The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 283: Sword of Damos


Chapter 283 The Sword of Damos Yundao Shrine has been established for more than a thousand years, but the Sakagami Village at the foot of the mountain has always been populated by dozens of households. It’s not that Sakagami Village is unwilling to expand, but that Sakagami Village has been cursed since its ancestors sealed the Demon God.

Every baby born is fed on blood. I vomited as long as I drank milk.

As I grow up, I naturally have the ability to see at night. Although I yearn for the light psychologically, I hate the day physically. Because of the curse, Sakagami Village has been closed to the village. And the whole curse can’t be told to outsiders, otherwise, as long as you open your mouth, you will surely die from the backflow of blood in your whole body, which is extremely terrifying.

This strange phenomenon is like the sword of Damocles hanging above the head. The mountain-like pressure has crushed the people of Sakagami Village for generations.

Until modern times, the people of Sakagami Village finally started to resist. In other words, this is not the first time to resist, but several times, dozens of times.

In the past thousand years, the village of Sakagami has actually resisted. But they were all persuaded by the onmyoji and priestesses of Yundao Shrine.

However, passed down from generation to generation, the onmyoji and witches of Yundao Shrine have long forgotten their original intentions. This is not because the onmyoji and witches of Yundao Shrine have different intentions, but they are bewitched by the threat of the devil.

The first generation of Onmyoji in charge of Yundao Shrine is the most powerful Onmyoji in Sakagami Village, but the inheritance of cultivation will eventually be broken. The Onmyoji and witches of Yundao Shrine were all selected by Sakagami Village, but Sakagami Village, which has maintained a population of dozens of households, has at most about 200 people!

In the age of sparse spiritual energy, it is very difficult for more than 200 people to appear a person with cultivation qualifications. But even if there is no cultivation qualification, each generation of Yundao Shrine’s Onmyoji will continue to select people from the village for inheritance when their birthday is approaching. This inheritance, in addition to ensuring the continuous cultivation of the law, also let the inherited Onmyoji know that Yundao Shrine suppressed the demon gods.

When suppressing, there is no need for the Onmyoji to do anything, as long as the seal is checked every day and there is no abnormality. Because the seal of the demon **** is the jade of the four souls with the purest power in the world.

The shikigami of Yundao Shrine has been guarding Yundao Shrine. It’s just that if the Onmyoji is just an ordinary person, then the inheritance shikigami will always fall into a deep sleep, until the onmyoji who can cultivate appears, can the inheritance shikigami be driven.

So when Yundao Shrine was under the control of onmyoji who had no strength and were no different from ordinary people, these onmyoji and witches had been living in Yundao Shrine, and they had to check the seal status every day. influenced. In addition, it is more difficult to find onmyoji who can practice, so Yundao Shrine has been controlled by ordinary onmyoji and witches for most of the thousand years, and these ordinary people have long been Bewitched, bewildered.

It’s just that even if you are bewitched, it won’t affect the seal.

The curse of Yundao Shrine made the people of Sakagami Village themselves evil beings. Therefore, the Jade of the Four Souls also has a strong deterrent effect on the people of Sakagami Village.

But even so, a year ago, the Jade of the Four Souls was destroyed.

After being sealed for so long, the Demon God was in a state of sleep most of the time. After the Jade of Four Souls was destroyed, it parasitized on Otome Sakagami. During the school year, Sakagami Otome took classes during the day and sucked blood all over Tokyo at night. And she is very cautious, every time she **** the blood of homeless people, even if these homeless people die, no one cares.

As for the fact that she finally sucked her boyfriend Koizumi Qingyi, it was also because she returned to the village this time, she would use the energy in the jade of the four souls to restore her strength, and she would not go to school after that.

It’s just that the Jade of the Four Souls has obviously been taken by Kimura and Shu, and depending on the situation, these people are not in Yundao Shrine, and there is no breath in the village. Did you go back already?

Otome Sakagami couldn’t help thinking, if she came to investigate Yundao Shrine, got the Jade of the Four Souls, and learned that the Demon God had broken the seal, I’m afraid she would also leave?

Sakagami Otome’s face was uncertain.

Without the huge energy inside the Jade of Four Souls, she would be very slow to recover.

While Sakagami Otome was thinking, she, who was controlling the puppet, saw a middle-aged man holding an umbrella up the mountain. Seeing this, Sakagami Otome moved in her heart. She knew this person, the son of the village chief of Sakagami Village.

The other party went up the mountain in the daytime, obviously wanting to confirm that Kimura and Shu and the others were still there.

The curse of Sakagami Village is known only to the people in the village. Recently, a ceremony to lift the curse is being held, so outsiders are naturally not allowed to be present. So this is why Grandma Sakagami revealed the Jade of the Four Souls, in order to let Kimura and Shu and others get the Jade of the Four Souls, and then leave quickly.

Sakagami Otome, hiding behind a tree, looked at the middle-aged man. At this time, the other side was pale. Now August is the hottest season. Even in the morning, the scorching sun is enough to dry people. Ordinary people would not go out at such a time, let alone people in Sakagami Village. The scorching sun is the strongest poison to the people of Sakagami Village. Even with an umbrella, the heat made the middle-aged man feel as if he was about to evaporate.

He was shaky, gritted his teeth and rushed towards Yundao Shrine, scolding Kimura and Shu and others in his heart, who happened to come to Sakashang Village at this time. .

He was rushing towards Yunshima Shrine, apparently not noticing the approaching Otome Sakagami behind him.

The next moment, the middle-aged man’s body trembled. He lowered his head and watched a rough arm pierce his body directly. Subconsciously, he put both hands on this hand. His whole body trembled, and when the sun umbrella with his fingers fell to the the middle-aged man was covered in the scorching sun, he only had time to turn his head to look behind him, and he was illuminated by the scorching sun. He felt unwell and wanted to avoid the sun.

“Uncle Zhicheng…”

For a moment, the middle-aged man looked at the puppet controlled by Otome Sakagami, and spoke incredulously. The next second, the middle-aged man felt that his neck was bitten, and when he opened his mouth, he was about to cry out, but his mouth was suddenly covered. In the midst of the intense pain, after a while, the middle-aged man’s entire body was directly reduced to ashes.

Sakagami Otome looked at this scene indifferently, she frowned and spit out a mouthful of blood, “This blood really stinks.”

Uncle Zhicheng in the middle-aged population is the puppet she controls.

The puppet’s full name is Naoki Sakagami, the last Onmyoji of Yundao Shrine. As the onmyoji of Yundao Shrine, Sakagami Naocheng naturally cannot let the villagers of Sakagami break the seal, but the villagers of Sakagami have obviously been driven to the point of madness and cannot live a normal life. Let the villagers know that if this continues, their son Children and grandchildren will not be able to stand out.

Plus this is modern society, not ancient times. Banshang Village will be exposed sooner or later. If the curse cannot be lifted, it is better to destroy the village, and the descendants of the province will suffer.

Breaking the curse is the will of the entire Sakagami Village.

Sakagami Naoki wanted to keep the rules of Yundao Shrine, but in the end, he had to be sacrificed.


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