The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 255: Vulnerable


The confusion in the early days of Reiki cannot be expressed in words. That was a huge chaos for the entire human society.

And the main reason for this confusion is human beings themselves.

An ordinary person, who is reprimanded by the leader all day long, has too much resentment in his heart, and suddenly discovers that he has magical powers, what will he do? This is the obvious thing.

When he first entered the spiritual house, he also investigated the information. It is found that there are many psychological records of such people. Only after these people were arrested and questioned did they know their psychology.

Generally, people think that if the aura revives itself, it awakens its ability, so what is the point of killing a few people? The country definitely needs its own strength. When the time comes to recruit them, they will be honest, and I am afraid that the country will forgive their crimes. The big deal, join a civic organization.

After all, being extraordinary and ordinary people gives them a very strong sense of superiority.

This is a state of mind imbalance. If they can adjust, they are naturally excellent talents, but if they cannot adjust, they will eventually lead to crime.

But the mentality is out of balance to the point of killing people. This kind of person is hopeless.

Of course, there will be talented people with strength and a sense of responsibility. But people’s evil is much more than good, and it is only when they are usually suppressed by reason that they will not be emotional.

That’s why it’s the revival of spiritual energy that can cause so much chaos. Usually the backlog is too long, and the outbreak of one breath almost completely chaotic the order of mankind. Fortunately, the power of the country is strong, and it has been completely suppressed after a few years. Of course, the most important thing is that the aura of spiritual qi recovery is too abundant.

Otherwise, the era of spiritual recovery may come, which may destroy the country and turn the earth into a world dominated by families and sects.

Thinking, Kimura Kazuki continued to ask Miyamoto Yuta, “When did the pen in your hand awaken the power?”

Miyamoto Yuta just wanted to answer, but he also turned around at this time. He said coldly, “Why should I answer. Even if you are an official person, you are too domineering. Did the official let you attract talents? , are they all forced?”

At this time, Miyamoto Yuta still thought that Shiori Chiba and Kazuki Kimura were both from the government. After all, he was so low-key. It is difficult to find the door. In this way, the other party can find him, it must be an official person, otherwise how could he be found.

“I’m not from the special class.” Kimura Kazuki gradually showed an impatient look, “Tell me, when did your pen awaken its power? Your answer determines your life and death.”

In the past life, people like Yuta Miyamoto with gradually distorted psychology, and people under the age of 18, have only two results in the spiritual house.

Under the age of 18, capable, but unbalanced in a short period of time to do unreasonable things, as long as you don’t lose your mind. At the ashram, there is an opportunity for a makeover. The opportunity for this transformation depends on one’s ability and talent.

You are extremely talented and capable, so as long as you don’t commit the sin of insanity, the country will give you a chance to reform.

Actually, Miyamoto Yuta thinks well, no matter which country is hungry for talent, as long as it is not mad, it can be forgiven.

But if you commit crimes for a long time and your mind is distorted, after being caught, even if you are underage, you can only become an experimental subject until you die.

In the era of Aura recovery, ordinary laws are only suitable for ordinary people. The cultivation world has the laws of the cultivation world.

This is the reason why Kimura Kazuki originally had Ma Yousuke greedy for the soul of Yamanaka Xana, and he did not go to the special department.

Going to the special department means that he has to follow the rules of the special department. Then, it can’t be too overbearing. Because the special section represents the Japanese official.

Going to Arima Shrine means that he will follow the rules of the Japanese cultivation world. But now the spiritual qi has not recovered, in the cultivation world where monks are extremely rare, the rule of thumb is to feed the weak and the strong, and if you are strong, you can make your own rules in the cultivation world. These are the unspoken rules on the surface! Otherwise, what will you do to become stronger? If you become stronger, you will be humiliated by weak ones, so what kind of strength do you cultivate?

So the official presupposition is the rules of the cultivation world. After all, if you encounter something, you have to ask professional people to solve it.

Therefore, there is Ma Yousuke who must die.

What he maintains is not his own face, but the dignity of the strong in the cultivation world. This is a rule and cannot be profaned! At the beginning, Red Bird has always emphasized that “the dignity of the strong cannot be violated”, and that is the case.

And now Kimura Kazuki is asking this question because he wants to know how long Miyamoto Yuta has mastered this ability. Judging from everything just now, Miyamoto Yuta’s mentality is obviously different from that of ordinary people. The opponent who holds the Hundred Ghosts has gradually regarded himself as a god.

If the other party acquires this ability within three months, resulting in an unbalanced state of mind, they can still do psychological counseling, and some will save them.

But if this mentality has not been reversed for more than three months, and it has intensified, then it is basically difficult to return to the training. Without self-knowledge, there is no cure. Miyamoto Yuta seems to be no different from ordinary people now, and even the other person’s fat face looks quite But this kind of **** mentality has already separated himself from ordinary people.

From the small to see the big, from Yuta Miyamoto’s approach to Ayumi Murakami, you can see how disregarded the other party is to life.

The kid is a test for Ayumi Murakami…you deserve it too?

Miyamoto Yuta’s eyes showed anger, and Kimura Kazuki’s domineering made him very unpleasant. He was able to speak gently all the time, for the sake of the country of Japan, and he also wanted to make a good impression in front of Shiori Chiba! Now that he learned that the other party was not an official person, his anger went out of control.

“Jiuyan, you go up!”

Miyamoto Yuta gave an order, and the monsters who were protecting him suddenly rushed up. Of course, Datengu and Tamamo were left on both sides of him. After all, he didn’t have any strength right now, and he didn’t know the strength of Kimura Kazuki and Chiba Shiori, so he naturally didn’t want any accident.

Not only Shuten and Niugui, but also a large number of monsters appeared behind Kimura Kazuki… Obviously, Miyamoto Yuta also knows the reason why lions fight rabbits with all their strength. Only by killing the other party can he be safe!

As for the consequences of killing Kimura Kazuki. He didn’t care at all. He who had the Hundred Ghosts in his hands might already be the most powerful man in the world.

Perhaps…you are the protagonist of this world.

Thinking about this, Miyamoto Yuta pursed her lips and smiled, looking quite profound.

However…the next moment, his face changed dramatically, his eyes were shocked, “No…impossible…”

He only saw a blue streamer, and when he turned around, he saw his Hundred Ghosts screaming and dissipating to death.

Even the Shuten-douji and Niugui, who he thought were the strongest, were instantly annihilated.

At this moment, Miyamoto Yuta was like a **** who had been knocked out of the dust.


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