Versatile Mage Chapter 21: Summon Dragon Flame


Inside the Heart Palace,

Mo Fan walked towards Mu Bai who was hanging high, and couldn’t help but feel a little moved when he saw the shocking scars on his body.

Even asceticism and torture are more cruel than I imagined.

“Long time no see.” Mo Fan forced out a smile.

“I’m practicing, I don’t need you to pity me.” Mu Bai was also determined and didn’t want Mo Fan to get emotional over this.

“I know, so I’m here to help you. According to your cultivation speed, in what year will Ma Yue be able to reach the pinnacle here? Although such torture is to forge your true soul so that you can be ranked in the throne of darkness, but it is not necessary You have to carry everything by yourself, it’s just a dark plane, we three brothers have never broken through anywhere, we must turn him upside down!” Mo Fan said.

“Three brothers?” Mu Bai was stunned for a while, and then used his spiritual consciousness to perceive. As a coincidence, he heard a familiar scream coming from the palace in the distance.

“Help, Mo Fan, why don’t you show up yet? I can’t hold on anymore!!”

Mu Bai didn’t know what to say for a while. Zhao Manyan also came down? ?

This place is the underworld. It is not easy to go back after coming down.

“Now that the matter has come to this, I have nothing to say. The dark plane has always been a carrot and a pit. You are the Evil Saint King, and I am about to refine the true soul of darkness. This also means that this dark plane can Make two places for us in advance… So, they are sitting here, waiting for my consciousness to be destroyed, and waiting for you to die.” Mu Bai said.

“I won’t say that much, save your energy…I’ll let you down first.” Mo Fan said.

“No, I can come down by myself.” Mu Bai said.

As he spoke, streaks of pure black energy appeared on Mu Bai’s body. They were like blood vessels, shining through Mu Bai’s true soul.

At the same time, Mu Bai exerted all his strength, and the dark and cold breath instantly enveloped his whole body, creating a cold skin for him!

In fact, the ice and darkness condensed into his flesh and skin. Mu Bai’s true soul was his true body, and his flesh and blood body had already been formed when he first fell into the dark plane. Being destroyed, as a descendant of darkness, he already has a more powerful body!

This ice-dark body is also powerful. As he exerts his strength, the chains that have penetrated into his true soul quickly freeze into ice cubes and quickly crack!

“Dang Dang Dang!!!”

Those fragments were as heavy as steel, and when they hit the ground, the ground was dented and cracked.

Mu Bai slowly floated down, his eyes were dark silver pupils that had been tempered thousands of times, bright and powerful.

“How many of you are here?” Mu Bai asked.

“I don’t know, but it looks like me anyway.” Mo Fan said.

“That’s impossible. It’s impossible for the bodies of several kings to appear here.” Mu Bai shook his head.

“Go out and have a look before we talk.”



The two walked out of the Heart Palace, and outside the Heart Palace, a ghostly fire ignited at some point.

The secluded fire was so raging that it had even burned the surrounding palaces to ashes, making the originally complex imperial court extremely spacious.

Looking further into the distance, you will find that the entire ancient city is actually ablaze with dark fires!

The long ancient streets were filled with flames, and the hotels, shops, houses, pubs, and restaurants were all on fire.

There is no thick smoke produced when burning, only the faint fire. What is terrible is that in such a city caught in the sea of ​​fire, those pig-faced people, fox-faced people, dog-faced people, and cow-faced people People… They looked greedily in the direction of the imperial court. They actually held knives and forks in their hands, looking like disaster victims waiting for food to be distributed from above. Their eyes were green and greedy!

Even if the ghost fire burns like a skyscraper, its line of sight will not be much blocked.

This flame is extremely clean, and it is also terrifying and soul-eating!

Mo Fan also didn’t expect that after he walked out of the Heart Palace, the entire ancient city stopped pretending and showed its hellish prototype!

Stepping on these soul-scorching flames, Mo Fan only felt a biting coldness. He raised his eyes and saw that the eight-sided sky shadows had condensed into real forms. They were huge and majestic, towering like gods, descending. This ancient city of dark aborigines is even more out of place!

They don’t go into the city either.

Instead, he sat outside the city.

But the tall city wall is no higher than their knees.

The ancient city is also like a large sandbox.

“Let’s have some appetizers. These aborigines are raising them too…” King Night and Day said.

Games, he likes games.

The greatest pleasure King Night and Day now has in this world is to fool living creatures. At his level, not to mention close to eternal life, and there is nothing that can threaten him anymore, so all he can do is regard the living creatures in the world as his toys. !

“I give you power, you tear them apart!” King Night and Day said to these aborigines in the ancient city with great interest.

“Oh!!!!!! Oh!!!!!!!!!!”


“Eat them!!!”

After receiving the permission, the whole city was excited.

The ones rushing at the front are those bull-faced people. They are all strong and strong, especially when wrapped in the flames, their bodies are as ferocious as the bull demons from hell! !

The vast cannibal aborigines poured into the imperial court, and the walls of the imperial court were flattened.

Mu Bai stared at these hellish bull-faced people with a cold glint in his eyes.

