The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 212: The following is not an example


Tokyo, Special Section, Office.

“Arima!” Hojo Otsuka also held back his anger and looked at Arima Yousuke who was sitting in front of him. He said in a low voice, “What about that ghost? The Otake Police Department has already called and asked us to return it. Wraith!”

“I killed it and turned it into a spiritual breath.” Arima Yousuke was playing games with his mobile phone, lying on a chair, and said lazily, “You can rest assured, Team Leader Hojo, before I smoked, I investigated Ryo Otake. This guy is just the police department of the secular world. What does an ordinary person want the aura of a resentful spirit? If he asks us, you ask him to call me, and I will give him a piece of body protection jade, which is no bigger than the aura of resentful spirits. ?”

Bang! ——

Hojo Matsuya slapped the table, and next to Koizumi Riya was also startled, and she looked at the two of them worriedly.

Arima Yousuke was startled by the loud noise. He was lying on the chair, and before he had time to grab the table, he fell to the ground with a thud and fell on his back. The next moment, his whole face turned red… but he stood up slowly, his eyes were cold and he looked at Hojo Mitsuya, “Do you want to die?”

“You are an onmyoji, and you don’t even have this reaction?” Hojo is also unafraid to stare at Arima Yousuke’s angry eyes, although he is the team leader, the other party is also a member of his team. , the position and power in the special section are greater than each other.

But the Hojo family has long since fallen, and now the entire Hojo family consists of only his father and him. He knew that he was able to serve as the team leader of the special department because of his father’s relationship.

The Arima family is much stronger than the Hojo family. His father told him that he must not mess with Arima Yousuke in the special department, because Arima Yousuke has been a genius since he was a child, and if there is no accident, the other party will definitely be the future head of the Arima family. It’s just because the current owner of the Arima family, that is, Arima Youjie’s grandfather, spoiled him too much, causing the other party to be arrogant and arrogant.

Arima Yousuke did not speak, and a phantom appeared beside him.

Seeing this, Shigeru Hojo also felt the crisis, and the shadow under his body twisted slightly.

Ria Koizumi, who was next to him, felt that the atmosphere was not right, and hurriedly came out to smooth things out. She pulled Shigeru Hojo away and stood faintly in front of Shigeru Hojo. She smiled and said, “Don’t be arguing… Arima-kun, so do you. , you have to absorb that spiritual energy, and report it to us. What if you secretly inhaled the spiritual energy and was found out by Section Chief Sangu?”

Hearing the head of Sangu in the other party’s mouth, Arima Yousuke snorted coldly, but the phantom beside him disappeared. He glared at Shigeru Hojo with resentment, and said with disdain, “Suck it, just **** it. According to the rules of the special department, this time it was me who received the call, so the resentment spirit I caught should have been my big head. And after the impurities of the resentful spirit were removed, the spiritual energy was poor. It would be better for me to be alone. It’s all sucked.”

“This resentment was not caught by the Otake Police Department.” Hojo also pulled Riya Koizumi away, his tone full of questioning, “It was caught by Kimura-kun. According to the rules of the special department, after the case is filed, , the right to dispose of the resentful spirit should belong to Kimura Kazuki!”

“Don’t worry, I know more than you. I’ve investigated Kazuki Kimura’s file.” Arima Yousuke sneered, “A poor man who received the inheritance of Yagyu Feijian style, came with the video of the Yulong Banner competition. Look, the strength of the second rank of Sword Intent is the strength of the second rank of Sword Intent, is it that the special division will be afraid of him?” After speaking, he came to Hojo Matsuya with a look of contempt, “I know you abide by the rules of the special division, but I am here to specialize. Ke is here to improve his strength, not to fight for power and profit. Otherwise… you think your team leader position will be able to sit now? Waste!”

The last two words, Arima Yousuke said very lightly, because he saw the head of Sangu come in.

Hojo Shigeru also clenched his fists tightly, but after seeing Section Chief Mitani come in, he took a deep breath, came to Section Chief Mitani, and said in a low voice, “Senior Chief, I have something to report.”

Senior Mitani has a middle-aged appearance and a burly stature. When he heard Hojo Matsuya’s words, he inadvertently glanced at Arima Yousuke next to him, and said softly, “What’s the matter?”

Hojo Mitsuru also reported the matter in detail, and did not avoid Arima Yousuke and Koizumi Riya.

After listening to this, Section Chief Mitani was silent for a while. He glanced at Yousuke Arima again, then at Matsuya Hojo, patted the other person on the shoulder, and said with a look of relief, “Hojo-kun, that’s good! I understand this matter, you don’t need to intervene, I will handle it. I will discuss compensation with that Kimura-kun, which will definitely satisfy the other party. As for Arima-kun’s punishment, I will also consider it and give everyone a Satisfied answer. The special department can have today, it depends on everyone abide by the rules.” He smiled and commanded, “Hojo-kun, it happens that I have a task here. The second special group is dealing with a problem in Liyuan District. You bring one group of people over to cooperate with the second group and the local police station to investigate a suspected case of grievances.” He looked at Riya Koizumi next to him, saw the hopeful look in the other’s eyes, and smiled, “Koizumi will also go together. Well, as for Arima-kun, leave it to reflect.”

“Okay, teacher!” Koizumi Riya looked happy.

“Yes…Senior.” Hojo Matsumoto also heard the sound, although he was, but he knew that it was the only way…the Arima family was so powerful that he even asked Arima Usuke to apologize to Kimura-kun. Can’t do it.

After Hojo Mitsuya and Koizumi Riya went out, Section Chief Mitani glanced at Ma Yousuke lightly, “This is not an example.”

“Okay, Section Chief.” Yousuke Arima responded with a smile, “Then do I need to call that Kimura-kun to apologize?”

Frowning slightly, Head Sangu’s tone was slightly cold, “No need, I’ll take care of it.”

“Thank you, Head!” Seeing Head Sangu turning away, Arima Yousuke laughed, “Head, walk slowly.”

At this time, Kimura Kazuki is in school. Listen carefully to the teacher’s explanation of the topic…

During the lunch break, he received a call from Yunzi. As soon as the call was connected, he heard Yunzi pouting and dissatisfied, “Ouni sauce! Don’t you like eating Yunzi’s food! Why? Why don’t you wake up Yunzi in the morning? Is the food in the cafeteria even better than what Yunzi cooks?”

Kimura and Shu were stunned for a moment, then he thought for a moment. It seems that when Yunzi was at home, she should have prepared breakfast. After thinking that he scolded Natsume Sanjiang in his heart, he said gently, “I want you to sleep a little longer.”

Yunzi snorted softly, but Kimura and Shu could feel each other’s emotions, “Then when you come back in the afternoon, remember to buy more food… Just moved, you must have a big meal in the evening.”

“Okay.” Kimura and Shu responded, and then heard the sound of Yunzi and Xiaoche laughing and laughter from the other end of the phone.

With just a few phone calls, the warm feeling from Yunzi made Kimura and Shu very uncomfortable.

Before he could think about it, he received another call. Looking at the unfamiliar number, he couldn’t help but wonder.

“Hello, is that Kimura Kazuki?”

“I am, who are you?”

“I am Sangu, the head of the special department.”


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