War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens Chapter 4470: Let Duan Lingtian choose?


Although, Tan Xiuteng is not sure whether his young master can keep himself.

But, now he has no other choice, he can only blame and rely on this young master, “Master, I killed that bandit leader because he blocked our way… I am here to help you and Deputy Hu Lord, take action!”

The current Tan Xiuteng is really scared.

The Tailing Zhong clan, the Bingdi Leng clan, plus a Tianmen Linghu family…

This time, Tan Xiuteng was even a little terrified.

“In the territory of Pingxiong, the strongest person under the invincible high-ranking god?”

But when he heard Tan Xiuteng’s ‘call for help’, Duan Lingtian ignored him for the time being, his gaze completely fell on the young woman among the three standing in the air not far in front of him.

He never expected that this ordinary-looking woman with a cold temperament not only has a terrifying background, but is also so powerful.

At this moment, he could hear that Hu Feiyan’s tone was somewhat startled and heavy.

“Deputy Lord Hu, a heroine, I have heard about it for a long time… But I didn’t expect that even the Deputy Lord of the Yantian Army who is far away in Liangu Realm knows my name. I am really flattered.” /

Linghu Yundi also nodded slightly to Hu Feiyan at this time, with a friendly tone in her tone, without the slightest arrogance.

“Speaking of which… there is an elder in my family that I respect very much. He had a good relationship with your father back then. He told me many times that if it wasn’t for an accident that made him faceless to face your father, he would have gone to Liangujing long ago. Visiting your father.”

When Linghu Yundi said this, not only Zhong Yue’s complexion sank, but Hu Feiyan himself was also a little dazed…

Her adoptive father still has contacts with members of the Linghu family?

At this time, Tan Xiuteng, who was standing behind, had a bright look.

Looking at the current situation, the daughter of the Tianmen Linghu family may not really be on the opposite side… Even if she can’t help them, she may choose to be neutral.

And this is undoubtedly a great thing for him!

If the daughter of the Linghu family does not intervene, with the strength of his young master and Hu Feiyan’s deputy army leader, there should be no problem in keeping him.

Of course, the premise is…

Hu Feiyan, the deputy commander of the Yantian Army, is also willing to protect him.

“I just hope that this deputy commander Hu is willing to protect my life for the sake of my hard work and the face of the young master!”

Although, he felt that, if the situation was right, the Deputy Commander Hu would most likely protect himself.

But now, at the moment of life and death, even if it’s just in case the other party might not protect him, he can’t feel at ease.

“I haven’t heard from my adoptive father about this.”

Hearing what Linghu Yundi said, Hu Feiyan’s gaze at her became much softer.

The name of the shadow person of the tree.

Linghu Yundi, since she is recognized as the number one person under the invincible high-ranking deities in the Pingxiong realm, she naturally has her means and strength, and she has no doubts about this at all.

Even if she had never fought against Linghu Yundi, she didn’t think she could be Linghu Yundi’s opponent.

The existence of being close to the invincible high-ranking god, the strength is also divided into grades…

The strongest existence that is close to the invincible high-ranking god, and the weakest kind of existence that is close to the invincible high-ranking god, it is not completely impossible to kill it.

As for the defeat, it is not surprising.

“Perhaps, your father is still angry with my elder.”

Linghu Yundi sighed, “Speaking of which, this is also the knot in my elder’s heart… I just hope that when you go back, Deputy Commander Hu, you can say a few more words for my elder, just say that he is I really regret it.”

At this moment, Linghu Yundi’s posture was obviously a little low, which made Hu Feiyan a little confused.

Her adoptive father can make people from the Tianmen family like this?

Moreover, according to Linghu Yundi, she is still her elder…

Then, there is a high probability that the other party is also a powerhouse!

“I will pass on.”

Even though he didn’t know what was going on, Hu Feiyan nodded solemnly in the face of Linghu Yundi’s low profile, and agreed without hesitation.

“Thank you.”

Linghu Yundi thanked her with a sincere tone, and after she finished speaking, she looked at Zhong Yue again and said in a flat tone: “Zhong Yue, with me here today, I won’t let you embarrass Deputy Commander Hu and the others.”

“Isn’t that junior brother of yours kicked out of the school by your master long ago? If you want me to say, that junior brother of yours is willing to degenerate. As a former disciple of the strongest sect, he wants to become a thug The leader…”

“To be a gangster, you just put your head on your waist, and sooner or later something will happen, and you deserve it if you die!”

As soon as Linghu Yundi said this, Zhong Yue’s face suddenly became a little ugly.

Although, this time Linghu Yundi came with him, but the other party came here because she was bored… At first, he thought that he could take advantage of this trip to get closer to the other party and get married with the Linghu family. However, from the looks of it now, it seems that it is a bit of a steal.

Taking a deep breath, Zhong Yue’s expression eased a lot, “Miss Linghu, since you have spoken, I will naturally not embarrass Deputy Commander Hu.”


Speaking of this, Zhong Yue’s gaze passed Hu Feiyan again, and landed on Tan Xiuteng, “I can’t let go of this person who personally killed my junior brother today!”

When Linghu Yundi heard the words, she immediately looked at Hu Feiyan, waiting for Hu Feiyan to make a statement.

If Hu Feiyan wants to protect the other party, she will not stand idly by.

Thinking of her elder’s “self-defeating” these years, she felt uncomfortable for a while. If she did this, it would really ease the relationship between that elder and the leader of the Yantian Army, Hu Bugui. It’s all worth it.

That elder took care of her too much in the past, making her feel like she can’t repay her…

And today, she finally found a chance to repay the other party.

You know, in the past, she also went to Guilan City in the Liangu Realm in person, wanting to meet the leader of the Yantian Army… However, after the other party knew that she was from the Linghu family, she didn’t know her at all. Not seeing her made her return lonely.

This time, being able to get on the line with the adopted daughter who has not returned, may be able to open up the heart knot for her elder.

Duan Lingtian, who had been silent all this time, also gave Hu Feiyan a sideways glance.

Although this period of getting along has taught him a lot about Hu Feiyan, but facing the pressure from the Zhong clan in Pingxiong Jingtai, he is not sure what choice Hu Feiyan will make.

After all, Tan Xiuteng and her are not related.

At this time, Tan Xiuteng’s complexion was pale, and he looked at Hu Feiyan with hope in his eyes, his eyes were full of humble begging…

“What do you think?”

At this time, Hu Feiyan~IndoMTL.com~ looked at Duan Lingtian and asked bluntly.

While she opened her mouth to ask, she sent a voice transmission to Duan Lingtian, “If you don’t hand him over, even with the help of Linghu Yundi, you can send him away now… But, we may suffer from all kinds of troubles in our next journey.” The revenge of the Zhong clan in Thailand.”

“This Zhong Yue, as the young master of the Zhong Clan, not only his father is the current patriarch of the Zhong Clan, but also the strongest member of the Zhong Clan, and also his direct ancestor…”

“It is said that the patriarch of the Zhong clan loves Zhong Yue very much… Zhong Yue’s success today is certainly due to his extraordinary talent, but more importantly, it is because of Zhong Yue. The ancestor of the clan!”

Speaking of this, she paused, “And if we hand over the person, we will be able to avoid these troubles… You can even say it is a crisis!”

(End of this chapter)



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