The Transmigrating Beauty is Poisonous: 1. Little Secretary (1)


Chapter 1

When Ye Zhen was called into the office by Wei Shao, she saw a beautiful woman standing with her head bowed. She was wearing a high-waisted T-shirt and hot pants. The young girl is about to mature and sexy. When she came in, her head was proud and confident, but at this moment, her hair was a little messy, her face was red and white, she bit her lip, and she was so pitiful that she wanted to cry.

The tall and stern man sat in front of the black office work, his eyes were slightly lowered, his slender fingers rested on his forehead, and his face was expressionless.

She looked at him closely, but did not let the man’s expression loosen in the slightest.

This woman’s name is Jiang Yuan. She became popular because she filmed a time-travel drama. After that, she shot a few TV dramas and supporting roles in blockbuster films while the iron was hot. At the time of her popularity, she was rated as a four-little Huadan by netizens. one.

At the same time, she is also a newly signed artist of Xinghuang. In order to show its importance, the company sent senior manager Owen to lead her.

Ye Zhen walked over, bowed and said, “Mr. Wei.”

Wei Shao: “Ask Miss Jiang to go out.”

It was a polite sentence, but it made Jiang Yuan tremble and shiver. The tears in her eyes could no longer be held and fell.

“Mr. Wei…”

Wei Shao’s face is expressionless, and he maintains a good-nurtured bearing and dignity.

Jiang Yuan lowered her eyes and looked pitiful.

Ye Zhen walked to Jiang Yuan: “Miss Jiang, please.”

No matter how daring Jiang Yuan is, she is trembling in the face of Wei Shao’s indifference at this moment, and she can’t help but feel resentment. He was unwilling to cross Ye Zhen and leave quickly.

Ye Zhen followed behind, and when she finally closed the door of the general manager’s office, she saw that the man’s slightly open collar was slightly messy. As the general manager of Star Emperor Entertainment, Wei Shao’s identity alone is enough to attract people’s attention, not to mention that he is the heir of the Wei family, one of the three major families in the imperial capital.

Not only that, he is the man Ye Zhen loved deeply, and he is her goal this time.

“Ye Zhen, right?”

Jiang Yuan, who came out of Wei Shao’s office, has put away her pitiful expression. She nodded slightly, smiling confidently and proudly.

Ye Zhen smiled: “Yes. What is Miss Jiang’s order?”

Jiang Yuandao: “I don’t want to hear anything from others about today’s events.”

Ye Zhen nodded: “We naturally won’t say much about President Wei.”

“I hope you are a smart person.” Jiang Yuan looked at Ye Zhen and snorted, then turned and left.

Ye Zhen looks at ease, after all, this is not the first woman to be invited out of the office by Wei Shao.

She has been here for half a month and clearly understands how attractive this man’s capital is, not only his family background, but also his outstanding appearance and ability.

Unfortunately, my life is short.

In the host’s memory, she and Wei Shaohui died in a man-made car accident.

The last wish of the host: One, to keep Wei Shao from dying.

It is not difficult to avoid the car accident. The only difficulty is that the host behind the scenes does not know, and the other party must have planned a long time ago. Invincible.

The Wei family is a big family, and Wei Shao’s father is even more romantic. There are three illegitimate children on the bright side, not to mention the other children of the Wei family. The family is powerful, and disputes of interests are inevitable. Wei Shao As the eldest grandson of Mr. Wei’s most valued, it naturally attracted hostility from many parties.

And those who can get the killer, want to come and have a lot of grievances and hate Wei Shao.

When getting off work at night, Ye Zhen was called into Wei Shao’s office.

The man’s voice is cold: “Any arrangements for the evening?”

Ye Zhen: “No.”

Wei Shao; “Yeah.”


Ye Zhen blinked.

It turns out that Jiang Yuan wasn’t unsuccessful, at least aroused the man’s desire.

Sure enough, at ten o’clock at night, the combination lock of her house was pressed.

Hearing the sound, Ye Zhen walked to the door and saw a well-dressed man walking in.

