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“Give this to me”

Shiori Chiba asked curiously.

“That’s right.” Kimura Kazuki nodded affirmatively, he could see Shiori Chiba’s doubts, “This is for your self-defense.”

Shiori Chiba opened her mouth, but hesitated. What she wants to say is that she is just an ordinary person, living in the world of ordinary people, I am afraid that these talismans will not be used at all. She felt that it was better to keep these talismans in Heshu’s hands.

Kimura Kazuki of course knew what Chiba Shiori was thinking, he pondered for a while, and then said directly, “The aggressive talisman is only the icing on the cake for me now.”

His current realm strength, humbly speaking, should be close to the top 100 in the world, but in terms of combat power, he may be in the top three. Such things as fire talismans basically have no effect on him. Of course, the lightning charm is still useful. After all, it is a charm that can only be drawn in the transcendence realm, so he also kept spares, and he only gave two to Chiba Shiori, just in case there are no spares.

On the contrary, some functional talismans are of great use to him, like the previous tracking talismans.

Seeing Shiori Chiba was about to speak, but Kimura Kazuki directly interrupted, “I plan to form a small group, most of which are monks, I don’t know if you want to join”

At this moment, Shiori Chiba suddenly realized, she said with a little joy, “In other words, I can also deal with those resentful spirits with you in the future. These talismans are just for me.”

“No.” Kimura Kazuki gave each other a strange look, he shook his head, and repeated, “These talismans are for your self-defense.” He asked Chiba Shiori to join the small group, but It’s not for the other party to take risks, and he won’t let a girl who doesn’t have any force remove the spirit with him.

In the future, I will really eliminate spirits in the form of a team, so Shiori Chiba must be at the rear. When you encounter strange things, you can help everyone refer to it. After solving the problem, you can review it with Chiba Shiori’s IQ and summarize the experience.

He took Chiba Shiori into the small team, which is to use Chiba Shiori’s IQ. It’s not that the weak woman who can’t hold the other party’s hands is not the one to take risks.

When Kimura Kazuki bluntly explained, Chiba Shiori was quite speechless, but also had a sense of excitement. She has done so much before, why isn’t it just to gain Heshu’s approval? Now that Heshu has formed a small team and can think of herself, then her previous busy work will not be in vain.

Although he only acts as a think tank, he is completely recognized by Heshu.

If I hadn’t made a plan before and expressed myself, Kazushu would still notice myself and think of myself when I was about to form a small team

I’m afraid not, she thought for sure.

“You want to form a team, are you looking for Ito Shi and the others?”

Hearing this, Kimura and Shu looked at each other in amazement, he nodded, “Yes, you guessed it”

Shiori Chiba sipped her lipstick tea slightly, squinted her eyes and said, “It doesn’t mean that you have to build a team after participating in the Jade Dragon Banner Competition. Then someone must have caught your eye, otherwise, If the number of people is not enough, even if you have this idea, you will not be able to implement it.”

Kimura Kazuki has taken over. It seems that he really did not find the wrong person. Chiba Shiori’s thinking is indeed very flexible. He nodded and said, “Yes, these people in the Jade Dragon Banner Competition are all elites in the ancient swordsmanship world. However, I haven’t asked them yet, so I don’t know if they want to join.”

“I will definitely join.” Chiba Shiori’s expression is determined, she has now fully understood the role of aura, and she has seen Yuriko gradually lose her memory in front of her, and then turn into a white cloud with red the aura. She saw Kimura Kazuki absorb the spiritual energy with her own eyes. To be honest, when she saw that scene, she couldn’t bear it, and always felt a little cruel.

But soon thought about it. It’s the same truth, people die eventually, they can become ghosts after death, their wishes can be fulfilled, and then they dissipate in the world. Compared with those who can’t become ghosts, they are much luckier.

The ghost can also complete the obsession in the heart. If ordinary people don’t have too strong obsession, they will die when they die

So Chiba Shiori also thought very openly, fulfilling the ghost’s obsession and letting the ghost leave the world satisfied, is actually a good deed in disguise. And the ghost obsession is completed and absorbed into the spiritual energy. This is not the answer to the sentence. Do good people have good rewards? Perhaps, this is the saying that there is God’s will in the dark.

“You told me before that Reiki is the foundation of all cultivation. You are so eager for Reiki, Ito-kun and the others are weaker than you, so they must be more eager.” Chiba Shiori smiled. “So, if you invite them, they will definitely join. You can even invite them now and see how it goes.”

“Okay.” Kimura Kazuki has never been a chasing person. Since Chiba Shiori said so, he directly picked up his mobile phone and started to contact Ito Shi and the others.

“Ito Shi, I plan to form a small team of about ten people. The main purpose of the team is to help and remove spirits. Are you interested in joining”

At the moment of “Join and I will join the boss”, Ito Shi replied in seconds, and the names of Kimura and Shu had changed. He typed excitedly at home, “What is the name of the team?” /

Kimura Kazuki was stunned for a moment. He was quite puzzled by the excitement he could see from Ito Shi’s reply.

However, Kimura Kazuki didn’t know that his strength in Ito’s eyes was simply unfathomable, and this unfathomable person wanted to form a small team and invited himself to join. If he didn’t agree, wouldn’t he be missing out? good opportunity. As for the treatment after joining, he didn’t ask it at all, he’ll talk about it when he’s advanced.

“I haven’t taken it yet, let’s name it tentatively x.”


Ito was powerless to complain, but he didn’t care about the name at the moment. He asked curiously, “Besides me, who else did you invite, boss?”

“I plan to invite Tsukahara Yuma and the others.”

“Did you talk to them?”

“Not yet.”

“Then leave it to me to invite.”

Seeing this, Kimura Kazuki was alert, and he asked, “What do you want to say to them?”

“Of course, let them pay the tour fee, let’s extort a million dollars.” Ito said triumphantly, “Of course, money is not important. The important thing is to enjoy the thrill of IQ crushing” Obviously, last time Yulongqi betting made him feel another kind of fun. After all, in terms of force, he is indeed not as powerful as Saito Tomoya and Tsukahara Yujin, but his IQ is higher than them, and Ito is also very happy.

Kimura Kazuki was speechless, he believed that Ito was really not for money, but for his own bad taste.

After all, the house in the Weir apartment is given away, and the Yidong family is obviously a local tyrant family.

“I’ll just invite myself, don’t make trouble.”

“Okay.” Ito’s tone was disappointed.

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