Ask the Mirror Chapter 196: The moon reflects a thousand realms of fire and the stars

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At this moment, the bottom of Xiyu Lake is like a pot of boiling hot soup.

The vitality of the Three-Yuan Secret Array is turbulent, the vitality of the water world is turbulent, and even the surrounding earth and water veins are shaking endlessly.

The terrain at the bottom of the lake rises and sinks without stopping for a moment.

These are the results of the forcible change, convergence and evolution of a huge amount of vitality.

The protozoa thrown in by Shen Luolina were already fragile, and they were all killed or injured under this storm.

Jizu, who was walking at the bottom of the lake, frowned. At this time, he and Shenluolina had initially reached a cooperation intention. What he wanted to do was to destroy Yuanxu Tianjun’s endless vitality support.

According to the results of his discussion with Shenluolina, the vitality support of Yuanxu Tianjun now mainly comes from two directions.

The first one is the Cloud Tower Tree, which is reflected in the bright moon in the sky. In fact, it uses its characteristics to penetrate directly into the depths of the void and extract the most refined and pure Xuanzhen Ying.

In terms of quantity, compared to the current consumption, the proportion is not high, but it is always blessed by the power of Zhenwen Daoyun, which ensures its level and also allows for the transformation of other powers, making it a good the forerunner.

The second one is where Taixiao Divine Court now stands. Occupying the land and water veins with abundant vitality such as Xiyu Lake and Water World, it continuously absorbs and transforms large quantities of vitality, and delivers it to hundreds of millions of miles away in the form of magical powers. It also provides support to Yuanxu now. The greatest support of Tianjun’s supreme supernatural power.

The self-created world of Yunloushu and Yuanxu Tianjun is one, and it is not easy to destroy it.

Shenluo Lina naturally decided to go to the bottom of the lake. If we could intercept several earth and water veins and cause chaos, the effect would be immediate.

But the problem is that Shenluolina obviously didn’t think about it. They don’t need to take action here. The momentum is already so fierce… and chaotic.

Jizu has been staying in Sifang Batian for a while, and he has almost seen the changes there from beginning to end.

The earth veins, water veins, and air veins that were still looming not long ago are now like giant pythons swimming, penetrating the four directions and eight days, gathering in the direction of Taixiao Shenting.

It is in this way that Tianjun Yuanxu forcibly seizes the energy from many areas and voids.

In this regard, the Infinite Void God Lord completely ignored it.

The Jizu is very strange, not only because of his attitude towards the God Lord of the Infinite Void, but also because according to the information given by Shenluo Lina and what he learned from his intelligence channels, Yuanxu Tianjun transferred and transformed through the superclear system. Yuan Qi is so efficient that he can see hundreds of millions of miles away as nothing. He has all the resources in the real world at his fingertips, and his luck is overwhelming.

But the violence here is a bit excessive. Could it be said that there are still unmanifested problems in Taixiao Divine Court?

If so, that’s good news.

Ji Ancestor asked Master Bishui to open the way, speed up, and use the powerful means of the Earth Immortal to make several short-distance moves in the void. He quickly traveled across the four directions and eight heavens, and arrived at the self-created world of Yuanxu Tianjun. The junction of outside areas.

Before coming here, Jizu actually did some detection through various methods, but no matter how prepared he was, he was speechless for a moment when he saw the scene in front of him.

In front of you is a mountain range that rises abruptly, towering directly into the upper level of the water waves, and has the potential to penetrate the Xiyu Lake.

Of course, that is impossible, but on the towering mountain peaks, there are clouds and mist, and there is a surge of vitality. They coexist harmoniously with the water waves at the bottom of the lake, as if they are projections reflected in the lake, but the majestic momentum is still condensed. Really, extremely contradictory.

It was this contradictory scene that made Ji Zu judge that this was Tianjun Yuanxu’s “self-created world” and his tolerant Taixiao Divine Court!

However, in it, he could no longer find the difference between “self-created heaven and earth” and “Taixiao Shenting”, the two were completely integrated into one.

As a person who has a lot of thoughts about Taixiao Shenting, Ji Zu’s current mood is quite complicated.

Perhaps as Shenluo Lina said, after the extremely weird catastrophe just now, Yu Ci helped Taixiao Divine Court overcome the catastrophe and also refined it as a magic weapon…

Putting aside the meaningless emotions for the time being, Ji Zu once again confirmed the direction of the earth and water veins.

There is no doubt that a huge amount of vitality is gathering in this direction. Because this process is so intense, it feels like the sky is shrinking in all directions.

