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Kimura Kazuki stood on the field, and he could feel Ito’s unparalleled confidence.

There is no doubt that at the age of seventeen, the sword intent is the first stage of foundation building. In this era of the end of the law, there is indeed a capital of pride and self-confidence.

He believes that in the whole of Japan, there are not too many 17-year-old building foundations.


“Kimura-kun, don’t worry, I’ll make this game exciting. It won’t end so soon”

When the referee announced the start and the two sides began to salute, the mouth under Ito Shi’s shield wriggled slightly and a small voice entered Kimura Kazuki’s ears. The Jingshan Qi confluence is in the hands of Itoshi, and it is also quite brilliant to use.

Kimura and Shu glanced at each other, but did not speak. He guessed that the other party was probably the same as him.

He wants to stay on the field for a while, so that the audience can see the power of Yagyu Feijian. As for Itoise, this guy should be trying to attract fans. After all, this guy wants to be an idol.

However, Kimura Kazuki didn’t notice. After Itoze finished speaking, a solemn expression appeared under the shield.

He said this just to let Kimura Kazuki relax his vigilance. Others don’t know how strong the other party is, but he can feel one or two. So he had no idea of ​​fighting with each other at all.

Only by ending the battle quickly can I prove that I am much stronger than Kimura and Shu, and can attract the favor of most of the audience.

In the world of kendo, whether it is ancient kendo or competitive kendo, strength always reigns supreme.

A strong force can win everyone’s respect, especially in Japan.

So fighting or something, Itoshi never thought about it. If he loses the game carelessly, he is a fool.

After the two men salute.

Itoshi squinted his eyes, and he drank a cold drink from his mouth. The next moment he “faced”, he was holding a bamboo sword in both hands, and without any help, he slashed horizontally.

The knife was fast and violent, completely unexpected.

Kimura Kazuki was slightly surprised that the position of the knife was the ketone part, not the face at all.


Seeing that Kimura Kazuki easily blocked the knife, Ito Shi was not surprised.




bang bang bang bang

With Ito Se’s shout, Kimura and Shu felt like they were hearing each other’s voices. All his attention subconsciously focused on Ito’s voice. And each of Itoshi’s swords is swift and fast, which is completely inconsistent with the image of the other party’s noble son.

However, in the process of resisting, Kimura and Shu praised, “It seems that you have thoroughly studied the confluence of Jingshan Qi”

This voice can only be heard by Ito Shi, who also used Jingshan Qi Confluence. However, at this moment, Ito Shi did not respond to the other party, and his expression was serious and solemn. You must know that in reality, defense is much more difficult than attacking, and Kimura Kazuki can resist all his attacks, which is enough to prove that Kimura Kazuki’s strength is powerful.

He had guessed right before, and to defeat Kazuki Kimura, he had to go all out.

And the reason why Kimura Kazuki praised it is because Ito Shi did what Jingshan Kuro did not. In other words, Jingshan Jiulang did not consciously change the confluence of Jingshan Qi.

Ito Shi did it, but the opponent did not use Jingshan Qi to join forces like Jingshan Jiuro did, but the sword went sideways.

Jingshan Qi Confluence itself is mainly based on Qi combination. To put it more generally, it is mainly to play with voice. And Ito Shi knew that the ordinary Jingshan Qi confluence was useless, so he made a change.

Each breath is an act of confusing him.

But one after another, there is a deafening feeling. The louder the voice, his attention will be confused by the other party’s remarks. This is not Itoise’s deliberate behavior, but the instinct of human beings to automatically pursue and pay attention to this loud voice. This is why Kimura Kazuki admired.

The five Jingshan brothers all wanted to defeat him with qi together. And Idong Shi just wanted to use Jingshan Qi to confluence him to influence him and prepare for the next blow.

Kimura Kazuki didn’t know that Ito was the second genius in the Ito clan since the Ito clan.

The first genius was Ito Aoyagi, the founder of the Ito family.

Ito replicates the flow, focusing on observation and flexibility of thinking.

And the Ito copy flow has three realms.

Shape, meaning, heart.

Powerful observation will help the people of the Ito family to copy the swordsmanship of other kendo families, and if they are able to display the opponent’s swordsmanship with a good degree of familiarity, they will reach the first realm, that is, the realm of form.

And the realm of meaning is to understand the opponent’s swordsmanship, to practice, understand, study and master this swordsmanship thoroughly.

As for the state of mind, it is integration. Research and refine all the swordsmanships that he has mastered, and combine these swordsmanships together to become Ito’s own swordsmanship. Therefore, every clan and disciple who repaired the Ito copy flow of the chain has a different swordsmanship.

And Ito Shineng is called the second genius in the history of the Ito family, because Ito Shi has already comprehended the complete triple realm. This is related to the talent of the When he started practicing kendo since he was a child, Ito Shi could imitate the swordsmanship of other people just by looking at other people’s swordsmanship, and his own thinking is also flexible, he doesn’t understand i.e. ask. He will soon be able to thoroughly study the swordsmanship he has mastered and add his own kendo talent. As long as he is given a few days, he will be able to combine the swordsmanship he has seen.

This talent shocked Itoshi’s father, so Itoshi was trained by his father since childhood. It wasn’t until his freshman year of high school last year that he was freed because his father couldn’t teach him anything.

Last year, Ito Shi, who was in his first year of high school, met Mikami Kotone and fell in love instantly.

San Shang Qinyin is an agent in the entertainment industry, and the other party brought a newcomer, a beautiful girl from Qingjiang High School. And when Mikami Kotone came to the school, Ito fell in love with him at first sight. In addition, the Ito family itself has its own industry in the entertainment industry, so he can easily get in touch with each other.

He volunteered to learn that the other party wanted to form a boy group. Later, in order to help each other, he happened to learn that Kimura Kazuki was very popular on the Internet and participated in the Jade Dragon Banner Competition. The family also informed him to participate in the competition. The Ito clan is very optimistic about Ito’s participation, which helps Ito to observe the swordsmanship of other kendo families.

Ito Shi naturally agreed, so he invited Kimura Kazuki when he came to Tachibana Budokan. It’s just that Kimura Kazuki has already remarked Ito Shi as an idiot, and he is too lazy to pay attention to each other.

At this time, the audience at the scene was dumbfounded. If the game had just started, they could still see the trajectory of Itoshi’s attack, but now as Itoshi’s attack speed is getting faster and faster, the bamboo sword Gradually turned into an afterimage.

The audience can’t see clearly.

“Are all high school students so good now?”

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