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Now, what Hu Feiyan expressed is obvious.


If you don’t give up on Tan Xiuteng, the next road to one of the three holy places, the “Wind Sacred Realm”, will not be peaceful, or you will be hunted down by powerful men sent by the Zhong clan in Thailand.


If Tan Xiuteng is given up, although the road ahead cannot be said to be smooth, it will not be targeted by the Zhong clan in Thailand.




Tan Xiuteng was already anxious, but now seeing Hu Feiyan looking at his young master and asking for his opinion, he suddenly became anxious, and hurriedly said via voice transmission: “You…”


However, before Tan Xiuteng finished his voice transmission, Duan Lingtian looked at Hu Feiyan firmly and said, “Tan Xiuteng is my man, and this journey is also to clear the way for us. It is impossible for me to hand him over.” Get out!”


“If he wasn’t here, wouldn’t you and I have killed that bandit leader?”


As soon as Duan Lingtian said this, Tan Xiuteng’s face immediately showed joy, and at the same time, the sound transmission repeatedly thanked, “Thank you, young master, thank you, young master…”


At this moment, he is really grateful.


Although he killed the bandit leader to clear the way for the two in front of him, but judging from the current situation, handing him over will undoubtedly save a lot of trouble.


He is not a fool, so he naturally knows that if his young master and Deputy Hu are the main force to protect himself, even if the young master Zhong Yue of the Zhong clan will temporarily back down because of Linghu Yundi’s existence…


However, once Linghu Yundi leaves, they will surely encounter revenge from Zhong Yue and the Zhong clan along the way!


If he stood in the position of the two of them, he felt that there was a high probability that he would choose to give up on himself.


However, he never expected that this young master who doesn’t have any real feelings in his family would resolutely want to protect himself as soon as he opened his mouth!


How could he not be moved or grateful?


At the same time.


The complexion of Zhong Yue from the Zhong clan suddenly sank, and at the same time, he looked at Duan Lingtian with a bit of fear.


A person who can walk with a person like Hu Feiyan and ask for opinions is definitely not an ordinary person…


Now, he also sees it:


The person who killed his junior brother was the person around this person.


After all, that person called this person ‘Master’.


As for Hu Feiyan, after receiving Duan Lingtian’s reply, although his expression didn’t change much, there was a flash of admiration deep in his eyes.


If the person in front of her gives up on Tan Xiuteng, although she can understand, she will still look down on him from the bottom of her heart.


The other party is determined to protect Tan Xiuteng, which shows his character.


If the other party gave up on Tan Xiuteng this time, she would definitely find an excuse to part ways with her after arriving at the Wind Sacred Realm, one of the three great Sacred Realms.


After all, if the other party can give up on Tan Xiuteng today, they will be able to give up on her, Hu Feiyan, when they are in crisis together in the future!


Although she has a lot of self-protection methods from her adoptive father, those methods cannot be used endlessly.


If the companions around you are unreliable, it is better to go alone!


“Zhong Yue, you also heard what my friend said… Man, you can’t move.”


Hu Feiyan looked at Zhong Yue with a very strong attitude, “If you are not convinced, you and I can have a fight… Just in time, I also want to see the methods of the young patriarch of the Zhong clan in Taidi!”


At this moment, Hu Feiyan’s body was full of fighting spirit again, her long hair broke free and flew flying, and she stood there like a female war goddess ready to go, majestic and majestic.


When Zhong Yue heard this, although his face was ugly, he subconsciously looked towards Linghu Yundi.


As for Linghu Yundi, after noticing Zhong Yue’s gaze, she said calmly, “Zhong Yue, that junior brother of yours is also to blame… for this matter, let it be.”


After the words fell, Linghu Yundi looked at another young man beside her, and asked in a calm tone: “Leng Jing, what do you think?”


Leng Jing, is the nephew of the head of the Leng clan in Bingdi, a genius of the Leng clan. He came here with Linghu Yundi and Zhong Yue on this trip. He also looked at Linghu Yundi when he heard what Linghu Yundi said. Zhong Yue said: “Zhong Yue, what Miss Linghu said is reasonable… For Miss Linghu’s sake, let’s let it go.”




Zhong Yue snorted coldly, being afraid of Linghu Yundi’s strength and background, he didn’t say anything more, he just gave Duan Lingtian and the others a bitter look, then turned and left.


Leng Jing quickly followed.


“Deputy Lord Hu.”


Before leaving, Linghu Yundi glanced at Hu Feiyan and said with a smile: “Please don’t forget what you promised me just now.”


After finishing speaking, she followed Zhong Yue and left without waiting for Hu Feiyan to respond.


Before turning around, her gaze, whether it was intentional or unintentional, stayed on Duan Lingtian for a moment before moving away.




As for the survivor of the bandit organization, he was also a slovenly middle-aged man who brought Zhong Yue to the door.


Of course, he didn’t dare to neglect, and quickly followed Zhong Yue.


He had no doubt that if he didn’t follow up in time, nine out of ten he would be left behind by the other party, or even perish on the spot!



The battle ended like this.


Not even fighting.


However, although there was no fight, Duan Lingtian’s heart was not at peace.