The God Lord of the Infinite Void seems to be happy and pure, regardless of whether he asks or not, perhaps, his steps to dye the Witch God have now reached a critical juncture?

Ji Ancestor pondered for a moment, and finally led Bishui Fuzun into it.

At the moment he entered, he clearly felt a relatively strong resistance. He deliberately prolonged the process of entering, and could clearly feel that this resistance was growing at an alarming rate.

This can confirm that Yuanxu Tianjun and Taixiao Shenting are indeed quickly “integrating into one”, so that “self-creating the world” no longer needs to let go of the boundaries with the outside world, and only uses its own void environment , it can be accommodated.

Once it is completely successful and the virtual reality is transformed as desired, if you want to obtain Taixiao Divine Court, you can only cut open the belly of Yuanxu Tianjun…

The reason why we can still communicate with each other internally and externally is probably because of the problem of eight days in all directions.

The Supreme Ancestor would not let the situation develop to that extent under any circumstances.

As he stepped onto the mountain cliff, he could clearly feel the slight tremor in the void, and the Qi was tightened and tightened, so that the light in the mountain was variable, as if thousands of pairs of eyes were lighting up, staring at him. There is no concealment of murderous intent.

Whether it is a self-created world or a Taixiao Divine Courtyard, there must be defense methods against invasion by foreign enemies.

Now that Jizu has made up his mind, he is not afraid.

Beside him, Bishui Fuzun pulls the water flow to form a boundary. The “Twelve Diagrams of Sea Sealing and Tongzhen” he practiced has shown its use. Since it comes from the same lineage as the Shangqing Dharma School, it is quite useful here. The effect of Qi traction makes it easier to analyze the environment and sense crises.

What was somewhat unexpected was that although there were dangers all around, especially on the cliff above his head, the stern and **** aura was still contained and full of tension, but it was never really stimulated, allowing him and Bishui Fuzun to walk step by step. Halfway up the mountain, it might be said that he was accumulating strength, but it didn’t quite seem like it.

While he was meditating, the energy in front of him was turbulent, and a phantom appeared out of thin air.

“Stop the uninvited guests!”

The voice of the visitor was not harsh, but flat, and seemed to be a little tired, with a hint of laziness.

However, the silenced bans around them are all hanging on the person who comes here, fluctuating with his energy, like the waves blowing in the mountains, and like the tides coming and going. Whenever he feels that he can catch it, he always It’s just such a slight difference, it’s extremely mysterious.

This is an opponent who has reached an advanced level of control over Qi.

Although Yuanxu Tianjun does not have the “Queen Sage” as his backing, he does have a lot of talents under his command, and any one of them is quite capable.

Ji Zu sighed in his heart, and stopped measuring the mountain wall with his steps. He led the Bishui Palace Master to float up, level with the man, and came face to face with him.

What is more surprising is that this person is not a normal creature. His body seems to be formed by the gathering of smoke, like a ghost cultivator or a projection, and his face is blurred and cannot be clearly distinguished.

However, with the pair of particularly deep eyes, Ji Zu noticed the sharp sword intention hidden beyond the blurred appearance, and the coldness penetrated the heart.

He really has some impression of such a special person.

Ji Zu thought for a moment and said with a dumb smile: “It’s Shadow Ghost, the Supreme Sect Master of Panhuang Sword Sect… I remember you.”

“Oh, the informants in the Ice and Snow Demon Palace are much better informed than I thought.”

“It’s you who have enjoyed great success in the North over the years. Over the years, the Panhuang Sword Sect has been managed prosperously by you, and you must be a very thoughtful person. Why, it turns out that you are also in Working under Lord Yuanxu? If that’s true, I’ll look at that person differently.”

“Hey, you’re welcome, just say ‘eagle dog’. In fact, it’s worse than an eagle dog, but it’s a bit similar to Jiyuan.”

It stands to reason that compared to the Ice and Snow Demon Palace, the Panhuang Sword Sect is like an ant beside the giant dragon, completely unequal, but the shadow ghost doesn’t care about this, he calls the ancestor by his real name, and his words are very spicy:

“In the Demonic System, even if you reach the top, your master will not look at you twice. There is only so much limit given to you. If you want to truly achieve something, you can only jump out… You can also jump. It’s hard work even if I stumble and fall badly.”

Jizu frowned, and his ice and snow demon eyes turned around the shadow ghost again.