Suddenly, the earth seemed to be swallowed up by something, and it suddenly sank.

The image of a Devouring Beast was reflected in Mu Bai’s pupils. At the same time, a Devouring Beast under the earth also opened its mouth to swallow the Earth, swallowing up the charging Ox-faced Vanguards in one bite. Get down! ! !

The **** bull-faced man originally wanted to eat the newly arrived living creatures, but he ended up feeding the beast first.

The digestion speed of the Devouring Beast was also extremely astonishing, and the next moment it spit out a large number of bones towards the burning ancient city!

The bones were spit high, and finally fell into the city like rain!

Mo Fan stood aside and glanced at Mu Bai.


It seems that Mu Bai has indeed become a saint, which is completely different from when he first broke into the Holy City!

“If you want to play, I can accompany you!” Mu Bai looked up at the face in the central sky.

After saying that, Mu Bai slowly raised a hand!

This hand seemed to be holding the entire ancient city. As he suddenly squeezed hard, the huge ancient city shook violently! !

Giant cracks in the earth suddenly appeared, tearing from the gate of the ancient city to the imperial court. In addition, more and more cracks appeared in different directions, criss-crossing!

It’s like a folding knife cutting the ancient city into haphazard slices like a cake! !

After cutting open, a chasm suddenly appeared under the ancient city. Under the chasm, countless eating beasts were crawling out. They all had the same dark silver pupils as Mu Bai. They were there. Under the roaring command of a giant eating beast, he began to hunt throughout the ancient city!

King Ye Zhou raised so many aborigines just for fun, so he didn’t care about the life and death of these aborigines at all…

However, Mu Bai’s magical power, which could easily summon an army of beast-devouring beasts from the ground, forced the Night and Day King to re-examine the game.

You know, Mu Bai was once just a **** for his entertainment.

Now Mu Bai seems to be qualified to sit in the position of playing against him. It is not that he deliberately gave Mu Bai such qualification, but that he has already climbed up!

“It seems that your appetizer failed. Let me add some exciting ingredients.” At this time, the Shadowborn King said.

The Shadowborn King was the one who couldn’t wait the most. He stretched out a hand, which was huge and covered the ancient city.

The ancient city was filled with aborigines and eating beasts, and under his palms, the shadows of these aborigines and eating beasts were reflected!

What is extremely outrageous is that as the Shadowborn King turned his hand, the shadows of the aborigines and the Devouring Beasts peeled off their masters, crawled directly out of their bodies, and then turned into shadows!

The shadows of the indigenous people and the shadows of the Devouring Beasts quickly gathered together, and finally turned into soldiers at the disposal of the Shadowborn King!


The Shadowborn King pointed coldly.

In an instant, the shadow army came one after another, rushing into the imperial court like a black tide!

Mo Fan was also eye-opening. The Shadowborn King actually conjured an army out of thin air, with the help of the power of Night and Day King and Mu Bai. In other words, the power of his magical power completely depends on How strong he is!

“It’s interesting.”

“Finally got some decent skills.”

Several other Dark Kings began to praise.

Mu Bai stared at the Shadowborn King, but said to Mo Fan: “This Shadowborn King should be the one who has arrived, the others are not sure.”

“So, you can kill him with all your strength?” Mo Fan said.

“Yes! But the number of these shadows is too huge and will cost us a lot of time and magic power. Find Shuyuan” Mu Bai nodded.

“Don’t panic, watch my summons!!” Mo Fan said.

“Did you summon the forbidden spell?” Mu Bai asked.

“Of course not, but I have a way!”

As Mo Fan spoke, he slowly raised his hands.

On the palm of his hand, a small black star vortex appeared. As Mo Fan built a star palace that strengthened countless stars, the black star vortex became larger and larger and started to rotate on its own!

Gently raising his hands upward, the entire black star vortex slowly lifted into the sky!

The black star vortex rotated above the gate of the imperial court, and its size was no less than half of the imperial court.

At this time, the army of shadows had gathered outside the imperial court in a mighty manner, congesting the avenue outside the imperial court, and even had to crawl over other shadows.

“I’ll give you a big gift!” Mo Fan raised his lips and then calmly snapped his fingers!

A huge head slowly emerged from the black star vortex. This head was dark, majestic and domineering, with quite exaggerated black horns! !

The Shadowborn King didn’t know what kind of magic Mo Fan cast at first.

When he saw the head of a black dragon protruding from the black star vortex, he immediately realized something and hurriedly ordered his shadow army to disperse!

King Shadow King’s instructions were issued slowly!

The black dragon’s head opened its mouth, and the most terrifying demonic flames in the world burst out from deep in its throat! !

Black Dragon Dragon Flame! ! !

This imperial black dragon did not come, but was asked by Mo Fan to use dragon flames to help! !

That mouthful of dragon flames was like dumping a sea of ​​molten magma into this ancient city. Compared with the dense ghost fire, the dragon flames of the imperial black dragon were much more intense! !

The dragon flames sprayed from the end of the city to the top of the city, and the huge shadow army was completely annihilated!


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