Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1010: break the formation (4)


Chapter 14316 break the formation (4)

Shadow Sovereign nodded, the next moment Heaven and Earth suddenly black and white were reversed, the next moment the wind blowing towards them, suddenly was no longer blowing towards them, but the force pulling them to the ground was suddenly vanish from sight, Shadow Sovereign knew, Mao Xuan applied the reverse Yin-Yang this move.

The next moment the wind stopped and the gravity pulling them completely disappeared. Then those Giant Snakes that had been lying on the ground all straightened up, and then all those Giant Snakes flew up, heading straight towards Heavenly Spirit Thirty Six formations collided.

Outside Heavenly Spirit‘s thirty-sixth formation, immediately showed Earth Wall of the one layer layer for defense. The next moment those Giant Snake directly hit Earth Wall, but has plenty‘s Giant Snake was not blocked by Earth Wall and passed directly through Earth Wall. , and hit Heavenly Spirit Thirty Six in the formation directly, but then those Giant Snake were blocked by a Void Transformation stone wall.

But there were too many Giant Snake, and they had no other way to attack. They just hit them directly. Countless Giant Snake broke through their Earth Wall, and then the second Earth Wall was also hit by those Void Transformation‘s Giant Snake. Broken, then Third Layer Earth Wall.

Mao Xuan responded to the direction of look at‘s Giant Snake attack. He murmured said: “These Giant Snake are only attack our direction. don’t know are they going to drive us away from their Great Defense Formation, or are they going to push them deep into their Great Defense Formation?” Hurry, if we let them rush deep into our Great Defense Formation, then they want to trap us.” After Mao Xuanying said this, he looked around. Illusions were already rising around discover, and they were unexpectedly trapped by white mist on the one layer layer. Surrounded, when seeing this situation, Shadow Sovereign‘s complexion couldn’t help but change.

After a while Shadow Sovereign directly open the mouth and said: “It seems they want to trap us to death in here? What should we do now?” In this kind of battle with formation, Shadow Sovereign discover, the power of one person, really Very small, completely powerless.

At this time, Mao Xuan responded to open the mouth and said: “Your Majesty, don’t worry.” After saying this, he thought to himself. The next moment, a ray of light shot in the formation from their magic to the surroundings, and the white mist around them slowly became vanish from sight. Mao Xuanying and the others saw the edge of Blood Slaughter Sect formation at a glance. When he saw this situation, Mao Xuanying couldn’t help but slightly smiled said:Your Majesty, let’s go out.” After saying this, he moved straight to Blood Slaughter Sect Great Defense Formation. Rushing outside, I saw their entire Great Formation flashing constantly. Every time it flashed, they were appears far away from the position of originally. Then, after a flash, they disappeared from that position again, and they Such an action makes those Giant Snake, simply without attack, their opportunity, only several times flash, they have come out of Blood Slaughter Sect‘s Great Defense Formation, and once returned to moved to their original position, and at this time, Blood Slaughter Sect‘s formation still stopped at In the original place, when I saw Blood Slaughter Sect‘s Great Formation, Shadow Sovereign‘s complexion couldn’t help but look ugly. They originally wanted to get into the Blood Slaughter Sect‘s Great Defense Formation, and then attack their Great Defense Formation, but they didn’t expect that the Blood Slaughter Sect‘s Great Defense Formation would be like this. formidable, if they had stayed in Blood Slaughter Sect‘s Great Defense Formation, then they is possible would be in danger, but now that they come out, it means that everything they have done before has lost its meaning, and everything seems to have returned to its original point.

At this time, Zhao Hai also saw Shadow Clansman’s Heavenly Spirit thirty-sixth formation. A smile appeared on his face, and then open the mouth and said said: “Very good, you guys performed correct/pretty good today, so in today’s level, even if you It’s over, tomorrow I’m attacking you, I hope you can give me some surprises.” After saying that, Zhao Hai turned to everyone said: “All right, everyone and went to rest, Zhen Lao, fully open our Great Defense Formation, and don’t let them enter us at once. The opportunity in the base is gone. ”

Zhen Lao responded. In fact, he was not to blame for what happened this time, but he still blamed himself very much. He felt that it was his mistake, which allowed Shadow Clansman to enter their base. When he thought of here, Zhen Lao and complexion, he It was even more ugly. He really didn’t expect that Shadow Clansman would dare to directly attack their base after Zhao Hai‘s in hand suffered losses from twice. Fortunately, Zhao Hai responded well and thought of it right away. Ensure formation, and then deal with their formation, and then completely protect their formation, so that Shadow Clansman does not have opportunity to expand the results, and then use Magic to stop Shadow Clansman‘s formation, but Shadow Clansman‘s formation is They stopped by themselves, but even if Shadow Clansman‘s formation didn’t stop by themselves, they would be forced to stop. Then they used the Ten Thousand Snakes Transforming Dragon Formation to perform attack on Shadow Clansman, Shadow Clansman, which means they were running fast. If they were running slow, A little bit, their formation will definitely be injured, Ten Thousand Snakes Transform into Dragon Formation, strictly speaking, he is a defensive formation. Only when you enter this method can you truly realize the horror of this formation. Shadow Clansman is because Feeling the horror of this formation, they knew that if they stayed in the in the formation, they would not be able to get out and they would be dead, so they ran away directly. Fortunately, they ran away Fast, if they were running slower, is possible really wouldn’t be able to get out.

