The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 161: Invite as a fellow


“Thank you.”

For the reminder of the two, Kimura Kazuo thanked him lightly, and then he continued to go up the mountain.

Wait until Kimura and the back of the tree disappear. Yayi curled her lips, “What, I told him, Jiansheng Zhutian is not at home…why did he go up.”

“That’s right.” Asuka rarely quarreled with each other.

“Haha…” He Maosheng said with a gentle smile, “The so-called seeing is believing, but hearing is false. In his opinion, we are just strangers, how can we easily believe the words of strangers? This young man is doing the right thing, and you He also thanked him for reminding him. On the contrary, you two are still talking about others after they leave, which is not good.”

Mei and Asuka looked at each other and said nothing. If he talks back now, he will be lectured by his grandfather. Anyway, the two of them can’t talk about Grandpa.

In the end, they didn’t speak, but they heard grandfather muttering to himself, “This young man’s strength should not be underestimated, and Jiansheng Takeda is not here. Maybe we need to ask the other party for help in the matter of Kyoto.”

As soon as the two heard it, they looked at each other with shock. But there is no doubt in the eyes of the grandfather’s words.

After Kimura and Shu went up the mountain, they came to the gate of a small courtyard with the gate closed, surrounded by lush trees and pleasant scenery. Taketian Kuan lives here, which is a bit elegant.

He knocked on the door, and soon the housekeeper opened the door.

When Kimura Kazuki said that he was here to visit Takeda Sword Saint, but as the two of them said just now, Takeda Kuan had already traveled overseas. I won’t be back in a short time. If I want to see someone, I have to come back at the end of the year.

He didn’t believe the servant’s words, until he sensed it with his consciousness and found no one else, and then he really believed it. Although he ran in vain, Kimura Kazuki was not discouraged. After all, today is the weekend, so he just came out to relax.

Thinking, he went down the mountain and was ready to go home.

If Furuhashi Sakurajiu knew about it, he probably wouldn’t be able to complain. After taking the high-speed train for nearly three hours, I came to Yamagata Prefecture. I haven’t seen it before and can take a tour. Why are you in a hurry to go back?

But obviously, Kimura Kazuki has no such thoughts.

And when he came to the middle of the mountain, he saw that the three were still chatting in the pavilion. The old man did not stand, but sat in the pavilion. Seeing Kimura and the tree coming down, he stood up, smiled gently, and said aloud, “Hello Kimura-kun.”

Kimura and Shu frowned at each other, wondering how the other knew their name.

“On the tram just now, your fans called your name, so I wrote it down.” He Maosheng was kind-hearted, and when he saw the other party’s frown, he explained.

Mei and Asuka, with their dark eyes open, looked at Kimura and Shu curiously.

“What’s the matter.” Kimura Kazuki knew that since the other party called him, he wouldn’t just say hello.

He Maosheng motioned for Kimura and Shu to sit down, and then he introduced himself with a smile, “I am He Maosheng, and the two next to me are my grandson and granddaughter, He Mao Asuka and He Mao Mei.” After speaking, he paused. After a pause, he continued, “I’m calling for you, Kimura-kun, because I have something to ask for.”

“The seal of a former shrine in Kyoto was broken, and ghosts and spirits haunted people. I was asked by the ghosts and ghosts Fuming Palace to accept this matter. This time I came to Feiyu Mountain to invite Takeda Kensei to help. But Takeda Sword Since the saint has traveled, it is really a pity. But after the twists and turns, it is very fateful to meet Kimura-kun. I think Kimura-kun, your strength is strong, whether you can walk with us. Of course, the corresponding remuneration, we can discuss. “

If you don’t know that the other party is indeed in possession of aura, it is an onmyoji with certain strength. Kimura and Shu will definitely think that the other party is a charlatan.

However, when he heard the name He Maosheng, he thought.

The name He Maosheng in the past life is famous all over the world. Without him, this He Maosheng’s strength is comparable to Yuan Ying.

As for Asuka and Mei next to them, they are also well-known figures in Japan after the rejuvenation of Reiki. Especially Ya Yi, who has a special bloodline, can wield a magic bow in one hand. Of course, that was the strength after the aura recovered.

Now, according to Kimura Kazuki, He Maosheng’s strength is a bit weaker than his inner aura. Not to mention Asuka and Mei next to him.

The reason why Kimura Kazuki heard of these three is mainly because Asuka had died before he crossed. After Asuka died, he became the guardian spirit of Yayi. Later, when Yayi competed in the global youth group, she won the top three rankings, shocking the world. You must know that Yayi’s strength has always been in the top 100 of the global youth group, but after the guardian spirit of Asuka, her strength has skyrocketed.

At that time, the world’s Internet was divided into two factions, and one faction was dissatisfied with the result, saying that although the flying bird was a guardian spirit, it was a ghost in essence, and it enjoyed the rights of citizenship and was equal to human beings. But during the test, the two played together. Isn’t this two-on-one? The other faction rationally said that Asuka is a guardian spirit, a shikigami of Mei, and one of the means, so this game is considered fair.

The young people in the spiritual house were discussing this matter at the time, and he didn’t want to know.

He was not surprised that He Maosheng could see his strength.

He Maosheng should be the head of the He Mao family now, so according to the rules, the head of the He Mao family must have “See Mingtong” and his “Prying Secret Eyes” have the same purpose, so the other party has the same purpose. It is natural to see his strength.

This is also the reason why He Maosheng said to himself that Kimura and Shu are strong, and Asuka and Mei have no doubts. They are all members of the He Mao family, so they naturally know that grandpa has “seeing eyes”.

“I don’t know what Kimura-kun wants?” After He Maosheng finished speaking, he looked at Kimura Kazuki with a look of hope.

Kimura and Shu glanced at each other, and after thinking for a while, nodded in agreement, “Yes.”

If you look at online games, Japanese onmyoji belong to the legal profession, specialize in spirit, and belong to long-range attack. And as long as you are approached, a weak body will be a fatal weakness. Therefore, every time the Onmyoji has a mission, he will invite Japanese swordsmen to go with him.

It can be said that the onmyoji and witches of the **** and ghost Fuming Palace have a symbiotic relationship with the swordsmen of the ancient kendo world.

Onmyoji and witches need the close protection of Jianxiu, and Jianxiu must also rely on each other’s special abilities, otherwise they will be easily killed by evil spirits with special abilities.

“Then let’s go now?”

Before He Maosheng and Kimura Kazuki spoke, Asuka was excited and couldn’t wait.

“I still have something to deal with, and I need some time to deal with it.” Kimura Kazuki shook his head, “When I finish this matter, I will contact you again.”

“Alright.” He Maosheng nodded with a smile, “Kimura-kun, your business is done, remember to contact me.”

Neither Kimura Kazuki and Kamo-san are procrastinators. After exchanging contact information, Kimura and Kazuki left.

I thought this trip to Feiyu Mountain would be unsuccessful, but I didn’t expect to be invited by He Maosheng as a fellow.

Just…the ghosts of Kyoto? Or the one that broke the seal, could it be that one? What did Kimura Kazuki think of


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