Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 701: Conversion (1)


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After listening to Zhang Wutong’s words, Ma Yichuan thought for a while, and then said in a deep voice: “Instead of thinking about how to increase the divine power capacity of large magic weapons, I think it is better to think about how to make large magic weapons capable of Wouldn’t it be better to generate divine power yourself?”

When Zhang Wutong heard what Ma Yichuan said, he couldn’t help but shook his head and said: “It’s impossible. You also know our situation. Those statues can absorb the power of the Lord God, so that he always has the power of the Lord God. What do you think? , even the power of the main **** on the statue is not generated by itself. How can those large magic weapons generate divine power by themselves? You are thinking too much.”

Ma Yichuan shook his head and said: “I know that it is impossible for those large magical instruments to generate divine power on their own, but don’t forget that there are divine powers on those statues now. These divine powers are like attractors, which can attract To obtain more divine power, we only need to make small changes to those large magical instruments. I believe that these large magical instruments can generate divine power on their own.”

When Zhang Wutong heard what Ma Yichuan said, he couldn’t help but be stunned, and then he said with some confusion: “Do you have a way? How to change it?”

Ma Yichuan said solemnly: “What do you think, why is there divine power on the statue?” After speaking, Ma Yichuan looked at Zhang Wutong, and after hearing his words, Zhang Wutong was stunned at first, and then said with some confusion: “Simple Ah, the reason why divine power is generated on the statue of God is because it is a statue of God. He can communicate with the Lord God, and the Lord God will give him a trace of divine power. Don’t we all know this?”

Ma Yichuan nodded and said: “Yes, because the statue can communicate with the main god, so it can generate a trace of divine power. The reason why we couldn’t borrow that trace of divine power before was because our bodies have not been transformed. So there is no way to borrow that trace of divine power, but now those who have transformed into large magic weapons, their bodies have been transformed by divine power, and their bodies can store divine power. Think about it, if at this time, they If there is a **** statue on his body, then he can always borrow a little bit of divine power from the Lord God, and his body can store divine power. When the time comes, the absorbed divine power will be stored in his body. Moreover, the amount of divine power stored in his body will increase. In this way, even if we don’t use the idol, can we still have divine power to deal with the people of the Blood Killing Sect? I think this method can be tried. What do you think? What?”

Zhang Wutong couldn’t help but be stunned after hearing Ma Yichuan’s words, and then he said in a deep voice: “This method does make some sense, but those large magic weapons can only exist as magic weapons after being transformed by divine power. , it is impossible to transform into a human form. In this case, how can they bring a **** statue on their body? This is simply impossible, right?”

Ma Yichuan said: “They have turned into large magic weapons, but in the final analysis, they are still our people. They cannot turn into human forms because of the transformation of them by divine power. If we transform them into What about integrating something into the body? For example, is it feasible to integrate a **** statue with divine power? But directly into their body, integrating a stone flame insect, but before integrating into the stone flame insect, we will integrate the stone flame The insects first turn into the form of a god. Does this allow them to have a **** in their bodies? Then can they absorb a trace of the Lord God’s divine power? And I think this kind of thing can be left to professionals. To solve it, for example, wouldn’t it be better to hand him over to Master Mao to solve it?” In public, they called Mao Xuanying Mr. Mao. Mr. is also an honorific title, which means that he is a capable person. Identity, a person with status, Mao Xuanying is in the Shadow Clan. He does not have a high official position, but his status is very transcendent. Even the Shadow Emperor is very fond of him, and Mao Xuanying also teaches Many Shadow Clan officials are considered half of their masters, so Ma Yichuan and the others will still call Mao Xuanying Mao Master in private.

After Zhang Wutong heard Ma Yichuan’s words, he was stunned at first, but then he laughed and said: “Yes, that’s right. We can give our conjecture to Master Mao and see if Master Mao can work it out. If anything new comes, I will write to Your Majesty now.” After saying that, he took out a jade slip, wrote down Ma Yichuan’s idea directly, and then gave the jade slip to the Shadow Emperor.

After doing this, Zhang Wutong looked at the battlefield. On the battlefield, the people of the Blood Killing Clan had won a victory. The Shadow Clan people slowly retreated another sixty miles. However, the Blood Killing Clan did not win because of Tongtian today. Due to Teng’s strength and taking up more territory, he still advanced sixty miles and then stopped. When he saw this situation, Zhang Wutong breathed a sigh of relief. He was really worried that the Blood Killing Sect would keep moving forward.

At this time, the Shadow Emperor had already seen Zhang Wutong’s letter. He took a look at the content of the letter and directly sent the jade slip to Mao Xuanying. Now Mao Xuanying was also very busy, and the Shadow Emperor did not After calling Mao Xuanying, he directly gave this opinion to Mao Xuanying to see if Mao Xuanying could complete it. After a while, the **** came back and told the Shadow Emperor that Mao Xuanying had already begun experiments there. .

