The World That Tao Rules Chapter 7232: A man is still an arrow


Hearing the words of the monk beside him, Jiang Yun froze for a moment, then laughed at himself. Some of his thoughts were taken for granted.

I was surprised that Meng Rushan was so easy to punch a crack in the sky. This test was too simple.

It turns out that the real test has not yet begun.

Only, Jiang Yun still has doubts.

Now that Meng Rushan has created a crack in the sky, the next step must be to enter the crack, that is, step into the second heaven.

Could it be that this test for Ke Qing is hidden in the second heaven?

If it is, but there is a restriction in the second layer of heaven, even one’s own consciousness can’t break through, so naturally he can’t see the situation inside.

So many monks gathered here, what are they waiting to see?

Although he has doubts in his heart, Jiang Yun naturally won’t ask.

At this time, it was clear that Meng Rushan, who was standing on the tip of her finger, was not in a hurry to step into the crack that she opened with her own hands.

Her chest was constantly heaving, and her face, which was not covered by the armor, was even more solemn.

It is not difficult to see that Meng Rushan is very nervous at this moment!

Jiang Yun can understand that the reason for the other party’s nervousness is that he cannot pass this test and cannot become a guest of the Dong clan.

After all, what she carries on her shoulders is the hope of their family, and her coming here is the last big gamble in desperation!

But no matter how nervous she is, since she’s already standing there, there’s no chance of backing down under the spotlight.

Therefore, after half a stick of incense had passed, Meng Rushan finally gritted his teeth, stepped into the crack, and disappeared.

At this moment, the sky suddenly seemed to have turned into water, with layers of ripples, centered on the crack, slowly spreading in all directions.

As the ripples spread, Jiang Yun’s pupils shrank slightly.

The sky, which was originally filled with white clouds, gradually became transparent, revealing the one inside… the world.

At this point, Jiang Yun finally understands that the sky is indeed fake, but in fact, it is also an independent space.

Above it, is the real Double Heaven.

Therefore, the test of the four major races to Keqing is hidden in this sky space.

Xie Daozi’s voice with a hint of surprise sounded: “This is a bit clever!”

Obviously, even with his divine sense, he couldn’t see that this sky was still different.

And the reason why the four major races arranged the quadruple stars in this way is also intentional.

Anyone who wants to enter the Second Heaven must first pass through the sky space.

Any means in it can be a test or a trap!

This is equivalent to an extra layer of protection for the space above.

Because the sky has become transparent, everyone can clearly see what’s inside.

So far, it’s empty and nothing but Meng Rushan.

However, Meng Rushan was already constantly turning his head, looking around, his hands clenched tightly into fists, and the nervousness on his face turned into vigilance.

It was as if there were dangers that might appear at any time around her.

Suddenly, in the nothingness about a hundred meters away from Meng Rushan, in front of her, a figure with the same height appeared!

This figure, with a vague appearance, is not a real human at first glance.

Seeing this figure, the other monks didn’t have much reaction. Obviously, they already knew the content of this test and knew that there would be a figure.

However, a smug look flashed across Jiang Yun’s face, and he asked Xie Daozi, “Brother, did you see a figure?”

“Yeah!” Xie Daozi didn’t understand how Jiang Yun asked this question, and asked, “Why, didn’t you see it?”

Jiang Yun said softly: “No!”

“What I saw was an arrow!”

Yes, although Jiang Yun and the figure are not in the same space, from Jiang Yun’s eyes, it is not a figure at all, but an arrow that is ready to go and aimed at Meng Rushan!

“Arrow!” Xie Daozi’s voice suddenly became louder: “The sharp power here!”

Ever since Jiang Yun stepped into the Sihexing, he has clearly felt that there is an extremely powerful force of sharpness permeating here, shrouding every cultivator, making everyone feel uncomfortable.

Although everyone knows that this must be secretly arranged by the four major races to protect the Sihexing, no one knows where the four major races have placed this power.

Jiang Yun guessed that this power came from some kind of sharp magic weapon.

And Xie Daozi felt that it should come from the bow and arrow. Now, the appearance of this arrow in the sky, which seems to be a person, is actually an arrow, making Jiang Yun admire the evil Daozi and feel stronger than himself, and finally understand the sharp power that covers the Sihexing. where is it from?


Xie Daozi also understood, and hurriedly asked, “Is it still an illusion?”

Jiang Yun nodded calmly and said, “Yes, the sky space, together with the arrow, are all illusions, not real.”

“In short, it is a person with a palm who sets up a fantasy world. Anyone who wants to apply for a guest secretary, the so-called test is to enter the fantasy world and complete it.”

“Apart from me, no one else should be able to see that this is an illusion, so no one knows the source of that sharp power.”

“Also with this ordeal, in their opinion, it was only someone who attacked Meng Rushan.”

Speaking of this, Jiang Yun’s eyes quickly swept across the entire Sihexingdao: “I concluded before that, except for Sifang City, everything here is an illusion, and that’s right.”

“And the real purpose of other illusions is to cover up that sky illusion!”

“Apart from me, no one should be able to see that this is an illusion, so they don’t know the source of this sharp power, they have already seen it with their own eyes!”

Under Jiang Yun’s explanation, Xie Daozi naturally fully understood, and said coldly: “It’s still the same sentence, so it’s a mystery!”

“With their power, what kind of test they want to do, and they come up with it generously, why are they so secretive and mysterious!”

This is the second time Xie Daozi has said this, but this time Jiang Yun did not agree.

Because, he felt, the reason why Yi Zhang did this should not be for the sake of making things mysterious, and maybe there were other reasons.

It’s just that, for this reason, I can’t think of it yet.

Next, Jiang Yun stopped talking, his eyes fixed on Meng Rushan and the figure.

Meng Rushan naturally also saw the figure, but the whole person still stood there, motionless.

Finally, the figure suddenly pulled out, turned into a ray of light at an extremely fast speed, and charged towards Meng Rushan.

And Meng Rushan’s body was not only tense immediately, his hands were crossed, and he was firmly protected in front of him, but there was also a faint light curtain on top of the armor on his body, a total of six layers!

Six layers of light curtains protected Meng Rushan’s body.

So far, Jiang Yun finally fully understood the content of this test.

What he saw was the most real, an arrow from the string, shot at Meng Rushan.

Therefore, it is not difficult for him to speculate that the content of the test is to take this arrow when he cannot fight back!

As long as you don’t die or get hurt, you will pass the test!

This is also why Meng Rushan is obviously a strong physique practitioner, but he still has to pay a price to get such a suit of armor, just hoping to block this arrow!

The arrow from the string instantly hit the light curtain emanating from Meng Rushan’s armor.

It should be a light curtain with strong defensive power, but in front of this arrow, it seems to have turned into a bubble, which cannot be resisted at all.

The arrow also really hit Meng Rushan’s body and hit her armor.

The armor is obviously not ordinary, and it actually makes the indomitable arrow stagnate slightly! It was at this stagnant moment that Jiang Yun’s eyes suddenly widened again!


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