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Not only the audience, but also the commentators were stunned. The next moment, Iwai and Ito both broke out in cold sweat.

Actually, as a commentary of competitive kendo, it is relatively easy.

Because the kendo competition basically ends very quickly, the end time is basically a few seconds. Rarely does it exceed that time.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that both sides play for a long time. But if they can’t even see the attack trajectory as a commentator, how can they explain it

And when they were nervous, the two were also extremely shocked.

The victory or defeat of kendo is in an instant, so the player’s attack speed in that instant is invisible to the naked eye. But that was only for a moment.

Except for the video of Kimura Kazuki in Akihabara Square, Ito Se’s sword-wielding speed, which maintains a high intensity, is basically invisible.

At this time, the three referees were standing on the court, and they were also under a lot of pressure. The sound of bang bang bang came from his ears, which means that all of Ito’s attacks were blocked by Kimura Kazuki. If the Ito offensive stops, will the opponent win?

Without seeing the trajectory of the attack, it is impossible for them to give a verdict.

It seems that I can only call up the video at that time

Kimura Kazuki is a little surprised. Because the swordsmanship that Ito Shi is currently using is the rainstorm style of Yagyu Feijian-ryu. In terms of speed, the swordsmanship speed of the Japanese historical kendo Yagyu Feijian can be ranked in the top three.

However, what he didn’t expect was that Ito Shi actually learned it.

Thinking about it, Kimura and Shu blocked the bamboo swords in their hands, and then following Ito’s offensive, the two bamboo swords actually stuck together.

The drizzle style is different from the rainstorm style, and the emphasis is on a sticky word.

No matter what the opponent’s attack is, as long as it is cast like a drizzle, it can’t escape the consequences of being stuck. The drizzle is the most severe rainstorm.

The rainstorm style pays attention to the extreme speed, causing dozens and dozens of sword swings, like a real torrential rain, which is continuous and never stops.

At the moment when Kimura Kazuki counterattacked, Itoshi felt a drizzle in his hands clinging to him, making him feel that his breathing began to become heavier, as if every piece of air was putting pressure on him. And as time went on, the pressure grew.

The speed of the sword swing in his hand suddenly slowed down

“It seems that Ito will not be able to maintain such a high-intensity attack, but I didn’t expect Minister Kimura to block all of Ito’s offensive, which is really amazing.”

Commentary Iwai was relieved to see this scene.

“The move Ito made just now looks a bit like Minister Kimura’s swordsmanship in Akihabara Square”

“You should be talking about the rainstorm style. This move is taught by Yagyu Kendokan.” Hearing this, Ito spoke directly, then thought of something, and couldn’t help laughing, “I’m not advertising Yagyu Kendokan. Twitter has been opened, and a video has been released, which is Minister Kimura explaining the key to the rainstorm style.”

“Oh, Minister Kimura actually spread the rainstorm to the public” Iwai said in surprise.

“According to Minister Kimura in the video, the rainstorm style is the basic move of Yagyu Feijian style. Together with the drizzle style and the shock style, they are collectively referred to as the three basics of Yagyu Feijian style. Learn the core swordsmanship of Yagyu Feijian style.”

“This” Iwai couldn’t help but be shocked, “Rainstorm is just basic swordsmanship”

“Yes, this is what Minister Kimura said in the video.” And Ito looked at the arena and said firmly, “And I have finished watching the video. If I read it right, Kimura is now The minister should use the drizzle.”

“According to Minister Kimura’s words, the drizzle style is mainly based on sticky characters, putting pressure on the whole body and even the air on the opponent. So we can see that the current player Ito Shi’s movements are slow, and The speed of swinging the sword is getting slower and slower.” Ito was fortunate that he had followed Kimura Kazuki before, so after watching the video on Twitter, he said eloquently, “However, the drizzle style has a disadvantage, that is, the hand Bamboo knives must stick to their opponents in order to put pressure on them.”

“It seems that this drizzle style is very powerful.” After all, he is a professional kendo player, and Iwai’s commentary makes sense. “As long as this drizzle style is successful, then the initiative will be in the hands of Minister Kimura. Ito can only Passive pressure, and if Minister Kimura wants to fight back, he only needs to grab his own bamboo sword and leave the opponent’s bamboo sword at the moment, and kill him.”

“That’s right,” Ito commented in agreement.

However, to the surprise of the two, Kimura Kazuki moved the bamboo knife away over time and did not fight back.

When Kimura and Shu’s bamboo swords were separated, Itoise’s hands trembled slightly. He held the bamboo swords tightly and did not let go. Before he could relax, he heard Kimura and Shu speak.

“Let’s use other swordsmanship, Yagyu Feijian-ryu’s swordsmanship won’t work for me.”

The reason why Kimura Kazuki delays time is not only to show the audience the power of Yagyu Fei Jianliu, but also to see the swordsmanship of Ito Shi.

Because the opponent’s swordsmanship is copied. Before, he thought that the other party copied it rough, but the other party was able to change the confluence of Jingshan Qi and fully display the rainstorm style, which surprised him.

So, at this moment he is eager to see other swordsmanship.


Ito was out of breath at this point, tired from the drizzle of pressure.


The streaks of air are drawn. It took less than five seconds for Ito to recover his spirits.

Seeing this, Kimura Kazuki was a little surprised, “This is”

“The breathing method of the Momoi family can relieve fatigue, but it has drawbacks.” Ito Shi was holding a bamboo sword in both hands. At this moment, he did not act rashly, but squinted his eyes and said softly, “Do you know Swallow?”

Kimura Kazuki did not respond, but revealed doubts and did not understand the meaning of the other party’s question.

“The swallow can withstand the wind and avoid the blade, it doesn’t matter whether it is fast or slow. No matter what kind of knife it is, there is no way to swing it without vibrating the air.” And swallows just feel the vibration and change their flight direction. Therefore, no matter what kind of blow, they can’t cut off the swallow. The knife is just a line. Therefore, it makes sense that the swallow cannot be caught in the air. “

“There are swordsmen who think that it is good to surround the swallow’s retreat. One strikes the swallow, and the other slashes the retreat of the swallow who is dodging with the wind. To be successful, the two strikes must be carried out almost at the same time in an instant. If If they are all at the same time, the two slashes will be too slow anyway. For this reason, there should also be a third slash to block the side retreat.” Ito Shi slashed at Kimura Kazuki, and after being blocked, he said again, “It’s a pity The bamboo sword in the kendo competition is too short, only the long sword can block the swallow’s path, and swinging three swords at the same time is too heavy for the body, and the long sword is not good at it, so I developed this trick.”

As soon as the voice fell, Itoshi’s body surged with spiritual energy, and a dazzling light burst out from his eyes under the mask.

“This move is a swordsmanship created by me competing in Asahi and watching the Sasaki family’s Yanliu Kendo.”

“I call it”

“Secret Swallow Returning Sword Art”

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