Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1011: break the formation (5)


Chapter 14317 break the formation (5)

Zhao Hai look at Shadow Clansman There was movement and he nodded. said:correct/pretty good , Hongliang said right, Shadow Clansman This is to regard their fort as a weapon They have dealt with us, and they also asked their people to go to the Fa in the formation enter Spiritual Qi ,let formation Becoming more powerful, and they use Wubao to deal with us, Wubao will be damaged. Even if Wubao is not damaged, we will kill the people inside Wubao, which will also affect them. formation of Might , so they took one step ahead and collected the people first returned to their emperor in the city face so they can feel relieved usage of Magic Coming to attack us, idea correct/pretty good , then let’s see who is stronger, Alright , don’t worry about them, go and rest. “Everyone responded, and then all returned to Went to my room.

The transfer of Shadow Clansman there’s staff was quickly completed. Mao Xuan responded to the docks of look at, and then open the mouth and said: “We tomorrow will use docks to deal with them. I really want to see how strong they are. ”

Shadow Sovereign He just nodded without saying anything. don’t know Whether this method works, he hopes it works, because he has been disappointed too many times, and they really don’t want to be disappointed again, but this kind of thing is not under their control. control , they don’t want to be disappointed, but they will be disappointed every time. This really makes them very helpless. Every time they want to deal with Blood Slaughter Sect method, they are full of confidence. Every time they interact with Blood Slaughter Sect When fighting, but discover , their plan is good, but for Blood Slaughter Sect is not very useful. This is also their most helpless place, so now Shadow Sovereign I really don’t dare to have high hopes.

Shadow Sovereign then turned to Great Minister of War said:to settle down everyone, now here is our final destination, okay, everyone go to rest, we are going back.” Everyone responded, and then followed Shadow Sovereign Go back.

Early the next morning, when Zhao Hai came to Command Hall, White Eyes and the others had already arrived. As soon as everyone saw Zhao Hai, they all saluted to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai nodded, then glanced in the direction of Blood Slaughter Sect, and then he turned his head. For Zhen Lao said:Zhen Lao, don’t let the Ten Thousand Snakes Transform into Dragons Formation today and enter energy into Liuhe Sword Formation. In that case, the impact on the Ten Thousand Snakes Transforming into Dragons Formation will be too great. yesterday If it weren’t for the Ten Thousand Snakes Transforming into Dragons Formation, in Enter energy into Liuhe Sword Formation, and Shadow Clansman also enters our base is impossible.”

Zhen Lao responded, Zhao Hai followed by open the mouth and said: “Today we still use Liuhe Sword Formation to perform attack on Shadow Clansman. In fact, the power of our formation is no worse than the power of Shadow Clansman. What’s more, we are still using Sword Formation. Sword Formation can transfer the power It is used intensively, so our Giant Sword and Might will still be very large. Of course, the power will be smaller than before, but we can improve it. Before, we used spiritual threads to form Giant Sword, but those spiritual threads only transmitted energy , will not produce energy, but now we can put some join some Yin Yang Thunder Pond in the spirit thread, so that the spirit thread itself has power. At the same time, we can also let our disciple and multi-directional in the formation input some energy, without worrying about formation rune. Can’t stand it, our Law Crystal is very strong and can completely withstand those energy, so don’t worry about everyone simply, we just need to attack boldly with feel relieved.”

Everyone responded with a cry, Zhao Hai look at, slightly smiled followed by open the mouth and said: “Command all disciple, input energy to Fa in the formation with all their strength.” Everyone responded, and then immediately had disciple, and began to input energy to Fa in the formation. , at the same time, several other small French in the formation, there‘s Yin Yang Thunder Pond also began to input energy with all their strength, and formation‘s energy suddenly became incomparably powerful.

Zhao Hai clicked a few times on formation disk, and the next moment Giant Sword directly appears ed on formation, and then the spiritual thread rushed up, and a handful of Giant Sword composed of spiritual threads came out one after another on formation. In the sky, Zhao Hai‘s two eyes is also in the direction of look at Shadow Clansman. He wants to see how Shadow Clansman will respond to their attack. Don’t they want to use Wubao to meet the enemy? Then let them come.

The next moment I saw a dock in Shadow Clansman‘s Heavenly Spirit thirty-six formation, and bursts of golden light also emerged. At the same time, he also broke away from the thirty-sixth formation of Heavenly Spirit, and stopped opposite Blood Slaughter Sect. Look It seems that today it is him who will block Blood Slaughter Sect’s Giant Sword.

Zhao Hai look at that dock, and then slightly smiled said: “Interesting, it seems that Shadow Clansman‘s formation is really unsafe. I originally thought that their Imperial City, plus those docks, would all become ours. formation, we can also get it and use it in the future. Now it looks like is impossible. In such a battle, if we still want to change their formation into our formation, then we will be tied up. Then We will suffer a big loss, so it seems that we can’t have this formation.”

When Zhao Hai said this, White Eyes and the others were all stunned, and then their faces all showed a look of regret, but they didn’t say anything. They originally really wanted to keep Shadow Clansman‘s Heavenly Spirit thirty-six The formation, of course, includes Imperial City and those forts, so that in the future they can turn into a huge Heavenly Spirit thirty-sixth formation with transform. In the future, even if they are ascend, they can also use this formation, but now it seems that it is indeed It is not quite is possible, because Shadow Clansman resisted too strongly, so they is impossible are retaining the thirty-sixth formation of Shadow Clansman in Heavenly Spirit, so they told Zhao Hai that if they want to retain the thirty-sixth formation of Heavenly Spirit, they cannot be too destructive. Heavenly Spirit Thirty-six formations, in that case they would be at a loss, which would be a disaster for them.


