The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 323: 1 sword (finale)


Kimura and Shu raised their brows slightly. Originally, he wanted to ask Yasu Yasushi if it was the other party’s actions. After all, he couldn’t listen to Yagyu Yasushi’s words.

But now it seems that, regardless of his status and power, this Takeda Hiro has been mad to the bone, and he doesn’t need to know any more.


Kimura Kazuki said, “How do you know about this?”

It stands to reason that if Takeda Kuan wants to kill himself, would he still say it in public? Even this guy Itoshi knows?

For the Juggernaut, it seems that Itosei can only be regarded as a minor role… Or with Takeda Hiroshi’s temperament, it is estimated that Itosei is similar to an ant in his eyes, so how does Itosei know?

“My dad told me.” Ito Shi heard the words and said in a low voice, “At the banquet just now…” Speaking of this, Ito Shi stopped abruptly, and then Kimura Kazuki heard this guy, his tone Guiltily, “I can’t say…”

Han Takeda wanted to kill Kazuki Kimura, and Ito Se’s father was naturally present. At that time, he watched the whole process from the perspective of a bystander. When he learned that Kazuki Kimura turned out to be a swordsman, he was also shocked. A high school student juggernaut, this simply subverted his cognition, but Takeda Hiro, as a juggernaut, is sure that Kimura Kazuki is also a juggernaut, and naturally it is impossible to make mistakes.

So, the Ito clan leader also thought about it. If it was before, he would not have been involved in this muddy water, but Ito Shi is now learning how to draw talismans under Kimura and Shu.

If the Kendo family can master the talisman, their overall strength will be greatly improved.

The head of the Ito family is completely considering the interests of the family. In addition, Takeda Hiro and Kimura Kazuki are both swordsmen, so who wins and who loses remains to be determined. The head of the Ito family felt that Kimura and Shu could reach the realm of the Sword Saint at a young age, and there must be an unknown trump card.

Of course, because Takeda Hiroshi used his emotions to influence everyone’s power at the banquet, it also made the Ito Patriarch fearful.

Therefore, the Ito clan head can only tell Ito Shi and Kimura Kazuki, and don’t reveal other information. For example, what kind of swordsmanship, secret art, etc. Takeda Hiro has mastered.

Ito kept that in mind, so when I was about to say it, I was in a dilemma when I thought of my father’s advice.

Kimura Kazuki smiled, “I see, that’s it.” In fact, he didn’t care about Takeda Hiro’s secret skills and swordsmanship. With the power of his swordsmanship, he didn’t even need to go to Takeda. With a wide fight, there is a high probability that the opponent will be killed with a sword, but he will not say it, it can be used to test the change of other people’s attitude towards him.

Seeing people’s hearts over time, there will never be such a time when you are in a ‘crisis’ that you can see through a person’s heart.

Hearing this, Idongshi’s brain became hot, he gritted his teeth, “Wait…” Then he told everything about the banquet one by one. As the next generation heir of the Ito family, his father naturally He won’t hide anything from him about this kind of thing, and even many times, he will take his son to such a banquet, and then ask his son’s opinion on the incident.

It’s just that Takeda Kan is special. Many kendo masters are afraid that their sons and daughters will be young and talk without thinking, so they don’t bring them with them.

In addition, it is not suitable for these young people to meet Takeda Hiro when the inheritance conference is at a critical time.

But Ito Sei knew what was going on at the banquet, so when Kimura Kazuki heard that Takeda Hiro could influence the people at the banquet just by his emotions, he couldn’t help but become interested in the flow of nature.

Of course, there are too many exercises that affect emotions in the era of spiritual qi recovery, and he is just interested.

What satisfies him most is Itoshi’s attitude, which is what he is most satisfied with.

“I see, so be it.”

Ito Shi was relieved to hear the exact same answer as just now.

Just now, Boss Kimura gave him a strange feeling. Although the answer is the same now, the strangeness has disappeared, replaced by the same attitude as before.

He didn’t know if it was right or not, after all, it went against his father’s instructions. But doing so made him feel at ease.

Afterwards, Kimura Kazuki received another call from Saito Tomoya, the same as Ito Shi, but the other party finally hesitated and did not reveal the details of the banquet.

Rui Nao Tsukahara surprised Kimura Kazuki a bit. Just now, Ito Shi had already said that the head of the Tsukahara family would let his son, Tsukahara Rui Nao, invite him to Feiyu Mountain, but Tsukahara Rui Nao came to invite him to Feiyu Mountain. After calling straight, the first sentence was exactly the same as Ito Shi.

And then this guy Tsukahara Ruizuo, very bold, he said clearly, “Kimura-kun, if you think you can beat Takeda Kensei, you come here. If you think you can’t beat it, you book a plane ticket to go abroad. “

“Didn’t Takeda Hiro ask you to come and invite me to visit the Heritage Conference?”

“Ah? Kimura-kun, you know?” Tsukahara Rui straight laughed and scolded, “It must have been said by Ito Se, Tomoya’s character is outrageous, but he has always been ignorant of family orders. In fact, my dad asked me to invite you over, but I think you are so young and still a swordsman, you can boil that old guy to death.”

“If I ran away, wouldn’t you be afraid of Takeda Hiro’s revenge against the Tsukahara family?”

