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The group quickly reached the top of Genting Mountain, and when they came up, they saw a dilapidated shrine.

The shrine is not big and belongs to the small and medium-sized shrine.

Before entering the shrine, you must pass through the torii gate.

But the gate-shaped torii in front of me has long been worn away by wind and rain. The two red pillars that fix the torii have revealed the white wood inside, and the whole is pitted. The pillar on the right has completely collapsed to the ground, without the support of the pillar on the right, from the sky, the entire torii fell to the ground, in the shape of a large boomerang.

He Maosheng stepped forward, looked at the Zhulian rope that fell on the ground, checked it a little, then sighed and shook his head, “The Zhulian rope has been completely destroyed, and the barrier of Yundao Shrine has been broken.”

Generally, shrines with Onmyoji are equipped with enchantments. The enchantment is set up on the torii gate with the thread as the guide. In addition to generating enchantments, it is also to prevent disasters from passing through.

The so-called disaster refers to some unclean things.

“Judging from the damage of the torii gate, the seal of Yundao Shrine has been broken, it should have been half a year,” Kimura Kazuki said suspiciously, “After more than half a year, what if the suppressed Demon God had already escaped? do”

“If we run away, then we can only explain the situation to the ghost Fuming Palace.” He Maosheng smiled bitterly, “I am afraid that a team will be set up to investigate and deal with this matter.”

He Maosheng, Japan’s great onmyoji, the **** and ghost Fuming Palace asked the other party to come over, mainly to understand the situation of Yundao Shrine. But although He Maosheng is powerful, he has always been a cautious person, so he wants to invite others to investigate with him. Of course, if there is any benefit, it is naturally distributed according to work.

If you can’t find anything, it’s just a waste of time.

Although Yundao Shrine is reported to the gods and ghosts Fuming Palace, it has always been outside the circle of Japanese onmyoji. And it was discovered that the destruction of Yundao Shrine was only discovered when a witch from the **** Fuming Palace came to visit a friend. When the witch saw that, she did not enter the investigation, but notified the gods and ghosts Fuming Palace as soon as possible.

The other party obviously knew that Yundao Shrine suppressed the demon gods, so he did not go deep into the shrine to his death.

“According to the gods and ghosts Fuming Palace, it should have been a year since Yundao Shrine was destroyed.” He Maosheng sighed, “In this case, the gods and ghosts Fuming Palace should have been notified earlier, unfortunately” /

Now Yundao Shrine is empty, and apparently the onmyoji and witches in the shrine have all suffered.

Chun Yang was on the side, looking at the horrific scene, he couldn’t help but said, “Why didn’t the people of Sakagami rebuild the shrine? According to what you just said, Grandpa Kamo, this Yundao Shrine should be guarded by the Sakagami family for generations. Repression is the right thing to do.”

“Because after the onmyoji and the witches of Yundao Shrine were destroyed, the inheritance of the Sakagami family was cut off.” He Maosheng did not speak. Looking, “The inheritance of Yundao Shrine is that each generation of onmyoji or witches selects qualified people in Sakagami Village, and then carefully teaches them. After that, he takes over the responsibility of suppressing the demon god, so now the villagers of Sakagami Village do not know Yundao Shrine. What is it? They only know that there is a Yundao Shrine on Yundao Mountain, that’s all.”

“So it is.” Chun Yang suddenly realized.

Ordinary villagers in Sakagami Village had no idea what Yundao Shrine was for, and thought it was just an ordinary shrine. Coupled with the closed-door village, the village is extremely backward and poor. The Yundao Shrine looks like this now. If you want to rebuild the Yundao Shrine, it is estimated that every household will need to pay for the reconstruction. But the roads built by Banshang Village are all gravel roads, not cement roads. If they pay for rebuilding Yundao Shrine, no one will do it.

Perhaps the first generation of Sakagami villagers knew about the responsibilities of Yundao Shrine, but now more than a thousand years have passed, and I am afraid that only the onmyoji and priestesses of Yundao Shrine know about it.

They wouldn’t take the initiative to tell people in the village, after all, it would cause panic.

Hearing this, Kimura Kazuki looked forward, and the entire shrine had collapsed. However, this scene made him feel familiar.

Thinking, Kimura Kazuki came to the front of the shrine. Although the shrine in front of you has been completely damaged, you can still vaguely see what it looked like before it was destroyed.

And this scene made the familiarity in his mind a little more.

“Where is the place where Yundao Shrine suppressed the seal”

“It still has to be searched.” He Maosheng looked helpless.

“Okay, then let’s look for each other separately.” Kimura Kazuki pulled Chunyang and instructed, “Follow me.”

“Yeah” Chunyang responded heavily, while Guqiao Yingjiu couldn’t help pouting when she saw her daughter’s excitement.

He Maosheng naturally had no objection, and he also let Asuka and Mei follow him. Although it takes longer to find the seal in this way, it is also safer.

And Yundao Shrine itself is not big, so it doesn’t take much effort to investigate.

In half an hour, a white Qianzhihe flew over. Under Chunyang’s curious eyes, Qianzhihe suddenly said, “Lord Kimura, the seal point has been found. Please come with me”

Listen to the sound, it’s a bird.

Chun Yang’s eyes flickered with love, apparently Qian Zhihe was able to send messages, and this ability made her yearn for it.

Kimura and Shu didn’t say a word, just followed After a few minutes, the two came to a room. Unlike Yundao Shrine, although this house is a stone house, it is intact.

As soon as they entered the door, they saw He Maosheng and the three of them, and the thousand paper crane flew into Fei Niao’s hands, turned into a yellow talisman, and was carefully put away by Fei Niao. Seeing Chunyang’s gaze, Fei Niao smiled and said in a showy tone, “This is the Thousand Paper Crane Talisman, which is used to communicate news. However, the defect is also obvious, the communication distance is too short, and I am still studying it. How can the Thousand Paper Crane Talisman be able to communicate thousands of miles.”

Thousand-paper crane talisman is obviously a bit tasteless in modern times. After all, as long as you have a mobile phone, you can complete the thousand-paper crane talisman. But the Thousand Paper Crane Talisman was developed by Asuka, so he would show it off when he was free.

Mei next to her was speechless.

“Here is it” Kimura and Shudao didn’t have any special interest in the Thousand Paper Crane Talisman. He had seen a lot of talismans, and there were talismans with any effect. In front of him, the birds are completely insignificant.

“The residence of the onmyoji of Yundao Shrine in all dynasties.” He Maosheng stood at a table, he bent slightly, held a dusty wooden lamp on the table, and twisted it slightly.

The next moment, Kimura Kazuki saw that the whole table was sinking. In less than a while, a passage leading to the ground was revealed.

The mechanism is obvious, but Kimura Kazuki also knows that the Onmyoji of Yundao Shrine is probably living here to suppress the devil at all times. In addition, the onmyoji outside are not very likely to come, so even if the mechanism is obvious, outsiders will not know.

Kimura Kazuki and Kazuo Kazuo looked at each other and then spoke first, “I’ll go first.”

He Maosheng nodded, not polite.

He is the Onmyoji, and Kimura Kazuki is the sword repairer.

According to the Japanese monk circle, it is an unspoken rule that swordsmen take the lead.

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