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Although surrounded by an excited crowd, the quality of this audience was quite high. Not causing confusion, just cheering them on.

Especially when he looked at Kimura Kazuki, he almost turned that expectation into reality.

Kimura and Shu did not speak. He never makes any absolute promises. Either as an individual or as a fan.

After being surrounded for more than ten minutes, the enthusiastic fans dispersed, which made Mr. Matsunura breathed a sigh of relief and wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. This riot didn’t frighten him to death. If there was an accident, as a teacher, he wouldn’t be able to eat and walk around.

“Quickly enter the Budokan.”

Matsumura-sensei led the students without speaking. Let’s talk about the advanced martial arts hall.

At half past nine, the game begins.

After several days of competition, there are sixteen teams in both the men’s and women’s divisions. And there are 100 players left in the individual competition.

Sakura Jiu’s students had already put on their kendo uniforms and gathered at the main venue. They looked up and saw at a glance that the entire auditorium of the main venue was densely packed with heads, filling all the seats in the main venue.

Some students with low psychological quality have begun to sweat on their palms. Although Kitajima Ka is the head of the Kendo Department, this is the first time he has seen such a battle.

Although he was there last year, he was watching from the audience. I don’t know what kind of mentality it will produce as a player. Now he knew the feeling was tense and suffocating.

He looked in the direction of Kimura Kazuki subconsciously, and found that the other party was sitting in the back, closing his eyes and resting silently. At this moment, he really admires the other party, because he knows how the Internet is evaluating Minister Kimura now, and he also knows what expectations people in Tokyo have for Minister Kimura.

Under such enormous pressure, Minister Kimura can be so calm, no wonder he has such a high popularity.

The first game is Qinglian High School vs Ubisoft High School.

When the referee announced the start of the game, what was now a loud noise became silent. Everyone stared at the huge screen at the scene, and could clearly see the pioneers of the two high schools starting to play.

And the mouths of the commentators have been chattering since the game has not even started. Of course, the voices of the commentators cannot be heard by the live audience. They are for those watching the live broadcast.

“Oh, oh, the first game is Qingjiang High School, which seems to be quite interesting.”

“According to my observation, the generals of Qingjiang High School do not seem to be worse than those of Yingjiu University in the future. Although there is no comparison in terms of popularity, there are still a large number of fans of Qingjiang High School in the auditorium today”

“The first to play are Nobi from Qingjiang High School and Mihashi from Ubisoft High School.”

“Qingjiang High School is the overlord of Zone E, while Ubisoft High School is the second place in Zone C. From the rankings, we can see the difference in strength. However, kendo competitions are inherently uncertain. As long as it is a competitive competition, Then the state of being present is the key to winning.”

“Oh, after the start of the game, Ubisoft High School’s Mitsuhashi took the lead in attacking and Nobi didn’t seem to react. He made a fatal mistake, and he was in a daze during the game”

“It should be nervous.”

In any case, there was a warm applause for the end of the first game.

After the follow-up members of Qingjiang High School continued to play, they also calmed down after receiving the lesson. However, the strength of the kendo club members of Qingjiang High School is quite poor, which makes people unbelievable.

The next one was General Qingjiang’s Ito Shi.

“The good show is about to begin.” Iwai, who was sitting in the commentary seat, changed his calmness from before, and his face was excited.

“Iwai-kun, it seems that this student surnamed Ito is the reason for your confidence in Qingjiang School.”

“Naturally, Qingjiang High School was able to become the hegemon of District E, relying on Ito Shi. I was in District E at the time, and I was conquered by Ito Shi. It is true that Kimura-kun of Sakurajiu High School is also very powerful. I have also studied the video dozens of times, but I always think that Ito may be the champion of this Tokyo prefectural qualifier.”

Ito next to him was shocked, “You are so confident”

“I am confident because Ito is from the Ito family.”

“Ito’s family” Ito was puzzled, and then thought of something, and couldn’t help but exclaimed, “It’s the Ito family who took advantage of the situation”

“That’s right.”

Ito as a commentator, he is also a 6th dan kendo player himself. Naturally I understand that there are eight clans in Japan, but in the past, people from these clans would not let their clansmen or disciples participate in the competition.

As a result, he did not expect Ito Shi to be a member of the Ito family

Ito takes advantage of the situation and is also known as the Ito copy flow. The swordsmanship of the Ito family is unpredictable, because of their own genre, they are just copying all the way.

With just one look, you can copy your swordsmanship. It’s just like hanging up.

At this time, when Ito was on the court, he didn’t look at the backbone on the opposite side, but was looking for someone. When he saw a sign that said Yingjiu High School, his eyes lit up. Then, at a glance, he saw Kazuki Kimura sitting with his eyes closed. It’s a pity in his heart that he didn’t meet Sakurajiu for the first time, otherwise he would let all the audience know that only Ito Shi is the hope for Tokyo to win the Jade Dragon Banner National Championship

Of course, Kimura-kun’s strength is not bad. At this time, Ito was already thinking about what name he and Kimura-kun should form an idol group in the future.

The two salute when the referee announces the start of the game.

After the salute, Itoshi held the bamboo sword in both hands and snorted softly. The next moment, the bamboo sword in his hand seemed to be slashing slowly towards the backbone of Ubisoft High School.

When the backbone of Ubisoft High School reacted and wanted to raise his hand to resist, it was too late


With a crisp sound, a hit in the face. The referee raised the white flag, indicating that the blow was And the Xuening High School watching the game next to Jingshan Jiulang Huo got up, his face was ugly, “How is the confluence of Jingshan Qi possible?” Although Ito Shi’s Jingshan Qi Confluence was used Rough, but this is the confluence of Jingshan Qi, Jingshan Jiulang from small to big, will not feel wrong.

As for why Itoshi uses Jingshan Qi Confluence, it is naturally because this genre is the fastest to end the game in competitive kendo. To intimidate the opponent with the combination of Qi, there is basically no disadvantage.

Of course, Ito Shi also knew that the confluence of Jingshan Qi was useless to Kimura Kazuki. The reason why he used Jingshan Qi Confluence was naturally because he did not want to expose other means. Anyway, Kimura and Shu are very familiar with Jingshan Qi Confluence, and he will not use other means before confronting Kimura and Shu.

Ubisoft High School is just an ordinary high school, and it entered the finals in second place. Its overall strength is not bad, and it also achieved a good ranking last year.

It’s a pity that I met Ito Shi, the young genius who has already established the first level of foundation.

So next, whether it’s a lieutenant or a general, under Itoshi’s men, they will all be defeated.

“The winner, General Qingjiang, Ito Shi. I announce that the first school to enter the quarterfinals is Qingjiang High School.”

As soon as the referee’s voice fell, there was violent applause at the scene. And Ito Se stood on the field, enjoying the emotions of the audience, and all the applause was a compliment to him

After the applause died down, Ito was still standing on the field.

When the audience and the referee were puzzled, he pointed the bamboo knife at Kimura Kazuki and shouted loudly, “Kimura-kun, I hope you won’t be beaten by other schools before you meet Qingjiang, only I can beat you. Dongshi I will walk on the corpses and glory of all schools in Tokyo to qualify for the Jade Dragon Flag National Competition and win the championship”

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