Ask the Mirror Chapter 117: Changes in the Three Realms of the Heart Chain (Part 1)

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Yu Ci can also confirm something:

Unless there is human intervention, the fragments of the Pratyekabuddha Realm will not be able to pass through the line of the Sky Rift Valley.

Because in the system structure of the laws of heaven and earth, the line of the sky rift valley is the “high mountain range” that separates the east and west cultivation worlds. The laws of heaven and earth and related vitality naturally flow to both sides. You don’t affect me, and I don’t affect you.

The relatively independent system of laws in the Eastern and Western spiritual realms should be based on this foundation.

Based on the information Yu Ci currently has, he knows that the reason for the emergence of this “highland” is that in the legend, the Hunmeng Taikoo “turned over” caused the Blood Hell Ghost Mansion and the real world to collide and forcibly squeeze each other. out.

Extending this line of thought, Yu Ci also discovered that by comparing the concave and convex positions with the survey map of the real world, the line of the Sky Rift Valley was connected to the Blood Prison Ghost Mansion, the Haihai Mountain was connected to the outside world, and the Xiyu Lake was There is another water world below… Almost every location can correspond to the “contact point” of the void world elsewhere.

Perhaps it is a problem of the macroscopic progression of the law system of the true world of heaven and earth. Only the “power” of the same progression can cause concave and convex alienation.

Of course, Earth Immortals and Divine Lords can also do this kind of thing, but they are in another form, with much inferior levels of power. They are extremely efficient in the application of techniques, and the duration depends on the situation.

After understanding the legal principles, the thinking will naturally become clearer.

Based on legal principles, Yu Ci collected information from Zhao Xiangshan, calculated time and changes in the system of laws of heaven and earth, screened them one by one, and quickly sorted out all the “low-lying areas” in the past three tribulations.

Beihuang itself is a place, and the structure of the laws of heaven and earth around it is somewhat similar to that of Haihaishan. They are all “squeezed” by the outside world, but they are not as stable as Haihaishan. Earlier, the black storm that has been raging for many years has , which is a symptom of its chaos.

In such an environment, many fragments of the Pratyekabuddha Realm will be thrown out and move slowly along the uneven law system.

To the west, there is the “highland” along the line of the Sky Rift Valley; to the south, the Yunzhong Mountains, which carry the “clear sky beyond the clouds” of the Bajing Palace, are like another barrier, blocking the way south.

Those fragments can only go east and north.

To the east, the Three Lakes area of ​​​​Beidi is generally smooth, and there is another “highland” near Xiyu Lake, which “guides” the direction of the movement of debris to the Haihai Mountain.

If you go north, there are only a few similar areas.

Yu Ci already knew what to do.

With a plan in mind, Yu Ci also came to his senses.

He was distracted here before, of course because of the importance of the fragments of the Pratyekabuddha Realm, but later he entered the long examination mode and seriously deviated from the direction, but there was a more practical reason.

He is waiting for an explanation.

But now, time has been given quite enough, and there is still no response, so Yu Ci is not polite:

“Where is the treasure…”


“Whatever you want to do with it, just do whatever you want…”

“Slow down!”

At the end of his words, a message from afar flashed over, communicating with his mind: “You daredevil, wait a minute, I still have use for this woman!”

Yu Ci sneered. Bao Yun next to him looked strange, but he soon understood. He pursed his lips and smiled, focusing on looking at the thunder disaster on the sea, and no longer paying attention to this side.

Yu Ci responded unhurriedly:

“I know it’s you who is doing this! Isn’t it a retreat?”

“Just got out of seclusion.”

“Use your time to retreat, and ask me to come out of seclusion at your own time. Your ability to make clever calculations is getting more and more amazing.”

“Ashamed, ashamed, actually it was such a coincidence…”

The person communicating with Yu Ci over a long distance was Shadow Ghost. It probably got the latest information from Xiaowu and knew that the Magneto-Optic All-Changing Bottle had happened, so it “took the initiative” to get close to it.

This person who was conceited in his early years has returned to his original state of shamelessness after years of hard work, and has entered the highest state of “shameless”. Perhaps he had figured out Yu Ci’s temperament of being soft-hearted rather than hard-hitting, so he thought haha ​​and tried to muddle through.

Unfortunately, at this time, Yu Ci has connected with the world, understood the nine laws, has the memory of Mrs. Huang Quan, and has Zhao Xiangshan to make plans, so her vision and experience are no longer what they were back then.

Recalling all the guidance and guidance given by Shadow Ghost in the early years, as well as the arrangements he made in the Northern Wasteland and the Northland over the years, if he no longer has a way out, his life will be in vain these years.

“The world is about to be determined, and the Sword Immortal without Tribulation… Shadow Lord, don’t you want to say something?”

“What’s there to say? I can’t get around you!”

Shadow Ghost complained and comforted at the same time: “If you want to say this, I didn’t hide it from you back then. I told you then. Do you understand? It’s just Daluotian, which is enough for you to drink. A pot, let’s talk about the system of laws of heaven and earth and the nine laws of heaven and man, are you sure you won’t blow your head off?”

Yu Ci said “Huh”: “It seems to make sense.”


“What about now? You can always tell me what you want to do.”

“Um, which one do you want to know?”

“Let’s start from the front…”

Yu Ci looked at Emperor Tianluo on the sea who was undergoing a calamity.

The person’s biggest reliance before, which was the spiritual scroll, was no longer useful, but it seemed that this handsome man from the Demon Sect was always calm and unhurried, as if he had more than enough energy to do.

