Ultimate Wizard Chapter 5141: I’m back


Chapter 5141 I’m back

After so many years of undercover in this Sacred Sect, his mission is finally complete, which makes Cheng Yang unhappy.

Cang Yan, who was sitting in the elder’s seat, was also very excited at the moment.

He has been waiting for this day for a long time.

At that time, he and Cheng Yang will be the heroes of the Heaven Defying Alliance, and everyone must respect him.

At that time, his identity and status will be greatly increased. Who else in the entire Sect of Slaying Sect would dare to be rude to him?

The old Sect Master stepped into the ring, but looked in the direction of the forbidden area for a long time.

Everyone knows that the old Sect Master is waiting for Lin Tiancheng to appear.

But after waiting for a long time, there is still no figure that everyone wants to see in the direction of the forbidden area.

It is impossible for Lin Tiancheng to come back.

Even if he comes back, he is not Cheng Yang’s opponent. Now Cheng Yang is too powerful.

It’s like he’s been reborn since he came out of the forbidden area.

The champion of the Zongmen competition is already a certainty.

The old Sect Master carefully took out a small but very delicate booklet from the sea of ​​​​knowledge.

The booklet is written in three large gold letters.

“Sacred Sacred Art.”

Cheng Yang was very excited when he saw this brochure.

He has been lurking in the Sacred Sect for so many years for this pamphlet.

Cheng Yang stepped forward excitedly, wanting to take this booklet from the old Sect Master.

But the old Sect Master took his hand back.

Cheng Yang was shocked at this time.

What’s going on? Could it be that your identity has been exposed?

“Cheng Yang.”

The old sect master said earnestly: “You are now the champion of the Sect Sect Sect Master Competition. Do you know what this means?”

Cheng Yang gritted his teeth in his heart, wishing he could go forward and smash the old sect master into tens of thousands of pieces.

But he still pretended to be humble.

“Cheng Yang doesn’t know, please ask the old suzerain to make it clear.”

The old sect master said solemnly: “Cheng Yang, from today onwards, you are my direct disciple.”

“Soon, you will take up the great responsibility of the Sect of Slaying and protect the disciples of Sect of Slaying. Can you do it?”

Cheng Yang cursed in his heart: “You immortal thing, you still want to count on me to do things.”

“Of course I can do it, because soon, this Sacred Sect will be my world.”

“Since I am the suzerain, isn’t everything in this place mine?”

Cheng Yang nodded sincerely to the old Sect Master.

“Don’t worry, I, Cheng Yang, will definitely not live up to everyone’s expectations, and protect the Sacred Sect.”

Seeing that Cheng Yang finally said a human word for a long time, the old Sect Master finally nodded with relief.

Just when Cheng Yang thought that the old sect master handed over “Sacred Sword” to him, the old sect master took it back.

Cheng Yang was half-dead with anger, but he had no choice but to continue listening to him.

The old sect master has a sincere tone: “Cheng Yang, your strength and talent are very strong, everyone knows this.”

“But your murderous aura is too heavy, which is not conducive to your future cultivation and growth. You have to get rid of this bad habit. You must know that the most important thing for a practitioner is moral integrity. If you can’t do it, even if you become a suzerain, you won’t get long-term development…”

The old sect master talked for a long time, but Cheng Yang couldn’t hear a word.

When the old sect master finally finished speaking, Cheng Yang hurriedly said, “Old sect master I know, I will definitely get rid of my own problems…”

Just as Cheng Yang stretched out his hand to pick up the “Saint Slaying” in the hands of the old sect master, a dark shadow suddenly flashed not far away.

The speed of the shadow is so fast that no one can see what he really looks like.

The old sect master finally entrusted everything. When he wanted to hand over “Sacred Sword” to Cheng Yang, he found that the booklet in his hand had just disappeared.

Lin Tiancheng gently fell on Chi Yidan’s side.

He slowly crouched down and picked up the person.

“Daner, how are you, does it hurt?”

Lin Tiancheng looked at Chi Yidan with distress.

“Thank you.”

Chi Yidan was covered in blood and was very happy to see Lin Tiancheng back.

“I’m fine as long as you’re back.”

“Stop fighting him, he’s too strong now, you won’t be able to deal with him, you’ll get hurt.”

Lin Tiancheng injected his own immortal blood into Chi Yidan to help her heal her injuries.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be careful and watch it carefully.”

The appearance of Lin Tiancheng made the entire Sect of Slaying become hot and dry.

He Lian and Hua Ling looked very excited.

They waved hard at Lin Tiancheng.

Cheng Yang watched all this coldly.

“Su Leng, why, just rely on you, still want to **** my “Saint Execution”?”

“People, it’s better to be a little self-aware. Don’t get things that don’t belong to you.”

Lin Tiancheng turned his head and looked at Cheng Yang.

“After all this time, I finally got something useful out of your mouth.”

“Don’t dream of getting something that doesn’t belong to you.”

Everyone really wanted to see Lin Tiancheng defeat Cheng Yang.

But they also know that Lin Tiancheng is not Cheng Yang’s opponent at all.

For a while, everyone looked at the ring in silence.

He Lian was very excited to see Lin Tiancheng back.

“You brat is finally back!”

“Uncle Shi, are you all right?”

Lin Tiancheng nodded to them, and everyone felt relieved.

Lin Tiancheng’s eyes were on Hua Ling, “He made your arm?”

Hua Ling nodded.

“The skill is not as good as others, there is nothing to say, it’s just my uncle. I didn’t expect his cultivation to improve so fast. I was sure to fight him before, but now…”

“Uncle Shi, you have to be careful!”

Lin Tiancheng waved to Hua Ling, “I see.”

Learning that Lin Tiancheng was back, the Heavenly Wolf King quickly came out of Xuanjian Peak and rushed to the side of the ring.

“Su Leng, I knew you wouldn’t die! You’re finally back!”

Lin Tiancheng walked to the ring, “Cheng Yang, do you want “Sacred Sword” so much?”

“It’s a pity that your March appointment with me hasn’t arrived yet, so let’s start now.”

Cheng Yang laughed in the sky, “Okay! Since you said that, then I’m welcome. This “Sacred Sword” is something that belongs to me, so I will take it back today!”

The time for the Zongmen competition is three days. During these three days, as long as someone challenges one day, then Cheng Yang needs to take the stage to challenge.

What’s more, Lin Tian has suffered a lot to become this day.

The real feathers were also taken, the sects also challenged, the eighteen strong also challenged, and the Purgatory Mountain and Forbidden Land even entered.

If you don’t get this “Sacred Execution”, it’s a bit unreasonable.


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