Versatile Mage Chapter 22: Pick the weak persimmon king


“What the **** is this!!” The Shadow King was still sitting high and high outside the city, but he found that the black dragon’s flames were sprayed directly at him, and he had to roll aside in embarrassment to dodge!

Long Yan plowed open the barren land outside the city, like a flaming red river!

“Is he using the summoning system, the earth spirit system, or something else?” At this time, a tall and long shadow dark king asked.

Actually, several Dark Kings did not understand what kind of magic Mo Fan used.

“Damn it, it actually robbed my collection!!” At this time, King Night and Day roared in extreme annoyance.

Black Dragon Austin!

The dragon soul of Black Dragon Emperor Austin was taken away by it and buried under his own imperial court.

This black dragon’s soul is difficult to tame. King Ye and Day originally wanted to make the black dragon’s soul slowly surrender through a hundred years of trampling, but he never thought that Mo Fan actually awakened the black dragon’s soul when he arrived in his territory!

Seeing the appearance of the black dragon soul, Wentai and Astraea were moved.

The Black Dragon Emperor once followed Wen Tai, and it was Astraea who brought Mo Fan into contact with the Black Dragon Emperor.

But they didn’t know that King Ye Zhou secretly patched up the soul of the black dragon that was supposed to be freed, and sealed it under his imperial court!

“King Ye and Day, you are going too far!” Wen Tai showed dissatisfaction.

“Do you think this black dragon still belongs to you?” King Ye Zhou didn’t care.

It was just a collection from the original chess game. At any rate, I spent some effort to turn it into a complete dragon soul.

The true consciousness of the Black Dragon Emperor has naturally dissipated. The current dragon soul is broken, but it can spit out dragon flames that are no less than the real dragon itself, which is also very lethal in the forbidden curse duel!

The Night King didn’t expect to take advantage of Mo Fan. It seems that the Black Dragon Emperor’s original consciousness was already more submissive to that guy Mo Fan!


Mo Fan has a full set of black dragon armor.

And he originally wanted to use summoning spells to let a large number of summoned creatures fight for him, but when he opened the star vortex, he sensed an extremely powerful dragon soul responding to his summons!

So, Mo Fan tried to respond, and the Black Dragon Emperor directly wiped out the Shadow King’s spell with a mouthful of dragon flame, which surprised Mo Fan himself!

“Come back here!”

Mo Fan put away the star vortex and did not let the soul of the Black Dragon Emperor dissipate at will.

He injected the star vortex into his black dragon armor, giving the soul of the Black Dragon Emperor a real place to live!

The black dragon armor with a true soul seemed to have evolved again, turning into an invisible aura that lingered around Mo Fan like a wisp of Mo Fan’s soul. As long as Mo Fan moved his mind, Your whole body will be armed!

For a moment, Mo Fan felt that the Black Dragon Emperor was like his contracted beast, no longer a broken body and soul!

Mo Fan still remembers the fight with Su Lu. Without the Black Dragon Emperor, he would never have been able to escape from the abyss of darkness. Now he is relieved to see that the body and soul of the Black Dragon Emperor have returned to him. Extremely.

Although he is a black dragon, Austin has had a rough life.

Finally, I have a destination.

Summoning Dragon Flame is obviously not a one-time magic.

In the next battle, when the time is right, Mo Fan can summon again, and it is the Black Dragon Emperor’s strongest true flame!

This mouthful of dragon inflammation is just an appetizer!

It is true that low-level emperors cannot threaten the Dark King, but the True Flame of the Black Dragon is something they will never dare to ignore.

Mo Fan now feels more confident!

“Mo Fan, it is temporarily confirmed that the descendants of this deity are the Shadow King and the Night and Day King. Others have incarnations, as well as this deity… But even the incarnations cannot be underestimated.” Mu Bai said.

“I understand, we don’t need to be enemies with the eight Dark Kings. As long as we deal with two of them, the other Dark Kings will acquiesce to us!” Mo Fan said.

“So the rules are very simple. Whichever two attack us first, we will fight them until death!” Mu Bai said.

“Now that I can confirm that the Shadowborn King is the true deity, I won’t hold back any longer!” Mo Fan said.

“Yes, that’s what I mean too. Kill the Shadow King first, he is the biggest breakthrough!” Mu Bai nodded.



Wearing a noble black robe.

There is only a pair of cyan eyes under the robe.

Wen Tai stands in the east. Although his sky shadow is not the most majestic and tall, his dark aura towers into the clouds.

Eight wings were transformed from Astraea’s back, and she was like a black elf floating next to Wentai’s tall shadow shoulder.

“Now that you’ve decided, don’t hesitate.” Wen Tai said.

“I understand, but the strength of the Shadow King…” Astraea said worriedly.

Both Wen Tai and Astraea have seen Mo Fan and Mu Bai’s intentions.

Eliminate at the end.

If Mo Fan and Mu Bai will both ascend to the throne of the Dark King after their death, then two of the Bafang Tianying present will definitely be eliminated.

Mo Fan and Mu Bai first choose to attack the Shadowborn King, which is wise.

But what they are dealing with is one of the Dark Kings after all, and even the weakest Dark King is definitely not something that mortals can contend with!

“Keep calm.” Wen Tai said calmly.

“Maybe I saw Austin…it actually followed Mo Fan.”

“That’s not a bad thing.”


Perhaps the dark plane is just that complicated.

The throne of God is the most primitive arena.

Mo Fan was mentally prepared when he chose to step into this dark plane.