He knew that the scene just now seemed to be peaceful, but in fact there were waves hidden behind the calm. If Linghu Yundi from the Linghu Family of the Tianmen Family hadn’t intervened, this matter would not have been so hastily settled.


Whether it is the Taidi Zhong clan or the Bingdi Leng clan, they are all powerful families that are not weaker than the Yantian Army. Fear of Hu Feiyan.


Let’s talk about him, an ‘unknown person’.


“Today, if there is no Linghu Yundi, I am afraid that not only Hu Feiyan will make a move, but I will also make a move… Only by overwhelming Zhong Yue and Leng Jing can Tan Xiuteng be saved!”


This point, Duan Lingtian is very clear.


“This has not yet entered the three great holy realms, but is just one of the outer realms of the three great holy realms… In this realm, three beings who are close to the invincible high-ranking gods can come randomly, and one of them is even more Recognized as the first person under the invincible high-ranking gods in the Pingxiong Realm!”


Thinking of Linghu Yundi, even Duan Lingtian felt fear in his heart.


The other party can be recognized as invincible under the invincible high-ranking gods in the level male realm, and his strength is naturally beyond doubt. Even if he makes a full-scale attack, or even uses all the laws at the same time, or even seeks the help of the tree of life and the **** of purification, it may not be possible. Can beat each other!


The most, I am afraid it will be a tie.


Even, he may still be at a disadvantage.


After all, none of the laws he mastered has entered the realm of lesser perfection!


His strength is strong, and he relies more on the way of the sword.


“Linghu Yundi is so powerful, I’m afraid it’s not just that she has a deep knowledge of laws… her means in other aspects are not limited to the four ways of heaven and earth, she must not be weak.”


Duan Lingtian’s complexion unknowingly became serious.


“Thank you, young master, thank you, Deputy Commander Hu!”


At the same time, seeing the backs of Zhong Yue and the others completely disappear before his eyes, Tan Xiuteng heaved a sigh of relief, and hurriedly thanked Duan Lingtian and Hu Feiyan.


In his opinion, he has saved his life today.


“Young Master, Deputy Commander Hu… The young master of the Zhong Clan in Taidi left just now because he was afraid of Miss Linghu from the Tianmen Linghu Family. After leaving, he might not be willing to let it go!” /


Tan Xiuteng suggested: “Otherwise, we will take a detour on the next journey?”


“I’ll just control the artifact spaceship, and the young master and Deputy Commander Hu can practice or comprehend the laws and the four ways of heaven and earth with peace of mind.”


Tan Xiuteng made such a suggestion, naturally not only for the sake of Duan Lingtian and Hu Feiyan, but also for his own sake.


Once Zhong Yue, the young master of the Zhong Clan in Taidi gets rid of Linghu Yundi and makes a comeback, he may not kill his young master and Deputy Commander Hu because of the background behind his young master and Deputy Commander Hu, but for him, But there will be no worries.


Tan Xiuteng’s suggestion was adopted by Hu Feiyan.


When Duan Lingtian saw this, he naturally had no objection, and it would take a little more time at most to take a detour.


A moment later, an artifact spaceship no longer moved forward, but detoured to the side…


Behind the artifact spaceship, even Duan Lingtian and Hu Feiyan did not notice that a sloppy middle-aged man was following their artifact spaceship far away.



The other side.


“Miss Linghu, why are you giving Hu Feiyan so much face? That Yantian army, in front of your Tianmen Linghu family, is it nothing?”


Leng Jing looked at Linghu Yundi who was not far away, and asked in doubt.


As far as he knows…


The Linghu family of Tianmen, from the ancestor of the half-step Jiezun, there are no less than three strongest people, and the strength is not weaker than Hu Bugui, the leader of the Yantian Army!


In front of the Tianmen Linghu family, the Yantian Army is nothing at all.


“Didn’t I just say that? My parents are seniors, and I have an old relationship with the leader of the Yantian Army.”


Linghu Yundi spoke lightly, with a bit of impatience in her tone, which made the curious Leng Jing not continue to ask, because he knew that continuing to ask would be boring.


“Zhong Yue!”


At the same time~IndoMTL.com~Leng Jing said to Zhong Yue through voice transmission: “After we part with Linghu Yundi, I will accompany you on another trip, catch up with those three, and avenge your junior brother!”


“Even if you can’t kill Hu Feiyan, you can’t let the young man’s subordinates continue to live… After all, it was the young man’s subordinates who killed your junior with their own hands!”


“Of course… Before leaving, I suggest that you better send a message back to the Zhong Clan and find some helpers to accompany you, at least it should be an existence as close to the invincible high-ranking **** as we are.”


“That young man, judging from Hu Feiyan’s politeness to him… the strength is probably not inferior to Hu Feiyan.”


“Just the two of us, I’m afraid we may not be able to win them!”


Hearing Leng Jing’s sound transmission, Zhong Yue’s face remained unchanged, his eyes were calm, and he responded lightly through the sound transmission: “I also have the same intention.”


In the next moment, Zhong Yue’s eyes were filled with coldness and murderous intent.


(End of this chapter)




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