He had already taken off his suit jacket and threw it to one side, revealing his **** collarbone hidden by the black shirt under the three buttons he untied.

Ye Zhen smelled the faint aroma of wine and saw the man lying on the sofa with his eyes closed, pressing his temple with one hand, frowning tightly.

He has a bad stomach and gets sick every time he drinks, but the tough ninja never says much.

Ye Zhen walked behind the man and stood still, bowed slightly, and pressed his forehead with both hands to ease the discomfort after drinking.

A moment.

“Mr. Wei, take a rest first, I have already put the hot water and toiletries.” Ye Zhen said, “I’ll cook you a bowl of sober soup.”


When Ye Zhen’s hangover soup was ready, Wei Shao, who had taken a bath, came out of the bathroom. The man was tall and fit, wrapped in a white bathrobe, with a handsome face, half-wet black hair, and looming bronze-colored skin as he walked. There is a fascination with laziness.

Ye Zhen couldn’t help sighing, this person was born to be jealous, no wonder he would attract prying eyes.

She handed the hangover soup to Wei Shao, Wei Shao frowned lightly, took it and drank it.

When Ye Zhen put the cup in the kitchen and came back, Wei Shao brushed his teeth again.

Ye Zhen knows that this man has a serious cleanliness addiction.

Just like every time. Before making love, he will definitely ask: “Have you taken a bath?”

Ye Zhen nodded: “Yes.”

Then he will sniff around her neck and press down. Just like his serious cleanliness addiction, he was also meticulous on the bed. She slept with him several times and used countless condoms, but the location was always on the bed, and there were only two postures.

Although there are no tricks, she can’t stand the man’s good figure, and the texture and lines are so **** that she can’t walk smoothly the next day.

Such a man with capital and wealth becomes romantic, I am afraid that he can really change women like changing clothes.

However, this man is obsessed with cleanliness and self-control. Since he has a relationship with Ye Zhen, he will not touch women other than Ye Zhen until the relationship ends.

He’s afraid of trouble. As long as she doesn’t do it, the relationship won’t end so easily.

After three o’clock in the morning, Ye Zhen and Wei Shao each took a bath and rested – Wei Shao went to the guest room.

Although she and Wei Shao should do it, no matter how late the tossing, they should sleep together from different beds.

Ye Zhen ignored him and fell asleep.

Waking up the next day, she really couldn’t get up, her back was sore, she struggled to get up, and when she opened the bedroom door, she saw Wei Shao wearing a bow tie in the living room.

The man turned his back to her, with wide shoulders and narrow hips, and a slender body. His breath was as cold and quiet as the winter wind, and he was different from the man who was buried in the back of her neck and panting **** last night.

Wei Shao heard the movement and looked back, his eyes on Ye Zhen were calm and indifferent, as usual, but soon after seeing Ye Zhen’s clothes, he frowned slightly.

Ye Zhen’s dress has always been restrained and conservative. As a secretary in the general manager’s office, she always wears a white shirt with a knee-length skirt, black leather shoes that are neither high nor short, and her long hair is tied into a bun on her head. Later, in addition to the watch, I do not wear any gold and silver jewelry, even in winter, there is no change.

But today, she wore a white shirt and black suit trousers, wrapping her body tightly.

He never left a mark of her on him.

“Mr. Wei.”

He nods.

Ye Zhen said: “Are you hungry? Are you leaving after breakfast?”

She asks this sentence almost every time, and then he will politely say: “Don’t bother.”

Ye Zhen hummed and stepped forward to tie a bow tie for the man.

She escorted him to the door and watched him go.


When Ye Zhen arrived at the company, she heard Manda at the front desk say: “Today the company is very lively! Yesterday, it was revealed by Yupapi that Jiang Yuan was swept out by President Wei! Although he didn’t name his name, he disclosed a few The key word, now the newly promoted four little Huadan have been pulled out by netizens for a round, and some people have guessed that Jiang Yuan is!

Ye Zhen hasn’t watched the news since last night, I really don’t know about it.

