Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 700: Play against each other


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Hearing what Hu Wei said, Wen Wenhai couldn’t help but nodded, and then said: “Okay, then you can start upgrading the Tongtian Vine immediately. Give it a try and see what the effect is. If the effect is good, That is of course the best. If the effect is not good, make improvements immediately. Just tell me what you need.” Wen Wenhai will of course fully support things like this.

Hu Wei responded, and then said: “Okay, then I will start preparations immediately. In fact, as long as we prepare the Buddha Power Core Master, we can immediately upgrade the Tongtian Vine. With the cooperation of Qinglong, I think The effect will definitely be very good.”

Wen Wenhai nodded, then turned to look at the others and said, “The main reason why I called everyone here this time is to hear about Hu Wei’s upgrade plan. Their upgrade plan is of great significance to us. Said, it is still very useful, and this is another attack method we have seen so far. There is no problem now. Everyone can go back. Hu Wei, you follow Lao Ding and the others to the front line, and we will start attacking them immediately. Those Babel vines will be upgraded.”

Hu Wei responded, and then everyone stood up, bowed to each other, turned and left. Soon Hu Wei followed Ding Chunming and the others to the front line. When they arrived at the front line, Hu Wei and the others started directly Action, things like Buddha Power Core can be directly exchanged in the real illusion. In addition, there are more Blood Killing Sect disciples. The number of Blood Killing Sect disciples is much greater than the number of Tongtian Vine. In With the cooperation of Qinglong, it is very easy to upgrade Tongtian Vine, and now Tongtian Vine has another ability, that is, they can leave the ground and fly directly, because they have energy in their bodies. Of course, they don’t need to stay on the ground all the time, which will make Tongtian Vine’s attacks more flexible.

Of course, the Babel Vine used by the disciples of the Blood Killing Sect also needs to be upgraded, but such an upgrade is also very fast. After all, all the Babel Vine now has a Sky-Evolving Sphere, and it is very difficult for anyone who wants to upgrade. easy.

While Hu Wei and the others were upgrading the Tongtian Vine, the battle between the Blood Killing Sect and the tribesmen had never stopped. They were still not advancing fast, but when facing the Shadow Tribes , but they behaved very powerfully, advancing sixty miles every day and ending the battle early. They were clearly telling the Shadow Tribe people that the reason why I advance sixty miles every day is because I am only willing to advance sixty miles every day. , it’s not that I can only advance sixty miles a day, and their actions will also have a great impact on the morale of the Shadow Tribe people. After all, the Shadow Tribe people are human beings too.

Three days have passed like this, and Hu Wei and the others finally completed the upgrade of all Babel vines. This is good news for them. Hu Wei still stays on the front line. Ding Chunming also understands what Hu Wei means. He said to Hu Wei: “My brothers and sisters are staying here because they want to see the combat effectiveness of Tongtian Vine, right?” Ding Chunming knew that Hu Wei wanted to collect data on Tongtian Vine, so he asked this question.

Hu smiled and said: “Yes, although there is some Buddhist power in our Babel Vine, when attacking, it is actually based on natural energy. Buddha Power is only used because it can restrain the Shadow Tribe people. I have used it, so I have to see how effective Babel Vine is against the Shadow Tribe people. If the effect is not good, we must make improvements immediately after we go back. This is not a joke, after all, every time we upgrade , they all have to deal with the Shadow Tribe people. If we can’t even take care of the Shadow Tribe people, then why are we upgrading? So this first-hand data is very important. You don’t know much about Tongtian Vine. The data to take care of it may be There are some imperfections, so I have to collect data myself, which is very important.”

Ding Chunming nodded and said: “Okay, when we attack tomorrow, I will let Tongtian Vine participate in the battle. Then you can collect first-hand data.” Ding Chunming said about this kind of thing, Of course, we fully support it. After all, this matter is related to the Blood Killing Sect. The Blood Killing Sect is using the Tongtian Vine more and more. Every disciple has a Tongtian Vine, so the upgrade of the Tongtian Vine is very important to the Blood Slaughter Sect. It is also very important for the disciples of the Killing Sect. Otherwise, Wen Wenhai would not have held a special meeting just because Hu Wei and the others had completed the upgrade. He held a meeting because he attached great importance to this upgrade. I just want to tell everyone how important this upgrade is, so of course Ding Chunming has no reason not to support it. When Hu Wei heard what Ding Chunming said, he nodded and said thank you. Hu Wei, Ding Chunming and the others They have a very good relationship with each other. He is the best female cultivator in the Blood Killing Sect, except for Laura and the others. This does not mean that the Blood Killing Sect does not respect other female cultivators, but that other female cultivators do not care. There is a certain gap between them in terms of strength and management ability compared to those male cultivators. However, there are also many female cultivators in each branch, and these female cultivators have already reached a very high status in each branch. She is taller, and Hu Wei is also very well taken care of in the Blood Killing Sect, because she is Zhang Hongliang’s wife, and Zhang Hongliang has a good relationship with everyone, so everyone also takes good care of her. Hu Wei treats everyone as well. Very respectful.

