The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 277: 4 Soul Jade


Kimura Kazuki entered the tunnel first, with a cautious face.

Although he is confident that his strength has reached its peak in Japan, reaching a certain peak. But Yundao Shrine has a history of more than a thousand years, and the sealed Demon God also has a history of more than a thousand years.

It has been sealed for more than a thousand years and can still break the seal. Although it is possible that the seal itself has been loosened, more than a thousand years have passed, and the Demon God still has the ability to destroy the seal. Obviously, it should not be underestimated.

After entering the tunnel, Kimura and the tree looked up and down, stepped on it, and the dust overflowed. There were cobwebs all around, and apparently no one had come to this place for a long time.

Without taking two steps, a light came from behind. Turning his head, Fei Niao was holding a talisman.

Asuka smiled, “This is a lighting talisman, a talisman can light up for an hour.” He handed the talisman to Kimura Kazushu.

Taking the talisman, Kimura and Shu quickened their pace. He didn’t worry about any organs. After all, this place was used to seal the demon gods. For generations, only people from Yundao Shrine could enter. People from Yundao Shrine should not set up organs in the tunnel. If the seal is broken, the mechanism is useless. Of course, just in case he was still swept away by his consciousness, through the walls on both sides, he didn’t notice any movement.

Soon, the group descended the stone stairs. From the ground to the bottom of the tunnel, it is about seventy or eighty meters.

Come on, there is no need for a lighting talisman, it will have its own light.

Looking around, there are pillar lamps on the surrounding stone walls. I don’t know what material the wick inside the lamp is made of, and it has not been extinguished until now.

He Maosheng seemed to feel the doubts of Kimura Kazuki, he smiled, “The inside of the pole lamp is a wick made of firefly grass. The firefly grass is ignited with spiritual power. If you don’t move it, it can burn for two years. “

It turned out to be firefly.

Hearing this reputation, Kimura and Shu nodded lightly. There were a lot of these things in the era of aura recovery, and they were also used for lighting.

Walking along the pole lamp, the group soon came to the end. The entire underground passage is not large, and it is very simple, except for the pillar lamps that are scattered on the ground, and even rats cannot enter this place.

And when Kimura Kazuki saw a pool of water at the end of the passage, the familiarity suddenly reappeared, and he suddenly remembered something. Kimura and Shu’s expressions changed slightly. Isn’t this place the scene he saw from the fragment of the other party’s information when he killed the bat-shaped God of Mourning?

At the beginning, he guessed that the bat Fusang God should be used to suppress and seal something… I didn’t expect it to be a proverb, and it really is.

However, from the information fragments, the bat Fushangshen should be too afraid of the things in the pool, so he ran away.

The water pool in front of me is green. It was originally arranged around the water pool. The ropes surrounding the water pool are also scattered on the water pool. Kimura Kazuki didn’t feel any crisis, and it was obviously very likely that the demon **** in the seal had already escaped.

Thinking of this, Kimura and Shu felt disappointed. He looked at the deep pool, his heart moved, the sun and moon sword in his hand turned into a blue light, and rushed directly towards the depth of the pool, splashing a splash of water.

Seeing this, He Maosheng’s expression changed slightly, “Swordsmanship?”

This is the first time He Maosheng has seen Kimura Kazuki make a move. Although he has met several times before, he just feels that the other party is very strong.

He didn’t pay attention to the Jade Dragon Banner in the past, but Kimura Kazuki participated in the competition, so he took a look at this year’s Jade Dragon Banner, and the opponent did use the Yagyu Feijian flow. This style of swordsmanship was recorded by the He Mao family, and even the names of the moves were well known.

So He Maosheng knows that Kimura Kazuki is indeed the descendant of Yagyu Feijian style. But Liu Sheng Yixin’s life has reached the end of his life, but after all, he can’t reach the realm of the sixth rank of Sword Intent. Therefore, even if Kimura Kazuki gets the inheritance of Liusheng Feijian Liu, it is impossible for him to have such strength at such a young age.

But now Kimura Kazuki is using the swordsmanship, which surprises Kazuma.

After all, Japan is separated from China by a strip of water, and He Maosheng also has an understanding of swordsmanship. He didn’t expect that Kimura Kazuki would actually use the sword-fighting technique. Could it be that Kimura Kazuki is not a descendant of Liusheng Feijian Liu, but inherited from China?

While He Maosheng was thinking, the Sun Moon Sword had circled around the bottom of the water pool, then rushed straight up and returned to Kimura and Shu. The next moment, the thing wrapped by the Sun Moon Sword paused in the air, and the next moment fell into the hands of Kimura and Shu.

Before he could see what was in his hand, Kimura Kazuki felt a smooth and silky touch, and when he fixed his eyes, it was a bead full of cracks.

The beads are transparent and surrounded by a purple aura.

“The Jade of the Four Souls!” He Maosheng came to Kimura Kazuki, and when he saw this bead, he couldn’t help but exclaimed in a low voice.

Hearing the name, Asuka and Mei also came over. They looked at the beads in the hands of Kimura and Shu, and said in shock, “It’s really the jade of the four souls!”

Chun Yang looked curiously and didn’t speak. After all, she didn’t know anything, and she followed the senior all the way, except for her experience, she didn’t help anything.

“What is this jade of four souls?” Chun Yang asked curiously.

Not only Chuno, but Kimura Kazuki is also curious. Seeing He Maosheng’s surprised expression, he couldn’t help but care.

To make He Maosheng, who has always been calm and calm, act like this, this Jade of Four Souls is obviously a good thing.

“It’s a pity, it’s a pity!” He Maosheng looked at the four-soul jade full of cracks, his tone was lost, “The function of the four-soul jade is powerful, as I expected, it is not bad, this thing is obviously used to suppress the demon **** It is used. Now the seal is forced, the jade of the four souls is damaged, obviously the demon has escaped.” Speaking of which, He Maosheng’s face was solemn, what is the demon, whether it is an evil spirit, a resentful spirit, or Fu Sang God, they all do not know. Only the people of Yundao Shrine understand, but now the Onmyoji and the priestess of Yundao Shrine have been wiped out.

When he sighed, seeing the curiosity of Kimura Kazuki and Chunyang, He Maosheng explained without hesitation, “The jade of four souls was transformed from the soul of a powerful witch named Cuizi in ancient times after her death. stuff.”

“The relic?” These words made Kimura Kazuki’s expression congeal.

He Maosheng was stunned when he heard the words, then he shook his head and said, “The Jade of the Four Souls is not similar to the relic, it is a unique existence. In ancient times, Cuizi, as a witch, subdued and hunted many evil spirits in her life. , resentful spirits and monsters. The evil spirits and resentful spirits that have been subdued have been suppressed by it all the time. Cuizi always wanted to guide these resentful spirits to be kind, but unfortunately she did not do it before her death. So before her death, she put her soul After merging with the souls of those evil spirits and resentful spirits, and after destroying these resentful spirits, this piece of soul crystal, the jade of four souls, is finally formed.”


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