The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 211: Obama’s conscience is bitter


Incense crystals, also known as earth spirit crystals.

This thing can only be made by the Earth Spirit. In the era of aura recovery, the Earth Spirit Crystal was monopolized by the Earth Spirit Alliance, which was one of the reasons why the Earth Spirit Alliance became a major force in the world.

In the age of the end of the law, the reason why the crystals of the earth spirits are called incense crystals is because there is too little aura in the times of the end of the law, and a lot of incense is needed to make the incense crystals. In the era of aura recovery, the world has abundant spiritual energy, and it is more convenient for earth spirits to make earth spirit crystals. They can make earth spirit crystals with a very small amount of incense and a lot of aura.

The crystal of the earth spirit itself has a great effect. This thing can make people calm and calm, and prevent the cultivation from being too fast and going crazy. Wearing it for a long time can make people comprehend the exercises faster when they practice. When researching and deriving spells, as long as you crush a piece of earth spirit crystal and absorb its essence, it can make your brain clear and your thinking turn extremely fast… Back when he was able to develop the soul-fixing talisman, this thing also contributed of.

It can be said that the various effects of earth spirit crystals are not enough.

The key to performing the “Beginning Heart Technique” is also the crystallization of the earth spirit.

After getting a definite answer, Jishui Diling said with a sullen face, “Master Kimura, I want to give it to you… But my only incense crystal has been robbed.”

Almost all of the incense crystals in the end of the law are made of incense, and they are very pure. A single piece of incense crystals can be called a treasure. The earth spirit crystallization in the era of aura recovery is made of rare incense supplemented by a large amount of aura, and the two are not the same in terms of efficacy.

“Who?” Kimura Kazuki frowned.

“Taketian Kuan.” Jingshui Di Ling said angrily, “That guy found me a year ago and asked me to hand over the incense crystals. Of course I refused, and then I was beaten… After that, in order to save my life, I could only do it. Handed it over. He said that this incense crystal was used as a gift to his inheritor…”

It turned out to be him, Kimura Kazuki frowned, and Yagyu Kangjian’s obsession was to kill the Takeda Swordsman. When he visited Feiyu Mountain in Yamagata City, he learned that the other party had traveled overseas and wanted to get rid of the other party. Probably have to wait until the end of the year.

It seems…the end of the year is the only way to restore Yunzi’s memory.

Of course, there are other earth spirits in Japan besides water purification earth spirits. For example, Fuming Diling in Kyoto… But Fuming Diling is a person from the **** and ghost Fuming Palace, so it is naturally impossible for him to go to the gods and ghosts Fuming Palace.

As for whether there are other earth spirits in other Japan at this stage, he doesn’t know. He can know the pure water earth spirit because of the era of aura recovery, the pure water earth spirit is the strongest earth spirit in Japan, and this guy has his own adventures.

And other earth spirits don’t necessarily have incense crystals, which are very rare in the end of the law.

Thinking, Kimura Kazuki looked at the pure water spirit and said bluntly, “In this case, I can raise Yunzi for half a year… When I get the incense crystals from Takeda Hiro, help Yunzi restore memory, and then send it over .”

Pure Water Diling looked at Yunzi, reluctantly, but that was all he could do. Suddenly, he thought of something, “Kimura-sama, you have to be careful. Takeda Hiro is very strong.”

“How strong?” Kimura Kazuki is also curious, if he can learn about Takeda Hiro’s strength, he will be able to deal with it by the end of the year.

Pure Water Earth Spirit scratched his ears and cheeks, and in the end he could only say dryly, “He is as unfathomable as you.” Anyway, the strength of both of them can beat him casually.

It seems that Takeda Hiro has not yet stepped into the metamorphosis. Kimura Kazuki smiled, as he expected.

After that, Kimura Kazuki didn’t stay at the Pure Water Shrine. He ordered the pure water spirit to bury Natsume Sanjiang’s body well, so that when Yunzi regained his memory, he could pay homage to his father in the future.

Pure Water Earth Spirit naturally agreed, and he already regarded Yunzi as the witch of his shrine. Moreover, Yunzi’s well-behaved appearance also made him like it. He is lonely and lonely as snow. If possible, he really wants to take Yunzi as his granddaughter.

However, he did not dare to mention that Kimura and Shu were here.

After leaving the Pure Water Shrine, Kimura Kazuki took Yunzi back to the Weir Apartment. The place where I lived before was too small after all, and it was inconvenient for the two of them. The home of Weir Apartment is much larger and more luxurious, and it is also comfortable to live in. The home appliances are complete. The most important thing is that there is a medium-sized park inside the Weir Apartment, which is rich in greenery. Even in the daytime, Yunzi can play in the park without worrying about the sun’s light. .

In addition, the people in the park are all rich or expensive, and the quality of people who can live in the Vail apartment is not too bad, and they will not be as mixed as in the public park.

Thinking, Kimura Kazuki quickly returned home, put Yunzi on the bed in the guest room, and looked at Yunzi’s cute water face, his emotions were a bit complicated. Naturally, he has no feelings for Yunzi, and if he wants to play the role of the other’s brother in the future, he has a headache.

Forget it, it’s only half a year.

Out of the room, Kimura Kazuki looked at the time and was about to go to school…the phone in his pocket vibrated.

I picked up my phone and saw that it was Otake Ryo’s call.


“Kimura-kun…” Otake Ryo’s tone was a bit I may have taken your trust. “

“What’s the matter?” Kimura Kazuki raised his eyebrows.

“The resentful spirit you explained, the people from the special department are unwilling to return it!” Otake Ryo briefly explained what happened to Kimura Kazuki.

Yesterday, Kimura and Shu left. Ryo Otake called the Special Section on the bench downstairs in Weir’s apartment… Tell me a little bit about the recent events. Afterwards, the special department that received the news sent three transcendents, two men and one woman, to take Shannaka away.

During the period, Otake Ryo also explained what Kimura Kazuki had ordered. Although he didn’t know what Kimura and Shu wanted to do with the resentful spirit, he naturally wouldn’t neglect.

Otake Ryo relaxes after getting permission from the person in the special department.

In the morning, his father called him and praised him harshly on the phone, which made him happy. After learning that the case had been filed, he directly contacted the people in the special department and wanted to inquire about the resentment… Although Kimura Kazuki gave him three days, it was natural that the quicker it would be done. Well, as the deputy police department, he knows that some things must be dealt with as soon as possible.

However, when I called in the morning, the people in the special department treated him very perfunctory…even in the end he didn’t answer the call.

This made Otake Ryo a little bad. He called Kimura Kazuki directly and told him about the matter. As an ordinary person, although it is the deputy police department, this case may become the police department in the future… But the special department is not something he can intervene in after all.

“Kimura-kun, this matter is my dereliction of duty. I failed to fulfill your orders. No matter what this matter is, I will make up for your loss.”

Ozhuliang is in a bitter heart. He has already decided to bleed heavily, and he is extremely dissatisfied with the special department.


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