The Sword Deity in Tokyo Chapter 160: Junior Takeda escaped the calamity


The next day, Kimura and Shu rushed to Yuanling Mountain early in the morning.

The location of Genling Mountain is in Yamagata City, which is the seat of the prefectural office and the largest city in Yamagata Prefecture.

The city is a town developed in the mid-15th century. It faces Zao Mountain in the east and Yueshan Mountain in the west. It is a city with very beautiful natural scenery and a rare tourist attraction.

Yamagata City has a long history, profound culture, and rich natural resources, which endow it with unique four seasons, which are worth enjoying in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

And Yuanling Mountain is also here.

Because it is Sunday, and the competition in Division A has already been held, today is the team competition of the other two men’s divisions and women’s divisions. After the team competition is over, it will be the individual competition, so Kimura Kazuki doesn’t need to go to Lika Budokan today.

As for what he said to Kenichiro Yagyu yesterday and observe, he does have this plan. But after observing, if he feels that he can win with his shot, he will decisively choose to kill Takeda Hiro. Of course, before killing him, he had to find out whether Takeda Hiro was really just as Yasutaka Yasushi said, killing the person who rescued him.

Although from yesterday, Yasuo Yasushi does have a strong hatred for Takeda Hiro. But whether it’s true, he can’t trust the other side’s words.

Tokyo is nearly 300 kilometers away from Yamagata City. Therefore, Kimura and Shu chose to take the Xingan Line to go directly.

As soon as I entered the high-speed rail, I found that there were quite a lot of people. Kimura Kazuki found his seat and sat down.

As soon as I sat down, I found a young man beside me staring straight at me… I couldn’t help frowning.

“Are you… Kimura-kun?”

Seeing that Kimura and Shu seemed to have discovered him, the young man said with excitement on his face. He took the mobile phone and compared his appearance, but he had already confirmed it in his heart.

Kimura and Shu glanced at each other and nodded lightly.

“I’m your fan, can you sign me?” The young man excitedly took out his notebook and pen, and handed it to Kimura Kazuki. He loves kendo himself. He went back to his hometown in Tokyo to visit his parents in the past two days, and he happened to catch up with the Tokyo prefecture qualifier of Yulong Banner. He was watching Kimura and Shu in the A division all the way, and he was instantly surrounded by the other party. powdered.

Kimura and Shu are depressed… a little speechless in their hearts. But looking at the enthusiasm of the other party, he didn’t want to destroy the other party’s mood. He took the other party’s notebook and pen without saying a word, and asked, “Is it signed by Rachel?”

“My real name, I watched your game with Xuening High School yesterday, it’s so handsome!”

The youth’s voice, although not loud, still attracts the attention of others. They looked at Kimura and the tree curiously, looked up and down and thought that Kimura and the tree were some kind of star, and some people were even more eager to come up to collect autographs.

And sitting behind Kimura and Shu, sat three strange people. To say they’re weird means that the clothes don’t fit the modern day.

An old man with gray hair, and a boy and a girl.

The old man wears a white hunting robe and has a kind and amiable face. Sitting in the seat, closed his eyes and rested, obviously not curious about the things around him. But he seemed to sense something, opened his mirror-like eyes and looked at Kimura and Shu…

Kimura Kazuki paused when he picked up the pen. He glanced at the old man and saw the other side nodded slightly to him with a smile. He signed his name expressionlessly, and then listened to the young man’s answer. Chatting with him, he dealt with it casually, and did not go to see the old Onmyoji behind him.

On the right side of the old man, there was a young girl named He Mao Yayi, she was wearing a red and white witch costume, she couldn’t help but feel depressed when she saw this scene, “Why doesn’t anyone recognize me? “

The boy on the left glanced at each other with contempt, “You are not famous, isn’t it normal that others don’t recognize you?”

“I’m an idol…”

“What kind of idol, isn’t it a live-streaming celebrity? Every day at the shrine, live streaming, defile the shrine, and don’t be afraid that the gods will punish you with divine punishment.”

“Haha…” Mei obviously disdain to talk to the other party.

Seeing this, He Mao Fei Niao pouted.

