The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 322: I don’t allow Japan to have 2 juggernauts (below)


Natural emotions?

“Naturally, all emotions flow, and nature is based on all emotions.” Takeda Hiro’s voice continued, “The world is limited, and emotions are unlimited. People divide emotions into seven emotions and six desires, but it is a generalization. , Human emotions are complex and changeable, how can it be possible to study them thoroughly. Therefore, seven emotions and six desires are small Daoyle. All emotions are the real Dao. However, I have studied all emotions for more than ten years, and I have almost reached completion, but there is a kind of emotion But I can’t grasp it, it’s a defect, and I have to make up for it. So, I’m back.”


He Maosheng blurted out that the people present were all elites with high IQs. Hearing He Maosheng’s words, many people reacted.

Jushi Takeda is very powerful, what emotion is he unable to study thoroughly? Probably just jealousy.

For Jiansheng Takeda, when he reaches his realm, power and wealth are at his fingertips, and he also has friends. Although his family was destroyed, he also felt the warmth of his family when he was a child.

After the family was destroyed, I also felt pain and hatred, and I also felt guilty for killing Yasushi Yasushi.

In addition, Takeda Hiroyuki was also a genius since he was a child. Others have been watching his back eat ashes, and he was also proud of his youth.

However, Takeda Hiro has never been jealous of others, because there is nothing worthy of his jealousy, and at most he is envious.

Basically, Takeda has experienced any emotion.

It can be heard that there is a young man named Kimura Kazuki in China. He was only seventeen or eighteen years old, and he reached the realm of a swordsman. The surging jealousy made his face a little when he got the news. distortion.

Seventeen or eighteen-year-old Juggernaut, so talented, he shuddered just thinking about it. The other party is young, and he is already getting old, how many years are left to live? He didn’t know it himself.

Although Takeda Kan’s face is calm, many people present can see a jealousy in each other’s eyes.

As if they could feel the emotions of Sword Saint Takeda, many people gradually felt a malice in their hearts.

‘The seventeen or eighteen-year-old swordsman is really enviable. If possible, I really want to kill him! ’

‘Such a powerful talent, why not me, why? If I can become a Juggernaut, maybe the whole of Japan will surrender at my feet! ’

‘I can’t be a Juggernaut, and neither can anyone else! ’

‘Kill! Kill the guy named Kimura Kazuki! If it is possible, I will kill the old immortal in the bamboo field in front of me! ’

Many people in the hall gradually distorted their faces.

Some powerful people also began to feel jealous in their hearts. He Maosheng frowned slightly, and he looked at Takeda Hiro.

Seeing He Maosheng, Takeda Kuan smiled lightly. He gently put down the wine glass, and a crisp ‘da’ sounded, instantly awakening everyone present.

After waking up, many people seemed to feel something and looked at Takeda Hiroo in shock.

“Natural emotions flow, as long as you reach the realm of a swordsman, you can affect everything.” Takeda Kuan said with a faint smile, “Of course, even if you are not a swordsman, you can also introduce emotions into swordsmanship and affect your opponent. .”

Han Takeda said it lightly, as if the flow of natural emotions is ordinary swordsmanship, but after the situation just now, no one dared to underestimate it.

“In the past, I have never been able to get the hang of jealousy, but after knowing that there are people like Kimura Kazuki in the country, I know that maybe if I kill him, I can completely control this emotion. Jealousy It is one of the seven sins, and it is also an emotion that I do not have control over. If I can control it, perhaps all emotions will flow naturally, and then I will be able to achieve Consummation!”

“So, Kimura and the tree must die.”

“Japan doesn’t need a second juggernaut either. I’ll be enough.”

The hall was silent and silent. At this moment, Takeda Hiro’s face with a faint smile showed his domineering and brutal side, and deep jealousy was deep in his eyes.

“Patriarch Tsukahara, you just said you knew Kazuki Kimura?”

Hearing Takeda Kan’s question, the head of Tsukahara scolded himself secretly. He had nothing to say just now, and he felt a sense of grievance in his heart. Before He Maosheng said that he knew Kimura Kazuki, he also affectionately called ‘Kimura-kun’ ‘, Obviously the other party and Kimura Kazuki know each other, you don’t ask He Maosheng, what do you ask me?

With this thought in mind, the Tsukahara Patriarch smiled reluctantly, “I do know Kimura Kazuki, but I haven’t met each other. My son Tsukahara Ruizuo knows each other, but the relationship between the two is not very good. Well, after all, Kimura Kazuki, as a swordsman, even ran to participate in the Jade Dragon Banner to bully high school students, which is a real shame for the swordsman!”

The head of the Tsukahara family is bleeding. He has already learned from his son that Kimura and Shu are teaching them to draw talismans and learn the patterns of talismans. He stepped in wide and crossed, making him feel suffocated.

But the situation is pressing, and he mustn’t.

Although he now knows that Kimura Kazuki is a swordsman, Takeda Hiro is also a swordsman! And after being a Juggernaut for decades, the ghost knows what realm the other party has reached. Even if the opponent is old, but looking at this situation, even if the strength is reduced, it is limited.

“It just so happens that the inheritance conference is not over yet, Patriarch Tsukahara, can you let your son invite Kazuki Kimura over?” Takeda Hiro seemed to have seen through Patriarch Tsukahara, his face remained the same, but with a faint smile, he raised the Wine glass, “Count me in the love of Chengzukahara’s family!”

When the head of Tsukahara heard the words, he suppressed his joy. He raised his wine glass and touched Takeda Kanku, and said boldly, “Of course there is no problem.”

Others looked at the head of Tsukahara with admiration. Takeda Hiro would not owe favors easily, but I didn’t expect such a small task to be able to get Taketa Hiro’s friendship, which is enviable.

He Maosheng sat aside, he opened his mouth, but thought of the He Mao family’s rules of conduct, and finally did not speak, with worry in his eyes, sighed softly, and finally did not say anything more.

It was the deputy palace lord of the ghost Fuming Palace, with a sneer in his eyes.

The power of the Lightning Talisman has not been tested, but it is astoundingly powerful. Takeda Kuan wanted to kill the other party, but he might have to fall over. But he didn’t make a statement, still smiling.

The people in the hall also have different expressions.


At this time, Kimura Kazuki was still on the train with his eyes closed, next to the nervous Kenichiro Yagyu, and the sleepy Yagyu Shizui who nodded from time to time.

Within half a minute, Kimura Kazuki’s cell phone rang.

“What’s the matter?”

“Boss! Run! Takeda Juggernaut is going to kill you!”

Kimura and Shu frowned, then slowed down, he suddenly laughed, “He wants to kill me? Why?”

“He said he would not allow two juggernauts in Japan!”

“It seems that he and I want to go together, and I don’t want Japan to have two juggernauts. Japan has one of my juggernauts, and that’s enough.”


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