Zhao Hai look at Shadow Clansman‘s Heavenly Spirit thirty-sixth formation, then slightly smiled, then his hand was a little on formation disk, and the next moment Giant Sword directly stabbed towards Shadow Clansman‘s Heavenly Spirit thirty-sixth formation, and Shadow Clansman there also made a move, that dock It also flew straight towards Giant Sword. The dock was flashing with metallic luster, and then the dock directly hit Giant Sword. a loud explosion sound and Giant Sword were heard and they penetrated directly into the dock, but they did not The Wubao was not pierced, but only half of the sword was penetrated. The Giant Sword could no longer pierce. At the same time, the Wubao did not stop, but continued to move forward. Then the Wubao began to vibrate again. At that moment, Giant Sword also shook. Everyone could see that Wubao had the upper hand. The material strength of Wubao was not comparable to that of Giant Sword. It was pierced into Wubao by Giant Sword, but Wubao was very big. The formation can maintain a strong fighting strength without being destroyed. In addition, Wubao also uses Magic, so the Giant Sword does not take advantage.

When Wubao first collided with Giant Sword, he should have used the Xieshan Chaohai, which is the power-shaped Magic, so Wubao flew backwards with Giant Sword, and now Wubao should be using Shaking the mountains and shaking the earth, I just want to use this kind of vibration to destroy Giant Sword.

Of course Zhao Hai also understanded Shadow Clansman‘s idea. He couldn’t help but slightly smiled said: “Come with me, you are just a little bit behind.” The next moment Zhao Hai‘s hand clicked a few times on formation disk, and the next moment he saw the Giant Sword vibrating even bigger, and speed is getting faster and faster. This is not caused by the Wubao, but the active vibration of the Giant Sword. It is the Zhao Hai that makes the Giant Sword vibrate. The Giant Sword vibrates, which in turn causes the Wubao to vibrate. The material of the Wubao , but between can’t compare with Giant Sword and in the blink of an eye, some of the Stone Flame Insects on the Wubao were directly shocked to death and fell from the Wubao, and then more and more Stone Flame Insects fell down.

When Mao Xuanying and the others saw this situation, they couldn’t help but be startled, and then their complexion couldn’t help but change. They didn’t expect that Blood Slaughter Sect actually came, treating others in the same way as others. , their Wubao wanted to destroy Giant Sword, but they did not expect that Giant Sword, in turn, wanted to destroy the Wubao, using the same method, which made Mao Xuanying and the others not surprised.

Mao Xuanying’s complexion couldn’t help but change, and then Mao Xuanying immediately open the mouth and said: “I didn’t expect that Blood Slaughter Sect would use this method. No, it seems we have to use other methods.” The next moment, Wubao there, suddenly appears drank a lot of water, and the water directly surrounded Wubao. Then the water kept hitting Giant Sword, and the effect of the vibration of Giant Sword was greatly reduced. After all, Giant Sword A large part of the vibration was offset by the water.

Zhao Hai slightly smiled , reaching out again formation disk Click on it a few times, and the next moment Giant Sword He was pulled out directly from the Wubao. Before Giant Sword It’s stuck by Wubao, now it’s time to move it Giant Sword It was pulled out, Giant Sword As soon as he came out, he stood up immediately, and then slashed down fiercely. This sword came from very fast , the volume of Wubao is very big , simply does not exist avoid of is possible , Giant Sword It hit the Wubao directly, and then Giant Sword Just cut off a corner of Wubao in one stroke. This sword very fast , Wubao seems to be not at all defensive. opportunity nothing, Shadow Clansman I didn’t expect that this sword would be like this. formidable .

In fact, Shadow Clansman is not don’t know. The reason why this sword is so formidable is because this sword Zhao Hai also uses power of vibration, but this time the vibration is not an ordinary vibration, but a high-frequency vibration of one type of. This is Can increase the cutting power of the sword.

Sure enough, this sword directly cut off a corner of the Wubao. As soon as Zhao Hai saw that this move was feasible, he then moved his hand on formation disk. With the movement of his hand, Giant Sword also started a new round of attack. , this time his attack very formidable, either slashing or stabbing, will leave a wound on Wubao every time, or just let Wubao be chopped off. In in the blink of an eye, Wubao will be beheaded seventy times. Baluo, damaged is already very serious. Fortunately, Wubao’s formation rune are all in Wubao’s core region. there has not been destroyed yet, so Wubao can still hold on. When he saw this situation, Mao Xuan responded immediately once used the reverse Yin-Yang this move. He wanted to perform an offensive and defensive transformation, but when Wubao was about to use this move, Zhao Hai directly clicked on formation disk. The next moment, Giant Sword flew in a He got up, and this time he flew very high, and then the Giant Sword slashed down fiercely. This time, the Giant Sword‘s slash was compared with the previous one. completely different, this blow brought one type of forward imposing manner, although above Wubao Yin-Yang reversed, but was still chopped on the Wubao by this sword.


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