The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 318: There is good and evil in demons


For Kimura Kazuki, the impression of the net bride is too deep.

When the net bride was given a new mind by the touch pen, she ran away immediately. This is the instinct of fear as a monster, because she felt endless threats and killing intent from Kimura Kazuki.

Flee and prove correct. When she ran away, she saw Kimura Kazuki controlling the flying sword and killing dozens of monsters in an instant, scaring her and the other monsters to death. She was able to survive until now, because she was lucky in the beginning, and she was not beheaded.

So, when she saw Kimura Kazuki, she immediately recognized each other. She didn’t shoot, because she knew it was meaningless, and Kimura Kazuki’s strength was not something she could resist.

Then there is only one last option left.

Be good!

So far, it looks good.

Net Bride blinked her big eyes and looked at Kimura Kazuki, waiting for the other person to speak, without looking at her lower body, she did have a pure and beautiful face.

“From the moment you escaped from Yuta Miyamoto, have you ever killed a human being?” Kazuki Kimura’s calm voice came, without a trace of fireworks, but the bride could feel that she was being blown away Locked, I am afraid that as long as the answer does not satisfy the adults in front of her, she will be wiped out immediately.

But this question made her relieved. She shook her head and said nervously, “I’ve been here since I came out, and I haven’t killed any human beings.”

Kimura Kazuki’s expression softened a lot, and the other party didn’t lie, but he continued to ask, “Two days ago, a young man saw a **** the Golden Mountain, that girl should be you.”

Bride nodded embarrassedly, “It’s me, I was hunting at the time.”


“Hmmmm…” The bride licked her lips and looked at the **** food she gnawed on the spider web. She couldn’t help swallowing her saliva. While she was eating, the other party came over and she was still hungry. As for my stomach, “I get hungry very easily, so I hunt on the Golden Mountain every three days, but not humans, but some beasts.”

Compared to beasts, the essence of human beings is more complementary to monsters. But the strength of Kimura Kazuki made her dread, and it was engraved in her memory, so she did not dare to prey on human beings at all. Although her mind had just woken up, she had no wisdom, but she also knew that if she met one day A human being as powerful as Kimura and Tree, then maybe ‘not eating people’ can give her a chance at life.

Kimura and Shu smiled slightly, he knew that the bride was not lying, although the smell of blood was strong here, but the breath was turbid and unpopular, which is why he didn’t say anything and started directly.

This means that the other party has never hunted human beings. He guessed that the reason why Saito Tomoya was suddenly confused at the beginning should be that the net bride was using her ability to confuse those beasts, and then she was implicated. Moreover, he had just heard from the villagers that the howling of wild beasts was rarely heard on Jinshan recently, apparently because of the network bride.

And for the monsters that don’t eat people, the killing intent in Kimura and Shu’s heart disappeared.

He admires even the monsters who can hold back the non-eating monsters in the Age of Dharma. In the previous life, some monsters would prey on humans in order to satisfy their **** for their tongues. Once these monsters were caught, they were basically either executed or turned into experiments. After all, in the era of spiritual qi recovery, spiritual qi is the biggest supplement. Monsters eat people for cultivation, but there is no easy and fast way to absorb spiritual qi.

Therefore, in this era of thin spiritual energy, it is indeed admirable for him to be able to stop the desire to eat people.

This is just like an ordinary person, who doesn’t like meat at first, but you have to stop eating meat in the future, and you have to eat vegetarian food every day, which is more uncomfortable than killing him.

After restraining the energy, Kimura Kazuki’s attitude softened.

“Yo…youkai…” At this time, a faint but deeply fearful voice came from beside him. Kimura Kazuki turned his head and saw that Kobayashi Takashi, who was being supported by him, had already woken up. But at this moment, he did not faint again, but stared at the bride in horror, with despair in his eyes.

However, when Kimura Kazuki looked at him, Kobayashi Takashi seemed to think of something. His withered hand tightly grasped Kimura Kazuki’s arm, and his eyes were fixed on him, with a look of hope in his eyes. Obviously, he hadn’t heard the conversation between Kimura and Shu and the bride just now, but he also knew that Kimura and Shu were definitely not ordinary people.

Although Kobayashi Takazhi didn’t speak, Kimura Kazuki understood the meaning in each other’s eyes. He nodded with a smile, “Don’t worry, I will take you out safely.”

“Lord Kimura…don’t mind me, take my son, if you need, I can stay for you to delay…”

These words softened Kimura and Shu’s brows.

However, after Kobayashi Takazhi finished speaking, the three of Kobayashi Dacheng, who were soft on the ground at the back, also reacted at this time. They didn’t faint, so when they heard the conversation between Luo Bride and Kimura Kazushu, they looked at Kimura Kazuya in horror. Tree.

Can make the monsters in front of you fear, so how strong is Kimura Kazuki? Thinking that he had been threatening the other party before, Xiaolin Dacheng could not wait to reduce his presence to nothing, he said with an embarrassed expression, “The village chief… Let’s go out first…” He didn’t dare to glance at the bride’s book.

Kimura and Shu nodded their heads. The people from Xiaolin Village are here, and he is really difficult to talk to the net bride about some things.

And Kobayashi Takahashi is stunned, what’s going on? The monsters are here… why are you talking so harmoniously?

Even his son smiled and didn’t refuse. Of course, it’s just different from Xiaolin Dacheng. The eyes of Xiaolin Dacheng and the others are as if the bride does not exist, and their eyes are not turned away. And Kobayashi Zhiren looked curiously at the net bride from time to time, then at Kimura Kazuki, and then at the net bride…like a curious child.

When Kobayashi Takahashi really came out, standing outside the pavilion, he was a little bit like a dream, “This is… what’s going on?”

When Kobayashi Gaozhi was talking outside, Kimura and Shu saw that the people from Kobayashi Village had left, pondered for a while, and then said bluntly, “The beasts on the Golden Mountain will always finish their meal one day, so what will you do then? ?”

Just now he asked the other party if he could make his body smaller, and the other party said no. Then if the beasts of Jinshan are eaten up, if the other party does not eat people, they will definitely migrate to other mountains where people are rare and wild beasts are everywhere. And the other party’s huge body, as long as he moves and is not careful, he will be discovered, and it is estimated that he will be killed by the ghosts and ghosts of Fuming Palace.

“I…I don’t The net bride said pitifully, “My lord…can I stay by your side? “

“It’s better if you think about it.” Kimura Heshu said with a funny smile, “If that’s the case, then you can stay here… I will talk to the village chief of Xiaolin Village and ask him to bring meat every day. Of course, in this world, There is nothing to gain for nothing, from now on you will bless Xiaolin Village.”

Kobayashi Village is a tourist attraction in Kyoto. Basically every family in Kobayashi Village is a billionaire. Of course… it is Japanese yen, but even if it is converted into RMB, it is about six or seven million.

It can be said that Kobayashi Village is considered a rich village in Japan. So raising a network bride is very easy.

After all, there is never a shortage of people in this world who take risks for money. The security of Kobayashi Village is very good, but no matter how good it is, there are times when things go wrong. The famous Japanese monster guards Kobayashi Village. , If Kobayashi Gaozhi can accept the monster, enshrining the net bride should be the best choice.

Although the bride can’t show her face easily because of her huge body, those little spiders transformed by blue smoke are enough.



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