Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1012: break the formation (6)


Chapter 14318 break the formation (6)

Giant Sword seemed to be unimpeded by Ren Bao, and rowed directly through the dock. The moment Giant Sword rowed through the dock, Mao Xuanying’s body trembled, and then he let out a long breath, and then A tree root on his body, suddenly, was broken. Just when Shadow Sovereign was confused, he saw the dock that was doing attack to Blood Slaughter Sect. suddenly was divided into two halves from the middle. The entire dock was Divine Light. Disappeared, and the entire dock fell directly to the ground.

As soon as I saw this situation, Shadow Sovereign of complexion Unable to help but change, he now understand Why did the tree roots on Mao Xuanying’s body break? It turned out to be because of this. Shadow Sovereign Can’t help but let out a long breath , and then saw the two forts that had turned golden before, and with a bang sound , turned into pieces, vanish from sight , and Mao Xuanying’s body trembled twice at once, and two tree roots were broken.

At this time Zhao Hai‘s voice came to said: “Your strength is indeed very correct/pretty good I admire you very much. Because of this, I will not keep my hand anymore. This can be regarded as respect for you, tomorrow I will Then attack, I want to see if you can still block my attack.” After saying this, Zhao Hai lost his voice, and Giant Sword took it back.

Shadow Sovereign turned around at this time look at Mao Xuanying said: “Mao beloved minister, how are you?” Now that Mao Xuanying has turned into an energy-devouring tree, he rarely has the appears expression on his face, Shadow Sovereign is really It was because he couldn’t clearly see Mao Xuanying’s current situation, that’s why he said this.

After hearing what Shadow Sovereign said, Mao Xuan responded to immediately open the mouth and said: “Please Your Majesty feel relieved, I’m fine, I can still stand it, but now we have to make some changes, please Your Majesty and all the adults, do me a favor, I must We must restore the Might of the Heavenly Spirit thirty-sixth formation as soon as possible.” After Mao Xuanying said this, he turned around look at Shadow Sovereign. He really wanted to restore the Might of the Heavenly Spirit thirty-sixth formation as soon as possible. Only in this way can he block the attack of Blood Slaughter Sect. When Shadow Sovereign heard what he said, immediately open the mouth and said: “beloved minister please tell me, as long as I can do it, I will definitely help.” Shadow Sovereign really thinks so, he very clear, now the only one they can rely on is Mao Xuanying .

Mao Xuanying open the mouth and said: “I have collected all the formation runes we replaced before. Now Blood Slaughter Sect has used Assassin on us. He destroyed three of our docks at once. These three docks Of course, all the formation in it are destroyed. In this way, our Heavenly Spirit thirty-six formation will be incomplete. The Heavenly Spirit thirty-six formation Might will definitely be affected. I prepare in the city, immediately/on horseback in the layout of the third small formation of the Heavenly Spirit thirty-sixth formation to make up for the losses of the three forts. We need to ask Your Majesty and all the adults for help in this matter, because we need to use a lot of manpower and there are few manpower. Before tomorrow they attack, The arrangement of simply is endless. As long as we can complete the arrangement of the thirty-six formations of Heavenly Spirit before tomorrow and their attacks, then our formation and Might will not be greatly affected. Please Your Majesty rest assured,” Mao Xuanying said. idea.

Shadow Sovereign Hearing what Mao Xuanying said, he couldn’t help but be startled, and then he immediately open the mouth and said: “OK, I agreed, but isn’t this Heavenly Spirit thirty-six formation a dynamic formation? If we arrange in the city, will it affect the Might of the Heavenly Spirit thirty-sixth formation? ”

Mao Xuanying open the mouth and said: “I have already had a solution for this, Your Majesty, now we in the city also have has plenty Divine Beast, these Divine Beast are huge, so my idea is to use Heavenly Spirit thirty-six formations small formation, Arrange it on these Divine Beast, and then use these formation to drive the Divine Beast action, so it is no problem, and it is not just these three small formation. It is best that we can arrange all thirty-six small formation on the body of Divine Beast, so First, even if all the docks in outside the city are destroyed, our Heavenly Spirit thirty-six formations will not be greatly affected. Of course, because these formation rune are not made of metal refined with void magnets. , it is definitely not the strongest state, but it can guarantee the maximum degree, Might of the Heavenly Spirit thirty-six array.”

Mao Xuanying also expressed his thoughts. Shadow Sovereign couldn’t help being surprised after hearing Mao Xuanying’s words, and then he nodded said: “This method correct/pretty good, then I will arrange it now, and let people immediately at the same time Go and refine those metals, we are making a batch and those metals formation rune, what do you think?” Shadow Sovereign still wanted to keep their Heavenly Spirit thirty-sixth formation in its strongest state, so that’s why they said this.

Mao Xuanying open the mouth and said: “No need, Your Majesty, as long as you can place small formation on Divine Beast, then put a metal sheet on each formation rune, and then put an energy-devouring tree on top. , so that the whole formation of control and Might of formation will not be greatly affected, and we will save a lot of time, please Your Majesty rest assured.”