Ding Chunming arranged a place for Hu Wei to rest, and then went to do his own business. Now the people of the Blood Killing Sect are all warming up their armors, because this armor is equivalent to the Blood Killing Sect. The external incarnation of the sect disciples is their other life. Of course they value it, so they now spend time every day to warm up the armor. They hope that their armor will become more powerful so that they can better To deal with the Shadow Tribe people, they also hope that their strength can be improved so that they can help Zhao Hai.

Early the next morning, the Blood Killing Sect attacked normally, and the Shadow Tribe people also attacked normally. But when they attacked, countless Babel vines suddenly rose from the ground to the sky. These Babel vines were like spiritual snakes. The same thing, it entangled itself directly with the Shadow Tribe people. When those Shadow Tribe people faced these Babel Vine, they wanted to use their weapons to cut off these Babel Vine, but when their weapons hit the Babel Vine, they At that time, they discovered that there was no way to cut off these Babel vines. As a result, those Babel vines were directly entangled on the statues of the Shadow tribe. When these Babel vines were entangled on the idols of the Shadow tribe, those statues began to smoke, and the more they became more and more intense. More and more came, and those statues seemed to be in great pain. They simply used various methods to attack Tongtian Vine. Even their magical weapons flew out of their hands to attack Tongtian Vine. They used this move, and it was really… Some Babel vines were cut off, but they were able to grow back in the shortest time. These re-grown Babel vines were still entangled with the statues, and those magical weapons that attacked the Babel vines, But it also started to smoke, as if it was corroded by something.

As soon as Zhang Wutong saw this situation, his face couldn’t help but become even more ugly. He immediately turned to Ma Yichuan and said: “It seems that these vines of the Blood Killing Sect have also been upgraded. They are You want a comprehensive upgrade and comprehensive restraint on us.”

Ma Yichuan’s face was also very ugly. He said in a deep voice: “It seems like this. They have indeed begun to attack us in an all-round way. What do you think about this situation? Do you have any ideas? “Ma Yichuan really has no choice now. They have used almost all the methods they can use. Now he really has no good way to deal with the Blood Killing Sect.

Zhang Wutong shook his head and said: “No, I really have nothing to do now, but these Babel vines they have are so big. Do you think it will be effective if we use big statues to deal with these Babel vines? Would it be better?”

Ma Yichuan said solemnly: “You can give it a try. By the way, we still have a small number of idols. You can try it with our large magic weapons. Some of our large magic weapons have already been Do you have the power of the Lord God? Attack them with all your strength, maybe it will have better results?” Ma Yichuan also added, he felt that this method seemed better.

Zhang Wutong nodded and said: “Okay, let’s give it a try.” After saying that, he directly asked people to pass on the order. Many large magic weapons began to attack directly, and these large magic weapons , already has the divine power of the main god. The reason why there is the divine power of the main **** is because these large magic weapons were held by those big statues before, and then absorbed the main god’s divine power from those big statues. As long as The divine power of the Lord God can enter the interior of large magic Then this kind of large magic weapon can store the power of the Lord God for a long time, so that the power of the Lord God will not be lost, so there are many large magic weapons The vessel actually contains the power of the Lord God.

When those large magic weapons mobilized all their main god’s power, their main god’s power was still very powerful, so when those large magic weapons hit the Babel Vine, the Babel Vine was still cut off. , but even though the Babel Vine was cut off, it grew back immediately, and those magic weapons started to smoke after being stained with the juice of the Babel Vine, and their divine power was consumed very quickly. During this time, the power of the main **** on the large magic weapons of the Shadow Tribe people was consumed very quickly.

Both Zhang Wutong and Ma Yichuan saw this situation. When he saw this situation, Zhang Wutong’s face couldn’t help but become very ugly. He turned to Ma Yichuan and said: “Old Ma, do you think there is any way to make this happen?” Can we store more of the main god’s divine power in our magical weapons?” Zhang Wutong’s biggest headache is this problem. Now the only thing they can use to deal with the Blood Killing Sect is the main god’s divine power, but they only have the main god’s divine power. It can exist in large magical instruments. In those large magical instruments, there is no way to generate the main god’s divine power by itself. It is like a water cup. The water cup contains water, but it is impossible for it to produce water by itself. They are fighting against the Blood Killing Sect. When people are fighting, they are constantly consuming the water in the water cup. When the water in the water cup is consumed, they will be finished. They will no longer be the opponents of the Blood Killing Sect. And Zhang Wutong’s current thinking is, What method should be used to make this water cup larger so that it can hold more water, so that when they deal with the Blood Killing Sect, they will have more power of the Lord God to use, so Zhang Wutong is Ask Ma Yichuan like this.

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