Ask the Mirror Chapter 117: Changes in the Three Realms of the Heart Chain (Part 2)

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Under the system of laws of the real world, any substantial existence can be said to be the aggregation of certain types of laws.

Including human form and spirit, the same is true, and it is one of the most exquisite aggregate structures.

It is precisely because of its subtlety that people in the world can embark on the path of cultivation. Monsters in the world often turn into human forms after practicing to a certain extent. This is also the reason.

The problem with Shadow Ghost lies in the law aggregation structure.

In order to free the shadow ghost from its shackles, Yu Ci used her heart to refine the demon’s head that trapped the shadow ghost, and transformed it into a unique “original spirit”.

It was indeed convenient at the time, but the Heart Refining Fire is a magical power of Buddhism. It is famous for being rigorous and thorough, and the finished product that is “refined” also has this characteristic. It’s okay for others, but for a swordsman who pursues breaking all restraints, it’s terrible.

As Shadow Ghost’s cultivation level soared, this restraint became stronger and stronger.

Of course, if the shadow ghost really wants to cut it off, it is not impossible. It has this ability.

The problem is that it was originally just the shadow of Qu Wujie. It turned into a spirit due to an unexpected opportunity. It suffered heavy losses in the sword garden, and the foundation of its existence was destroyed. Later, it penetrated into the void in my heart and followed Yu Ci, and my independence was almost nonexistent.

Although it relies on its superior consciousness to regain the realm of immortality, it is only a “castle in the air”. At most, it is reorganizing the collapsed foundation to form a relatively complete “seed”.

Since it is a “seed”, without suitable soil and nutrients, it is impossible for it to take root and sprout.

The “container” Yu Ci refined for it is just a “container”, and its potential has reached its end.

Because he doesn’t want to be a “potted plant”, Shadow Ghost has no other option but reincarnation.

However, even if you are reincarnated, the knowledge inside is still very great.

If you don’t say anything else, just look at these things that Mahakala Buddha and Bodhisattva have done, and you will know the clues.

Of course, for Yu Ci, the most important thing is that “heroes see the same thing.” Under similar circumstances, Shadow Ghost’s thoughts are most likely those of Mahakala Buddha.

What cannot be ignored is the inference in Mrs. Huangquan’s memory, which can also be used for verification.

To be sure, Yu Ci even asked Zhao Xiangshan:

“What do you think?”

Zhao Xiangshan has just come into contact with the hidden power of Shadow Ghost. Unexpectedly, just adjusting his positioning requires a lot of effort. Perhaps because of this, he was more cautious and mysterious when answering:

“Tianjun, I foolishly believe that when things are magnified to a macro scale, they often become very simple, because after all, the path is an ‘inevitability’.”

Yu Ci understood that Zhao Xiangshan’s “mystery” was actually a conclusive confirmation of his cautious attitude.

Is it necessary?


Therefore, Mahakala Buddha Mother and Bodhisattva have always kept secret about her purpose.

If monk Cheng Yen had not inherited the memory of Blood Monk Tu Ling, he had been thinking successfully for many years; if Yu Ci had not deeply understood the meaning of the “Three Worlds Sutra”, he might still be confused today.

But once you know it and follow the clues, everything that follows will fall into place.

Yu Ci murmured:

“After his year of calamity is over, the three realms will be open to heaven, and there will be no barriers. The six realms will be unified, and it will be difficult to distinguish between high and low… The three realms will be open to heaven, and the three realms will be open to heaven!”

For Mahakala Buddha Mother Bodhisattva, the law system of the shaman **** is probably the most annoying thing.

So, for her, it is best to get involved in both the Blood Hell Ghost Mansion and the Nine Heavens Outer Territory. When the great catastrophe breaks out and the law system of heaven and earth is in chaos, she can sweep away the barriers and reshape the system.

Yu Ci has long known the thoughts of the Mahakala Buddha Mother and Bodhisattva, and also knows that the Bajing Palace is very guarded against this threat, so he did not hesitate to exchange the Pingdu Xuanyang Realm for the Zhaoxuan Holy Realm to kill all similar possibilities. in the bud.

The problem is, knowing is not the same as “insight.”

Knowing the concept of the Nine Laws of Heaven and Man, and being familiar with the application of the Nine Laws of Heaven and Man, are two completely different concepts.

Similarly, the defense of Bajing Palace is only in general terms.

They can block Zhaoxuan Holy Realm, but they cannot block all “dangerous” areas.

Haihai Mountain is one place, corresponding to the Nine Heavens Outer Territory; Sky Rift Valley is one place, corresponding to the Blood Hell Ghost Mansion.

This is obvious, but it may not be these two options.

For example, in the Northern Wilderness, the location of the Underworld Secret Mansion at this time is already connected to the Blood Hell Ghost Mansion, and its impact on the law system of heaven and earth is also quite obvious. The Blue Sky Realm over there is also very “thin”, which is more conducive to the three parties. docking.

Shadow Ghost did a lot of homework there.

Further calculation, several void world docking points in the Three Lakes area of ​​​​Northland, including the Donghua Mountain Demon Sealing Defense Line, are all possible.

Now Yu Ci understands that in the past few years, the Rakshasa Ghost King and Mahakala Buddha Mother Bodhisattva have attacked from all sides, most likely to increase the “points” that can be used. Even if the Bajing Palace is aware of it, there is no “thousands of The principle of guarding against thieves.

Nowadays, Bajing Palace mainly puts out fires in the north, and has somewhat neglected marginal areas such as Haishan Mountain.