On the other hand, the situation here in the Blood Killing Sect is also very good. Hu Wei recorded a lot of data on the Babel Vine. After the war, she went to see the Babel Vine in person and recorded the data on the Babel Vine. She recorded some data from the Yantian Sphere in the Tongtian Vine, and then returned to the Xuanwu Space. She had to go back to conduct experiments in order to improve the Tongtian Vine.

Just after Hu Wei returned to Xuanwu Space, another news came from the Necromancer Clan. The Necromancer Clan had some new research on ghost fire, and their research direction was also very weird. They actually completely combined the Netherworld Ghost Fire with transformational power and murderous aura. The most important thing is that this new Netherworld Ghost Fire was completely integrated with their bodies, and their bodies actually got After a slight change, their strength has undergone earth-shaking changes.

Before, the undead clan had transformed all their Dharma into the Lord of the Corpse Forest, but now their Kung Fu has also been transformed into Buddhist Kung Fu. The Netherworld Ghost Fire is no longer just their weapon. Instead, it becomes a kind of power in their bodies. In other words, when they practice in the future, the power they produce will be ghost fire, not spiritual energy.

The Netherworld Will-o’-the-Wisp, the people of the Blood Killing Sect are all studying it, and they are using it very well now, but they just turned the Netherworld-Wisp’s Fire into an energy source, an energy that can increase their attack power. They still practice spiritual energy, but the undead clan is different. Although they usually look like ordinary people and have flesh and blood on their bodies, their essence is actually still ghosts. Disciples of the Blood Killing Sect, they cannot use the Netherworld to fight. Will-o’-the-wisps can be practiced directly as spiritual energy, but the undead clan can. The undead clan has now completely transformed the ghost-wisps into their own energy. Their energy already contains a trace of the power of the ghost-wisps. , the most important thing is that their Netherworld Ghost Fire actually contains Buddhist power and murderous intent, as well as a trace of life force, and this life force is given to them by natural energy, and they get it by doing this. The result is that the undead clan is almost immortal. The undead clan used to be almost immortal, but they are still mortal. But now they are almost immortal because of their powers. The blessing brought a qualitative change to the undead clan.

Although the undead clan could live like humans in the past and practiced aura, the reason why they could live was because they had soul fire in their heads, and this soul fire was actually part of the soul mark. This is an external manifestation. If you really extinguish the fire of their soul, then their soul mark will be transferred to their next body, and then they will live again in that body, and That body is the seed of life, and they will transform into a plant life at a time.

So in the past, there were many ways to kill the spirit clan. For example, breaking their heads would cause their bodies to be destroyed to more than 80%. Of course, this meant Yes, if you don’t destroy their vital points, if you destroy their vital points, then it may only take about 40%, they will die, and their bodies of the undead clan will no longer be able to be used. , they can only transfer their soul marks away, so the undead clan is sometimes called the undead. This is actually wrong. The undead clan has no way to become immortal.

Of course That was before. If it were now, the current undead clan can achieve immortality, especially after an energy transformation, they can achieve immortality. A transformation of energy is really important to the undead clan. First of all, their energy becomes ghost fire, and the ghost fire will swim in the meridians of their bodies, and the ghost fire can There are energy marks, that is to say, the weakness of the undead clan was their heads in the past, but now their heads are no longer their weakness. As long as there is a trace of ghost fire in their bodies, they will not die.

The second is the addition of Buddha’s power. Because Buddha’s power is added to the Netherworld Ghost Fire, they are not afraid of pure Yang things. If Buddha’s power is not added, the Netherworld Ghost Fire will be afraid of pure sun fire. For things that are yang, it can be said that the true sun fire is the nemesis of the ghost fire. If the ghost fire comes into contact with the true sun fire, it will be destroyed directly, because the true sun fire restrains the ghost fire, but there are some in the ghost fire. After gaining the power of Buddha, the ghost fire is no longer afraid of the true fire of the sun. Buddha power is another kind of power. It is a bit like the power of faith, but it is not entirely the power of faith. This power can change the power of the ghost fire. Some characteristics, so the ghost fire is not afraid of the sun’s real fire. The sun’s real fire has no way to defeat the ghost fire. This is the second advantage, there is no nemesis.

The third is the addition of murderous aura, which makes the attack power of the ghost fire become stronger. The murderous aura itself is the aura of killing, which is the strongest offensive force. Therefore, the addition of murderous aura makes the attack power of the ghost fire stronger. Becoming very powerful, this also makes the undead clan’s attack power become even more powerful. Their current attack power is much stronger than when they used spiritual energy before, at least five to ten times more. (End of chapter)

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