The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 317: Online Bride


The entire mountainside is in the shape of a horizontal funnel.

The corridor that Kimura and Shu just passed by is the thin tube of the funnel. But now when he passed by the left and right rows of rooms and stepped into the depths of the mountain, what he saw was an extremely empty place.

Then, he sees a creature.

“It was you.”

The creature that caught my eye was a spider about four or five feet in size. The entire huge body was attached to the spider web that covered the entire space, hovering in the middle, while the huge mouthparts were chewing slowly and swallowing the beast stuck on the spider web. When swallowing, between breaths and breaths, there will be blue smoke spit out from the mouth.

One after another of blue smoke turned into small spiders of normal size. At this time, in addition to the huge giant spiders with huge bodies, there were a large number of small hairy spiders on the spider web. If this is the secret fear patient here, it is estimated that he will faint from fright.

And the beast attached to the spider web was **** and lifeless. At this time, even if Kimura and Shu have strong night vision ability, they don’t know what animal they are at this time.

And Kimura Kazuki knew who the spider was after seeing the giant in front of him.

Network Bride!

This is a Japanese legendary monster, originally meaning “girl spider”, also known as new pura.

The reason why Kimura Kazuki recognized it at a glance was that Tomoya Saito said he met a beautiful girl at night, and the netizen is said to have transformed into a beautiful girl, seduced a man, and then took her head. edible ability.

Kimura Kazuki knows, in fact, these legendary monsters in Japan. Most of them are made up by ordinary people, because he asked He Maosheng at the beginning, and He Maosheng told him clearly that some of the monsters circulating on the Internet may have prototypes. But most of them are created by ordinary people’s fantasies. Because the family has never recorded these circulating monsters.

However, monsters like Tengu and Yukino still have prototypes in the real world.

As for the big spider in front of him, Kimura and Shu were sure that the other party was a netizen, because this guy was drawn, and then he was touched by a spiritual brush. After he had his own thinking, he ran away.

I didn’t expect that since they could meet here, Kimura and Shu felt calm in their hearts. The opponent’s strength is not high, even if killed, there is not much spiritual energy, of course, it is better than nothing.

When Kimura Kazuki stopped, Kobayashi Zhiren, who was behind, supported his father Kobayashi Takahashi and followed.

When they came to Kimura and Shu, they looked up and it was pitch black. But there was a rustling sound in my ears, which made my whole body feel cold and a little creepy.


When Kobayashi Zhiren turned on the flashlight, Kimura Kazuki was about to stop it, but it was too late.

Kobayashi Zhiren’s flashlight skills are very good. This guy did not shine at a certain place, but held the flashlight toward the top. The next moment, through the reflection and scattering of the top of the mountain, the entire mountain space was illuminated by a faint light came out.

And the giant spider hovering in the air was noticed at a glance.

Kobayashi Takahashi didn’t say a word, his body leaned back very simply, and fell straight towards the back.

Chiren Kobayashi looked stupid and didn’t notice his father at all. In desperation, Kimura Kazuki could only support Kobayashi Gaozhi, and then the spiritual energy was injected into the other party’s body, which did not let the other party be scared to death.

After all, Kobayashi Takazhi is considered an advanced age. At this age, any accident may cause him to die. The spider in front of him was nothing to him, but Kobayashi Takahashi was an ordinary person, and he had never seen such a big spider in his life. This size was already larger than normal.

Ordinary people are scared to death when they see a cat-sized mouse. What’s more, this giant spider of four or five feet in size? This is not in the realm of biology at all.

Kimura and Shu hadn’t even opened their mouths to speak, but the three of them, Kobayashi Dacheng, followed, and as soon as they came over, their eyes flickered, and they were dumbfounded.

The three of them stood on the spot, and the two fell to the ground with their legs weak, their bodies trembling uncontrollably, their lips trembling, and they were speechless. Xiaolin Dacheng was a little better. Cold sweat broke out on his forehead. He swallowed and opened his mouth, but only made a sound of ‘he’. The words were all stuck in his throat, and he couldn’t open his mouth or make a sound.

Kimura Kazuki knows that when people are in fear, when their emotions are transmitted to the brain, a state of sluggish thinking will appear, and the whole body seems to be imprisoned. It is not that they want to face the fear, but the fear makes them unable to control Body.

Seeing this, Kimura Kazuki also knew that it was not the time to pay attention to these people. He looked at Kobayashi Zhiren, whose eyes were still dull, obviously he hadn’t recovered from his fear. He did not wake up the other party, but looked at the net bride, and the top priority was to solve the monster in front of him.


However, just when he had this idea, a light and timid voice came.

This voice was not only heard by Kimura Kazuki, but also by others.

“You…you…” This voice made Xiaolin Dacheng the first to come back to his senses. He screamed in fear, but the next moment he covered his mouth because he noticed the huge spider in front of him. His two eyes stared at him inadvertently.

Kobayashi Chiren also took a step back at this time, but the dull eyes made Kimura and Shu do not know that the other party had recovered, and they were still in shock.

However, Kimura and Shu ignored them and looked at the big spider in front of him. He naturally heard the voice just now and couldn’t help but say with great interest, “You spoke just now?”

It’s hard to imagine that this terrifying creature can make such a pleasant sound.

“It’s me, my lord…” After the bride finished speaking, she was shocked, her dense eyes faded, her spider body wriggled, an upper body like a white jade, and a pretty girl’s face appeared in front of everyone.

But no matter how beautiful the girl is, the terrifying lower body reminds everyone present all the time that this is a terrifying monster.

“Can you get smaller?” Kimura and Shu’s voice softened a Although the two did not communicate, the innocent look on the face of the bride in front of her, and when she looked at him, revealed that The fear that comes out cannot be faked.

The relationship between the demon clan and humans in the past life was good and bad, so compared with people in the end of the law, Kimura and Shu’s thoughts are more inclusive. If the netizen in front of him has done a lot of evil, then he will naturally not let it go, but if the other party has not harmed human beings, then Kimura and Shu may not be able to let each other go.

This is different from good ghosts.

In the era of the end of the law where cultivation is impossible, when encountering a ghost, you can only complete the other party’s obsession as soon as possible, and then absorb the spiritual energy. Because over time, the ghost’s thinking will be distorted and gradually become an evil ghost.

But thinking monsters, like humans, have good and bad.

“I…seem to be unable to…” The bride frowned, but she also noticed that other people around the adults were looking at her with fear. After thinking about it for a while, she thought, and the next moment the little spiders scattered all around turned into blue smoke, which was sucked into her belly. Then, the bride looked at Kimura Kazuki with innocent eyes, and she said pitifully, “Sir, are you here to kill me?”

“It depends on everything you’ve done before.”


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