The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 282: Otome Sakagami


This hare was bitten for five minutes.

Kimura Kazuki just stared blankly for five minutes. He just saw that he wanted to subdue the other party first, and then forced him to ask. But after thinking about it, the situation of the other party should be related to the so-called custom. Obviously, this so-called custom may not be the case. It was the villagers of Banshang Village who had problems with their constitutions.

These are some of the things that Kimura Kazuki thought of during these few minutes.

However, whether it is true or not depends on the situation of the person in front of him. He intends to follow each other to see the situation.

However, just as Kimura Kazuki was thinking, he felt a look. Looking up, the figure was staring at him at this time, the whites of his eyes had long since disappeared, full of blood. Only the dark eyes in the middle remained normal.

“This guy is out of his mind.” Thinking of this, Kimura and Shu also wondered, “How did he perceive me”

You must know that just now he has restrained his breath to the extreme. Even if He Maosheng is here, he is confident that the other party will not be able to find him. But the figure in front of him, after eating the hare, turned his gaze to himself for the first time, which was too keen.

“Does the other party rely on smell, not sight”

But it doesn’t make sense. His breath is restrained, and the smell of his whole body is integrated into the environment. How could such a flaw be revealed

Don’t wait for him to think about it, just when he thought the other party was going to attack him. Unexpectedly, the figure glanced at him, turned and ran.

Unpredictable, Kimura and Shu stayed for a while. The next moment, he hurriedly chased after him, but his eyes swept away, his face was ugly, and he disappeared

The other party’s speed is not fast, although the two are more than 30 meters away. But at his speed, it only takes a moment to catch up with the opponent. But before he started chasing, the other party disappeared without a trace

I finally sensed a chance and slipped away in my own hands. Kimura and Shu felt a sense of frustration in their hearts. He carefully probed the surroundings, and when the morning light showed, he did not find the figure. And after a night of activities, he didn’t eat anything, and his stomach was too hungry.

When Kimura Kazuki returned to Yundao Shrine, he saw He Maosheng at the door and was about to knock on the door. When he saw him coming back, he couldn’t help but startled, “Your Excellency Kimura, didn’t you rest last night?”

Kimura Kazuki pondered for a while, but he didn’t hide what happened in the middle of the night, he told He Maosheng truthfully. The other party is older than himself and has a wide range of knowledge, so he might know something.

However, when He Maosheng learned about it, he was also surprised. Seeing Kimura Kazuki, he shook his head slightly, “If you just eat flesh and blood for a living, there are some monsters in this world. But they can disappear without a trace under your attention. I don’t know about such creatures. .”

He Maosheng obviously knew that what Kimura Kazuki wanted to ask was not the speciality of the figure eating flesh and blood, but why it disappeared without a trace in a moment under his observation, and even the breath disappeared.

“Go down and take a look”

“Okay” He Maosheng nodded in response. Hearing what Kimura Kazuki just said, he obviously also sensed something was wrong with Sakagami Village. Especially the figure in Kimura and Shukou made him very curious

Then He Maosheng and Kimura Kazuki woke up Chunyang and the others. They met that figure in the middle of the night. Although they didn’t know its strength, Kimura Kazuki didn’t dare to let Chunyang stay in this place. It happened that he was hungry too, and he wanted to go out of the village to eat something first.

After a few people cleaned up and washed a little, they went down the mountain.

When I came to Sakagami Village, I found that there were still people in action. Seeing this, the footsteps of several people paused slightly, and the pace became slow. After the scorching sun appeared, the village where there were pedestrians just now looked like a dead village, which made Chunyang feel a little weird.

And Kimura Kazuki was walking while exploring with his divine sense. He remembered the **** smell last night. If the figure was really from Sakagami Village, even if the mouth was cleaned, it would still leave a little smell.

But when he circled the entire Sakagami Village, he didn’t notice the **** smell of the rabbit.

Kimura and Shu and others didn’t know it, when they were walking out of the village. On the halfway of Yundao Mountain, a pair of arms broke out from the wet ground, and then a figure slowly sat up. If Kimura Kazuki was here, he would be able to recognize the person in front of him at a glance, it was the figure in the middle of the night.

The figure has gray hair, a strong face, and a strong body. After he got up, he looked at the Yundao Shrine on the top of the mountain, and walked towards the mountain step by step.

After arriving at Yundao Shrine, he sensed that there was no human breath. Slightly disappointed in his eyes, he walked towards the stone house, quickly twisted the mechanism, entered the tunnel directly, and came to the side of the water pool. He jumped in without saying a word.

He stayed under the pool for nearly half an hour before he emerged from the water.

“The Jade of the Four Souls is gone. It seems that it was taken away by Kimura-kun and the others.” Although the figure is male, it is shocking that the voice is a clear female voice, and this voice is impressive. It was Otome Sakagami, “Without the huge energy of the Jade of Four Souls, how could my wish come true”

Although Grandma Sakagami hoped that Kimura Kazuki and others would take away the Jade of the Four Souls, so as to implement Sakagami Village’s plan to lift the curse, Otome Sakagami also agreed with her grandma after Kimura Kazuki left last night.

But in fact, Otome Sakagami’s expectation was to get the Jade of the Four Souls by herself. She knew that the Jade of the Four Souls was in the pool before. But at that time, her power was not strong enough to touch the Jade of the Four Souls, otherwise, with her evil body, as long as she touches it, she will perish.

This is also the reason why Grandma Sakagami wanted Kimura Kazuki to take away the Jade of the Four Souls.

As for the legend that evil people will become wraiths if they get the Jade of the Four Souls, they are all fabricated.

The Jade of the Four Souls is the purest power in the world, and any demons who touch it will turn into ashes. Without strong enough power, if you want to control the Four Soul Jade, even the damaged Four Soul Jade will be backlashed.

And Sakagami Village has long been cursed, and all the villagers have become monsters that haunt the night and feed on blood. Over the years, they have tried their best to lift this curse, but all the methods have no effect. In the end, they put their hope on the demon **** sealed by Yundao Shrine. In their opinion, it was this demon **** who made them look like this, which was recorded by the ancestors.

Then it is necessary to tie the bell to the bell. The people of Sakagami village coerced the Onmyoji and the shrine maiden of Yundao Shrine to destroy the jade of the four souls and want to communicate with the demon god.

But after the seal was broken a little bit, although there was something strange, the people in Sakagami Village did not see the so-called demons

For a moment, they just felt cheated

But I don’t know that the demon **** has already parasitized a girl, this girl is Sakagami Otome.

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