“Revenge?” Tsukahara Ruizhi sneered, and then he coughed lightly, “Kimura-kun, times have changed. If you want to come over, but lose to the old guy Takeda, then our Tsukahara family will meet. Immediately invite an international sniper to shoot the old guy. If the sniper rifle is not good, use the rocket launcher. If the rocket launcher is not good, use the missile… It can always kill this old guy. If you go abroad, we will do the same, our Tsukahara family. He is the largest kendo family in Japan, both the business and political circles have been fighting for hundreds of years, and the power is spread all over the country, so are you still afraid of him?”

Kimura Kazuki laughed dumbly, “Your father told you this?”

“Uh, no, it’s my decision.”

“Oh?” Kimura Kazuki wrote lightly, “Then you definitely don’t know whether it’s a sniper rifle, a bazooka, or a missile. Maybe these things are powerful, but if you want to avoid it, for a swordsman, It’s actually very easy. Of course, if it’s a nuclear bomb, either I or Takeda Hiro will definitely die.”

? ? ?

“…Kimura-kun, it was just a call from my twin brother. I don’t know anything.”

“Okay, I won’t say more.” Kimura and Shu laughed, and after checking the time, “I will give you an explanation in the afternoon.”

Kimura Kazuki didn’t say more, he hung up the phone and saw Kenichiro Yagyu watching nervously, while the sleepy Yagyu Shizuo was also awakened by the sound of his answering the phone, and looked at him expectantly. He didn’t say much, but repeated, “In the afternoon, I will give you an explanation.”

Soon, the three came to the foot of Flying Fish Mountain in Yamagata City.

At this time, people came and went down the mountain, and Kimura Kazuki was not in a hurry to go up the mountain, but had lunch first.

Yagyu Kenichiro obviously couldn’t eat it, but Yagyu Shizui had confidence in Kimura Kazuki and felt that the teacher would win, so it was delicious.


In the afternoon, the Legacy Conference continued.

In fact, there is no difference between the inheritance conference and the actual competition. In a two-to-two match, the loser is eliminated. As long as he wins the first place, he can become Takeda Hiro’s apprentice.

And there are no rules for the inheritance conference, and even winning by despicable means is considered a victory.

Han Takeda said on the first day that he only looked at the results, not the past. As long as the contestant can win the first place, then he can get his inheritance.

At the beginning of the inheritance conference, a few people sitting in the main seat suddenly raised their heads, and saw a sharp sword turned into a sharp edge, from top to bottom, it slammed into the ground with a snort, and the sword body went into the ground , leaving only the hilt, standing upright in front of Takeda Kuan.

This scene shocked everyone.

Subconsciously, everyone looked at the door.

Soon, I saw three people entering the gate. The first one was a young man with a young face. He raised his head and glanced at the main seat, looked at He Maosheng looking at himself apologetically, and looked at the deputy palace of the ghost Fuming Palace. The master stared at himself hotly, and watched several kendo clan masters look at him with inexplicable emotions, as well as Ito Shi and a few people standing on the edge.

Finally, he looked at Takeda Kuan, and seeing the inexplicable enthusiasm in the other’s eyes, Kimura and Shuqing said indifferently, “Takeda Kuan, I heard that you want to see me, and you want to kill me?”

“Not bad!” Takeda Kuan had already stood up at this time, he stretched out his hand, and the sword attendant beside him respectfully offered a samurai sword, holding a cold samurai sword, Takeda Kuan grinned, “Participate in the inheritance The people in the conference are too young, so they can only hear my name from the elders in the family. You came just in time, although the inheritance conference is coming to an end, it is time for everyone to see the strength of my Takeda Hiro.”

Kimura Kazuki looked at Takeda Hiro with a half-smile, and the other party’s move to kill him to break through his strength was also to establish his prestige.

“Kan Takeda.” Kimura Kazuki sighed, “I heard that you have walked the whole world, how small the world is?”

“Oh?” Takeda Kan heard the words, looked around with a smile, looked inexplicable, but made other Kendo family’s patriarchs I did say this. “

“The frog at the bottom of the well.”

Han Takeda frowned when he heard this. Before he could speak, he heard Kimura Kazuki continue to speak, “As long as you can take my sword, I can let you continue to live.” He paused. , he said lightly, “I’m out of the sword.”

“You are crazier than me…” Before Takeda finished speaking, he saw a blue light suddenly appear, and a dangerous aura of death enveloped his body. The next moment, a brilliant blue light appeared in his eyes Covered by the light, for a moment, his whole body lightened, and his eyes were full of confusion. He wanted to control his body and lowered his eyes slightly, but he saw that his neck was cut smooth. Looking from a height, he could see the complex structure inside. organize.

The next moment, a stream of blood poured out from the neck like a fountain.

With a thud, Takeda Kuan’s head hit the ground, and an endless darkness enveloped him.

Takeda opened his mouth wide, his face was down, he tried to turn his head to look at Kimura Kazuki, but found that he couldn’t do such a simple action. In the end, Takeda Hiro didn’t say anything, his eyes were fixed on the ground, and he lost consciousness.

A few seconds later, the scene was still silent, and no one could speak.

Takeda Sword Saint is dead.

Died in front of them, beheaded by Kimura Kazuki with one sword!

It wasn’t until now that they could see clearly that what was floating in the air was a sharp blue sword, not some mysterious spell.

Seeing Takeda Kuan, whose body fell to the ground, Kimura Kazuki suddenly became lonely, “Actually, I can’t blame you, it’s just this aura…”


With a deep sigh, Kimura Kazuki didn’t say anything, just turned and left.

Leaving the eyes of the people who have not faded away.

Japan is about to change.

(End of the book)


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