He is not angry, and he is not here to talk to others. However, what Shadow Ghost said is too clear. The three parties and two sentences can get the key point. You must have a very good understanding of that level. possible.

How could such a person be relegated to a small pond like the “Panhuang Sword Sect”?

Shadow Ghost mocked Jizu, and then mocked himself:

“But, it’s finally a little better than me. Not only do I have to be held back, but I also have to be held back. After many years of operation, that little **** has almost been ruined. Ha, let’s get on with this matter. , we must have a lot to talk about.”

“…Mr. Shadow Ghost is too humble. Some time ago, the ‘cut hand card’ caused a big disturbance in the Three Lakes of the North. It must have been a pre-emptive campaign. If not for the drastic changes in the world, he would have done something good.”

The Supreme Ancestor had the demeanor of a master who was not surprised by flattery, and his words became more and more polite. At the same time, his sharp eyes scanned the shadow ghost several times, and then said:

“Mr. Guan’s energy is unstable. It seems that he has just passed the disaster?”

“Yes, the inexplicable calamity just now finally gave me some benefits.”

The Supreme Ancestor has already seen that this shadow ghost should have just ascended to the realm and is now at the level of a master of calamity. However, because it has not been a long time since the breakthrough, the ups and downs are so great that it is impossible to tell whether it is a major calamity or a minor calamity.

It stands to reason that where this realm is, it is not a concern for Bishui Fuzun or his clone.

But considering this sharp and clear insight, Jizu still paid enough attention to it.

“It’s really gratifying to see Mr. Shadow Ghost’s breakthrough in realm. It just so happens that I have gained a new kinsman here, the Master of Bishui Palace. Why don’t I just send him here to test the sword for Mr.”

“I hate that we didn’t have a close relationship in the early years… Ji Han, you are so refreshing!”

While Yinggui laughed, he touched the cliff with his backhand and pulled out a sword.

Ji Zu can clearly see that the talisman patterns of this sword are densely woven, and the aura flows back and forth like water. However, the blade of the sword is as sharp as snow and contains cold air. It is a talisman sword transformed from a superior sword. It is better than other swords. The sword is a bit more mysterious.

He has put the most effort into Taixiao Shenting. He pondered for a while and then said:

“This should be the ‘Ice Soul Sword’ treasured by the Shangqing Sect.”

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s an ice soul or a fire soul.”

Shadow Ghost shook his head, but sighed: “Unfortunately, it is rare for me to be pure now. If I really do it, there is still a gap. That little **** is at a critical moment, and there is no room for negligence. Calculate I got up and could only entertain them in the most unclassy way… I felt so ashamed.”

Ji Zu didn’t understand what he meant.

The next moment, the sword energy surged, snow covered half of the mountain, the clouds were covered with freezing tide, and the entire field of vision turned into a world of ice and snow. The cold air penetrated the bones and the sword intent penetrated the heart.

Jizu was in the middle of it, and he laughed in surprise:

Is this going to demonstrate the secret of playing tricks?

And this method is now the mainstream in Lunjianxuan…

While I was still thinking, I suddenly realized that something was wrong. The familiar and smooth operation of the laws around the clone suddenly became difficult. The familiar world of ice and snow suddenly turned into a completely unfamiliar world.

The sky changes from light to dark, and every time it changes, there is a tide of invisible sword energy, tearing apart the surrounding laws, splicing them randomly, topsy-turvy, but it is as pure as nature, without any trace of axe.

This completely reversed the common sense of the surrounding void. Even though the wind and snow were blowing in front of us, there was still the blazing heat of a furnace.

The heat of the molten gold and iron penetrated directly into the core of his clone, and the flames evaporated, isolating the inside and outside.

The feeling of the ghostly projection of the clone is getting blurry and blurred, as if he is lost in the depths of the vast world and has lost all control.

That is a sign that the spiritual power has been thwarted.

Thousands of miles away, in the Nine Heavens Outer Territory, the body of the Extreme Ancestor, who was in the Sky Territory Shuttle, was shaking slightly and was still receiving intermittent messages from his clones.

But when he saw a ring of blood nesting above the head of the Bishui Palace Master, his reaction was obviously a step slower.

It should be that the avatar serving as the control hub was suddenly destroyed. Not long after the Bishui Palace Master was dyed, the Earth Immortal’s instinct had a stress response.

The contradictory situation caused the reaction to slow down, and he was immediately trapped by the blood light, and then the blood force energy was brushed off in a series, making him unable to move.

