Ultimate Wizard Chapter 5140: Win the championship


Chapter 5140 won the championship

Even though it was vague, Cheng Yang understood.

He replied with a smile: “Elder Cang, don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed.”

Chi Yidan walked slowly to the ring, she looked indifferently at Cheng Yang in front of her.

She knew that no matter how big the gap between the two was, she would stick to it and buy time for Lin Tiancheng to come back.

Cheng Yang’s eyes were straight when he saw Chi Yidan.

He couldn’t figure out what such a beautiful woman was going to do with that trash Lin Tiancheng.

Compared with Cang Yufang, this woman not only has a good figure, but also has a good appearance and a good cultivation.

This kind of woman is worthy of her.

Cheng Yang doesn’t have much affection for Cang Yufang.

So he clearly knew that Cang Yan sent Cang Yufang to the Alliance of Heaven Defying Defenders for treatment, but he never asked about it.

Anyway, there are so many beautiful women in the world, and there are countless better than Cang Yufang.

This little thing is not worth worrying about.

But since Lin Tiancheng is dead, how can such a beautiful woman let her go.

Wait until the Heaven Defying Alliance’s people take down the Sacred Sect, and you will be the suzerain, then wanting her is not a matter of a word?

Cheng Yang felt very excited at the thought of having such a beautiful woman in his company in the future.

He said to Chi Yidan: “Tell me about you, you look so good-looking, why is it that you have bad eyesight, so you have a crush on Su Leng?”

“He doesn’t know where he died now, so why should you care about him.”

“It’s better than this, you follow me and keep things that will make you happy for the rest of your life.”

Actually, according to the current situation, Cheng Yang was already the champion of this sect competition.

He’s coming to these competitions now, and it’s just a passing game.

No accident, when he wins the championship, he can become the direct disciple of the old sect master, and then he will teach himself the “Saint Slaying Technique”.

A man like him can be called a man of honor.

I don’t know how many people in this Sect of Slaying want to be their own women.

Chi Yidan heard Cheng Yang’s words as if he had heard a joke.

“Be your woman?”

“Whoever looks like this, let me tell you, if Su Leng can come back today, then there is nothing to do with you.”

“Also a champion? What are you?”

Chi Yidan despises people like Cheng Yang very much.

Even if he is powerful now, he may even become the champion of this sect competition.

But so what.

Cheng Yang is like a clown jumping on the beam, jumping up and down while Lin Tiancheng is away.

When Lin Tiancheng came back, he was nothing.

What’s more, even if Cheng Yang finally became the suzerain, he would not despise him.

Lin Tian became a man who would not hesitate to sacrifice his life to save himself from the mountain of purgatory. Such a man is worthy of his life.

This Cheng Yang is definitely not a good thing.

Cheng Yang’s movements became bolder.

Every trick he uses against Chi Yidan is clearly taking advantage of him.

This made Chi Yidan very angry.

But this is on the stage again, and my own cultivation is not comparable to others.

Cheng Yang’s actions were extremely rude. During the fight between the two, he seemed to be having fun.

Occasionally hug Chi Yidan’s waist, and sometimes touch her face.

These actions of Cheng Yang were seen by the elders present.

But they don’t have much to say.

After all, this is the champion of the Sect Master Sect. If I become the sect master in the future, I won’t be able to find any women.

When he becomes the suzerain, he will naturally be respected by everyone. What is a mere female disciple?

What’s more, this disciple is not from his own sect, so there is no need to worry too much.

Chi Yidan was also provoked by Cheng Yang’s actions.

Her eyes begin to turn red uncontrollably.

Cheng Yang felt very strange to see her eyes suddenly turn red, but didn’t think much about it.

As soon as Cheng Yang turned around, he stretched out his hand to Chi Yidan’s chest.

Just touching it, it’s like being roasted by a stove, very hot.

Cheng Yang screamed, very surprised.

He stared at Chi Yidan angrily and said, “How dare you use a sly trick on me? Is this what Su Leng taught you?”

Thinking of this, Cheng Yang became even more angry.

Chi Yidan didn’t answer either, she stabbed Cheng Yang with a vigorous stride.

Cheng Yang is unforgivable.

Slapped Chi Yidan with a slap.

After all, Chi Yidan’s cultivation level is not as good as Cheng Yang’s. She was thrown dozens of meters away by this slap, and she fell to the ground and vomited blood.

At this time, Cheng Yang was already red-eyed.

Even though he had knocked Chi Yidan to the ground, he was still reluctant to let her go.

Lin Tiancheng’s woman, since he can’t get it, he will destroy it.

Cheng Yang strode forward and started punching and kicking at Chi Yidan.

This made the disciples present very frightened when they saw it.

But they all know Cheng Yang’s strength, and even if they want to step forward to help, they have no chance of winning.

Cheng Yang felt uneasy, raised his foot and stomped on Chi Yidan’s abdomen.

One foot after another stepped on Chi Yidan’s body.

Many of the people sitting there couldn’t stand it any longer.

They didn’t expect Cheng Yang to be so ruthless, he could do such a heavy hand to a female disciple.

Seeing this, Liu Susu was very worried. She wanted to go forward and rescue Chi Yidan.

But Cang Yan grabbed her at this moment.

“Five elders, what are you doing, this is a big competition between sects, don’t lose your identity for a disciple.”

Cheng Yang looked even more angry at Chi Yidan’s glamorous face.

He stepped on Chi Yidan’s face and scolded while beating: “You have to make me do this to you, right?”

“Su Leng, that bastard, doesn’t know where he died for a long time. You still think he can come back. I tell you, don’t daydream!”

“Even if he comes back, he will be trampled under my feet forever like you.”

“If it weren’t for the sectarian rules of the Slaying Sect, I would kill you now and let you go down to meet your Su Leng as you wish.”

“It’s really bad luck, good days have to affect my mood.”

For Chi Yidan, Cheng Yang felt that if he could not get it, he would destroy it.

Since he can’t get such a beautiful woman, it’s even more impossible for Lin Tiancheng to get it.

Many disciples present were frightened by Cheng Yang’s actions.

They didn’t even have the courage to challenge him.

If you really go up to the challenge, your life may be lost.

It seems that the champion of this year’s Zongmen competition is Cheng Yang, and this competition is not very meaningful.

Everyone was hanged and beaten by him, and the method was extremely cruel.

Old Sect Master saw that no one would go up to challenge Cheng Yang, so he walked to the ring.

At this time, Cheng Yang was very excited to see the old Sect Master coming to power.

He knows that no one dares to challenge him.

I will soon get the “Saint Slaying Art”.

At that time, I will be the most powerful person in this Sect of Slaying.

Once he has obtained the “Saint Slaying Art”, he can send out a signal to let His Highness bring someone in.


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