The Transmigrating Beauty is Poisonous: 2. Little Secretary (2)


Chapter II

When Wei Shao was working, he always devoted 100% of his attention, but this time, he rarely diverged his thoughts and thought of Ye Zhen.

Last night…

Ye Zhen is actually very good-looking, her facial features are exquisite, her skin is tender and delicate, and she is beautiful, but she is usually low-key and peaceful, not impatient or impetuous, but her gentleness makes people ignore her beauty, but when facing him, she The most pure and direct, she never hides and suppresses her feelings, he can easily read any emotion from her face.

Until he suddenly saw the alarm clock on the bedside, it was 3:30 in the morning.

–never been so lewd!

He made a quick decision, and at the end he didn’t forget to ask: “Are you okay?”

He remembered that Ye Zhen nodded, her voice hoarse and soft: “Mm. Mr. Wei.”

Isn’t she supposed to?

No wonder I’m wearing trousers uncharacteristically this day.

Why did you change your dress later?

But when he saw Ye Zhen’s knee again, there were no traces there.

When Ye Zhen went to the general manager’s office to deliver the materials, she found that the man’s eyes swept across her legs.

Ye Zhen lowered her head and put the documents requiring Wei Shao’s signature on the desk.

When she went out, she could still feel the vague gaze of the other party falling on her. She just pretended not to notice it, and calmly closed the heavy door when she went out.

But at the end of the afternoon, Ye Zhen went to get the documents signed by Wei Shao, but when she left, she didn’t want Wei Shao to suddenly stop her, “Ye Zhen.”

Ye Zhen turned around: “Mr. Wei, what else is there to order?”

Wei Shao paused, his deep eyes narrowed slightly, Ye Zhen knew Wei Shao and knew that this was his habit when he was thinking about something, because the man’s face was deep and cold, and he narrowed his eyes At the time, he brought a three-point anger, not anger and self-righteousness, but he was quite capable of bluffing.

Wei Shao said: “It’s okay, let’s go out.”

Ye Zhen: “Yes.”

When she got off work, Ye Zhen didn’t receive any more hints from Wei Shao. She put on her pants and was about to go home from get off work. Manda came over and said, “My boyfriend is on a business trip and has no date today. I can take you home. Let’s finish dinner together before we go home. Don’t say you don’t have time, you’re single!”

Ye Zhen smiled: “Yes.”

Manda never cooks, and she has to figure it out when her boyfriend isn’t around.

But they didn’t expect that they would meet Jiang Yuan who came to the company in the underground parking lot.

At this moment she was followed by three assistants.

Owen is very qualified, even if he takes Jiang Yuan, he will not follow him 24 hours a day, even if there is a small news during the day.

Jiang Yuan suddenly saw Ye Zhen, her serious face suddenly stopped, she frowned slightly, looked at Ye Zhen, and then looked at Manda next to Ye Zhen.

Ye Zhen politely said: “Miss Jiang, hello.”

Manda also said: “Miss Jiang, hello.”

Jiang Yuan smiled, put her arms around her chest, and looked down at Ye Zhen: “Today’s news…”

Ye Zhen looked at Jiang Yuan.

Manda frowned, Jiang Yuan didn’t think it was Ye Zhen’s rumor, did she?

Jiang Yuan said: “I know it’s not your rumors. After all, it’s the people around Mr. Wei, so he won’t be so ignorant.”

Ye Zhen was a little surprised. She thought that even if Jiang Yuan didn’t lose her temper, at least she wouldn’t be as easy to talk as she is now, and she said she believed them.

Manda also raised her eyebrows in surprise and said with a smile, “We definitely won’t do that kind of thing. Miss Jiang is relieved to understand that we are.”

Jiang Yuan smiled and put on sunglasses, “Of course I’m at ease with Mr. Wei’s people.”

She glanced at Ye Zhen, the other party seemed to be honest and unassuming, but who would know that her relationship with Wei Shao was unclear?

In her previous life, she was angry and anxious because of what was revealed. She suspected that Ye Zhen had spread the news about her, so she slapped her as soon as they met. Ye Zhen was also a weak woman, and she was slapped by her. He fell to the ground and happened to be bumped by Wei Shao who was passing by.

At that time, the man didn’t look any different, but he taught her a lesson coldly. He looked like he maintained the integrity of his subordinates, which made her very embarrassed. After that, the resources were not very good. If it weren’t for Wei Shaohe Ye Zhen died in a car accident and their relationship was exposed, I really couldn’t see what the two had.