The old man sitting in the middle looked at the two with a smile, obviously enjoying this leisure time.

Kimura Kazuki casually dealt with his fans, and after getting impatient, he said he would take a break. Fortunately, although the other party was difficult to deal with, he was still of good quality and did not bother him to close his eyes and rest.

More than two hours passed quickly.

After arriving in Yamagata City, he directly got off the high-speed train. He didn’t even go to say hello to the Onmyoji.

Having lived in Japan for more than a year, he naturally met many Onmyoji. But those so-called Onmyoji were ordinary people, and it was the first time he had met an Onmyoji with spiritual energy.

But he has no curiosity, and naturally he doesn’t say hello in a boring way, and he doesn’t want to get to know each other. If he was short of money before, he wouldn’t mind getting acquainted with the other party. Now that he is not short of money, he obviously doesn’t need to worry about money.

After leaving the Xingan line, Kimura and Shu asked someone to find out where Yuanyuanling Mountain is.

Although there is Google Maps, the coordinates of Yuanling Mountain are not marked on Google Maps. After Kimura and Shu asked several people, they all said that they didn’t know the so-called Yuanling Mountain. They didn’t know it from the other side until they met an old lady.

The original Yuanling Mountain has long been renamed, and the current Yuanling Mountain is called Feiyu Mountain. Because it looks like a flying fish from the sky, it is widely circulated on the Internet, and then Yuanling Mountain is gradually called Feiyu Mountain.

According to the old lady’s instructions, Kimura Kazuki soon came to Feiyu Mountain.

Flying Fish Mountain has a relatively spacious concrete road from the bottom of the mountain to the top of the mountain, and there are quite a few pedestrians on the road. I heard that there is a flying fish villa on the mountain of flying fish. Many people who come to Yamagata to travel will come here to enjoy the hot springs of the flying fish villa. From the Sanso Onsen in Takayama, you can see the view of the Sea of ​​Japan.

It’s a pity that Kimura Kazuki didn’t have the leisure and elegance to soak in hot springs and travel.

He came to Feiyu Villa and asked the staff. It was learned from the other party that there were indeed people living in seclusion on the top of Feiyu Mountain, who only knew the surname of Zhutian, but did not know his name.

It seems that Takeda Kuan does live in Feiyu Mountain, and the Feiyu Mountain Villa is still hidden away in the city when he sees people coming and going.

As instructed by the staff, Kimura Kazuki continued up the mountain from a small intestine trail. Halfway through the road, I saw a wooden sign that said “Private Domain, Passengers Stop”.

Soon, he was halfway up the mountain. There is a pavilion here, and at the pavilion at the moment, there are two young and old. It was the trio on the high-speed rail.

“…At the beginning, Jiansheng Takeda stood here for three days and three nights looking out at the ocean, and finally had an epiphany, comprehending the “Infinite Form” from the deep ocean. Ten years ago, I was fortunate enough to see the “immeasurable style” of Jiansheng Takeda. It is indeed amazing and desirable. I am afraid that only Lord Jingu can suppress the opponent in Japan today…” Speaking of which, He Maosheng stopped abruptly, and obviously found that someone was coming. .

He turned around and saw Kimura Kazuki at a glance, startled for a moment, then looked kindly.

He Maosheng hasn’t opened his mouth yet, and Mei, who is next to him, can’t help but be surprised when she sees Kimura Kazuki. She remembered something, and said as a reminder, “Are you also here to look for Takeda Swordsman? We just visited, Takeda Swordsman. After traveling overseas, if you want to see each other, I am afraid you will have to wait until the end of the year.”

Hearing this, Kimura and Shuyanlu were disappointed.

Seeing this, Asuka next to him looked at Kimura Kazuhi holding the Sun Moon Sword and smiled, “Are you here to apprentice? If so, you can come back at the end of the year. At the end of the year, I heard that Takeda Sword Saint It will be inherited here, and if you stand out at that time, maybe you will become a disciple of Sword Saint Takeda!”

Obviously unaware of the three Asuka, Hiro Takeda escaped because he traveled overseas.


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