The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 256: Miyamoto Yuta


Miyamoto Yuta got this bamboo pencil a year and a half ago, when he was just a dead man and a painter.

Miyamoto Yuta has a mild social phobia, so she doesn’t like going out. In addition, as long as he paints at home, he has his own salary, so Miyamoto Rena and his father have nothing to do with him.

A year and a half ago, he managed to go out once because he went offline.

With a woman.

This is an online dating, with a young lady in the group.

The face-to-face process was very pleasant. Although he stuttered, he still mustered up his courage because he had been dating the young lady online for two years.

That’s why he mustered his courage.

And this bamboo pencil was a gift from the young lady.

This was the first time he received a gift from a girl. At that time, he was immersed in the gentleness of the young lady.

And after they separated, less than half a month later, he lost contact with the young lady. No matter how he contacted him, he couldn’t get in touch with the other party, and the other party left the group and couldn’t be contacted by email.

At that time, he was still worried about what happened to the other party, but after a long time, he realized it.

The other party… despised him, but choosing to retreat in obscurity also left him face. At that time, he was autistic for a while, but he also knew that when he went out, he bowed his head, didn’t know how to match clothes, stammered, had no temperament, timid and lacked self-confidence, how could he be favored by the young lady.

Miyamoto Yu gave up too much, and just a year ago, this pencil appeared strange. That’s when he woke up and found that the bamboo pencil he had placed carefully on the table had a small ball of light above his head.

He was a little dazed at first, and a little scared. I wanted to ask my elder sister or father to come and have a look, but after calling for a long time, I found that neither of them were there… But when he approached, the light group’s ‘boom’ sounded directly into his mind… Before he could panic, The brain absorbed a piece of information, which was how to use the bamboo pencil in front of him.

And he also knows the name of this piece, called Dian Lingbi. Its function is to turn things drawn on paper into reality.

When he really used a stylus to bring the characters in the painting to reality, he was stunned and excited… Countless thoughts flew in his mind. In the end, he used this pen to draw countless cute two-dimensional girls to serve him, but he soon became bored, because the people who were drawn were not at all smart, all of them had dull eyes, and would only follow the instructions and orders. Do.

This also made him complain. Although it is called a spirit pen, the characters drawn have no spirit at all.

Then, he thought of the little sister he was thinking of. Although the characters were not beautiful, the other person was human and gentle, and although he was disappointed with himself, he did not lose face. nice girl. So he continued to draw a lot of scouts with some spirit brushes, and asked these scouts to find the trace of Miss Sister. Although Japan is not big, it is unimaginable for a person. Therefore, it is extremely difficult for Miyamoto Yuta to find a young lady who is dating online.

But Miyamoto Yuta did not know the other party’s home address, but he also knew that the other party lived in Tokyo.

So he just searched for Tokyo. He wants to continue to pursue the other party, to let the other party know that he will definitely become stronger in the future, that he can get some spiritual pen, and that he is the son of destiny, the son of planes, and the absolute protagonist.

You can definitely give each other a better future! Of course, the premise is that the other party does not prevent him from finding other girls.

Although Tokyo is big, the scout drawn by Yuta Miyamoto is only a few millimeters of birds, a scout bird in an animation. He used it to find people, just right.

In just one month, nearly 3,000 scout birds finally found Miss. But what also made Miyamoto Yuta angry was that the other party already had another boyfriend.

After breaking up with him for just over two months, I found my boyfriend again, this Bichi!

Miyamoto Yuta was surprisingly angry. He worked hard and searched for each other day and night, but the other party betrayed him. So at night, he drew an assassin and killed the other’s boyfriend. This was his first murder, but he was very calm. He knew that he was different from other people. The billions of people on the earth were ordinary people, and he stood out from these billions of people and got an adventure.

I am different from everyone else.

Miyamoto Yuta did not kill the young lady because the spirit pen was given by the other party. But he also sent an assassin, the Ghostface Warrior, to silently protect the other party, but if the other party was dating a new man, then the Ghostface Warrior would kill the man silently at night.

If you can’t get the other person, you can’t get anyone else. And because Miss Sister has been in contact with other people, in his opinion, it is already unclean, so it is impossible for him to contact each other again in this life.

At some point, Yuta Miyamoto’s heart has changed dramatically. He can feel it himself sometimes, but he doesn’t think it’s It would be too cowardly if he has such a powerful ability and is as timid as ordinary people.

But just in case, I’m not the most special. So Miyamoto Yuta began to form his own **** team, and for this **** team, he chose Hundred Ghosts.

Japan’s ghost culture and monster culture are deeply rooted in people’s hearts. When Miyamoto Yuta was an artist, he came into contact with it for a while. And the idea of ​​controlling hundreds of ghosts made him excited, even gods couldn’t control hundreds of ghosts, but he could create them and order these monsters, which made him feel a little airy.

So it took Yuta Miyamoto nearly a year to materialize monsters large and small with the power of a pen. Up to now, there are nearly 150 kinds of monsters in the whole house, and he is still creating.

However… Yuta Miyamoto never thought that her own ghosts were so weak that they couldn’t last a round in the hands of the man in front of them, and they all perished.

Although he was terrified, he finally had a touch of spiritual pen in his hands, and the change in his mentality didn’t make him flinch. He instructed the big tengu and Tamamo by his side to step forward, and then he immediately took out a drawing from the drawer in the table, and then used a spiritual pen to inject energy (reiki).

At this moment, Miyamoto Yuta knew that he had to inject a lot of energy, otherwise, if the summoned character was not strong enough, he would definitely be killed.

However, Kimura Kazuki has no intention of letting the other party summon some characters. This is not acting in a movie. When the other party makes a move, they have to wait for the other party to make a move, and then fight for another 300 rounds.

Isn’t this full of food?

So, under his control, Sun Moon Sword directly cut the drawing in Miyamoto Yuta’s hand in half.

“Now, tell me when you have awakened your power.”


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