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It took a good few seconds for the audience to react.

There was no embarrassment on their faces, but they responded with more enthusiastic applause than before.

“Have courage”

“Just saying this to you, as long as you win, I will be your fan in the future.”

“Secondary Junior”

“Come on, defeat the Great Demon King Kimura”

“This is youth”

Ito’s voice was so clear that even without a loudspeaker, all the audience at the scene could hear it.

They did not despise, nor did they laugh at Ito. Because Itoshi is young enough and still a high school student, it is a kind of courage for the other party to say such words on the spot. Not everyone can speak ruthlessly in a crowd of more than 10,000 people like Ito Shi. This is enough to prove that the other party came with strength and confidence. And the game just now, also let them see the strength of Itoshi.

If you have strength, you will naturally gain recognition.

The Jingshan Jiulang and the others next to him looked ashen. This guy just obviously used Jingshan Qi Confluence, otherwise, it would be impossible for the other party’s own voice to spread the voice throughout the venue.


Jingshan Jiulang and several people cursed in their hearts, their eyes were like knives, and they gave each other a fierce look.

After Ito Shi finished speaking, he saw that Kimura Kazuki did not respond to him. I can’t help but think, this guy obviously doesn’t have idol consciousness. If you interact with him now, you can build momentum and attract fans. You must know that it is live broadcast now. Thinking about it, with pity in his heart, he slowly walked off the stage.

“The second game, Yingjiu High School vs Xuening High School.”

The five Jingshan Jiulang, who were still scolding secretly just now, looked at the referee with dull eyes. At this time, the referee just looked over and looked innocent.

Sixteen into eight, not a lottery. Instead, it is randomly selected electronically on the spot, which means that it is completely uncertain. Neither the audience nor the players know which high school will compete with which high school in the second game.

But now I know, it’s Ying Jiu and Xuening.

The audience at the scene was also shocked. This is too coincidental and too fateful.

Although Xuening High School lost to Yingjiu High School in the previous A Division, it was because Yingjiu was too strong, not because Xuening was too weak.

The audience has seen the video and knows the strength of Xuening High School. In the A Division, Jingshan Ichiro alone turned the A Division upside down and shaved his head in every game. You can see how powerful Xuening High School is. And Kimura and Shuna shaved Xuening High School by themselves after the team members were eliminated by Jingshan Ichiro.

That scene was shocking.

At the time, no one thought Kimura Kazuki could be so powerful. Until Kimura Kazuki revealed the identity of Yagyu Feijian’s spreader, that is, the person who had beaten Ono Zhongqing at the Akihabara Plaza before, and couldn’t beat him, the audience was very impressed with Kimura Kazuki The strength has not been questioned.

Combined with the previous public opinion, the audience has a stronger sense of identification with Kimura and Shu.

A high school student changes the atmosphere of a high school. Even if adults come, it is impossible. Because they know that even if they have the power of Kimura Kazuki, if they don’t have the means, it is impossible for the students of Sakurajiu High School to identify with them.

This is the charm of Kimura Kazuki.

It’s just that they didn’t expect Xuening High School to be so unlucky. It’s okay if they didn’t play Yingjiu High School in the A Division. In the first round, they met Yingjiu High School again, which was too bad luck.

Jingshan Jiuro and the five people can’t tell the hardships, and they don’t scold Idongshi anymore.

Looking at Sakurajiu High School opposite, Jingshan Ichiro wanted to smirk, but he couldn’t. Bei Dao He, these four people are the villains who serve a great devil behind their backs. No comparison at all

The next ending is simple. It is almost a replica of the original A Division. Jingshan Ichiro was the first to play, and he directly swept the vanguard, second front, backbone and lieutenant general of Sakurajiu High School by himself.

For some reason, the audience who watched the game in Division A before saw this scene with a feeling of giggling.

Those who haven’t watched the game in Division A are very excited. Although I have seen the video, what if Kimura and Shu are capsized in the gutter

It is impossible to capsize a ship.

After Kimura Kazuki came on stage, he eliminated Jingshan Ichiro, Saburo, Goro and Qilang as usual.

After Jingshan Jiuro came on the court, the face under the mask was bitter, “We are too destined.” This is the third time he has played against Kimura Kazuki. He also wanted to go to the national competition to see schools in other regions and witness the swordsmanship of other families, but he ended up here today. Team and individual competitions are gone.

Ichiro and the others won the ten consecutive cuts in the individual competition, and they still have the opportunity to go to the national competition to see it.

He was the strongest, but he was eliminated first.

Kimura Kazuki did not respond, and Jingshan Jiuro was defeated by three strikes and five divisions. Then, under the judgment of the referee, he went straight off the court.

“The winner, Sakura Jiu General, Kimura Kazuki. I announce that the second school to enter the quarterfinals is Sakura Jiu High School”

“Xue Ning High School is really unfortunate” Iwai explained, with a sigh, “According to the ideal three-line team is Sakurajiu, Qingjiang and Xuening. Because these three teams are Tokyo Metropolitan Government. The strongest team, I didn’t expect Xuening to meet the old rival Ying Jiu in the first round.”

The commentator Ito shook his head and said, “I don’t think it’s a pity, the strength of Xuening High School is indeed very strong. But since they have lost two consecutive defeats against Sakura Jiu, it proves that Sakura Jiu’s own strength is absolutely strong and Snow is condensed. In this case, the stronger Sakura Jiu is, the higher the chance of winning the championship in the national competition.” In fact, he wanted to say that Sakura Jiu’s Kimura and Shu alone are a team. But after all, this is a live broadcast, and it is not good to talk like this.

“You’re right.” Commentary Iwai agrees.

The next game, soon.

Although it is a team competition, it is a win-lose system. At half past eleven, the top eight teams in the men’s group appeared.

It’s one o’clock in the afternoon.

The second round of eight-in-four began again.

And the first game is Sakurajiu vs Lin Shan High School.

The overall strength of the kendo club of Linshan High School is not strong. Similar to Yingjiu and Qingjiang High School, its general strength is relatively strong.

The general of Linshan High School is named Shan Luning, a descendant of the Shan Lu family.

Unfortunately, this descendant of the Shanlu family is only skilled in swordsmanship, but not very advanced. It’s okay to deal with ordinary people, but when encountering Kimura and Shu, I can only swallow failure.

However, this also allowed Kimura Kazuki to see the swordsmanship of various Japanese schools. Although he can’t copy the style of Ito, at his level, ordinary swordsmanship can be imitated five or six points with just a few glances. If you dig deeper, you can figure it out.

But he generally doesn’t do that, taking the best of it and the dross. Incorporating the advantages into Liusheng Feijian flow makes Liusheng Feijian flow more perfect and complete.

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