The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 267: Go to Kyoto


As Chiba Shiori said, when Kimura and Shu contacted Yuma Tsukahara and the others, they agreed without saying a word.

Actually, there is a reason for Tsukahara and the others to agree so quickly. In addition to the group [Juggernaut Concentration Camp], these guys have another small group. This small group is called [Future House Owner]. Of course, Kazuki Tsukahara and Yayoi Momoi are not in it, but they all know that there is this group. Sometimes Tsukahara Yuma will also talk about interesting things in this group. He is a candidate for the patriarch of the major families in the ancient kendo world. There are not only members of the youth group, but also the youth group and the adult group.

At the time of the Jade Dragon Banner Competition, there were people in the [Future Patriarch] group who wondered which rank Kimura and Shu belonged to. Because many people can’t see the strength of Kimura Kazuki, and Ito Shi said a little in it.

“I have been with Kimura-kun for a long time. From my point of view, the other party has at least the strength of the fourth dan of Sword Intent.”

When I said this, many people didn’t quite believe it. After all, many people knew about Ito Shi, and this guy likes to brag. But there are also many people who are surprised. After all, Ito Shi is indeed the one who knows Kimura Kazuki best, and he would rather believe it than not.

A group named X was established, and after Kimura Kazuki added Yuma Tsukahara and several friends, they brought all of them in.

Forget it, add myself, Shiori Chiba, and Chuno. Ito Shi, Tsukahara Yuma, Kazuki, Yayoi, Tomoya and Yagyu Shizui, a total of nine people. This number is just right, almost there!

The newly established group is always the most lively.

After asking everyone to note the group nickname with the real name, Saito Tomo also couldn’t help it. He sent a dog licking emoji, “Kayue is also here.”

“Oh! Yayoi is also there.” Not only Saito Tomiya, but Tsukahara Yuma also discovered Momoi Yayoi.

The two are looking forward to this group even more.

Kimura Kazuki ignored the high emotions of the two, and he will leave Shiori Chiba to take care of him. And just as he was about to leave, Chiba Shiori suddenly said, “Would you like to pull that Earth Spirit in?”

After a while, Kimura Kazuki pondered for a while, “I’ll consider it.” He didn’t think of it before, but now after Chiba Shiori’s reminder, it is indeed a good proposal.

Water Purifying Earth Spirit is a special creature, and the opponent’s ability is also relatively special. Can provide a powerful auxiliary effect. However, he didn’t know if the Pure Water Earth Spirit would agree.

After saying goodbye to Shiori Chiba, Kazuki Kimura went straight home.

After a few days, the teacher finally completed the revision of the test paper. Chunyang and the others held the test papers with a bitter look. Only Qiu Nao looked relaxed, and was not hit by his own achievements. She looked at her two older sisters and one younger sister pitifully, and couldn’t help feeling sad for the low IQs of the three.

Born by one mother, why is there such a big difference?

July 21st is a holiday. After the school holiday, we were greeted with cheers from the students. On the second day after the results came out, Chunyang and others came out of the blow of the results. There is no way, every exam is like this. They are used to it. They can’t cry if they want to cry.

July 22, this is the day the senior made an appointment with himself.

Chun Yang woke up early in the morning. Looking at the time, it was only after five o’clock, and she was a little embarrassed. She continued to lie down for a while, and found that she couldn’t sleep, so she washed up and got up.

Because it was summer vacation, she didn’t wake Xia Wei and the others.

After getting up, taking a shower, exercising in the morning, and having breakfast, it was already seven o’clock. After changing clothes for more than an hour, Chunyang swears that this is the first time she has dressed up carefully. You must know that as a kendo player, she has no time to dress up and make up, everything is mainly about efficiency.

After applying a little sunscreen, Chunyang checked the time, it was already 8:30. It’s almost time to meet up with the seniors.

Chun Yang put some changed clothes in the suitcase and dragged them out. She never told her sisters that she was going to Kyoto with the senior, so when the time comes, she will make a statement to them in the group when she arrives in Kyoto.

Soon, Chunyang came to the station, arrived at the agreed place, and saw Kimura Kazuki standing upright and attracting attention.

The main reason for the attention is that he is holding a wooden knife in his hand.

Seeing the slender wooden knife, Chunyang remembered the first time she met with the senior and the scene of being reprimanded by him, which made her smile knowingly.

“Senior, wait a long time.”

Kimura Kazuki looked at Chunyang, he was in a good mood today, he smiled and said, “Just arrived, have you eaten breakfast?”

“I’ve eaten.” Chun Yang said with a big smile, “There’s still half an hour to get on the bus, let’s just find a place to sit.”


Listening to the senior’s response, Chun Yang’s eyes were disappointed. Obviously, the senior didn’t realize that he was wearing casual clothes today, but he was well-dressed.

When I came to the cafe next to the station, Chunyang ordered a random cup of coffee, while Kimura Kazuki asked for a cup of water.

Kimura Kazuki looked at Chunyang and asked bluntly, “Have you been practicing your sword skills recently? Has it fallen?”

“No!” Chun Yang shook her She has practiced since childhood, and she has already developed a habit. She is not used to swordsmanship without practicing for an hour or two every day.

Kimura Kazuki glanced at Chunyang, he said calmly, “I don’t think your strength has improved much recently.” Witnessing Chunyang’s two improvement in the Jade Dragon Banner competition, he made him feel good about Chunyang. requirements are a bit harsh.

Chun Yang is obviously a little aggrieved, “Senior, I have already mastered all the basic moves of Liusheng Feijian Liu. Moreover, I have also been diligently practicing the sword-drawing technique on the sun day. I feel that my strength has been enhanced recently.”

Kimura Kazuki nodded, knowing that he couldn’t be too hasty. After taking a sip of water, he said directly, “When I arrive in Kyoto, I will let someone inspire the power of your blood, and then let you sign a contract with a ghost, and let that ghost become your guardian spirit.”


“That is, Shikigami.”

“Shikigami?” Chun Yang’s eyes lit up, she knew that Shikigami is the exclusive use of Onmyoji, “Senior, do you want me to become an Onmyoji?”

“Onmyoji and sword cultivators are actually a kind of profession, you don’t have to stick to the form.” Kimura Kazuki said lightly, “With Shikigami, you are an onmyoji, but you are also a sword cultivator, everything depends on your strength. Lord.” He glanced at the excited Chun Yang, paused and said, “This ghost is a bit special. I hope you can restrain yourself when you see it later.”

Hearing this, Chunyang said confidently, “Is it possible to sign a contract with the ghost, there will be pain? Don’t worry, senior, I will hold back!”

Obviously, Chunyang misunderstood something.

Opening his mouth, Kimura Kazuki didn’t say much.

I hope that when Chunyang sees her mother, she will not be too rude.

Half an hour later, Kimura Kazuki and Chunyang entered the station and got on the Xingan Line. After more than two hours, they resisted Kyoto.


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