This magnanimity alone is extraordinary.

However, no matter how outstanding her magnanimity is, she cannot explain the inexplicable connection between her and Shadow Ghost.

Not to mention the Magneto-optical Variety Bottle, just talking about the high level of the Spiritual Outline Scroll, if no one specifically pointed it out, how could a demon monk who has not yet entered immortality inspire it?

Of course, it is meaningless how Shadow Ghost contacted Di Tianluo, or how it was used.

Yu Ci just wants to know, what does Shadow Ghost want to use her for? What is the ultimate goal?

Today, Yu Ci must find out!

Unexpectedly, what came from Shadow Ghost was the extremely resentful emotion:

“I told you a long time ago, but you can’t remember it. Do you still blame me?”

“Do you know how to speak normally!”

Perhaps it had been a long time since he had quarreled with someone like this. Yu Ci was a little excited and scolded him out of habit. But soon, the past memories came back. All the exchanges he had with Shadow Ghost back then were still vivid in his mind. Head.

He was stunned for a moment, then suddenly grasped the core: “You have to do…”

“I want to be the Sword Immortal without Tribulation.”

Shadow Ghost’s momentum suddenly turned up, just like he did thirty years ago, straight to the point, without any pretense, and even his words did not change at all:

“I want to replace it!”

Yu Ci was somewhat suppressed, and this pressure also made him completely remember.

Shadow Ghost once said that the general idea is that the No-Calamity Sword Immortal represents a realm, representing the ultimate sword immortal who has endured thousands of calamities but remains immortal. He is the end of the sword and the ultimate sword.

Qu Wujie once was, but has fallen, and Shadow Ghost made it clear that he would take his place.

For this reason, Shadow Ghost also made an agreement with Yu Ci.

At that time, Yu Ci had a great opportunity to achieve the supreme magical power of “self-creating the void”, but due to various limitations in cultivation, experience, and accumulation, he was unable to achieve it.

Shadow Ghost made a promise with him:

At that time, Shadow Ghost helped him; in the future, he helped Shadow Ghost.

Yu Ci remembered this agreement and never thought of breaking it.

But the problem is, is it going to be used now?

Shadow Ghost’s mood gradually calmed down: “Originally, I was rushing towards the end of this catastrophe. There was a buffer period of three thousand years, but you have progressed too fast, and the situation in the real world has changed even more drastically. As a result, , the plan was completely disrupted, and we could only make temporary adjustments and borrow external help.”

“External force, Emperor Tianluo?”

“She is just an inducement…although her qualifications and potential are very good.”

“Did you tell her the method of stimulating the picture scroll?”

“Naturally, if this were not the case, the most she could do was to use the scrolls to refine her demonic consciousness. How could she be like now, transforming into a demonic dye and forcefully overcome the tribulation?”

“Wait a minute, that’s a long way off… Even if you want to be a Sword Immortal without Tribulation, you can become one if you practice hard. When it’s time to help, I will help. Why do you need to go out to make trouble?”

“I also mentioned this to you.”


“I want freedom for you… Do you think I can be a Sword Immortal with no calamity like this?”

Such a confession left Yu Ci speechless.

In the final analysis, the current shadow ghost is just a magic weapon Yuanling, and it was concocted by Yu Ci. It can be regarded as half of his followers. It relies on Yu Ci to exist. No matter how much trouble it makes, it cannot escape Yu Ci’s control. .

Which family’s Sword Immortal without Tribulation would look like this?

To be honest, although they were enemies at first, in terms of position and weight in Yu Ci’s heart, Shadow Ghost is much more trustworthy than Mrs. Huanrong.

The two had a grudge, mostly over Xuanhuang. Now that Xuanhuang has succeeded in shaping the spirit and has regained a new life, the only deadlock has been resolved. In addition, in the early years, everyone shared the joys and sorrows and received a lot of benefits. If Shadow Ghost really has a strong will, Yu Ci will not stop him.

The simplest and most direct way to solve this problem is also very clear.

“You want to be reincarnated? Tsk, it seems like a car crashed…”

Shadow Ghost sneered: “There are still unlucky guys like me? Oh, you mean…”

“Mahaykala Buddha Mother Bodhisattva.”

Yu Ci pointed out the name, and then felt helpless. Should he say “Heroes see the same thing”?

Whether it is from Cheng Yen’s testimony, the possibility deduced by Mrs. Huang Quan, or his own experience, Yu Ci can find enough evidence to prove the purpose of Mahakala Buddha Mother Bodhisattva.

And he can also confirm that Mahakala Buddha and her allies are working in this direction step by step without stopping for a moment.

Right here at Haihai Mountain seems to be part of their plan.

For this reason, Yu really wanted to see Shadow Ghost’s thinking and see if he could use it as a reference.

“What are you going to do specifically? Do you want to attack with troops? I can help.”

Yu Ci’s joke was so clumsy that Shadow Ghost didn’t bother to pay attention to it and just sent the message step by step:

“Being your believer is just a guest appearance. After cultivating to a certain level, you can cut off the connection between faith and power; the head of the demon you sealed as a Taoist is used as a magical weapon to refine, and the connection between heart, mind, and energy is even better; the real trouble is The most important thing is the refinement of the heart-refining fire… The rules here are rigorous and thorough. It seems that the restraints have been lifted, but in fact it has sunk deeper, which has caused me so much pain!”

When it comes to this, Shadow Ghost is gnashing its teeth.


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