying hurriedly said: “In reply to Your Majesty, this time it was really luck. I succeeded in my first test. Because the iron worm has the ability to transform, I made him transform into a **** statue. It is still very easy. I did not expect that the Iron Worm actually did it, and the fusion was very smooth. It seems that luck is still on our side, and the Blood Killing Sect is destined to not be our opponent.”

After listening to Mao Xuanying’s words, the Shadow Emperor also nodded, with a smile on his face. Then the Shadow Emperor said: “Yes, luck is still on our side, and the divine beasts from the virtual world are also here. It’s all here, you can start the next experiment now to see if you can fuse the divine beast with the statue to improve the combat effectiveness of the statue and take care of the Blood Killing Sect.”

Mao Xuanying responded, and the Shadow Emperor waved his hand and said: “Okay, go down and do your work.” Mao Xuanying stood up, saluted to the Shadow Emperor, and exited the study. The Shadow Emperor looked at Mao Xuanying’s back showed a smile on his face.

On the other hand, Zhang Wutong and Ma Yichuan also received the Jade Slip from the Shadow Emperor. After seeing the contents of the Jade Slip from the Shadow Emperor, Zhang Wutong couldn’t help but get excited. Zhang Wutong said: “Okay, great, it turns out it’s that simple. , we also have iron worms here, we can directly upgrade those tribesmen, Lao Ma, please arrange it.” Ma Yichuan was also very happy. When Zhang Wutong said this, he immediately agreed, and then he directly I went to make arrangements, and the upgrade of the Shadow Tribe people began soon. However, among the Shadow Tribe people, there were not many Shadow Tribe people who were truly transformed by the power of the God of the Shadow Tribe. Therefore, this upgrade could only allow one Some of the Shadow Tribe people have magical powers, but this makes them very happy. After all, this has improved the strength of many of them.

During the battle the next day, the combat effectiveness of the Shadow Tribe people had indeed improved. Their weapons were not easily destroyed. Ding Chunming and the others soon discovered this, which made Ding Chunming and the others also They know that the strength of the Shadow Clan has improved, but they are not worried. Although the strength of the Shadow Clan has improved, it still cannot stop their attack. It can be said that the only thing that can block their attack is the Shadow Clan. There are only statues of their gods, and the number of their statues is still too small.

Of course, the effect of the Shadow Tribe against Babel Vine today was quite good. After all, the Shadow Tribe’s magic weapons can be made into large magic weapons or divided into small magic weapons. This kind of attack is more flexible and can be used against It seems that the effect will be better when using Babel Vine.

Faced with such an attack from the Shadow Clan, Ding Chunming and the others did not make many arrangements. In fact, whether it was the Tongtian Vine or their energy beasts, they could all divide into more sub-bodies. But they didn’t do that.

Now the computing power of the Babel Vine of the Blood Killing Sect is sufficient, but after they were divided into countless sub-bodies, the computing power of their mother vine was not enough, and they could only let those The sub-bodies attack by themselves. Although the attack power of those sub-bodies is still very strong, their coordination is indeed inferior to that of the Shadow Tribe. Moreover, they do not need the Babel Vine to attack separately, although the Shadow Tribe’s magical weapons can kill Cutting off the Babel Vine, but the Babel Vine can regenerate in the shortest time and has no impact at all, so they did not let the Babel Vine attack separately. In fact, what Ding Chunming and the others paid attention to today was not the Babel Vine, but the Babel Vine. It’s the undead clan. Those undead clan also participated in today’s battle. They also want to test their strength.

It is precisely because of this that Ding Chunming and others focus more on the undead clan. The undead clan did not use battle armor today. They just wanted to see it, and they did not have to fight. will the effect be if you directly fight the idols of the Shadow Clan? The final result makes Ding Chunming and the others very excited, because the fighting power of the undead tribe is indeed very powerful. The defense is very strong. You must know that the undead clan also has armor. The armor is not a battle armor. The armor he flashes is actually quite special in style. In the past, their armor looked like it was made of countless bones. Armor, and now their armor looks more like iron armor, and this iron armor is actually bone armor, but because their bones now look more like steel, this bone armor looks more like iron armor, which The main reason is to keep in line with the other Blood Killing Sect disciples and prevent the Shadow Clan from discovering what is special about them. After all, the other disciples now all use battle armor, and their battle armor styles are all the same, so Their bone armor was also made the same as their battle armor, just to prevent the Shadow Tribe people from noticing their differences.

But after they fought against the Shadow Tribe, they discovered the power of these bone armors. The Shadow Tribe’s weapons could not break the bone armor. You must know that there were new things in their bone armor. When the weapons of the Shadow tribe hit their bone armor, the ghost fire would help them defend themselves. However, when the weapons of the Shadow tribe struck their bone armor, they were actually struck by the ghost fire. It was blocked, and the weapons of the Shadow Tribe were also ignited with ghost fire. This gave the Shadow Tribe people a very headache, and then they were directly hit by the Undead Tribe. When the Undead Tribe’s weapons hit the Shadow Tribe, When he was on the body, the defense of the Shadow Clan was directly broken. This was something the Shadow Clan did not expect. They really didn’t know that their defense could be so bad. They couldn’t even block the attack of the Blood Killing Sect. (End of chapter)

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