The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 187: Emotional Water


A few minutes later, Natsume Yunzi came over with a dinner plate, fine sweat dripping from her delicate face.

When Ito saw it, he quickly stood up, took the plate, and said with a smile, “Yunzi-chan, do you still remember who I am?”

“I don’t remember.” Natsume Yunko was very honest, her bright eyes stared at Ito Shi seriously for a few seconds, then shook her head apologetically.

“Okay…I don’t remember it. We haven’t seen each other for many years.” Ito Shi was disappointed at first, but after thinking about it, he cheered up again. At the beginning, he only came here once when he was a child, and it was brought by his father. Now it has been about seven or eight years, and the other party remembers that he has a ghost.

But…he remembered that Yunzi looked like this at the beginning, how come seven or eight years later, he still looks like this.

Of course, surprised, he didn’t ask any more questions. Soon, Yunzi brought over the takoyaki again. Putting the takoyaki on the table, Yunzi carefully glanced at Kimura Kazuki, and when he saw the other person looking over, he ran to Natsume Sanjiang in a panic like a little rabbit.

Kimura Kazuki saw Yunzi ran to Natsume Sanjiang’s side, and after being rubbed his head, he resumed his smile.

Natsume Sanjiang felt Kimura Kazuki’s gaze, and he smiled slightly to show respect. Kimura Kazuki also nodded slightly.

Ito Shi didn’t notice this scene. Seeing that Kimura Kazuki didn’t move his chopsticks, he couldn’t help urging, “Hurry up.” Then, seeing Kimura Kazuki picking up the chopsticks, his eyes were full of anticipation.

Kimura Kazuki glanced at each other, and he looked at the Oden in front of him. Feel free to pick up a tribute ball with chopsticks. The Gong Wan didn’t have Q bullets on the surface like the fish ball, but was soft and hard, so he quickly picked it up and put it in his mouth. He chewed it twice, and found that the meatballs tasted no different from other oden.

However, when he swallowed his mouth… for some reason, his whole body seemed to be washed by the cool mountain spring water, and the two negative emotions of depression and anxiety in his mind began to gradually dissipate.

Repressed emotions have always existed since transmigration. In other words, the recovery of spiritual energy has not yet arrived, leaving him with a lump in his heart.

Compared to depression, anxiety is much less. He was anxious that this incident should be resolved as soon as possible. Because the Jade Dragon Banner National Competition is not held in Tokyo, he will leave Tokyo for a while. If this incident is not resolved within a short period of time, wouldn’t the evil spirits continue to rage?

Of course, this evil spirit is on the Internet and may also commit crimes in other regions.

But his past life in the spiritual house was not in vain. Even if he was not experienced in dealing with ghosts, his knowledge was not shallow.

Generally speaking, evil ghosts who have not broken through the Transcendence Realm can basically only stay in a fixed area. Even if the demon can access the Internet, it will not exceed the area where the demon stays.

In other words, the evil spirit who killed Kotone Mikami would most likely only be able to harm people in Tokyo. If he doesn’t solve it in a short time, and runs to other counties to participate in the national competition, it is very likely that another person will die during this time. He naturally hoped that the matter could be resolved in the near future.

“How is it?” Ito, who was opposite, asked Kimura Kazuki, who seemed to be thinking about something after eating, and couldn’t help but look forward to it.

“Not bad.” Kimura and Shu nodded slightly. At this moment, he knew why he set up a stall in this dark street at night, but there were so many customers who came to have supper, and he also knew what this snack truck looked like. What power does Fu Sang God have?

The food on this snack cart, after tasting, can dispel negative emotions. No wonder people would rather stand in line than go anywhere else.

After all, as long as you are human, there will be all kinds of pressure. Negative emotions will accompany human beings almost all their lives.

Ito was satisfied when he heard the words. After all, it was he who brought Kimura and Shu. If the other party didn’t like it, it wouldn’t be in vain. Of course, eating is secondary. He mainly brought Kimura and Shu to see Natsume Sanjiang.

When the time came to 0:00 in the morning, the surrounding customers gradually dispersed, because they knew that Natsume Sanjiang was going to close the stall.

After the customers left, Natsume Sanjiang waited for another five minutes before starting to clean up the stall.

Ten minutes later, Ito Se and Kimura Kazuki were brought into the house by Natsume Mie.

After entering the house, Kimura Kazuki looked around a little. It is found that there is no difference between ordinary houses.

Several people were seated, and Natsume Sanjiang was the first to speak. He looked at Kimura Kazuki, his eyes drooping, “I don’t know if your lord is looking for me for something.”

Kimura Kazuki didn’t speak, he looked at Ito Sei. He doesn’t even know what the other party brought him here for now.

And just now Ito Shi wanted to tell Kimura Kazuki, but because he was so addicted to eating, he forgot for a while. With an embarrassed expression on his face, Idongshi said quickly, “Lord Natsume, it’s like this…” He told Natsume Sanjiangichi what happened today.

After Ito Shi finished speaking, Kimura Kazuki added that the grievances are likely to live in the Internet and use the Internet as the basis to harm others. “

Natsume Sanjiang Yilin, he looked at Kimura Kazuki with a slightly puzzled expression, “If the resentful spirit lives in the Internet…my tracking technique may not have much effect.”


So it is, no wonder Ito Shi brought him here. And he thought of the ability of the snack cart, and nodded slightly in his heart, it seems that he should be right.

“Do your best.”

“Okay.” After Natsume Sanjiang finished speaking, he shouted, “Car.”

“Come on.”

As soon as the words fell, a **** of death came in from the side room.

This **** of death is a bowl with two small feet at the bottom, walking swayingly. Yunzi, who was sitting next to Natsume Sanjiang, saw the car and rushed over to lift it up.

“Pfft, don’t scratch me… something is about to shake out.”

“Yunzi.” Natsume Sanjiang called out, and Yunzi obediently put the car on the table.

Kimura and the tree looked up and down and found that Fu Sang Shen, named Xiaoche, was just an ordinary bowl. However, in the bowl, he saw crystal clear water… It was a bit wrong to say that it was water, because the water exuded a colorful shimmer.

“This water, I call it the water of emotions.” Natsume Sanjiang saw Kimura and Kazuki curious, and he explained, “The trolley is a **** of death, and his ability is to make food, so that people can eat Negative emotions in the heart are radiated, and these radiated negative emotions will be collected by him. Negative emotions are also food for the car.”

Kimura Kazuki nodded slightly, the water in the bowl was only half. In other words, I don’t know how much emotional water has been eaten by the car.

“Bucai, I have researched the use of emotional water to track the person you are looking for.”


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