It was precisely because of this response that Shadow Clansman knew how powerful it was, so Shadow Clansman returned to formation again. However, their actions this time made Zhen Lao feel very embarrassed, and Shadow Clansman was able to enter their base. , and the Ten Thousand Snakes Transforming Dragon Formation in their base here was owned by Zhen Lao control. In this way, it was his mistake, so Zhen Lao was so angry.


Actually, Zhen Lao is not to blame for this matter. The main reason is that the Ten Thousand Snakes Transform into Dragon Formation had to input a large part of their power into Liuhe Sword Formation and use it in Sword Formation. In this way, their Ten Thousand Snakes Of course, the Dragon Transformation Formation has the highest defense of is impossible degree. This is normal. Adding the speed of Shadow Clansman is too fast. Before the Ten Thousand Snakes Transformation Dragon Formation can react, it directly enters the method in the formation. So simply blames Zhen Lao for this matter, and Zhao Hai also means doesn’t blame Zhen Lao. If he blames Zhen Lao for this matter, then it is a bit of a blame game, but Zhen Lao just feels a little guilty.

But Zhen Lao was just angry in his heart. He had no intention of changing the Zhao Hai plan. He would do whatever Zhao Hai asked him to do, so he adjusted the defense of the Ten Thousand Snakes Transforming Dragon Formation to its strongest state, and The strongest state of the Ten Thousand Snakes Transforming Dragon Formation is that countless giant Giant Snakes are constantly swimming around there. Now if Shadow Clansman really wants to attack Blood Slaughter Sect‘s base, they will have to face these Giant Snake, and these Giant Snake will definitely They will respond immediately and make them pay the price.

Of course Mao Xuanying and the others also heard what Zhao Hai said. Their complexions were not very good-looking. Then Mao Xuanying open the mouth and said said: “Zhao Hai said this, which means that their tomorrow will definitely attack us next. And with In today’s matter, they tomorrow probably won’t give us opportunity and enter their base, so we must prepare early.”

Shadow Sovereign nodded, Mao Xuanying continued open the mouth and said: “Their originally Great Defense Formation is to attack our in the formation, input energy. If they want us to have no way to attack them, then they will not attack them.” If we input energy to the French in the formation that attacks us, will their formation that attacks us become weaker in energy? If the energy of the formation becomes weaker, then we can block their attack. What do Your Majesty think? “Mao Xuanying said look at Shadow Sovereign.

Shadow Sovereign said solemnly: “Blood Slaughter Sect people, you should also know their behavior. They will not attack us when their formation strength becomes weak. If they want to attack us, they must achieve results. , if their strength becomes weaker, then they will not be able to break through our defense, and they would rather not attack us, so I think that if they really want to attack us, then their attack strength will definitely not become weaker. We still have to be prepared to deal with their strongest attack.”

Upon hearing what Shadow Sovereign said, Mao Xuanying also responded, and then he said solemnly: “That’s true. I think things are too simple. I must be careful. If tomorrow Blood Slaughter Sect is attacking us, what kind of measures should we take?” Magic came to attack, this is indeed a big problem, Your Majesty, I decided, tomorrow I want to use the Wubao as weapon to fight against Blood Slaughter Sect‘s Giant Sword, but in this way, those Wubao will be in danger, so my idea is to All people in Wubao must transfer returned to Imperial City here, so that we tomorrow can use Wubao as weapon, attack Blood Slaughter Sect, and we will not lose clansman, otherwise, our clansman loss will be too much, This will affect formation‘s Might. “Shadow Clansman can be resurrected, but Shadow Clansman that has been passed by Zhao Hai attack cannot be resurrected. They have lost two clansmans in the dock. This loss is not small. They can I don’t want to have any more losses.

Shadow Sovereign nodded said: “That’s true, okay, then it’s settled. Everyone in the dock, listen, immediately returns returned to Imperial City here.” After saying that, I heard countless promises, followed by a large number of Shadow Clansman , starting from their dock, returned to killed the emperor in the city.

The actions of Shadow Clansman were also seen by the people in Blood Slaughter Sect. As soon as the people in Blood Slaughter Sect saw this situation, they immediately reported the situation. Zhao Hai also immediately knew about it, and he quickly When they arrived at Command Hall, White Eyes and the others also arrived. Now what is shown on projection is the situation of Shadow Clansman returned to Imperial City. After all, there are a lot of Shadow Clansman in those docks. Even if they want all returned toemperor in the city, it will take a long time, so You can still see them rushing towards Imperial City.

White Eyes look at Those Shadow Clansmans were rushing towards Imperial City, and he couldn’t help but frown said:Shadow Clansman what does this mean? Do they want to give up resistance? They evacuated all the people to returned to Huangin the city, in order to use Imperial City to fight with us A decisive battle?”

Zhang Hongliang shook his head said: “It won’t be that simple. The reason why those Shadow Clansman went to returned to Emperor in the city and most important is because they wanted to use those docks as weapon to defend against our attack. They discover, we The attack was too strong, and the normal defense simply was ineffective, so they wanted to use those forts as weapon to block our attack, so they evacuated them.”


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