He stared at the Shadowborn King. Although he did not have any deep enmity with the Shadowborn King, the law of the dark plane is that the weak eat the strong, and only the strong are respected!

Since Mo Fan and Mu Bai have shaken the order of the thrones of the dark plane, they naturally cannot escape this disaster, otherwise the last few dark kings will have trouble sleeping and eating!

“Don’t hold anything back.” Mo Fan warned himself.

He walked along the river of fire left by the gorgeous dragon flames, and walked towards the Shadowborn King who looked a little embarrassed just now.

“Shadowborn King, you are the filthiest, ugliest, despicable and disgusting dark ruler I have ever seen. From today onwards, roll off your throne. If you are willing to surrender to me, I will give you You have a way out, if you don’t agree, I will crush you to ashes!!” Mo Fan pointed at the Shadow King’s sky shadow and said.

As soon as these words came out, they resounded throughout the dark plane!

Challenging a plane master is tantamount to seeking death against heaven!

You must know that the reason why there is black magic in the human world is precisely because of the existence of these dark kings, who gave the world this power, or in other words, it is because humans respect them that they have the power of darkness!

The King of Shadows is naturally the pinnacle of the shadow system!

Mo Fan is equivalent to provoking the ancestor of the shadow system!

The Shadowborn King sat there coldly, his expression gloomy.

First of all, when was he dirty, ugly, despicable and disgusting? ?

Why doesn’t Mo Fan scold Wen Tai? Wen Tai clearly tricked him into coming here!

Is it because I am not as strong as Wen Tai? ?

In other words, Mo Fan has determined that among the eight shadows in the sky, he is the only shadow king he can afford to offend!

Pick the soft persimmon!

He is indeed a soft persimmon among the other seven kings, but it is not the turn of a guy who has just become a saint to be so wantonly insulting and trampling! !

“Do you think that because you have the inheritance of the Evil Saint King, you are qualified to be on an equal footing with me?” The Shadowborn King began his sarcasm.

“Listen, everyone, I am going to duel with the Shadowborn King. If anyone interferes, I will fight to the death. Even if I just kill one of your incarnations or cause you to be injured, I will never tolerate it!” Mo Fan said in his heart! Decided and began to warn the other seven Dark Kings!

In fact, it is not just the aborigines of the ancient city who are spying on this century-old battle.

In the sky, on the earth, underground, and in the dark mountains, there are many dark mahatmas waiting and watching!

However, due to the power of Bafang Tianying, they did not dare to approach the ancient city. Knowing that the Dark Kings were having a “dinner”, the Dark Kings might be able to come out together, but they were by no means small figures. They were quite curious. Looking forward to it too…

The dark plane is finally changing again!

The order of the Dark Kings will also change!




Laughter, the only response to Mo Fan was the laughter of the Dark Kings.

Whether it is the real person or the incarnation, their provocation to Mo Fan is filled with their arrogant ridicule!

“Is this the future Evil Saint King? He is really courageous. It seems that the gentleness of the Blood Can King has made you misunderstand the entire dark plane. How much do you think we all respect you?” At this time, The tall and thin sky shadow spoke, obviously a female Dark King.

“I’m just telling you my rules. What you do is your business.” Mo Fan also responded.

The female Dark King should be the cursed concubine, the most cursed one of the Dark Kings.

When Astraea was serving as a guide for Mo Fan, she mentioned this guy whose strength was very close to that of the Blood Can King. Moreover, the Cursed Concubine and the Blood Can King were mortal enemies, and it was impossible for the two of them to appear on the same occasion. body.

The Bloody King did not appear.

Not showing up also showed her attitude.

She recognizes Mo Fan’s identity as the Evil Holy King. In the future, if Mo Fan wants to ascend the throne of God, she will not stop him from visiting the Book Garden

“You killed me. As for how to do it, it’s not your junior’s turn to tell us what to do!” Concubine Curse said.

“How about you.” Suddenly, Mo Fan changed his tone and looked at the cursed concubine coldly.

When Concubine Curse heard these words, the tall sky shadow swayed obviously.

What a courage! !

The cursed concubine’s eyes were sharp, and she obviously didn’t expect that Mo Fan would suddenly turn his murderous intention towards her!

“If the two of us fight to kill each other, let alone be able to compete with you, but it is absolutely possible to kill one of you, so please think carefully about every word and every action you take. Doing it!” Mu Bai was not afraid of these dark kings at this moment!

If all the dark kings from all directions come, then the two of them will definitely die.

But Mu Bai had already seen that some of the people who came were not the real ones, but just incarnations.

Although the incarnation of the Dark King is infinitely stronger than an ordinary emperor, Mu Bai knows that if they don’t fight fiercely at this time, the two of them will be eaten!

The cursed concubine suddenly stopped responding.

She did not expect that these two mad dogs would suddenly bite her.

One is the newly promoted Evil Saint King, and the other is the Dark Soul Saint whose true soul is immortal. Who knows what kind of magical powers the dark plane will bestow upon them.

As one of the Dark Kings, the cursed concubine gave in.

Her silence caused a huge earthquake in the dark plane!

The King of Darkness is sometimes afraid! !

“Shadowborn King, you are still the most despicable, filthy, and stinky thing I have ever seen. You must die!” Mo Fan suddenly shouted again, causing the originally weird atmosphere to suddenly change. For the ultimate showdown! !

The Shadowborn King was already cursing in his heart! ! !

Why are you pretending to be a hero? You are not trying to pick a weakling! !


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