The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 188: 7 Love Tracking Technique


As long as it is a living thing, it has seven emotions and six desires. This is an eternal common sense.

The God of Fusang, known as the trolley, is the God of Fusang worshipped by the Natsume family, but it is inaccurate to say that it is worshipped. The car is attached to the Natsume family, and the status of the Natsume family is equal.

The car was passed down by Natsume Sanjiang’s grandfather, and then passed down by Natsume Sanjiang’s father, Natsume. According to the age of Xiaoche after he became Fushangshen, it has been fifty or sixty years.

Although the Natsume family has inherited swordsmanship, they do not belong to the ancient kendo world. The Natsume family is more inclined to the **** and ghost Fuming Palace. It is not well-known in the ancient kendo world. Generally, the kendo family does not know that there is a Natsume family.

The Ito family knew that, naturally, it was also because the Ito family had many contacts with the ghost Fuming Palace.

When Ito was young, he often practiced swordsmanship and learned all kinds of knowledge. When he had very little free time, he naturally got bored and boring. For a time, he was extremely tired of learning , and even closed himself for a while.

And Ito Shi’s father, Yasushi Ito, was naturally anxious when he saw this situation. He first sought help from a psychiatrist, but when there was no other way, he had to ask the ghost Fuming Palace for help. Then an onmyoji introduced Natsume Sanjiang and his acquaintance.

Ito Shi ate a bowl of oden at Natsume’s house, swept away the irritable and negative emotions in his heart, and recovered his mental health. In addition, Natsume Sanjiang’s realm is higher than Ito Kangjian, Ito Kangjian naturally respects the Natsume family. So Ito Se also knows a lot about the Natsume family.

For example…Natsume Yunzi is not actually a human being, but a ghost. This is also the reason why the Natsume family set up a stall at night, because although Natsume Yunzi looks no different from ordinary people, she is afraid of the sun and can only come out at night to walk freely.

Natsume Sanjiang sets up the stall from 9:00 pm to 0:00 am. After 0:00 am, Natsume Sanjiang will take Yunzi to move around a lot in other places. This made Itoshi very sympathetic. If he wanted to go shopping, he could only go shopping at night. For a little girl, it was really pitiful.

And if you want to eat, you have to line up. If you cut the line, you will be blacklisted. Of course, because of Kimura Kazuki, Ito Shi enjoyed a queue cut.

At this time, Ito Se sat beside Kimura Kazuki, listened carefully to Natsume Sanjiang’s words, and then carefully touched his pocket. The bank card was not lost, which reassured him.

“The tracking technique I developed is called the Seven Emotions Tracking Technique.”

“In this world, as long as there are creatures, there must be emotions, whether they are negative or positive. A person will have a lot of emotions in his life, and most emotions have incentives. For example, the care of parents will make people feel Happiness, happiness, boredom, or impatience, there are positives and negatives.” Natsume Sanjiang paused, and after letting Kimura and Shu rationalize their thoughts, he continued, “The Seven Emotions Tracking Technique is not created by tracking. Emotions themselves, but to track the people who motivated their emotions.”

So it is.

Ito Sei obviously knew the reason, so he brought him here.

And Mikami Kotone’s emotions before his death were obviously more fear than other emotions. Then, with the emotion of fear as a guide, maybe you can find the place where the evil ghost lives.

“However, this Seven Emotions Tracking Technique requires primers.”

“I brought it.” Before Kimura Kazuki could speak, Ito Shi took out a small bag from his pocket, he coughed lightly, “This bag contains a hair of Kotone Mikami. After speaking, he seemed to feel a little embarrassed, and said in a low voice, “I’m not a pervert. At first I saw that the guy in Mikami seemed to be in a bad mood recently, so I stole this hair to make the guy in Mikami happy.” Originally, I planned to come to Natsume-sama after the kendo competition, but I didn’t expect to learn the truth.”

Natsume Sanjiang on the opposite side nodded slightly and said, “In addition to the Seven Emotions Tracking Technique, I also developed the Seven Emotions Blessing Technique. As long as there is a primer, the negative emotions of the person with the primer can be eliminated.”

Kimura Kazuki nodded slightly, Natsume Sanjiang’s ability to remotely control the emotions of creatures is somewhat similar to witchcraft in Southeast Asia. He felt that Natsume Sanjiang might have also studied the emotional magic of combat ability, but he would not explore other people’s secrets.

At this time, Natsume Sanjiang took the small bag and took a piece of hair from it. He looked up at the two of them and said, “What kind of emotions do you want to track. Of course, the Seven Emotions Tracking Technique can be used with Seven emotions can be tracked, but if you can know specific emotions, you can track them accurately.”

Ito Se did not speak this time. He had never entered Kotone Mikami’s room before, nor had he seen the photo of Kotone Mikami before he died.

“Fear.” Kimura Kazuki thought for a while and said.

The fearful eyes of Mikami Koyin before he died were unforgettable. And the person who can make the other party so fearful is probably the evil ghost.


Natsume Sanjiang frowned slightly, and after five seconds, he replied, “Okay.”

Natsume Sanjiang’s mood, Kimura Kazuki saw it, but he didn’t ask much.

Afterwards, Natsume Sanjiang took the hair out of the small transparent bag in the eyes of the two of them. After that, the other party did not use the emotional water in the cart to use the tracking technique, but made the two wait for a while.

Kimura and Shu were sitting quietly, while Ito Shi was teasing Yunzi and the curious Fusangshen car. Two minutes later, Natsume Sanjiang went downstairs. There was a small jade bottle in his hand. The bottle was white and narrow at the bottom.

When I got to the position, Yunzi had already prepared a plate for Dad.

Rubbing Yunzi’s little head, Natsume Sanjiang took the plate and put it on the table, and then placed the strand of hair on the plate. After that, he picked up the jade porcelain bottle in his hand and carefully poured a drop of clear water onto the plate.

The water droplets dripped along the mouth of the bottle fell on the plate, but did not splash, but quickly melted the black hair on the plate… Gradually the water droplets dissolved, no In two seconds, the entire plate was covered with clean water.

Ito was a little bit incredulous when he watched this astonishing scene. Although he has already established the first level of foundation, but in the final analysis, he has never been exposed to extraordinary abilities at all.

It was Kimura Kazuki who observed it carefully. He found that as the water droplets dissolved, Natsume Sanjiang’s lips wriggled, as if he was muttering something, but there was almost no sound.

In just a moment, the clear water on the plate burst into a deep light. The next moment, the clear water in the plate gradually turned into an image.

Ito Shi’s eyes widened. It was the first time he saw such a miraculous scene, and he was naturally shocked. But the scene inside the plate is a blank piece, the environment is distorted, but it is full of dead silence. A dark figure moved quickly inside, and with the movement of the other party, the surrounding environment changed rapidly.

“This is…”

“I’m afraid, it’s on the Internet.”


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