I think it’s a matter of public revenge and a show of prestige in front of his woman?

But this time, she didn’t hit her again, and even if she wanted to do something, she wouldn’t be so blatant, to see how she could arouse the pity of men.

Sure enough, after a while, Wei Shao came over with his assistant.

He was wearing a pure black high-definition suit, with a straight body and a stern face, and every step he took seemed to be measured.

That man, whenever he sees it, can evoke the strongest desire for conquest in a woman’s heart and break his abstinence face!

The man’s eyes swept across Jiang Yuan and Ye Zhen, Ye Zhen and Manda also found him immediately, and said in unison, “Mr. Wei.”


He looked at Jiang Yuan.

Jiang Yuan took off her sunglasses and said with a smile, “I originally wanted to go up there and apologize to President Wei, because my matter made it difficult for the company; I would also like to thank President Wei for his help regardless of previous suspicions, and let the matter settle down so quickly. Come down.” She explained her intentions directly, also worried that Wei Shao still remembered that she had bad intentions against him yesterday, and will misunderstand her today.

Today’s Jiang Yuan is a little different. She is different from the Jiang Yuan she met every time before. At least she was not as smooth as she is now.

Of course, Wei Shao didn’t ask people to leave this time, because Owen also called. For the sake of Jiang Yuan’s better future, several of them would have a meal together to explain the rumors with peace.

Before leaving, Ye Zhen couldn’t help but glance at the back of Jiang Yuan and Wei Shao leaving together.

Manda whispered in her ear: “Jiang Yuan has suffered a loss of learning and is smart, she must have seen Mr. Wei coming over before she said that, “I believe in Mr. Wei’s people”, Really can say!”

Ye Zhen said: “Don’t think about it, let’s go, I’m so hungry, let’s go eat.”

Manda started the car and said, “What do you think Mr. Wei and Jiang Yuan will eat? Mr. Wei must be a six-star! Envy!”

Ye Zhen said: “How many stars shall we go to eat?”

Manda gritted her teeth and snorted: “Let’s go to eat food stalls and drink beer at night! The high-end route can’t afford it, but the people-friendly route is still okay!”

Ye Zhen: “No way, the taste is too great, I have to go to work tomorrow.”

Manda: “…QAQ.”

In the evening, Ye Zhen and Manda ate Thai food near the company, and then listened to Manda’s complaints all night, from “Jiang Yuan’s long legs didn’t seduce Wei Shao?” to “What is Wei Shao? Not a real man!?” Although Ye Zhen didn’t know why Jiang Yuan’s long legs didn’t seduce Wei Shao, Wei Shao was indeed a real man.

Manda added: “I’ve worked at Xingwang for so long, and I’ve seen a lot of those enchanting, sexy, innocent and lovely women who come and go in and out of Mr. Wei’s office. Even men want to get a piece of the pie! But no one really won this. A flower of high mountains. Ye Zhen, you say that Wei is not always true… can’t you?”

Ye Zhen paused, remembered the pain she suffered on her knees, and shook her head, Manda clapped her hands and immediately said, “Right, I don’t think so, after all, Mr. Wei is so good-looking and handsome, no, no What a waste!”

Ye Zhen changed the subject: “…When will your boyfriend come back?”

Manda said flatly: “It’s better if he doesn’t come back, the freshness of watching him every day is gone!”

Ye Zhen knew that Manda and her boyfriend were childhood sweethearts.

On a whim, Manda said, “By the way, Ye Zhen, shall I introduce you to a boyfriend? My college classmates have a good family background. You see that you have always been single, aren’t you lonely?”

Ye Zhen smiled: “Thank you, I don’t want to find a boyfriend yet.”

Manda looked at her and nodded helplessly: “Okay, let me know when you want to find it.”


In the evening, Ye Zhen returned home, took Wei Shao’s used bathrobes and bedding to the washing machine to wash, and prepared clean bedding again.

Wei Shao seldom came to her in time, and there would always be a few days in between.

Ye Zhen knows his habits, and every time she comes, she will refresh her things.

After she threw things in the washing machine, she went to the bathroom to take a shower, and after she came out, she started writing a diary as usual. She didn’t write this diary every day, she only started writing when she wanted to, and today she only wrote one sentence.

“I remembered that I never had a meal with Mr. Wei at the same table.”

She put down her pen, lay back on the sofa, and wiped her wet hair with a towel.

A text message suddenly came from the phone, Ye Zhen picked it up and took a look.

Mr. Wei: Ye Zhen, you won’t be going to work tomorrow.


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