The shadow ghost destroyed the clone, and as soon as the strange phenomenon of wind and snow disappeared, it rushed out with an extremely sharp sword, which actually forcibly tore apart the outer realm of the Bishui Mansion Master. The powerful momentum pressed against his whole body. The stiff Bishui Fuzun went straight to the top of the mountain.

When they reached the top of the peak, Bishui Palace Master was actually about to struggle out. However, dragon roars surged between the peaks and valleys, and terrifying blood and violent energy rushed up from the peak, drowning Bishui Palace Master in the blink of an eye.

Immediately, the message was cut off.

Dragon-slaying platform, trapped dragon pile…

From the information sent back by the clone, Jizu finally understood what direction he had hit.

That is clearly the Conferred God Platform at the core of Taixiao Divine Court.

The legendary treasure that can imprison and kill earthly immortals is truly worthy of its reputation!

But what concerned him the most was the magical swordsmanship that destroyed his clone’s spiritual consciousness.

If he is not blind yet:

The clock of good fortune is beautiful, and the yin and yang are separated by the dusk.

Although it is not as good as the “natural” method of the Good Fortune Sword Immortal, it is sharp enough.

Who is that shadow ghost…?

Shadow Ghost stood on the Conferring God Stage, overlooking the clouds and tides from a high position. Behind him, Master Bishui was still struggling on the Dragon-Slaying Stage. With the power of the Earth Immortal, even if the super clear system is now completed and its power is greatly increased, The guy was wounded by a sword before, but no executioner suppressed him, so he had to struggle for a while longer.

As long as he can’t run away, he is too lazy to care about it and can’t do anything about it.

He threw down the “Ice Soul Divine Sword”, which had lost all its spiritual power and edge. This magical weapon, which was temporarily taken out from the Shangqing treasure house, had become a waste under the influence of the so-called “method of creation”. .

As for himself, he forced himself to use two types of kendo supreme magical powers that were inconsistent with his nature and nature, and his condition was not much better. The realm he had just improved was almost defeated again.

However, one good thing about being in the Taixiao Divine Courtyard is that the endless supply of vitality makes it a holy place for healing.

These injuries will be relieved soon.

Since the rise of the bright moon in the mind, wherever there is a super clear system, resource allocation has become dozens or hundreds of times easier. In fact, the shadow ghost is already here, and it was transferred through the system.

He is still a weapon spirit at heart, and he just happened to catch up with Yu Ci’s grand feast of overcoming the tribulation, and he broke through the realm. Now he is considered a master of the great tribulation method. His growth rate is fast enough to shame 90% of the people in this world. Nine monks.

Ke Yinggui was not satisfied or comfortable.

On the one hand, there is Yu Ci Zhuyu in front.

At this time, the Sky Realm Star Fire Tribulation has ended. This time of transcending the Tribulation is the “Star Sky”, which is also the manifestation of the core Tao foundation created by the Supreme Pure Mind Dharma.

This is an important area that involves fundamentals. Once you get through it, the benefits will be huge.

He could feel that Yu Ci’s cultivation realm was steadily advancing. At first glance, it seemed that the growth was not rapid, but it was not like his ups and downs. Instead, it rose layer by layer and then became stable.

It is actually due to the accumulation of strong cognition, supernatural powers and other aspects, which are fed back to the realm.

On the other hand, Shadow Ghost also truly felt that as his realm advanced, the methods of purifying the Sword Immortal became more and more difficult to apply – he had some feelings before, but thought he could overcome it, but the fact was obviously not the case. As complete as he feels about himself.

Why is it getting further and further away?

He looked at his hands that were gradually solidifying, and was in a daze for a while. Suddenly he felt something, and raised his head. There was a moon hanging on the “sky dome” outside the Conferred God Stage.

Although this place is actually thousands of miles deep under water, the moonlight shining down is the same as the wheel in the sky in the real world at this time.

If you follow the “track” of this moon and use remote sensing, you can confirm that there is a similar moon hanging in the water world.

The same is true for the demon kingdom at the bottom of the lake.

Shadow Ghost stared blankly. At this moment, some indescribable throbbing rose from the deepest part of his heart and rushed straight to the top door.

The next moment, he suddenly turned around, flew down from the Conferred God Platform, and rushed deeper into the Taixiao Divine Courtyard.

At this time, Sanluolina was also staring at the bright moon in the sky, and it was not in a good mood.

The incredible fragility of Jizu’s side made it even as generous as it could not help but wonder whether that person was secretly stumbling upon it.

But if you think about it deeply, with your status as the supreme ancestor, you would not make fun of your own reputation.