Manda said: “I don’t know who said it?”

There are more than a dozen people in front of and behind the secretary and assistant in the general manager’s office. It’s hard to say who said it. After all, they all have received professional training and know that Wei Shao is a person. However, most of the people in the company know that Jiang Yuan came to the company to find Wei Shao. From Jiang Yuan’s usual deeds and behavior, there are many people who can guess one or two.

Ye Zhen said: “I don’t know.”

Manda shrugged: “I didn’t have a real hammer, just press it and it’s over, and I can still make Jiang Yuan hot. But Zhen Zhen, you look really good in this suit, with a thin waist and long legs, and a uniform. It’s tempting, but it’s a pity that I don’t have a boyfriend. I’ll introduce you to one another day?”

Ye Zhen smiled and said, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

She went back to her desk and opened Weibo. Sure enough, she saw #jiangyuan seduce# at the third position in the hot search. She clicked it and looked at it. There were some who believed it and some who didn’t. It was a lively scene.

Ye Zhen closed it after a few glances.

There are not many things about Jiang Yuan in the host’s memory, but how she became a big hit afterward. With her superb acting skills and vision for selecting scripts, she gradually gained a firm foothold in the entertainment industry, and she was lucky enough to win Ghost director Tang Yuan’s new work “Be Careful Behind Your Back”, the female lead, successfully won the Golden Phoenix Award for Best Actress, and became a first-line red star with a bright future.

This is nothing, the important thing is that Jiang Yuan’s future boyfriend is Wei Xun, one of Wei Shao’s three illegitimate younger brothers.

The resentment in Jiang Yuan’s eyes when she left yesterday could not be concealed from Ye Zhen’s eyes, and Wei Shao’s three illegitimate younger brothers were not simple either. When these two were together, Ye Zhen couldn’t help but think too much.

Thinking about it like this, she inevitably thinks too much, so that during lunch, when a colleague overturned the vegetable soup, she didn’t have time to hide, and her pants got wet.

Manda hurriedly took the paper to wipe Ye Zhen, and said in surprise: “Is it hot? Hurry up, change your pants!”

Fortunately, the soup wasn’t just out of the pot, otherwise she would have jumped up, but even so, her colleagues were quite frightened, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to!”

Ye Zhen stood up and said, “It’s okay, don’t worry, this soup is not hot.”

Manda breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Let’s go, go and see if there’s any burns, and then change your pants.”


It was both soup and oil, so it had to be changed.

She put on the spare skirt, she didn’t think much about it, Ye Zhen was a little embarrassed after the change. Manda also paid too much attention and kept sighing that Ye Zhen was lucky not to be scalded, only a little red, otherwise, with Wei Shao’s strict attitude towards work, Ye Zhen either went home to rest or changed positions, after going home to rest It’s not necessarily that she will continue to stay in the general manager’s secretary’s office again. Both Mandas don’t like it. After all, she likes Ye Zhen quite a bit. She works honestly and quietly and doesn’t talk about gossip. Such people are rare.

Ye Zhen said: “Manda, you go to eat first, by the way, help me bring a copy of the meal back, I will wash my pants, thank you.”

Manda didn’t think much about it, then went away.

Ye Zhen breathed a sigh of relief, put down her trousers and went back to the secretary’s room. She had to go get the foundation first.

At this time, most of the people were in the cafeteria. Wei Shao also took his special assistant to go out early in the morning. At this moment, only the front desk was waiting, but as long as she didn’t deliberately, she wouldn’t find anything. She walked quickly and had a calm attitude. Don’t be in a hurry.

However, she did not expect that she would meet Wei Shao who returned to the company by chance.

Wei Shao and the special assistant came back together, Ye Zhen who was walking in the aisle naturally stopped first, bowed and said, “Mr. Wei.”

Wei Shao nods his head, and his eyes, which he didn’t care about, suddenly stopped when he saw Ye Zhen changed her dress again. The ambiguous red marks on his face, rare for a man who has always been calm and self-controlled, froze for a moment.

Last night…


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