For countless kalpas, this place has been a sensitive area and has been reinforced by monks throughout the ages.

Just like the four-pole Tianzhu, everyone knows that it is the edge of the real world and the place most affected by the Nine Heavens Outer Realm. But with the support of the Tianzhu, it has become the most stable place. As long as the brain is normal, it can I won’t make any plans to go there.

However, Yu Ci believes that in the future trend, the possibility of blocking the sea is not small.

Because the current situation and atmosphere here are very delicate, both what should come and what should not come have come.

For example, Shadow Ghost.

“You said Di Tianluo was the inducement… What are you going to do in the North?”

“It’s not what I want to do, but the various factions of the Demon Sect should know what the East Branch of the Demon Sect is doing.”

With Shadow Ghost’s shrewdness, he would naturally not miss the information in Yu Ci’s intelligence network. He knew very well what Zhai Que’er from the East Branch of the Demon Sect was doing in Xiyu Lake. This time, the Magneto-optical Wanhua Bottle was used as bait to influence Di Tianluo and Dong Changzi and intensify the conflict, in order to find an appropriate time to expose this secret.

The reason is simple:

“The balance of power among the demon sects in the North has been maintained for too long, and they need a reason; the eastern branch of the demon sect also has deep-rooted influence east of Haihai Mountain. It is stable here, and others, such as Mahakala Buddha Mother Bodhisattva, , it’s difficult to start.”

“…Do you also want to play this trick?”

“If you don’t do this, you can’t get rid of the bondage. Even if you let me free, the role of the heart’s refining Dharma fire is there, and the Buddhist principles are there. This is what those bald donkeys are doing based on the system of laws of heaven and earth in the real world. , the most rigorous system extended by them, emphasizes endless reincarnation. If you don’t surrender to them, you will fall into the mortal world forever… I am inherently deficient in this shackles of cause and effect, and I will continue to cut it off.

“In this case, if someone helps me with the journey, I can’t even be happy about it. What can I do to make it easier for them?”

Lest there be no chaos in the world…

Ying Gui’s calm attitude left Yu Ci speechless.

He has fought against the Rakshasa Ghost King and Mahakala Buddha Mother and Bodhisattva so many times that he almost thought that he was an important force in maintaining the peace of the real world. Little did he expect that there were people behind his back who were causing trouble.

Only then did I realize that the promise made back then was very heavy and overwhelming.

Yu Ci must also admit that Shadow Ghost’s intervention actually has no essential conflict with his main purpose.

Mrs. Huang Quan has mentioned more than once the “destined” big changes in this world.

No matter what the woman’s character and scheming is, this judgment is still worthy of trust.

With Yu Ci’s current strength, if he wants to re-establish the Shangqing, he must find the right time. He cannot be a follower of the trend, nor can he be someone who overestimates his ability to resist the tide.

The Rakshasa Ghost King and Mahakala Buddha Mother Bodhisattva have been preparing for at least three kalpas for their conspiracy, which is not easy to stop.

Yu Ci didn’t think he could do what Bajing Palace couldn’t do.

Besides, if he really wanted to use his strength and cause trouble, Shadow Ghost might dare to strike with his sword.

It is a smart person’s approach to seize the gap after the great changes in the real world and quickly gain momentum.

This is going to happen…

If you just want to do bad things, Yu Ci will have to wait! Wait for a good time!

As Zhao Xiangshan said, since you just think of bad things, you have to be bad in your bones.

With his thoughts straightened out, Yu Ci found that it was more practical for him to focus on the stars to refine copper.

Looking at Di Tianluo, who was calmly controlling the magnetic lightning on the sea, a thought suddenly occurred to him:

If we exchange it for Emperor Tianluo, how many stars will the East Branch of the Demon Sect use to refine copper?

He just thought about it. This was a chess piece thrown by Shadow Ghost, and it was definitely not easy to interfere with.

Judging from the current development, the East Branch of the Demon Sect will never let her go, and it is not Yu Ci’s turn to intervene.

As the direct descendant of the sect, Dong Changzi’s status is extremely high. It would be strange for the East Branch of the Demon Sect to be able to endure such a tone.

Think about it, the news of Dong Changzi’s death should have been sent back…

A few hours ago, the East Branch of the Demon Sect could send a demonic sound similar to the Nine Ghost Heart Bell to Yu Ci’s ears thousands of miles away. There was no reason not to react here.

As soon as the thought faded, a dry voice suddenly inserted into the rumbling thunder. Without questioning or reprimanding, he directly recited a mantra with a strange rhythm, penetrating into the depths of the calamity clouds between the sea and the sky, which were almost like ink. at.

One sound elicited hundreds of responses.

The effect of the spell was very obvious. A section of dark red light was “smeared” deep in the dark cloud of calamity, as if a hole was opened leading to a certain demonic kingdom, and thousands of demonic shadows suddenly poured out. Stacked together in a limited space, the calamity began in an instant.

Yu Ci clearly felt more than one level of “Heavenly Tribulation Demon” energy inside.

This is completely crushing, okay?

This is the opportunity for the East Branch of the Demon Sect to overcome the calamity and directly kill Di Tianluo.

Yu Ci was very strange and asked Shadow Ghost: “Aren’t you going to take action?”

“She is an inducement, not a bait, so why rush to lift the hook?”

Shadow Ghost’s response was very cold, but he quickly changed the topic: “This woman is very scheming. Since she dares to come here, she will naturally have something to rely on.”

“Isn’t she relying on you?”

“Of course not. In my current situation, the most taboo thing is to go into battle shirtless. Besides, even if we get together, do you think she will talk to you?”


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