Upon hearing what Mao Xuanying said, Shadow Sovereign also nodded. said: “OK, Then we will act now. Mao beloved minister you will give the order, and we will fully cooperate. “Mao Xuan responded with a said: “Yes,, then the minister went overboard.” Shadow Sovereign nodded, Mao Xuan responded to immediately and selected some Divine Beast. These Divine Beast are all defense strength strong and have sufficient physical strength. Then he immediately command(er) attracted everyone, On the backs of these Divine Beast, start to arrange formation, because the backs of these Divine Beast, is impossible are all flat, and their formation must be flat, so they have to put some thing on the backs of Divine Beast, and they pad The thing is the stone flame insect. Use the stone flame insect to flatten the back of the Divine Beast, and then arrange formation on this plane. On the formation rune of the formation, put some metal sheet extracted from the void magnet, and then put on it Planting an energy-devouring tree is the only way to preserve the Might of Heavenly Spirit thirty-six formations to the maximum possible is possible.

By the time they finished their work, it was already the morning of the next day. Shadow Sovereign and the others came directly to city wall, in the direction of look at Blood Slaughter Sect. They all knew that it will not take long and Blood Slaughter Sect were going to attack them all at once. The thought of here, Shadow Sovereign were let out a long breath, and then said solemnly: “don’t know Blood Slaughter Sect saw our formation and fully recovered their strength. What would they think? But it is certain. They want to break our formation, but that’s not the case. An easy thing.”


Mao Xuanying and the others nodded, and at this time, Zhao Hai and the others had also arrived in Command Hall, Zhao Hai look at Shadow Clansman‘s Imperial City there, and then open the mouth and said: “yesterday They have been busy all night, and don’t know they used their formation power, How much have they recovered? “Zhao Hai and yesterday saw that Shadow Clansman‘s Imperial City there had been busy at night. He knew that Shadow Clansman must be recovering the power of their formation, which is how much power don’t know and their formation could recover.

White Eyes said solemnly: “The is possible used by Shadow Clansman against other formation is not very good, but in this Heavenly Spirit thirty-six formation, they are really good at using it, so their formation power must have recovered a lot this time, which is don’t know What method do they use, Heavenly Spirit thirty-six formations, but each small formation of the dynamic formation is very effective. What method do they use to restore these dynamic formations? Outside, it seems that there are no more docks.”

Everyone nodded, Zhao Hai said solemnly: “attack them today, and you will know how well their formation are recovering.” After saying this, Zhao Hai thought, and the next moment Giant Sword was formed at once, and then the spiritual threads were formed directly. After forming Giant Sword and Giant Sword, Zhao Hai turned around to look at Shadow Clansman‘s Heavenly Spirit thirty-sixth formation. Then his hand was a little bit on formation disk, and the next moment Giant Sword stabbed directly towards Shadow Clansman‘s Heavenly Spirit thirty-sixth formation. At this time, Shadow Clansman The Heavenly Spirit thirty-sixth formation immediately started to move, and saw a Wubao rushing towards their Giant Sword. Then they saw Purple Mango flashes on the Wubao, and then a high mountain, suddenly appears on the Wubao. Ahead, the mountain was like a monster, crashing straight into Giant Sword, speed very fast.

As soon as Zhao Hai saw the high mountain, a smile appeared on his face, and then open the mouth and said said: “Interesting, if you want to use this move to deal with me, you are a little bit behind.” Then Zhao Hai held his hand. formation disk clicked a few times, and the next moment the Giant Sword suddenly changed from stabbing to picking, and saw the Giant Sword suddenly reaching the bottom of the mountain, and then saw Giant Sword lifting up, and the mountain was actually lifted up. , with a good move, he used the smallest amount of force to lift the mountain.

Then Zhao Hai tapped his hand on formation disk again, and the long sword stabbed towards Shadow Clansman‘s Heavenly Spirit thirty-sixth array at once. At this time, suddenly countless boulders, appears were in front of Wubao, and then The boulder each and every one was smashed straight towards Giant Sword, just like a meteor. At the same time, the mountain lifted up by Giant Sword also fell down at once, and smashed straight towards Giant Sword.

When Zhao Hai saw this situation, he couldn’t help but sneer on his face, and then open the mouth and said said: “Okay, I really want to see how strong you are.” After saying that, he stretched out his hand to formation disk I clicked it a few times, and then I saw the long sword, fierce great and magnificent golden light, and then I saw the long sword swung violently, and the next moment suddenly and Blood River fell from the sky, rushing forward, and the long sword was directly submerged. Blood River was vanish from sight. Under the impact of Blood River, those boulders all flew aside, and the mountain although fell into Blood River, but Blood River directly bypassed the mountain and flowed straight towards Wubao. passed.

This moment , Blood River Liwu Fort has been very close , but at this time, Wubao suddenly turned into a metallic luster, and then Wubao suddenly flashes ,from there vanish from sight Okay, wait until Wubao is here appears By the time, he had already appears In the distance Giant Sword minimum There are ten miles away, and at this time, the surrounding areas of Wubao are also appears countless flowing water, these flowing water, straight to Blood River Rushed over.

Zhao Hai look at In this situation, he was different slightly smiled said: “Follow me this move, it’s interesting, then look at me this move.” After saying that, he stretched out his hand and clicked a few times on formation disk, and the next moment the Blood River directly became vanish from sight. Then a round of big sun suddenly appears in sky. This round of big sun seemed to increase the surrounding temperature dozens of times. At the same time, it also illuminated people simply so hard that they could not open their eyes. At this moment, the big sun suddenly fell from the sky and landed directly in the dock. The dock also wanted to hide this time, but he could not escape the bright sun.


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