The World That Tao Rules Chapter 7231: The guest test



Jiang Yun is completely ignorant of the process, location, method, etc. of applying for the four major races.


However, he is mixed in the crowd, and he doesn’t need to worry about these issues, just follow the large army.


Except for Jiang Yun, these cultivators are basically the regulars of Sihexing, and they have a clear and unified goal at the moment, so the speed of each one is very fast.


After a while, Jiang Yun’s consciousness has seen that there is a four-story building in the area behind Sifang City.


Looks like this building is no different from other buildings, but the door is closed.


Jiang Yun knew in his heart that this should be what Xie Daozi had just told him, where Fairy Dong was.


Just when Jiang Yun thought of this, Xie Daozi’s voice sounded almost at the same time: “Brother, this is here!”


Jiang Yun nodded calmly. He didn’t use his spiritual sense to check the situation in the building. He just swept the surroundings and found no monks who were applying for Keqing.


Jiang Yun was not in a hurry. Along with the other monks, he stopped and fell to the ground. He raised his ears and listened to everyone’s words.


Among the crowd, a cultivator was talking in a low voice: “It looks like it hasn’t started yet.”


“It is estimated that it was just about to start, but it was interrupted by the sudden intersection of time and space.”


“It’s a treat for our eyes.”


“I just don’t know, this time, which strong person is going to apply for the guest secretary of the Dong clan, and whether he can pass the test.”


Just as Jiang Yun was listening to the voices of everyone talking, the four-story building in front of him suddenly vibrated slightly.


It is strange to say that this small building occupies a small area, but when it began to vibrate, several buildings near it, together with the ground paved with bluestone slabs, also vibrated with it. stand up.


In addition, this shaking continued to spread at an extremely fast speed in all directions, and finally caused the entire Sifang City to vibrate.


For this situation, Jiang Yun analyzed the reason at a glance.


This four-story building seems to exist independently, but in fact, its foundation covers the entire Sifang City.


Simply put, this four-story building is the core of the entire Sifang City.


This vibration lasted for a very short time, and after only three breaths, everything returned to calm.


Immediately afterwards, on the roof of the four-story building, a huge hand suddenly appeared, the size of a hundred feet.


Although the palm is huge, the fingers are slender and tender, and it is not difficult to see that it is the palm of a woman.


A dazzling light erupted from the palm of the hand.


Under the wrapping of light, the palm slowly rose towards the sky.


And, in the process of rising, the light surrounding the palm continued to grow until it finally touched the sky.


The light dissipates, and the palm is revealed again.


However, at this time, the palm has reached an extreme size, showing a tilted state.


The wrist of the palm is still at the top of the four-story building, but the fingertips are connected to the sky.


From a distance, the palm looks like a bridge, a bridge connecting the sky and the small building.


Jiang Yun’s mind resounded with the disdainful voice of the evil Daozi: “It’s a mystery!”


Jiang Yun laughed dumbly, admitting that the four words given by Xie Daozi were indeed very appropriate.


The sky of this quadruple star is fake and even the height is limited.


Because above this layer of sky, there are five layers of sky.


With the strength of the high-level powerhouse of the source, if you want to build a bridge between such a false sky and the earth, if it is not an exaggeration, you can do it by blowing your breath without showing your palm at all. Palm bridge.


In short, that Fairy Dong did this just to show everyone her personal strength and add a little more sense of mystery.


Sure enough, some of the monks who were watching had burst into cheers.


After everyone’s cheers fell, a figure suddenly appeared on the roof of the small building.


Jiang Yun looked intently, it should be a woman.


The reason why it should be said is that the other party is too tall and strong, not like a woman.


The woman’s height is over 100 feet tall, with long legs and long hands, and her muscles are so tall that it makes people worry that those muscles will explode at any time.


And, in addition to her body, she was wearing a set of heavy armor.


Except for showing a face, it completely covers the whole body.


Although Jiang Yun couldn’t tell what material the armor was made of, with his eyesight, he could see that there were at least six formations drawn on the armor.


Six defensive formations!


Don’t say that Jiang Yun was a little surprised at this moment, even the well-informed Xie Daozi couldn’t help but exclaimed.


“What a tough woman!”


However, apart from being surprised, Jiang Yun did not mean to look down on this woman, but rather admired her!


Because, this woman is not only pure physical cultivation, but her realm should also reach the supreme realm!


Among all the physiques that Jiang Yun knew, only looking at their own strength, I am afraid that only the Devil Emperor can compete with this woman.


Of course, if the woman wears this armor, I’m afraid the Devil Emperor is no match.


As a semi-physical practitioner, Jiang Yun is fully aware of the difficulties of physical training.


Few men can hold on, let alone a woman.


God knows how much effort and price this woman has paid for her cultivation to the current state, which is unimaginable to others.


At this time, someone in the crowd recognized the woman’s identity and said, “Meng Rushan of the Mountain Clan!”


“I knew that this time, it must be her!”


Hearing the woman’s name, Jiang Yun couldn’t help giving him a thumbs up in his heart.


Jiang Yun believes that this is definitely not the woman’s original name, but was changed later.


Just for this name, Jiang Yun’s respect for the other party is also a little more.


A cultivator continued: “The mountain clan where Meng Rushan belongs is really pitiful, and it should be not far from the dead clan.”


“If Meng Rushan can become a guest of the Dong clan, then the fate of their clan can be changed.”


A cultivator echoed: “Yes, three people have been here before and after the Shan Clan, and all of them ended in failure.”


“This Meng Rushan is the last hope of the Shan people.”


“Looking at her appearance, she also came prepared. I am afraid that the armor was bought by their family.”


“If you can make it, it’s not a loss, but if you fail, the mountain clan will be completely over!”


Listening to everyone’s discussion silently, Jiang Yun can roughly guess one or two things about Meng Rushan’s experience.


Like Du Wenhai, she is nothing more than a person who wants to rely on her own efforts to lead her poor race to live a good life!


However, Jiang Yun also understands that it is obviously not an easy task to become a guest of the four major races.


This is also normal!


The four major races are all members of One Palm, and they are the most powerful forces in the entire Chaos Domain.


The guest officials they recruited were naturally the best among the best, and they had to be the strongest among their peers.


At this moment, Meng Rushan suddenly raised his foot and stepped on the huge palm, slowly walking towards the end of the palm.


At first, Jiang Yun thought that this palm was Fairy Dong’s test for Meng Rushan.


As long as you can successfully walk through the palm of your hand and reach the fingertips, you will be successful.


But seeing Meng Rushan walking on the palm of his hand, there was no stagnation at all, but the speed was extremely fast. After half the distance had been covered in a moment, Jiang Yun knew that he had guessed wrong.


Jiang Yun’s eyes moved slightly upwards, looking at the sky connected by his palms, and said secretly: “This test, does it mean that you need to successfully step into the second heaven?”


Jiang Yun also had a similar experience. At the beginning, a group of them went from the Dao Domain to the higher-level Destruction Domain, which was a so-called road to the sky.


Under everyone’s attention, Meng Rushan came to his fingertips smoothly.


Her tall body, in the eyes of everyone, is already on the sky.


At this moment, Meng Rushan suddenly raised his fist and smashed it towards the sky.




With a loud bang, the sky slowly cracked a gap.


Jiang Yun couldn’t help but raised his brows and said, “It doesn’t look that difficult!”


“Entering the gap, even if you step into the second layer, you have passed the test, right?” However, a cultivator beside him said, “It’s finally about to start!”


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