Yu Ci has such a rich background that people have to treat him seriously.

Looking at my side, the moonlight always looks dazzling.

Not only the sky above the Sky Rift Valley, but also the Blood Hell Ghost Mansion that has been connected to the real world, as well as the outer starry sky, and perhaps also those that were originally just anchors. With the collapse of the real world’s law system of heaven and earth, there are also The other void worlds that are constantly seeping in should be illuminated by this bright moon at this time.

The Star Fire Tribulation is over, and the Later Tribulation is about to begin. On the side of Tianjun Yuanxu, there is a bright moon, shining through the sky.

This is undoubtedly a huge progress in terms of level and realm, and it is also an unscrupulous expansion of the Shangqing system.

The improvement in realm must definitely be reflected in the substantive level. Which one is it?

Soon, he knew the answer,

The moonlight shining in the middle of the sky is cut off and blocked in the sky rift valley, and it also turns into light mist like light smoke and penetrates in.

This is not ordinary moonlight, but an extremely pure Xuanmen divine light!

Super clear Liuhe divine light!

This kind of magical power is equivalent to the externalization of Taoism, similar to the attributes of Jingxing and Qingyun. Once the cultivation is successful, the essence, energy, spirit, heaven, earth and people will be integrated into one, and will be transferred directly to the innate magical power, which consumes very little but is extremely powerful. It can also show the new realm of cultivation of Yuanxu Tianjun.

Everyone in the sky and on the earth stared at it, trying to figure out the truth.

But with the clarification of Mingyue’s true meaning, there are very few people who can come to a definite conclusion.

I can only confirm that so far, Yuanxu Tianjun’s Taoist foundation is fine, and it is so pure and transparent that it makes people jealous.

Facing this kind of divine light, a heretic demon is in bad luck. He cannot stop it individually. He can only gather the demonic will, but with the penetrating power of Emperor Chen’s magical power, Not for fun either.

The combination of the two means that protozoa, fire plague, and even weaker species such as knife ants and Xuanyin blood shadows are suppressed and unable to lift their heads. He can only shrink in the serum source wood and the Kuiyin Demon Nest, and his impact and deterrence are greatly damaged. Shen Luo Lina also needs to adjust the growth order of the Kuiyin Demon Nest…

What a hell!

From the beginning of the war until now, it has been restricted in almost every aspect, and has never been comfortable for a moment.

Tianjun Yuanxu’s sophisticated methods seemed to have been fought against it many times, and it also hit its temporary weakness.

The fall of the sun and separation from the system certainly gave it the opportunity to invade, but the “fire” lit by the Witch God showed signs of extinguishing. Within a period of time, it must be suppressed there, using the true world and the Blood Hell Ghost Mansion weight, apply enough pressure to reform into a “ignition” structure.

It was also out of this consideration that the Eastern and Western spiritual realms “swung apart” and violently collided.

Now that its main body cannot be released, its strength cannot be fully exerted. It originally wanted to use the Blood Essence Origin Wood to grow rapidly and achieve balance, but it was also interfered with and had to bind its limbs… Now more people are coming to kill it!

Even if the divine light of the heaven and earth does not damage its body, how can it feel so comfortable?

While he was adjusting his mentality, Tianjun Yuanxu was actually not having a good time. He had just taken a breath and the next round of calamity had arrived.

Looking at the overlapping, distorted and changing images of the void, Shen Luo Lina came to the conclusion:

Li Chaan Void Tribulation?

This kind of catastrophe is usually caused when many people in a certain area achieve enlightenment and undergo tribulation at the same time.

Thinking about it, it is quite accurate. After all, Yuanxu Tianjun has just gathered the power of too many heretic gods.

But next… what the **** is this?

In the eyes of hundreds of millions of people in this world, the bright moon that was originally shining in the sky seemed to have been punched in the face. It jumped up, shook violently, and spread out in circles, staining the night sky. Transparent.

Like there’s something wrong internally?

While no one could figure out what was going on, there were suddenly many reactions, including in the Sky Rift Valley.

The spreading moonlight is like water waves, and the void of heaven and earth is the “beach”.

Only when you are surfing the sand can you find gold.

At this moment, little lights lit up in the sky, underground, in the water, and in hidden places that were difficult to see directly.

Looking from a high place, it seemed like a galaxy circling the sky and the earth, but in an instant, this galaxy turned into a more brilliant golden color.

It was a golden flame burning from every “star”.

For a time, the sky was on fire, dazzling people’s eyes.


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